USCIS Site visits - H1B

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USCIS randomly performs site visits on H1B Employees to ensure that the H1B was properly filed and you are actually providing services at the Client location as specified in your H1B petition (I-129). USCIS may perform a site visit at a client site or may visit our offices and request a phone conversation with you.

We are sharing some inputs based on our experience, please do not panic if you happened to have a site visit and you are being questioned by an Immigration Officer. This is a pretty standard process and there is absolutely nothing to worry, please provide answers to the point and do not overreact. If you do not know an answer or you are confused, you may say I need to check with my Employer.  

When officer(s) meet with you, they usually explain the nature of their visit and request for some information, if you need to call us before talking to the Officer; you may seek officer's permission and say, I would like to report to my Employer, before we go on with our Conversation.


Q: . What is your name?

Please give your full name as on your passport and/or H1B.


Q: How long you are in the US?


Answer officer accordingly

6. How long have you been with your employer?

Specify the duration with Employer


Q: Please provide ID/Driver License, DOB, Address, Last four of SSN


Please provide as requested. You must have an ID from a state where you reside, if you have not updated beyond 30 day period and you have moved, please change immediately. It is illegal to live in one state and hold a license/ID from another state (in most states)

Also, please update USCIS when you have moved and every time you move, you may update online at:

Q: Who is your Employer and address?

Provide Information

Q: Who is your  Reporting Manager, HR Manager?

Provide Name of your Manager at Employer  and for Human Resources,  I report to HR Manager at Employer (Name). For timesheets  and client issues i coordinate with  (whoever you work with at the client place)


Q: What is your job title with Employer?


This is exactly the Job title on your I-129. Please ensure to check your Job title on your I-129 petition. For Example: Your job title is Systems Analyst and you are performing duties as an SAP/ABAP Consultant at Client's site; you don't want to say SAP/ABAP and confuse the officer.


Q: What are your job duties and/or skills or type of work you do?


This where you explain your job duties, like a .NET Developer, Java Programmer etc. Please be simple and sweet as they don't have much time.


Q: Whom do you report to?


I report to my Manager at Employer.


Q: How often you report and how you report?


I send weekly written reports, (you must be ready with copies of reports with both signatures from you and Employer if requested) and we talk almost each day about  the project. If necessary, I will visit my employer in NJ to provide an update on tasks and also when I need any assistance.


Q: Can the Client Manager fire you?


No, my Employer is Employer and only they have the ability to fire me.


Q: Can the client assign you additional duties/assignments?


No. I only work under the direction of my Employer, only my Employer can assign.


Q: Were you given a copy of LCA?




Q: What is your salary?


Please provide salary details as mentioned in the I-129 or provide present pay. Please check if you are Part-time; if you are, please call us for any clarifications.


Q: What benefits you get?


I get all benefits like medical insurance (if you have waived, please say so), travel expenses, 401k, FSA, Paid Vacations based on our initial employment agreement.


Q: If you loose this job and will the company buy a return ticket?


Yes, my Employer will pay return transportation if the employment is terminated.

Q: Have you applied for green card?

 Answer officer accordingly

Q:Who is paying for green card and H1B?


Q: How many employees does the employer have?

Please refer to I129 page 3.This may change from time to time, since new employees may be added or some employees might have left the company.

Q: Do you get sick leave?

Yes, according to the initial agreement.

Q: Are you using any software or hardware given by your employer?

Employer provides laptop (if I have not waived) and also provides tech support when needed.  I have access to various tech articles and software. Apart from that, employer provides us with necessary books if requested as and when they are  required.

Q: Does your employer evaluate your performance and how often?

Yes, there will be an yearly performance evaluation based on my job knowledge, Work Quality, Initiative, Innovation , Communication , Client Satisfaction (if applicable) .Accordingly, I will be appreciated about my good work and suggestions will be made for any areas of improvement and salary increases.

Q: Who does your performance evaluation?


Q: Please provide a copy of educational evaluation(if applicable), degree certificate and last paystub.

Please provide them as requested .Please note that if you have a Masters in USA, you do not need evaluations. Only foreign degrees need evaluation.

Q: Does your employer have any other employees placed at this client site?

Please answer accordingly.