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.net Developer Resume

Los Angeles, CA


  • Having 8+ years of software development experience in developing Client/Server, Internet& Intranet applications using ASP.NET,C#, Web API,SOA, Web Services, HTML4&5,DHTML, XML, ADO.NET, VBScript, JavaScript, SQL Server, AJAX, JQuery, CSS.
  • Extensive Knowledge of Object Oriented Analysis/ Design (OOD) and various design patterns.
  • Experience in XML/XSL related technologies: XML, XSLT and X - Path.
  • Extensively worked on Web server like IIS 5.0/6.0/7.5.
  • Conceptualized and developed modules, detecting conflicts of interest in authorizations, bringing site within compliance faster than any other site using VB.NET.
  • Developed and consumed web services using the Microsoft ASP.Net with C# using the protocols such as SOAP.
  • Excellent knowledge of different OOP languages like .NET, VB, C, C++, C#.
  • Involved in creating WINFORMS for in-house Windows applications using C#.
  • Proficient in Object Oriented Design/development, Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD), Model View Controller (MVC) design pattern, Model-View-View Model (MVVM) design pattern Team Foundation Server (TFS) and Test Driven Development (TDD).
  • Strong developing experience in Visual studio.NET 2012/2010/2008.
  • Hands on experience in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).
  • Implemented WPF in creating custom controls, 3D graphics and SOA Design patterns.
  • Experience in gathering requirement analysis, architecture, design & development of enterprise N-tier applications, documentation of user requirements, functional, systems Integration and architectural specifications.
  • Experienced in SQL Development, ETL development using Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), and Reporting solutions using Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • Communication b/w application using Web services and WCF
  • Expertise in designing and developing web forms.
  • Developed custom directives like elements, Attributes and classes usingAngular JS and also used for single page applications usingAngular JS
  • Experience in implementation of AJAX to improve user experience.
  • Expertise in using ADO.NET objects such as Authentication & Authorization, Windows based Authentication, Forms-based Authentication, Authorizing Users and Roles.
  • Experience in writing complex Database Queries, Stored procedures, Triggers, Views and Functions using T-SQL, MS SQL Server 2008/2005/2000.
  • Good knowledge of Waterfall, agile development methodologies.
  • Database Design, Development, and Administration using MS SQL Server 2008/2005/2000 and MS Analysis Services 2008.
  • Experience in mentoring developer members and end users.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.


Languages: .Net Framework(1.1,2.0,3.0,3.5,4.0), VB .NET, C#, ASP.NET, Visual Basic 6.0,HTML,VBScript,SQL,PL/SQL.

Operating Systems: Windows XP/3/Vista/7/8, MS DOS,UNIX

.Net Technologies: ASP.NET, ADO.NET, XML, XML Web services, WinForms, Windows Services, MVC 4/3/2 Web Form, LINQ, WCF, WPF, and Web API.

Databases: SQL Server 2005/2008/2012, ORACLE 10g/9i, T-SQL.

IDE: Visual Studio .Net (2012, 2010, 2008, 2005), Visual Basic 6.0, UML, Visio.

Database Programming: Stored Procedures, Views, Functions and Triggers, Cursors in SQL Server, Oracle (PL/SQL).

Reporting Tools: SQL Server Reporting Services 2008/2005.

Methodologies: Client/Server Architecture, N-tier application architecture, System Integration, SOA.

Markup Languages: DHTML, HTML, XML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Bootstrap.

Version Control Tools: Visual Source Safe (VSS), Team Foundation Server (TFS), Test Driven Development.


Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

.NET Developer


  • Involved in full life cycle of the project from requirements gathering, analyzing, designing and developing the application using Iterative AGILE Methodology.
  • Involved with the client team to design and implement the advanced technologies WCF, SOA, ASP.NET with the application logic in C# according to the user requirements.
  • Involved in front end application development using ASP.NET, AJAX using C#, and back end in SQL Server 2012.
  • Used ASP.NET web server controls like Grid View, List View for displaying the required information.
  • Extensive development of ASP.NET Web Forms using AJAX, Master pages, JavaScript. Also involved in proof-of-concept using ASP.NET Model-View-Controller MVC pattern.
  • Implemented the Business Layer for the application in C# using Database Authentication.
  • Experienced the MVC pattern of theAngularJSframework to produce higher maintainability of the code.
  • Implemented MVC4 architecture using C# .NET, HTML 5 and Razor view engine.
  • Designed and developed static and dynamic pages validating client side and server side scripts.
  • Used JQuery, ASP.NET, AJAX toolkit controls and CSS to enhance the performance and richness to the user interface.
  • Implemented Responsive Design using customized CSS andBootstrap.
  • Developed custom controls, user controls and ASPX pages in C#.Net.
  • Handled exceptions using try catch blocks.
  • UsedAngularJSto develop single page application.
  • Designed and developed WCF Web services and configured our WCF Services with appropriate endpoints for consuming them in the web application.
  • Built RESTful APIs using ASP.NETWeb API framework.
  • Designed MVC design pattern for ASP.NET application development using the ASP.NET MVC Framework.
  • Used C# language for code behind pages to use the OOPs functionalities and to develop OOPS classes.
  • Consumed some external Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Services to write logs to the database.
  • Created Dropdown and Drill through reports using SSRS.
  • Written stored procedures in SQL server 2012.
  • Involved in production support and fixing production issues.

Environment: .NET Framework 4.5, Visual studio 2012, ASP.NET, MVC4, HTML5, Java script, CSS3, JQuery, Angular JS, Bootstrap, C#, WCF, Agile Methodology, AJAX, SQL Server 2012, Web API,SSRS, TFS, Entity Framework.

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

.Net Developer


  • Designed and developed web pages using ASP.NET, C#.NET, HTML, JavaScript, AJAX, JQuery, CSS and Server controls.
  • Developed secure login interfaces with ASP.NET Server controls.
  • Used various server controls like Multi View and Grid View with extensive data binding to display page and sort multiple records.
  • Used Validation Controls for corresponding validations required for business logic in Web forms.
  • Designed and developed user interfaces using C# and ASP.NET.
  • Coding the presentation layer using WPF and service layer using Windows Communication Foundation Technology.
  • Used MVC to create various views of the Webpages and different action methods in the controllers.
  • Developed Custom Controls and User Controls for reusable part of the web pages using C# with ASP.NET.
  • Involved in testing like Unit test, Integration test, Acceptance test and Regression testing using N Unit and responsible for writing test scripts and scenarios.
  • Written the business logic in classes using C#.Net and used in Web Forms.
  • Worked with AJAX enabled WCF services using C# and ASP.NET.
  • Maintained and enhanced existing software by analyzing and identifying areas for optimization and refactoring.
  • Developed Test-Driven development (TDD) strategy guiding use of the N unit testing framework.
  • Utilized C# generics, delegates, anonymous types and lambda expressions.
  • Created and deployed Web services using ASP.NET and C# .NET, and generated the proxy class files based on the web services to consume in web application.
  • Imported data from flat files to SQL Server database using SSIS.
  • Involved inAngularJSfor single page application which is useful for both development and testing purposes.
  • The backend, database connectivity modules were designed using ADO.net with SQL Server as the database.
  • Worked on enhancements on the portal side of the project using MVC 4.0, C#
  • Used SSIS to Extract, Transform andloadnew Data into the Data Warehouse built in SQL Server.
  • Created Views by applying complex queries on multiple tables to create the virtual tables and
  • Implemented Cursors in stored procedures using SQL Server 2008, implemented joins in stored Procedures to get the desired data by joining multiple tables.
  • Used TFS (Team Foundation Server) for source code control, project related document sharing and team collaboration.
  • Developed parameterized SQL queries and stored procedures to query database tables in T-SQL.
  • Responsible for testing, fixing the bugs and troubleshooting the technical problems.
  • Modified applications according to the user’s requirements.

Environment: .NET Framework 4.5, Visual Studio 2012, C#.NET, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, AJAX, XML, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, IIS 7.0, Bootstrap, Angular JS, Entity Framework, Windows server 2008, SQL Server 2008, TDD, ASP.NETMVC,SSIS,WCF.

