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Its Systems Analyst Resume

Walker, MI


IT (Development): ASP (5 years), ASP.NET (8 years), Visual Basic (VBA/VB/VB.NET) - (15 years), C# (8 years), Javascript (client/server-side) - (15 years), HTML (17 years), PL/SQL (4 years), DB2 SQL (6 years), XML (1 year), PHP/MySQL (1 year).

IT (Platforms): IIS (10 years), Apache/Tomcat (1 year), Oracle (2 years), MS SQL Server (4 years), Access (11 years), Exchange Server (7 years), Windows Desktop OS (12 years), Windows Server OS (11 years), Linux/Unix (2 years), Apple OSX (2 years), FIlemaker Pro (1 year).


Confidential, Walker, MI

ITS Systems Analyst


  • Manage team of 2 contract developers; design secure .NET applications; develop and support PCI-compliant .NET applications 365/24/7.
  • Supervise team of three .NET developers (onshore and offshore); ensure work pipeline is full, track project hours, assign and oversee all .NET work, design specs for all .NET applications, perform secure code reviews; manage long term .NET planning; establish common standards for EFT and Finance development.
  • Modernize, Consolidate and Standardize 40+ PCI-restricted applications; organize and document tangled TFS codebase for over 40 EFT-related applications, most requiring PCI level security and having little or no documentation or coding standards; secure against OWASP Top 10 and more.
  • Design highly successful user maintainable data mapping application to handle state Lotto sales data. Six States, twenty-seven file formats. Saved 30+ hours/week for business user; near zero IT support required.
  • Revamp insecure, outdated GiftCard Order Management System. Replaced ASP Classic era application that had 5 different user interfaces and unmanageable code with secure, PCI compliant application with standard UI, multiple validation points for all data, with modern architecture and code layout.
  • Develop multiple Visual Studio/TFS extensions including producing application documentation (Business Requirements, High/Low Level Technical Specs) from TFS Work Items, documenting technical details of all applications in a TFS project, and retrieving Stored Procedure names used by WCF services to provide trail from application to service to database.

Environment: .NET (C#/VB) 4.x, IBM DB2/MS SQL, Visual Studio 2013/2015/2017 w/TFS.


ITS Systems Programmer


  • Design and program .NET (VB and C#) applications for B2B and ICAP customers.
  • Work closely with BR to translate business needs into functional applications. Coordinate and supervise offsite programmers.
  • Rewrote B2B Customer Ordering system to increase speed, usability, functionality and maintainability.
  • Authored .NET specification for B2B Direct Ship project as well as doing design and part of coding. Directed offshore programmers in all technical details. Revamped UI elements to improve user experience and maintainability. Began transition of 2 tier application to 3 tier model with comprehensive use of Business Objects. Added functionality and reduced size of pages.
  • Worked closely with group Architect to test and institute design changes to Confidential .Common.Privilege codebase. Code I wrote is now used as basis for accessing this service throughout Confidential . Also wrote lightweight code library replacing retired Confidential .Ent data access and Confidential .Ent Web functions - enabling smooth transition of older applications.
  • Mentored new employees and veterans new to .NET.

Environment: .NET (C#/VB) 4.x, IBM DB2/MS SQL, Visual Studio 2010/2013 w/TFS.

Confidential, Walker, MI

Programmer Analyst


  • Design and develop Intranet applications for Confidential Finance group.
  • Designed and wrote Check Request Intranet application with Greg Brosco.
  • Design Handheld and Intranet application for audit teams with Sheldon Shaw.

Environment: VB.NET 3.5, IBM DB2, Visual Studio 2008/2010 w/TFS. SSRS.

Confidential, Jacksonville, FL

Programmer Analyst


  • Responsible for validating .NET applications to meet FDA requirements for medical software
  • Authored Software Development policy to meet stringent FDA regulations; built Visual Studio/Sharepoint 2010 environment to support process.
  • Authored all supporting documentation (Quality, Testing, User Requirements, Design Specs, etc.) for SDLC process
  • Verified and Validated all FDA regulated applications in VB.NET and C# environment
  • Wrote C# Intranet applications to support sales and patient record tracking

Environment: C#, VB.NET 3.5, SQL Server 2005/2008, Visual Studio 2008/2010 w/TFS.

