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.net Developer Resume

Tampa, FL


  • Around Seven years of experience in Systems Analysis, Design, Development and Implementation of various applications including Web and Client/Server Application development using Microsoft .NET Framework with C#.NET and VB.NET as programming languages.
  • Experience in using different versions like Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1/2.0/3.5/4.0 and Microsoft Visual Studio 2010/2012/2013.
  • Extensive Experience in developing legacy and current trending technologies using ASP.NET, Classic ASP, ASMX Web Services, WCF, WPF, Win forms, Web Forms, JQuery, VBScript, JavaScript, VB 6.0, ADO, COM+, HTML, XML, Crystal Reports, AJAX and Web Patterns.
  • Extensive experience with test - driven development (TDD) by building ASP.NET MVC applications and used several features introduced in this framework like Routing, Dependency Injection (DI) and Inversion of Control(IOC) container models, Action Filters, URL Authorization, etc.
  • Experience with Single-Page Applications (SPA) using AngularJS and Web API for Smartphone applications.
  • Created and executed Unit Tests using several frameworks like NUnit and MSTest.
  • Expertise experience in relational database design, data extraction, transformation and writing stored procedures, functions, triggers, from large and complex data sources using Oracle (SQL * Plus, PL/SQL), MS Access and MS SQL Server (SQL,T-SQL).
  • Experience in using different ORM frameworks like Entity Framework, NHibernate and used LINQ extensively with SQL, Objects, XML, etc.
  • Good Knowledge in dealing with XML technologies like XML, XSL, XSLT, XPATH, etc.
  • Excellent experience in ADO.NET programming and developed DAL classes using various ADO.NET objects such as Data Adapter, Command Builder, Data Reader, and Dataset.
  • Expertise in Database Design, Database Modeling and Database Programming (Stored procedures, Triggers, Packages, PL/SQL) using MS SQL Server 7.0 / 2000/2005/2008/2012 and Oracle 9i.
  • Experience in writing complex Stored Procedures, Functions, Triggers, SQL Queries and Views using SQL Server 2005 and Oracle.
  • Architected and developed for a system based on Windows SharePoint Services 2003 to act as a single point of access to technical discussions, Presentations, Case studies and people, facilitating efficient and effective knowledge capturing.
  • Outstanding problem solving, strategic thinking and data analysis skills, strong focus on teamwork and achie ving team goals, result oriented, fast learner and excellent communication skills.


.NET Technologies: ASP.NET 2.0/3.5/4.0, VB.NET 2.0/3.5/4.0, C#.NET 2.0/3.5/4.0, ADO.NET 2.0/3.5/4.0, Web Services, AJAX, Win forms, Web Forms, .NET Remoting

Programming Languages: C#, ASP, C, C++

Database Products: SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2012 , Oracle9i/10g, Sybase, MySQL, PL/SQL,MS ACCESS

Scripting Languages: VBScript, JavaScript.

Framework: .Net Framework 1.0/2.0/3.5/4.0

Web Technologies: XML, HTML, ASP.NET, ASP, SOAP, WSDL

Web Designer Tools: Visual Studio 2010/2013, FrontPage 2003, Dreamweaver, Adobe Photoshop

Miscellaneous: Crystal Reports 9.0, Dundas chart, Stimulsoft

Design Concepts & Tools: UML, VISIO

Version Controllers: Visual Source Safe 6.0, Subversion (SVN), Team Foundation Server