Confidential, Exton, PA

.Net Developer


  • Created the user interface for all the static and dynamic pages.
  • Coded application logic in ASP.NET using C# as code behind.
  • Designed end user interface using Web-forms in ASP.NET with various Validation Controls.
  • Developed business logic components as a middle-tier between database and the UI for Billing and order management modules
  • Involved in using all the best features of ADO.NET including Dataset, Data View and Data Adapter.
  • Developed programs of database components including stored procedures.
  • Involved in the database design and designed tables.
  • Developed Web User Controls and Custom Controls and Master Pages.
  • Implemented XML Web Services using C#.NET and also developed Stored Procedures, Triggers using PL/SQL and used accordingly.
  • Client side validations were performed using JavaScript and .NET validation controls.
  • Coded and optimized ADO.NET for data access.
  • Worked on creating responsive website using responsive design (RWD) and media queries based on CSS, HTML, and Bootstrap Front-End Framework.
  • Proficient in developing database objects like queries, stored procedures, Packages, PL/SQL Programs, Functions, Cursors, Reference Cursors, Dynamic SQL, PL/SQL Tables and Package Cursors.
  • Used ASP.NET MVC Page Controller pattern to add functionality to individual pages such that to accept input from the page request and to invoke the requested actions on the mode.
  • Consumed Web Service for searching the files and logging into the application at the company.
  • Visual Source Safe has been used for all the source code maintenance among the whole team members.
  • Developed Reports using SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services) and SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) for thorough analysis of Inventory.
  • Involved in Maintenance of the Web-Application.

Environment: Visual Studio 2010, ASP.NET 3.5, C#.NET, Oracle 9i/10g, PL/SQL, ADO.NET, JavaScript, Web services, XML, VSS, SOAP, CSS, HTML, Bootstrap, MVC 3.0, SSIS, SSRS, JQuery, AJAX.


.NET Developer


  • Involved in developing front end using ASP.NET, HTML, and CSS.
  • Actively participated in design and development of Database using efficient Database techniques.
  • Constructed web pages encapsulating the business logic in order to provide clear separation of data and presentation layers.
  • Extensively used .NET inbuilt components like Data Grid, Data List and Calendar controls along with other .NET server controls.
  • Implemented XML Web services using C#.NET. Developed Data Access Layer (ADO.NET) in C# to do all the database related operations like apply changes of the strongly typed dataset, fill strongly typed dataset.
  • Worked on the languages like VB Script, Java Script, and T- SQL.
  • Involved in creating WINFORMS for in-house windows applications using C#.
  • Designed and implemented MS SQL Server 2008 database.
  • Involved in Creating Custom Controls, Web Controls and User Controls.
  • Authenticated logins and Validated permissions.
  • SQL Server 2008 was used as a database repository.
  • CreatedWeb Servicesto make database calls to do CRUD Operations.
  • Worked on Team Foundation source control (TFS) which stores the entire code, as well as a record of all changes and current check-outs in an SQL Server database.
  • Developed complex T-SQL Stored Procedures, triggers, views to capture and modify data
  • Utilized N Unit to unit test .Net code.
  • Uploading the data from text files to tables & wrote stored procedures to purge old data.

Environment: Visual Studio .NET,C#, ASP.NET 3.5, ADO.NET, JavaScript, Web services, SQL Server 2008, XML, CSS, HTML, TFS.


.NET Developer


  • Analyzed the requirements and prepared the analysis report.
  • Used ADO.NET objects such as Data Reader, Dataset and Data Adapter.
  • Designed and developed the User Interface using Web Forms.
  • Source Code implemented using VB.Net.
  • Extensively used Validation Controls and Custom validation controls to validate Web forms.
  • Developed SQL queries, stored procedures and triggers to handle the business rules and data integrity.
  • Involved in writing the documentation, testing the applications using the Use Case diagrams and providing training to the users and team members.
  • Developing User Control for Common functionality in the ASP.Net.

Environment: Visual Studio 2005,C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET, VB.NET, SQL SERVER 2005, IIS.

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