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.net / Software Developer Resume

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Bloomingdale, IllinoiS


  • 20+ years of demonstrated experience in the use of C#, C/C++, Visual C++, Java, Perl, XML, HTML, DHTML, Visual Basic .NET, ASP.NET, ASP, VBA, Visual Basic, J#, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Informix, Sybase, DB2, Unix, Windows NT/2000/XP/Server2003/Windows 7/Windows 8/ Windows 10 and a broad range of applications including CRM, accounting, finance, database administration, Web development, and specialized tools for networking and wireless communications. Worked with .NET framework since April 2002. Key attributes and skills include: analytical abilities, skilled in meeting deadlines, and experience in the implementation of OOD/OOA/OOP coding solutions.
  • .NET (C#, ASP.NET, VB.NET, MVC, ADO.NET, .NET 2002/2005/2008/2010/2012/2015/2017 ) - 10 years.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System (Pivotal 5.9, Pivotal 6.0, SharePoint) - 6 years.
  • MS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008/2012/2014/2016 , SSIS, SSAS, SSRS - 8 years.
  • .NET Web development, XML, and .NET Web services - 6 years.
  • .NET Windows Forms, WPF, Window Services, and .NET Remoting - 5 year.
  • Object-Oriented (OO) development - 10 years.
  • Reports (MS SQL Server Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, Brio Reports, Oracle Reports and Forms, SAP Business Object Reports, VBA Reports, ComponentOne C1Report Designer) - 5 years.
  • Oracle, Oracle APEX, Oracle Project Accounting, and Oracle Financials - 8 years.
  • Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Perl, Python, PHP - 2 years.
  • Visual Basic 6, VB Script, VBA, and ASP - 5 years.
  • Java, JavaScript, JQuery, Ajax, and HTML - 5 years.


Languages, Tools, and Systems: C#, C, C++, Visual C++, Perl, Pascal, FORTRAN, COBOL, RBG, VBA, Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET, ASP.NET, ASP, Ruby, Ruby on Rails, ADO.NET, ADO, Linux / Unix (C Shell, Korn Shell, Bourns Shell), J#, Java, Java Script, Coffee Scripts, JQuery, Java Servlets, JSP, MC68000 assembly, HTML, XHTML, DHTML, CSS, XML, XSLT, VB Script, COM/COM+, OOP/OOD, MS Word, Excel, Access, Ajax, SharePoint, Telerik RadGrid and Controls, Infragistics Controls, Pivotal CRM 5.9 and 6.0, IBM iSeries AS/400, JetBrians RubyMine 3.2.3, Visio

Database Systems, Tools, Systems, and Networking: MS SQL Server 2000/2008/2012/2014/2016 , Oracle (including Oracle 7/8/8i/9i/10g/11g/12c), Oracle Forms 5.0/6i, Oracle Reports 6i, Data Warehouse, Oracle Receivables 10.7/11 and Oracle Project Accounting 10.7/11; Informix, Sybase, DB2, MySQL, ODBC, SAP, AS/400, ERWIN, TOAD, SQL Server Developer, DTS, MDX, MS Analysis Services / OLAP, DreamWeaverMX, Macromedia FLASH, COLDFUSION, Photoshop, MS Visual SourceSafe, MS Team Foundation, SmartCVS 4, ClearCase, Perforce, Git, Aldon LM 5.3, Serena Dimensions CM, TCP/IP, Simple Network Management Protocol, BizTalk, DTS 2000, SQL Server Integration Services, MS SQL Server Analysis Services 2000, MDX, and Microsoft SQL Server Reporting Services, SAP Business Objects, Crystal Reports 9 and 11


.NET / Software Developer

Confidential, Bloomingdale, Illinois


  • Developed reports for Warehouse and Supply Chain using Oracle Application Express 5 (Oracle APEX).
  • Load Data from Confidential oracle database system to IBM Sterling Gentran EDI (Electronic Data Interchange for Retail Industry), then to Customer’s Database.
  • Developed purchase, order, invoices, and shipping reports using Oracle Forms 6 and Oracle Report 10g tools.
  • Utilized wide array of Oracle and associated tools by using database triggers, stored procedures, functions, materialized views, external table, packages, static and dynamic SQL, and PL/SQL.
  • Load Data from Confidential Oracle database system to Retailers.com database.
  • Load Data from Brandwise.com to Confidential ’s Database (Argus - Oracle).
  • Enhanced Confidential Warehouse.com website using C# / ASP.NET, JavaScript, and Oracle database.
  • Enhanced Confidential Retailer.com website using Oracle APEX, C# / ASP.NET and Oracle database.
  • Enhanced Confidential .com website using PHP, C# / ASP.NET and Oracle database
  • Designed and developed Confidential -Chase bank orbital hosted payment using C# / ASP.NET and Oracle database

