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Senior Software Developer Resume Profile

Las Vegas, NV

Technical Skills

Technical Management Successful technical management technical leadership and mentoring technical architecture and lead development.

Software Development Over a decade of experience designing developing and ensuring the quality of advanced mission-critical n-tier software systems primarily using ASP.NET.

Primary Current Technical Skillset

Excellent hands-on development and team leadership skills using the following tools among others

Microsoft .NET Framework Versions 1.1 obsolete 2.0 4.0 advanced. About 10 years of high level experience . Business and mid-tier logic via ASP.NET and WCF using both SOAP and REST SOA communication techniques.

C About 10 years of experience.

VB.NET About 4 years experience.

Database Programming Microsoft SQL Server and T-SQL Versions 2000 2005 2008 2008 R2 and SQL Azure 11 years experience . Oracle PL/SQL 3 years experience. Stored procedures triggers query optimization in both environments. Database design and tuning 10 years experience.

Javascript with jQuery and jQuery UI about 2 years experience.

Crystal Reports Versions 9-11 XI 3 years experience with Visual Studio integrated and standalone editions.

Experience with the Visual Studio IDE through Version 2012 using every edition including the full VSTS Suite with Team Foundation Server.

Overall Skillset

Advanced knowledge of n-tier service-oriented .NET software engineering using C and .NET/ASP.NET Frameworks SOA web services and WCF SOAP REST MVC MVVM VB.NET Web Forms Windows Forms WPF/XAML WCF .JavaScript UML ERM and other SA/SD tools XML/XSD/WSDL/XSLT. Experience/knowledge with WinRT/Windows 8 MFC Win32 C/C TCP/IP Sockets ASP 3.0 Classic ASP Crystal Reports SSRS SSIS PHP/LAMP.

Design Experience Extensive experience in system design and architecture in addition to development performing usability analysis encryption and other techniques for secure transaction processing interface design business object model design utilizing Separation of Concerns e.g. Presentation from Business Logic n-tier architectures REST highly scalable/reliable systems numerous Design Patterns.

Databases Extensive RDBMS programming design and performance tuning experience including MS SQL Server 2000 2008 including T-SQL Triggers DTS/SSIS Reporting Services Analysis Services Oracle PL/SQL Triggers MS Access through 2010 DB2 and MySQL. Also OLAP techniques e.g. cube design MD querying BI architecture best practices data warehouse design and workflow principles ETL tool experience.

Methodologies Strong Object-Oriented Analysis Design and Programming with emphasis on component reuse and design pattern implementation. Primary methodologies and disciplines include MSF UML usage Agile methods Scrum XP RAD Architecture Patterns SEI CMMI GUI Design and User Experience Automated Testing.

Work Highlights Confidential

Senior Software Developer

Developed and maintained C /ASP.NET software for internal business and client management support e.g. CRM and e-commerce for this firm. Developed PHP scripts and authored/edited copy supporting the primary customer-facing websites for the company using MySQL Oracle 10g SQL Server 2008 and SQL Azure as data stores web server management and configuration and specification of custom solutions for clients using LAMP and/or ASP.NET and WCF technologies. Provide management consultation on technical architecture and marketing/business development strategy.


Software Engineer

Worked developing Intelligent Virtual Assistant technology to provide automated Natural Language Processing technology for free-form chat-based access to the Intel knowledge base using an ASP.NET 4.0 web-service and javascript/AJAX environment.


Software Engineer

Worked in the Software Automation Factory/Visual Processing/Parallel Processing group enhancing and maintaining driver kit building and assembly. Participated in OO Design and Development using .NET 4.0/C SQL Server 2008 T-SQL and other technologies using agile methodologies. Helped define/design the next-generation SOA REST on WCF architecture by which Intel can assemble and distribute drivers for their market-leading chipsets to OEM s Microsoft Windows Hardware Quality Labs or WHQL and other industry participants.



Taught courses in computer programming using C and introductory game design using the Microsoft XNA Framework.


Software Developer

Consulted on the conversion of a sales and billing system between the Classic ASP and ASP.NET environments using VB.NET


Senior Software Engineer Consultant

Developed a .Net 2.0 Windows Forms based application to provide automated construction supervision and scheduling capabilities for field supervisory staff using VB.NET 2005 SQL Server Gantt charting tools and DevExpress add-ins for .NET 2.0. Leveraged past experience managing and developing the far more extensive and award-winning FieldManager software in this effort. 1

Senior Database Marketing Consultant/Manager

Developed SQL Server DTS and SSIS packages as well as T-SQL stored procedures and scripts used to analyze marketing promotional campaigns for the purposes of optimization customer retention and predictive analytics. Utilized interdisciplinary skills in computer science and econometric analysis to meet urgent Executive level needs for actionable Business Intelligence information as well as provide recommendations for Pinnacle s Marketing Data Warehouse. Configured and administered the SQL Server 2000 and SQL Server 2005 database instances used for this effort.

