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Senior Developer / Team Lead Resume

King Of Prussia, PA


  • Seasoned IT Professional with over 20 years of application development and database design.
  • Experience includes developing applications in ASP.NET (MVC) and also on Salesforce.com platform (Apex classes, Visualforce pages, etc.).
  • Over 10 years of team lead experience in an extremely hands on and fast paced environment.


Professional Level: C#, ASP.NET (MVC), RAZOR, VB.NET, ADO.NET, JQuery, Javascript, HTML, XML, CSS, JSON, WSDL, SOAP, REST

Database: MS SQL Server

Software: Visual Studio .NET

Salesforce: Salesforce CRM, Apex Classes, Controllers and ExtensionsVisualforce Pages and Components, SOQL, SOSL, Apex, TriggersApex Data Loader, Workflow Rules, Force.com IDE (Eclipse)


Confidential, King of Prussia, PA

Senior Developer / Team Lead


  • Lead developer and team lead for Confidential ’s internal advocacy application, which is used to follow up on patient’s physical therapy appointments. The C#, ASP.NET (MVC) application is expected to have 500+ users when fully rolled out. Involved in all parts of the application including gathering business requirements, sizing and assigning tasks to developers. Developed a task workflow process for users to monitor, follow up and act on anything needed to make sure patients have attended and have the correct visit information for their appointments. Created an email engine for automating thousands of emails and faxes a day to clients, patients and providers.
  • Lead/Solo developer for a C# (ASP.NET) internal web application for scheduling and appointment follow up for patient’s diagnostic imaging appointments. Created all pages for users to enter patient referrals into the system. Created a work queue for assigning and working tasks where the users scheduled, followed up on and obtained any imaging documents needed for the patients’ appointments. Created scheduling pages which utilizes Google Api (Google Maps) and an internal algorithm to find and show the best and closest facility for patients to be scheduled at. The Maps also allow for patients to be emailed directions to facilities
  • Created an internal outbound/inbound fax application to replace the existing fax process that used a third party vendor. Application continues to save the company thousands of dollars each month and was one step in migrating users out of Salesforce. Application was written in C# and processes over 15 thousand faxes per day. Application utilizes barcodes to auto attach inbound faxes to internal system.
  • Created web portals for Confidential ’s adjusters and providers leveraging the Salesforce.com platform. Portal allowed users to view patient information, including status of patient’s appointments, communications, documents and billing information which reduces the inbound call volume for Confidential ’s customer support center.
  • Designed and created a RESTful web service using Microsoft WCF to give the ability for our Salesforce.com application to have access to our company's internal data. Created the web service using C#.net and designed and implemented all aspects of the service. Created classes and models to be used as a standard for requests to services. Developed classes in Salesforce.com to connect to the service and also created these classes for reuse for connecting to any RESTful service. Created reusable components and common practices to be used by entire application when searching, inserting and updating data.
  • Lead developer of the company’s ClaimExpert website, which was key product utilized by many client offices across the country. Application was written in ASP.NET and classic ASP using COM components and SQL server.
  • Lead role in building a VB.NET application that utilizes OCR for reading and identifying various types of forms. Over 20,000 forms per day are processed by this application. After these forms are identified, other various processes are executed to log these forms and move them to their proper destination. Responsible for the daily monitoring of this application and for making enhancements.

Confidential, Edison NJ

IT Manager / Lead Developer


  • Created an administrative website which included all site reports, customer service applications, and various site maintenance tasks that Confidential needed.
  • Built the company’s network infrastructure using Microsoft products. Installed and configured the NT domain including all user accounts and permissions. Setup and configured all servers, including database servers and mail servers. In charge of network maintenance and monitoring of all servers.
  • Installed and configured Microsoft ISA Server to be used as the company’s firewall and moved all machines behind it. Set up Web publishing rules for various websites and Server publishing rules.
  • Installed, configured and tested IIS on all web servers in production and development environments. Installed and renewed SSL certificates on web servers. Created new websites on servers for website hosting, updated Network Solutions information for websites and changed DNS entries to point to correct locations. Responsible for the daily monitoring of all web servers and web services.
  • Installed, configured and designed database architecture for Confidential ’s website and for entire company using MS SQL7.0. Designed and created all tables, stored procedures, views, triggers and users. Set all database permissions and roles. Responsible for backing up and restoring of all database files.
  • Setup and configured Microsoft Exchange Server and user mailboxes. Responsible for daily monitoring and backup of the Exchange server.
  • In charge of disaster recovery for the entire network. Responsible for backing up the entire network including all file servers, production and development websites, all database backups and Exchange server.
  • Reported directly to the executives of the company on all matters of technology which included hardware issues, site statistics, reports, website enhancements, customer service issues, and discussed plans for website growth.
  • Responsible for maintenance of the phone system, which consists of setting up new users, moving/creating extensions, trouble - shooting, and keeping records of configurations.

Confidential, Princeton NJ

Lead Developer / Owner


  • Confidential was a social media website created to allow family and friends to share photos, baby’s progress and any news about their babies, from the time of pregnancy to after their baby’s birth. Site included sections for viewing photos, tracking baby’s “Firsts” (first steps, first teeth etc…), creating birth announcements and a blog for sharing any ideas or experiences that can occur from being a parent. Created a pregnancy calendar where users could sign up and once a week they would be emailed with detailed information on the development of their baby at that time.
  • Installed, configured and designed database architecture for HowIsTheBaby’s website using MS SQL7.0. Designed and created all tables, stored procedures and all database permissions and roles.
  • Responsible for the conversion of the website to ASP.NET. Built Windows 2000 server, installed .net framework and created the new website for the .NET web application. Converted pages to ASP.NET using Visual Studio .NET. The web application used ADO.NET and various pages used GDI+ to send photos (.jpg or .gif ) to the client.
  • Designed and coded a backend email application and windows service using VB.NET. The email application handled daily emails that needed to be sent out, such as newsletters, reminders and other daily tasks that needed to be performed, such as database updates. The email application created all the emails to be sent out and stored them on a central server. A windows service was built to process and send out these emails.
  • Created an administrative website which included all site reports, customer service applications, and various site maintenance tasks that HowIsTheBaby needed.

Confidential, Jersey City, NJ

Network Administrator / Consultant


  • Production Support for approx. 40 international sites, in charge of 5 sites. (2nd level support.)
  • Responsible for troubleshooting domain related problems, DNS resolution.
  • Assisted users with any technical problems, either over the phone or by using Microsoft SMS.
  • Solved problems dealing with Confidential ’s financial applications, Microsoft applications and mainframe sessions.
  • Created NT accounts and Microsoft Exchange accounts. Setup users on SNA servers.
  • Monitored backups and NT servers. On call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • Developed a Web-based intranet User manager tool for the automation of user account creation.

Confidential, East Hanover, NJ

Network Administrator / Developer / Consultant


  • Responsibilities have been summarized below because of the length of time that has passed since these assignments.

Confidential, Manhattan, NYC

Network Administrator / Consultant


  • Y2K Lab Administrator

Confidential, Manhattan, NY

Programmer / Consultant


  • Visual Basic Programmer
  • Crystal Reports

Confidential, Manhattan, NYC

Help Desk Analyst / Consultant


  • Windows NT 3.51 Rollout to 5 departments and over 500 users.
  • Help Desk for all users questions, problems and needs.

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