Confidential, Melrose Park, Illinois

Application Analyst


  • Redesigned and rewrote the Truck Engine Test Cells E-mail Client using VB.NET, MS SQL 2014, and DevExpress.
  • Developed test cell reports using VB.NET 2012, MS SQL 2014 Server, and ComponentOne C1Report Designer 8.
  • Enhanced Excel Test Cells reports using Excel 2013, VBA 2013, and Access 2013 Database.
  • Retrieved data from Test Cells dlls using VB.NET 2012 and Control-M.
  • Enhanced Access reports using VBA 2013 and Access 2013 Database.
  • Converted multiple Visual Basic 6 programs to VB.NET programs in Windows Forms.
  • Worked with vendors to support third party Engine Truck Test Software (e.g. STARS R1.5, DSP, iTest, PC Cells, and DEC) for Engine Lab computer systems.
  • Supported multiple systems and resolved many tickets.
  • Converted multiple ASP programs to ASP.NET with SQL Server 2014.
  • Replaced STARS Hard Drive and Fan to fix the test cell hardware issues.
  • Created a VB.NET program to back up, retrieve, and archive STARS Data to or from Hard Drive automatically.
  • Used VMS commands and programs to back up and retrieve test cells data.

Confidential, Westchester, Illinois

.NET Developer


  • Designed, developed, testing, and enhanced real-time server and web based applications on the Electro-Motive Diesel Intellitrain System - a remove diagnostics system that wirelessly connects to over 2000 locomotives worldwide using ASP.NET / C#, MVC5, LINQ, Entity Framework, Bootstrap, Kendo UI, HTML5, T-SQL, and MS SQL Server 2014.
  • Worked with team on all phases of the software development life cycle.
  • Performed system integrated testing for multiple departments.
  • Synchronized Tables from Oracle (Oracle 11g) to MS SQL Server tables, using SQL Server Integration Sevices (SSIS).
  • Responsible for CR (Change Request) for the Electro-Motive EM2000 Control System on the locomotives using C/C++ in Linux.

Confidential, Downers Grove, Illinois

Senior Technical Specialist


  • Redesigned and rewrote the BMO Harris Bank Account Review Regulation 9 Oversight (ARRO) System using ASP.NET / C# and Microsoft SQL Server database.
  • Enhanced BMO Harris Bank Account Review Regulation 9 Oversight (ARRO) System using ASP.NET / C# and Microsoft SQL Server database.
  • Enhanced BMO Harris Bank Account Synoptic Review (ASR) System using ASP.NET / C#, MVC4, AngularJS, TypeScript, Web API and Microsoft SQL database.
  • Wrote and reviewed business requirement documents.
  • Wrote and reviewed technical design documents.
  • Used IBM AppScan tool to scan .NET projects, then rewrote .NET codes to increase the security for BMO Harris Bank.
  • Resolved tickets and supported multiple systems.

Confidential, Hines, Illinois

Software Engineer


  • Redesigned and rewrote the VA Web Automated Folder Processing Web Sites (Web AFPS) from ASP to ASP.NET / VB.NET with Oracle database (PL/SQL).
  • Converted the Web AFPS jobs (for Veterans retirement and relocation) from Visual Basic 6 (VB6) to VB.NET in Window Forms with Oracle Database.
  • Provided technical support and resolved helpdesk tickets for the Modern Award Processing (MAP-D) Veterans Benefit System using Oracle 11g in UNIX and Linux.
  • Provided technical support for the Veterans Rating Board Automation (RBA2000) System (Trace and Review Class Modules Codes, Forms Codes, and Modules Codes) using Visual Basic 6 (VB6) and MS Access.
  • Provided technical support for the VETSNET Suite Systems.
  • Completed over 580 tickets with less than 1% production errors. Supported multiple systems with very high customer satisfaction.
  • Converted the DoD (Department of Defense) Transportation Benefits Web Application (ASP.NET / VB.NET 2005 with MS SQL Server 2005) to VA Transportation Benefits Web Application using ASP.NET (.NET 2013) and MS SQL Server 2014.
  • Enhanced the VA (Veterans Affairs) Transportation Benefits Web Application using ASP.NET (.NET 2013), MS SQL Server 2014, Active Directory, JQuery, HTML5, and Crystal Reports.

