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Principal Cloud Architect Resume



  • I am Microsoft Certified Professional with over 20 years of experience in system architecture, development, design, testing, trouble shooting, training, implementing and analyzing of GUI based desktop and system applications using C#, VS.NET, ASP.NET, WinForm, VB.NET, XML, XSLT, SOAP, WCF, Web Services, VC++, MFC, C++, ASP, WPF, LINQ, IIS, JavaScript, DHTML, WAP, CE, WTE, ATL, OLE, COM/DCOM, ODBC, DAO, SQL Server, Oracle, TIBCO, SCSF, CAB, SharePoint, Azure, PowerShell, IoT, BOT, Azure ML.
  • I am involved in module conversion, project design, integration, analysis and extensive testing and debugging.
  • I started my .NET career in 1999 when .NET was under development at Microsoft.
  • I represented Stingray Software with our product called “Internet Dispatcher” developed in C# at PDC 2000 conference Stingray BOOTH when Microsoft officially announced .NET and C#.
  • Managing teams, Resource Allocation, Project Planning, Budgeting and Estimations.


Cloud: Azure (PaaS & IaaS), IoT, Azure ML, Azure BOT, App Services, Kubernetes, Docker Container

Languages: C#, C++ Managed, C++ Native, C, Pascal, COBOL, Basic, UML

GUI & IDE: Visual Studio 2003 - 2017, .NET, Visual C++ 5.0/6.0/7.0, VB.NET, Embedded Visual Studio for CE, Developer 2000 & Eclipse

.NET Skills: .NET Framework 4.7 to 1.0, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, Remoting, WSDL, SCSF, CAB

Windows Skills: Win32 API, MFC, COM/DCOM, OLE, MAPI, ODBC, MSMQ, MTS, COM+, MS Jet, ActiveX, Multi-threading, Speech SDK, WTE, WSE, WPF, LINQ, PowerShell, CLI, VSTS, Jenkins

Web & Client-Server: ASP.Net, Web Service, WCF, SOAP, XML, XSL, XSLT, HTML, JavaScript, NodeJS & IIS

Database: SQL Server 7x/20xx, Oracle 7x/8x, MS-Access, FoxPro

Patterns & Practices: Microsoft Application Blocks, Microsoft Enterprise Library, Microsoft Smart Client Software Factory, Microsoft Web Client Software Factory, Microsoft Composite Application Blocks

Third Party Controls: Syncfusion Essential Grid, Infragistics NetAdvantage including CAB Extension

Visual Modeling Tools: Visio, Stingray (RW) UML Studio, Rational Rose

BPM Products: TIBCO Business Work, TIBCO Business Studio & (learning iProcess)

Wireless: .NET MobileSDK, WML, HDML, Palm Programming, Mobitex

Conference: Microsoft PDC 2000, Azure Bootcamp 2018


Confidential, NJ

Principal Cloud Architect


  • Prepared the architectural design to implement end-to-end solution to help an existing application convert to micro services.
  • Helped with containerizing Micro Services with Docker.
  • Working with developers to troubleshoot issues and challenges that are facing with containerization.
  • Building a CI/CD process that will automate the Code Unit Testing, Building Docker Images, Deploy in Lower Lanes, Testing & Validations.
  • Working resolving some of the issues that was introduced during the migration and causing Containers to fail and restart.
  • Working on Containerizing DCOM Components running on demand on AKS Cluster.
  • Setting up the Desired State Environment using YAML in Kubernetes.
  • Worked with client to analyze the data.
  • Worked with data and trained Models using Azure ML Studio.
  • Prepared the Interface to test and validate the model.
  • Once the models are verified, exposed that as REST Based services for Application to consume.
  • Given a training to end user on how to re-train models periodically.
  • Worked with Developers to implement their CI/CD process using Jenkins.

Environment: Azure Machine Learning Studio, Spark, Hadoop, Machine Learning Workbench, Jenkins.



  • Primary responsibilities included learning the onboarding process.
  • Design the process that can automated based on the client’s requirements
  • Worked on building a CI process using VSTS with Unit Testing & Approval Process.
  • Worked on CD Process with PowerShell Scripts and Octopus that are triggered from VSTS with User access controls.