Confidential, Kalamazoo, MI

Director of IT


  • Responsible for all IT as well as all game customers, marketing and public relations.
  • Wrote custom web-based project estimation system on tight deadline; replaced ASP Classic code base with ASP.NET 3.5 for increased flexibility and power. All business logic in inherited class structure. Application would take basic dimensions of game item (box, board, cards, die cut sheets, etc) and calculate materials, printing, manufacturing, and assembly cost. User could then email finished PDF
  • quote directly from the app. Paper layouts displayed using native .NET graphics engine. PDFs generated using 3rd party plug in. Heavy UI redo. SQL Server 2008 Express Backend.
  • Managed mixed Windows Server (Server 2000, 2003) environment.
  • Coded, authored content, and created graphics for company web site.
  • Created game printing division from the ground up, including development of corporate identity in game marketplace, and initial staffing.
  • Created and hosted "Paper Money", an ongoing podcast covering the business side of the game industry to widen name recognition of new to market company.
  • Personally generated $350,000 in sales in 9 months.
  • Responsible for accurate quoting and estimation of board and card game production. Responsible for all aspects of marketing and public relations. Primary public contact for new customers.

Environment: VB.NET 3.5, SQL Server Express 2008, Visual Web Developer

Confidential, Allegan, MI

Director of IT/Marketing


  • Responsible for all aspects of IT as well as marketing and public relations.
  • Wrote project estimation system that reduced quoting time for games from 5 days to less than one hour, increasing capture rate by 20% from 2007 to 2008.
  • This application is still in use by the company that purchased DeLano since their own print estimating software could not handle the variety of components used in games.
  • Increased number of quotes sent by over 50% in 2007 and over 100% in 2008.
  • Able to reduce staff doing project management from 5 to 2.
  • Responsible for all aspects of IT and marketing as well as customer service and project estimating.
  • Replaced aging AS400 and Novell-based network with SBS server suite.
  • Performed complete upgrade of mixed Mac and PC network and migration to Quickbooks accounting.
  • Insourced web and email hosting.
  • Rebranded company market presence including ground up redo of web site and marketing collateral as well as industry show presence.
  • Served as primary public contact for new customers.
  • Oversaw marketing and IT aspects of company shutdown.

Environment: VB, ASP Classic, MS Access 2003, SQL Server Express 2008, Visual Web Developer, MS Small Business Server 2003.


Senior Consultant


  • Specialized in small business IT efforts, both planning and day to day operations. Built intranet - extranet application to track customer information; designed/implemented security plans for employer and clients.
  • Wrote multiple Intranet/Extranet apps for various companies using ASP and Perl.
  • Managed ground-up IT overhaul for $350M year company including staffing and replacing accounting and inventory system.
  • Directed multiple migrations to Windows 2003 environment.
  • Assisted in planning of IT aspects of office moves for numerous firms including Hyatt/Pritzker groups.

Environment: ASP Classic, VBA, VBScript, Perl, PHP, MS Acess 2000/2003, SQL Server 2000.

Confidential, Chicago, IL.

Senior Application Developer


  • Responsible for full life cycle design, development, support of in-house applications including Billing/Invoicing, Quality Assurance, Change Control, CRMAuthored SDLC methodology, workflow, change control, documentation levels for $25 million technology effort.
  • Managed design and successful completion of all aspects of four billing systems in extremely time sensitive, multi-tasking environment, meeting or exceeding client expectations.
  • Designed/developed XML-based consolidated billing system using Oracle PL/SQL and MS ASP. ASP Classic front end (pre-ASP.NET) and later Java, to access Oracle records. Business Logic was kept in
  • Oracle Stored Procedures. The records were then sorted, bills calculated and fed back into Oracle Financials.
  • Designed/developed billing system to augment Oracle Financials, saving $100K consulting fees.
  • Directed conversion of ASP(VB)-based billing system to Java.
  • Designed customer information sharing application to work in conjunction with Siebel.
  • Led and mentored new developers on development tools, design methodology.

Environment: ASP Classic, Java, Oracle 9.0, PL/SQL, TOAD.

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