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Senior Developer Resume

Wilmington, MA


Software development in a business/ technical/ scientific/ healthcare/ manufacturing environment.


Programming Languages: C#; VB.NET; VB 6; PL/SQL; Transact - SQL

Databases: Oracle; MS-SQL Server; Sybase SQL Server;

Reports: SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services)

Internet: ASP.NET; Blazor; WebServices; XML; XSL; HTML

Remote Communication: WCF; Windows Sockets

Server-Side Development: Windows Services; Database Stored Procedures;

Systems: CMS; Supply Chain; Socket Communication, Finance Risk Management, Healthcare

Design: Web; OO; RDBMS

Programmable applications: MS Dynamics CRM 2011

Project process: Agile - SCRUM

IDE/Tools: Visual Studio 2019; Team Foundation; Rhino Mock Unit Tests


Confidential, Wilmington, MA

Senior Developer


  • As a full-stack developer, maintained and enhanced the finance sub-system of the healthcare software which covers the entire spectrum of the healthcare process.
  • This product is SaaS written in C# as a desktop application running via Citrix/Parallels channel.
  • This client-server application consists of 200+ forms with extremely intensive database communication in order to process the financial side of the healthcare lifecycle.
  • I maintained and enhanced not only the software side in C# WinForms, but the database side in Sybase SQL-Server as well, including complex stored-procedures.
  • The application also utilized large amount of data stored as XML which I maintained and enhanced the XSL Transformations to render in the UI forms.

Confidential, North Andover, MA

Senior Developer


  • Developed, tested, deployed and maintained a full multi-thread socket communication system which was the foundation for web sites to allow nationwide web end-users to search and book rental vehicles.
  • The project strict requirements were: Performance, Correctness, Robustness, Self-Recovering, and running as Windows Service for 24/7. The required sockets performance was as high as to process 100 requests per second. The project requirements was not a Word document, but the legacy code in VB5.
  • Completely converted into Visual Studio 2010 VB.NET using efficient technologies such as multi-threading, asynchronous method calls, LINQ, configuration files, Windows Service, Windows msi setup installer, ASP.NET Protected Configuration security, etc. as opposed to the legacy code where none of these existed.
  • “Converted” also included redesign to fit modern technologies, such as System.Net.Socket classes of .NET framework 4.0 replacing the ancient Winsock OCX control from VB5. One of the challenges in this multi-threaded project was to manage the shared resources used by multiple concurrent threads via Mutex/Semaphore/Monitor.
  • Maintained and enhanced the Car Rental Reservation ASP.NET web sites with enhancements for new business requirements, troubleshooting and bug fixing in VB.NET 2012.
  • Re-designed and re-wrote from ground up in VB.NET 2010 a background SQLServer centric Windows Service that runs 24/7 performing: data transfer, manipulation, and cleanup.
  • Replaced all the COM ADO from VB5 by ADO.NET from .net framework 4.5 to access SQL Server 2008 databases.
  • Huge amount of SQL queries from trivial to complex. This brings to the more interesting SQL’s from the previous company I worked below:

Confidential, Beverly, MA

Senior Developer


  • Extensive participation in the full life cycle of MDE, an ASP.NET C# web application for automobile financing underwriting.
  • Responsible for MDE s: Web interface; Web security; User Roles Management. Most significant achievement: I alone, completely developed the Roles Management sub - system from gathering customer requirements, architectural design, database design, development in ASP.NET pages communicating with Active Directory via LDAP, data layer classes all the way to SQL Server database triggers.
  • I alone, gathered business requirements for security, designed, and implemented the entire security sub-system which satisfies the OWASP standards, and had passed a third party company security assessment. In production, MDE achieved very high customer satisfaction since it never had one single bug and provides excellent user experience.
  • My contribution to this project was 30%.
  • Extensive participation in the Dealer Pricing, an ASP.NET C# web application that calculates the financing rate for the automobile dealers.
  • Highest customer satisfaction since the dealers find this application extremely handy to provide the finance rate based on proprietary rules.
  • My contribution to this project was 40%.
  • Extensive participation in the Audit Scheduler, a Silverlight 4.0 application that allows automobile auditor supervisors to build his auditors schedule for multiple months by simply dragging and dropping the workitems into the calendar. The Silverlight UI (Telerik controls) talks to the server via asynchronous MS RIA Services calls.
  • The server side components talk to the database (MS CRM 2011) via WCF Services. The implementation of these WCF Services were done via the Controller Design Pattern.
  • Huge success among the users that love to build the entire auditors schedule by simply dragging and dropping the audit location into the auditor s calendar. My contribution to this project was 40%.
  • Participation in the MS Dynamics CRM project by building entities, customizing the entities via JavaScript, C# Plugins, WCF Services and Windows Workflow. Major achievements: Built a SSRS report that displays data grouped in 5 hierarchical layers that utilizes very complex SQL query. Also I built another challenging report that no other developer in the team could implement via standard SQL.

Confidential, Gloucester, MA

Senior Developer


  • All roles in .NET development for the MIS department as Senior Programmer/Analyst.
  • Full cycle of Windows.NET and ASP.NET software design and development, including intensive database (DB2/ SQL Server 2000-2005) processing. C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, UML, OOP, SQL Server Stored Procedures, Server-Side Data Processing WebServices, and Database Replication were used for the products such as Sales Quotes Management System, Production WorkOrder Management System, Corporate Payroll System, Real-Time AS400/PC Data Transfer Agents, etc.
  • Fully responsible for Architecture/Design, Code Implementation, Security, QA, Deployment, Support, Documentation, Training, DBA, etc, of the entire MIS .NET projects.

Confidential, Waltham, MA

Senior Developer


  • Participated in development and maintenance of this product utilizing ASP.NET as user interface, C# as business objects, and SQL-Server Transact-SQL stored procedures for heavy data processing.
  • I participate in the development and maintenance of the ASP.NET user interface, the C# business objects, and the intensive data processing through SQL-Server stored procedures that run at Confidential 's servers providing on-line real-time services to its customers.
  • The business object communicates with Tandem mainframe through .NET sockets and MS-Queue.
  • When the end user swipes his Flex Card at the pharmacy the transaction is sent to Tandem that validates the card status, the pharmacy code, the Flex Benefit Plan status, the employee status, and within 2 seconds sends response back to the pharmacy's card terminal approving or denying the transaction.
  • Tandem replicates all this transaction data to .NET business objects through MS-Queue at real-time.
  • The business objects then transfers processing to SQL-Server stored procedures to insert into the database.

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