Web Server: IIS 6.0/IIS 7.0

Application development tools: WPF, WCF, WWF

Microsoft business intelligence tools: SSAS, SSIS, SSRS

Operating Systems: Windows 7/8/10, Windows Server 2008


Confidential, Tampa, FL

.NET Developer


  • Analyze all business processes and ensure compliance to all controlled processes according to business requirement
  • Develop application with C#, ASP.NET, jQuery, AJAX, HTML5, Angular JS, Java script and CSS3. Used jQuery to implement widgets for user interface alongside CSS/HTML and web page layouts and templates.
  • Primary contribution was working as a front-end developer using Angular JS, JavaScript framework. Also involved in creating a Web API with Entity Framework.
  • Used the database first approach with the Entity Framework to generate models and the DB context.
  • Created Stored Procedures in the MS SQL Server database to perform various database operations.
  • Worked with WEB API's to make calls to the web services using URLs, which would perform GET, PUT, POST and DELETE operations on the server.
  • Created many controllers for each page, with dependencies such as $q, $location, $window, $routeParams and all services to be used on the controller.
  • Implemented validation method for form input in web page using combination of normal HTML validator (use “no validate”, to bypass the normal HTML checking and handle them using ng-show, ng-hide, ng-disable) and specific AngularJS validator directive (ngRequired).
  • Implement web services with SOA using WCF for passing data to multiple platforms.
  • Create WCF Services responsible for communicating and providing real time data from integrated server to Client Application.
  • Understanding of HTML5/CSS3 development and best practices, especially responsive design, and experience using CSS frameworks such as Bootstrap.
  • Ability to take design files generated by the creative team and translate them into dynamic, fast, optimized, and beautiful web pages.
  • Understanding of JavaScript development and best practices, including commonly used libraries (jQuery, Vue.js, Angular, etc.)
  • Familiarity with integrated development environments such as Visual Studio and version control systems such as Git.
  • Used technologies like AJAX, Threading for a rich UI experience and better performance.
  • Used third-party controls like DevExpress to give user more attractive interface and functionalities.
  • Worked with Table Adapters, strongly typed Data Set by creating an XSD using the Dataset Designer.
  • Used ADO.NET objects such as Data Reader, XML, Dataset and Data Adapter, for consistent access to SQL data sources.
  • Used Entity framework with database first approach and used LINQ to query Entity Collections.
  • Implemented and consumed asmx web services, WCF, WCF as Restful services.
  • Worked on POC to migrate our applications to Windows Azure to address scalability and performance issues, maintainability.
  • Configuration of User Controls is done in the form of XML & JSON to attain desired functionality as per the requirement.
  • Created WCF Services responsible for communicating and providing real time data from integrated server to Client Application
  • Provided functionality for migration of ASP into ASP.NET pages using Visual Studio.NET.
  • Used SQL Server as database and involved in writing several SQL objects like Stored Procedures, UDFs, Views, and Triggers and involved in designing tables.
  • Conduct review of components developed by peer programmers.
  • Implement version control mechanism using appropriate version control tool.
  • Review of Unit Test Plan to ensure that Unit Test Plan covers all conditions provided in program specifications.
  • Troubleshoot the development issues using company proprietary tools.

Environment: Visual Studio 2017, .Net Framework 4.0/4.5, C#, ASP.NET MVC, ASP.NET Web Forms, SharePoint, Single-Page Applications, ADO.NET, IIS, WCF, AJAX, XML, XHTML, CSS, Web services, WCF, Azure, UML, LINQ, SQL SERVER 05/08/2013, SSRS, SSIS, Angular JS, Agile méthodologies, JavaScript, JQuery.


.NET Developer


  • Involved in requirements analysis and design specifications.
  • Developed application with C#, ASP. NET MVC, jQuery, AJAX, HTML5, Angular JS 2.0 and CSS3. Used jQuery to implement widgets for user interface alongside CSS/HTM L and web page layouts and templates
  • Used ASP. NET MVC framework to support the use of Dependency Injection to inject objects into a class, instead of relying on the class to create the object itself.
  • Created Views by applying complex queries on multiple tables to create the virtual tables and implemented Cursors in Stored Procedures using Oracle SQL Developer, Implemented Joins in Stored Procedures to get the desired data by joining multiple tables.
  • Involved in database design in Oracle database.
  • Created multiple grid views using Angular UI Grid and Bootstrap CSS.
  • Used JavaScript and jQuery for client-side validations in MVC application
  • Developed PL/SQL triggers and master tables for automatic creation of primary keys.
  • Created and managed SQL Server databases and tables per requirements to main integrity and to generate reports for analysis.
  • Implemented web services with SOA using WCF for passing data to multiple platforms
  • Created complex Stored Procedures, Triggers, Views & Functions using SQL Server 2005
  • Collaborated with peer teams for review and analysis of system requirements.
  • Debug and resolve issues based on the priority of the tickets.
  • Used JIRA for Bug analysis and fixes in Web-industry standards. Updated sprint progress in JIRA and Stand-ups on daily basis.
  • Used GIT for version controlling, branching, and merging from Development Server to Stage and Stage to Production Severs.

Environment: VB6, ASP, Visual InterDev 6.0, MS-IIS 4.0, SQLServer7, JavaScript, VBScript, Oracle, Microsoft Visual Interdev, Seagate Crystal Reports, IIS, Windows NT.

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