Senior Software Engineer

Led design and development of the file-level cryptographic tools for the core business application using C and the .NET Cryptography Services to provide strong file encryption to meet the requirements of the PCI Data Security Standard using asymmetric and symmetric cipher algorithms such as RSA DH AES and 3DES. Led the development of automated file transfer using any URL-based protocol such as FTPS SFTP HTTPS. Guided the preliminary design of automated data archival/retention polices to conform to PCI and industry Data Security Standards. This was a core tool enabling eCommLink to meet the most stringent requirements for data security in the Payment Card Industry.

Used SQL Server 2005 Enterprise tools to tune the database to meet the sub-second response times for electronic funds transfers and position the architecture to maintain this Quality of Service as business volume increases by a factor of ten.

Senior Developer

Created the architecture logical and physical design for a multi-enterprise distributed system to interface with multiple external systems for financial transfer in the gaming industry. The technical environment was Visual Studio 2005 Team Suite and Team foundation Server IIS C NET 2.0 using Web Services TCP/IP .NET Remoting WSE 3.0 and the WS-Security X.509 certificate model.

Senior Software Engineer

Implementing a T-SQL and .NET 2.0 interface to the Microsoft Small Business Accounting system to allow the management of company accounts using information submitted by non-accountants that is reviewed in near real time by a professional accounting firm leading to better management of the client companies and avoidance of quarterly and year-end crunch time for the CPA firm.

Senior Software Engineer

Designing an ASP.NET 2.0 software system for an Electronic Gaming Machine control and business intelligence system using UML design methodology targeting Web Forms and AJAX for the GUI interface C as the implementation language .NET 2.0 Sockets and .NET Remoting for communication across computer and AppDomain boundaries Microsoft SQL Server 2005 for database storage and Microsoft Reporting Services for reports and charts.

Software Developer

Developing ASP.NET software for a mission-critical event management application employed at major conventions in Las Vegas and nationwide using Web Forms for the GUI interface C as the implementation language SQL Server 2005 for database storage and Crystal Reports for reporting.

Systems Analyst

Performed systems analysis and design using the Unified Modeling Language UML for a system to manage all records of the US Department of Energy dating back to the initial development of strategic weapon systems using a J2EE business layer and Java SWT GUI. This system will eventually manage approximately nine petabytes of data 9 000 000 gigabytes using Oracle

Graphic Artist Consultant

Created print advertisements and promotions for Harrah s Inc as well as for inclusion in various entertainment publications in the Las Vegas area.

Senior Systems Analyst R D

Led and advised numerous research initiatives including early XML and XSLT research MS .NET technical evaluation n-tier architecture research and research of automated test management systems. Served on and chaired ad hoc committees tasked with evaluating strategic technologies for achieving strategic business objectives of the company and developed software proofs of concept.

Designed and led the development of a Generalized Importer framework/class library using C . This system allowed data to be imported into an arbitrary database while enforcing the relational and business integrity constraints of the target system. It was highly configurable using XML-specified rules and was similar to but provided more database integrity than ETL solutions available at the time.

Authored and provided expert direction for numerous trade articles relating to the software developed by Info Tech and the future strategic directions of the company as well as project proposals technical documentation and research white papers. Principal contributor to the strategic direction reflected in these documents.

Senior Manager Director Level Position

Among many other projects and responsibilities Managed the development of Trns port an award-winning enterprise-wide suite of multi-tier operational and analytical software systems used in over 40 state Departments of Transportation and several different countries in Europe and Asia. This was multi-year-multi-phase set of projects involving several different teams. Duties involved directing team staff varying from 5 to 20 members over time and projects authoring several proposals and work plans marketing proposals to clients managing and responding to client needs directing and supervising full SDLC efforts using advanced object-oriented n-tier user-centric GUI architectures as well as effective modern SDLC methodologies. The system software targeted multiple databases including Oracle DB2 and SQL Server. This modular yet integrated suite of systems provided multi-million dollar annual savings for many Info Tech clients.

Senior Systems Analyst

Led a team in development of the Report Template Facility This is an end-user reporting language interpreter developed to allow clients to extract desired information from application databases and create custom reports. It is integrated with DB2 Oracle and Sybase databases via a DBMS abstraction layer. Developed the Report Template Facility language syntax and grammar and designed the lexical analyzer parser and code interpreter. Also authored the system and user documentation.

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