Environment: Azure (PaaS & IaaS), VSTS, Octopus, PowerShell, Azure SQL, .Net C#, NCover

Confidential, Princeton, NJ

VP, Dev Manager


  • Primary responsibilities included resource allocation, budgeting, managing team & project planning.
  • Working with various Line of Business to plan for the development and maintenance of the system.
  • Coordinating with Test Team and Analyst Team for proper execution of regular release and change requests on timely and effective manner.
  • Work with team for various innovative ideas in IVR world, like Erica Artificial Intelligent integration and more.
  • Creating a better work environment with most talented and energetic resources with mentorship and motivations.
  • Working on various initiatives on how effectively provide information to optimize the efficiency of team members for tasks that can be automated with reporting, monitoring and alerting capabilities.
  • Primary responsibilities included building a CORE Framework that will interact the Mainframe to
  • Worked on building a TIBCO & ILOG based system to replicate existing system to process business transactions for various business processes.
  • Worked on Integrating BPM based system with front end system.
  • Implement legacy rule in BPM system through ILOG Rule Engine in a generic solution.
  • Worked on creating Tools to migrate Business Rules in Mainframe system to ILOG Rule Engines.
  • Primary responsibilities included learning the legacy ASAP systems and understand how business logics and rules are in place in current system.
  • Worked on building a TIBCO & ILOG based system to replicate existing system to process business transactions for various business processes.
  • Worked on Integrating BPM based system with front end system.
  • Implement legacy rule in BPM system through ILOG Rule Engine in a generic solution.
  • Worked on creating Tools to migrate Business Rules in Mainframe system to ILOG Rule Engines.
  • 100% Architecture of using Flexible Name Object Collection (I call it as NOC)
  • Developed a generic or flexible solution to interact with various backend systems using adapter pattern
  • Implemented dynamic modules to minimize UI code change
  • Received rewards for the new implementation
  • 100% Architecture, Design and Development of this system.
  • Built a Utility component including the Visual Studio Add-ins to support development time support
  • Involved with various teams to collectively design and develop the product

Environment: Visual Studio 2010, .NET Framework 4.0, C#, ASP.Net, SQL Server 2008, jQuery

Confidential, New York, NY

Lead Developer


  • Primary responsibilities included 100 % Architect, Design & Develop of the ASP.NET based Admin Portal using C#, ASP.Net & AJAX Toolkit for Compliance System
  • Built entire Web-Firm for the application to support performance oriented Caching, File Sharing, Scheduling Batch operations & Data Access operations with maximize the Security Settings.
  • Worked on WCF, Web Service & Network Transport Layer to import rules from Global Relay

Environment: Windows 2008 Server, IIS 7, Visual Studio 2008, .NET Framework 3.5, C#, LINQ, ASP.Net, WinForm, WCSF, AJAX Toolkit, Active Directory, MS SQL Server 2005, MSMQ, SharePoint, CruiseControl.Net, NANT & Type Mock.

Confidential, New York, NY

Software Consultant


  • Primary responsibilities included building reusable UI Controls that can be used across the website.
  • Optimized Load Balanced Servers for better performance, reliability & security aspects with best practices.
  • Building a process that can enable SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Building a process to deliver contents seamlessly to any content placeholders across the website.

Environment: Windows 2008 Server, IIS 7, URL Rewrite Module, Visual Studio 2008, .NET Framework 3.5, C#, ASP.Net, WCSF, AJAX Toolkit, MS SQL Server 2008, WCF, NANT.

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

Senior Consultant


  • Worked as a system architect to improve performance of an existing application
  • Implemented Microsoft AJAX and design patterns to gain overall performance of the application.
  • Added Application Logging component facility to the project for better traceability and debugging purpose.
  • 50% Design & Architecture & 50% Development work
  • Working on creating custom Workspace for WPF driven ShellForm in Microsoft Smart Client Software Factory.
  • Created components to make any WinForm or Window (WPF) act like AppBar using Win32 API calls.
  • Used LINQ to reduce in-line coding complexity
  • Worked with various teams to launch their application on Windows Shell as AppBar. Each application can implement the interfaces to actively participate in Main Shell application.
  • Designing various reusable components to support customized configuration, Logging & Exception Handling using Enterprise Library as the base.