Confidential, Vernon Hills, Illinois

Sr. E-Commerce Developer / Sr. Systems Analyst


  • Enhanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System (Pivotal 5.9) by using Oracle 10g (PL/SQL), ASP.NET / C#, ADO.NET, Visual Basic 6 (VB6), VB Script, and Crystal Report 11.
  • Redesigned/Converted Pivotal 5.9 CRM from Oracle 10g Database to MS SQL Server 2008 Database.
  • Redesigned and enhanced the OPAL (Order and Billing Management System) System using VB.NET and MS SQL Server 2012 in Window Forms.
  • Designed and developed Pivotal BlackBerry Web Applications (Pivotal 5.9, C# .NET DLLs).
  • Created and enhanced Pivotal CRM Forms (Search abilities) and reports using C# and WPF.
  • Provided technical support to Pivotal 5.9 CRM system for 600+ users.
  • Designed and developed the EventTracker system using ASP.NET and MS SQL Server 2012 Database.
  • Designed and developed the “Sale and Marketing Reports” system using ASP.NET 3.0 / C#, Oracle 10g, and Crystal Reports 11.
  • Worked with Pivotal 5.9 CRM Administrator (Back up BM and ED) to support the system.
  • Worked with IBM iSeries AS/400 developers, Web developers to enhance Pivotal 5.9 system.
  • Enhanced Pivotal CRM via customization, modified Database, and developed new client scripts.
  • Loaded Data (using Oracle PL/SQL) from company Website and ASW (ERP that runs iSeries AS/400, using DB2 and coded in RPG) to Pivotal Oracle Database.
  • Created/enhanced VBA reports (Oracle & MS SQL Server Databases) for Sales and Finance Departments.
  • Created/enhanced SAP Business Object reports (DB2 & MS Access Databases) for Sales and Finance Departments.
  • Designed/enhanced Design Point (company graphical/pictorial FF&E Web applications) using Ruby on Rails (Models, Views, and Controllers Architecture), JQuery, Ajax, and Coffee Script.
  • Added Design and FF&E Applications to the main Website developed via ASP.NET 4.0 / C# and MVC.
  • Redesign/Converted Pivotal 5.9 CRM to Pivotal 6.0 CRM (SharePoint, MS SQL Server 2012, C# .NET DLLs).
  • Worked with Pivotal Consultants to design and develop Pivotal iPad Web Applications (Pivotal 6.0, C#, LINQ, WCF, and Entity Framework).
  • Involved in agile methodology process for scrum, sprint planning and retrospective meetings for better sprint results.

Confidential, Chicago, Illinois

Software Engineer


  • Enhanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System (Pivotal 5.9), increasing revenues by 260%, using SQL Server 2005, ASP.NET 2.0, Web Service, and MS Reporting Service 2005.
  • Designed/developed CRM tools (IM upload tool, Account DID with Lead and Company tool, Territory Violation using Dun & BradStreet Integrated Manager, D & B database, DTS 2000, MS SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS), MS SQL Server 2000 and 2005, and Visual Studio .NET 2005.
  • Designed and developed the “Organization Lead Company Tracking” system using ASP.NET / VB.NET, Photoshop, Java Script, Telerik RadGrid and Controls, Ajax, and SQL Server 2000.
  • Provided technical support to Pivotal 5.9 CRM system with 1300+ users.
  • Enhanced/changed Pivotal CRM data using Pivotal Agents and Pivotal Queue Processor.

Software Developer

Confidential, Palatine, Illinois


  • Enhanced SurveyGold software using HTML and JavaScript.
  • Designed and developed the Clinician Forum software using C# / ASP.NET and SQL Server 2005.
  • Designed and developed VMAP Website using C# / ASP.NET and SQL Server 2005.
  • Developed EmailMissingDayReport program using C# .NET and SQL Server 2000.
  • Enhanced TimeTracker system using ASP and MS SQL Server 2000 / MS Access.
  • Designed and developed Web Registration system using netForum, ASP.NET, leverage software Web service integration, and SQL Server 2000.
  • Enhanced ISI program using Visual Basic .NET, Infragistics controls, and SQL Server 2000.

Confidential, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Software Engineer Consultant


  • Designed, developed, and enhanced the Confidential “Directional Marketing Order Management System” (Order and Billing for Yellow Pages and White Pages) software using C# .NET and SQL Server 2000.
  • Developed extensive system with n-tier architecture (3 Horizontal layers and 2 Vertical layers) with large team of developers.
  • Utilized wide range of applications and tools including .NET Remoting and WinForms, OOP, OOD, XML, SOAP, ADO.NET (Data Reader, Data Set, Typed Data Set), Oracle Financials, Data Grid, Janus Grid, DataView Manager, CurrencyManager, AdRotator Control (using advertisements data located in an XML file, e.g. U.S. map), Transaction Control, ASP.NET, ASP, T-SQL, Stored Procedure, UML, load balance, Smart Client, MSMQ, TCP/IP, Web Services, Web Farm, Window Services, Nunit, WinRuner, LoadRuner, test drive development, Perforce, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services, and PDF Reports.

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