Environment: Visual Studio 2008, C#, .NET Framework 3.0/3.5, WPF, LINQ, CAB, Microsoft Smart Client Software Factory, SCSFContrib, Win32 API, Enterprise Library

Confidential, New York City, NY

Senior Programmer Analyst


  • 50% Design and Architecture and 50% Development work
  • Working with Core Architecture Team to Design the Shell and various other components of the System
  • Worked on the Security module to support Role-Based entitlement
  • Enhanced WinForm based Microsoft SCSF Patterns in WPF Shell
  • Implemented the Entitlement and Security modules for Shell Application
  • Created patterns to follow to add Menus from various modules in the Shell with Infragistics NetAdvantage controls for CAB Extension using XML in a de-coupled modular approach.
  • Designed the structure to be followed to maintain multiple worker threads to run through a centralized location, called ProcessManager
  • Implemented the WSE to secure Web Service calls from SmartClient application.
  • Implemented the Microsoft AzMan Authentication module for Web Services
  • Implemented the automated ClickOnce deployment process for daily builds

Environment: Visual Studio 2005, C#, XML, XSLT, SCSF, CAB Extension, SharePoint, WSE 3.0, MS Enterprise Library, Infragistics WinForm Controls, Infragistics CAB Extension, AzMAN, NUnit, MSBuild, CruiseControl, SQL Server 2005, Visio, MS Windows 2003/XP

Confidential, New York City, NY

Senior Consultant


  • 40% Design, 40% Development & 20% third level support on the Trading Floor with the Traders
  • Developed the Core feature to process order state messages that are published in TIBCO messaging and process it in a multi threaded environment
  • Built various Algorithmic Trading classes for both Buy-side and Sell-side Trading using various algorithms like, TWAP, VWAP, MOO & MOC
  • Worked on FLEX-ALGO class to support easy to use and dynamic variables for electronic trading system
  • Improved Alert Notification mechanism using proper thread synchronization and throttling
  • Implemented Real-time Market Data Access Layer using Bloomberg & Confidential API using C++
  • Implemented high performance message parsing mechanism to reduce the risk of losing any messages
  • Implemented the RAD environment using Visual Studio Designer support that can help to configure and develop various Order Entry Forms with proper validation mechanism to develop and experiment trading algorithms
  • Helped Traders in Trading Floor when there is any problem with the application due to failure in any part of the system and make sure it is handle it carefully in the future release

Environment: C#, C++, WinForm, Multi-threading, Sybase, TIBCO, XML, XSLT, Confidential API, Bloomberg API, & Nunit

Confidential, New York City, NY

Senior Consultant


  • 50% Design/Architecture and 50 % Development.
  • Worked with the Architecture team to develop Generic Server Controls for ASP.NET pages to serve site specific functionality
  • Leaded a team to design and developing a Core Framework that supports Multiple Locale & Culture, with location specific image server detection to improve image download speed.
  • Developed Server Controls that are cached in the Page to reduce database calls and improve Site Performance using .NET Cache Policy.
  • Developed Server Controls that Renders DHTML and JavaScript for Client Side Validations and to generate Locale Specific Error messages.

Environment: C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, .NET Framework, Java Script, DHTML, Oracle, XML, NANT, NUnit & NDoc

Confidential, Parsippany, NJ

C#/ASP.NET Senior Software Consultant


  • 90% Development and 10% Design/Architect
  • My responsibility was to develop Core “Collection” Server Controls using C# that can work with Confidential business layer.
  • Implemented the properties to maintain the State of the Application.
  • Worked on logic to change the Behavior of the Control based on State of the application using the State Pattern.
  • Worked on Target touch screen KIOSK application for accessing Cardholders information at Target Stores using C# & ASP.NET.
  • 100% Design and Architecture of the Client and Server components using C#
  • Worked on developing the Server, Client, Shared and TCP/IP based components using C# for .NET Remoting
  • Designed the Components that can be re-used in the enterprise label Monitor tool applications, such as Web based
  • Design and developed the logic to Evaluate Rules based on incoming Log entries using Multi-Threaded Synchronous application model.

Environment: C#, WinForm, .NET Remoting using TCP/IP channel, Multi Threading, NET Framework, XML and Windows 2000 Server

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