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Sr.net Developer Resume Profile

Fargo, ND


  • Having 7 Years of Experience with AGILE SCRUM Methodology and Waterfall and heavy involvement in all phases of Software Development Life Cycle SDLC such as planning, analysis, design, implementation, testing and maintenance of Web Based, Client-Server and 3-tier Architectures, Services, SOA.
  • Technical expertise in Microsoft Technologies, such as C 4.0/3.5/3.0/2.0 .NET Framework 4.0/3.5/3.0/2.0/1.x , ASP.NET 4.0/3.5/3.0/2.0 , ADO.NET, AJAX, LINQ, WPF, Silver Light 4.0/3.0 ,ENTITY FRAME WORK, CSS, Web Services, SOAP.
  • Proficient in Implementing WCF services and consuming using different protocols and implementing features like Security, Debugging and Performance.
  • Expertise knowledge on Object Oriented Programming OOPS Concepts including Inheritance, Abstraction, Encapsulation and Polymorphism, good experience in Exception Handling, Debugging and Tracing concepts.
  • Highly Knowledgeable in ASP.NET MVC 4.0 in implementing Model, View and Controllers with State Management, Security, Action methods etc.
  • Extensive experience in developing WCF Services to expose useful functionality to web users through SOAP, describing them using WSDL, registering them using UDDI for easy availability to potential users and consuming them.
  • Experienced with Microsoft Application building blocks for .Net projects Data Access, Exception Handling, Caching and Configuration Management Application Blocks .
  • Expertise in ASP.NET MVC 4/0/3.0 and developed the features Views, Partial Views, Strongly Typed Views, Sections, Areas etc. and also implemented Controllers and Controller Actions, Filters, Routing.
  • Experience in using Lambda Expressions, Query Expressions, Anonymous Types and Extension methods with Language-Integrated Query LINQ LINQ to XML, LINQ to SQL and LINQ to objects .
  • Experience in development and implementation of Windows Communication Foundation WCF , and also responsible for developing WCF based Service, Data, Fault and Message Contracts and services.
  • Experienced in Implementing WCF SOAP services and consuming using different protocols and implementing features like Security, Debugging and Performance.
  • Extensive Experience with ORM technologies like Entity Framework Database Model first and performance tuning in Entity Framework 6.0.
  • Expertise in Database design RDBMS ,programming, implementation and development using MS SQL Server 2005/2008/2012, Oracle 11g/10g/9i, MS access, Strong analytical and conceptual skills in database related work primarily creating complex Stored Procedure, Views, Triggers, Functions, T-SQL, Indexes, Cursors, Performance Tuning, SQL Profiler
  • Experience in working with version control tools like Team Foundation Server-TFS, Clear Case and Visual Source Safe VSS , Subversion.
  • Proven ability in understanding system requirements, system architecture design, development, testing/QA and prod environment setup and support.
  • Extensive working experience in unit testing framework NUNIT, MS Unit Tests.
  • Excellent Written, Analytical Skills, Verbal Communication skills with a customer service oriented attitude and worked with the offshore team as onsite coordinator to provide the update on the daily basis.


Operating Systems

Windows 2008 R2/2008/2003, XP, Windows 7, Vista.

Programming Languages

C , C .Net 4.0/3.5/3.0 ,VB6, VB.NET 10.0/9.0/8.0 , ODP.NET HTML, T-SQL, PL/SQL

Web Technologies

ASP.NET 4.5/4.0/3.5/3.0/2.0, ASP.NET MVC 5.0/4.0/3.0, Silverlight 4.0/3.0,ASP.Net Ajax, JavaScript, Jquery, VB Script.

Xml Technologies


UI Technologies

Win forms, WPF

IDE Tools

Visual Studio 2010/2008/2005, SQL Server Management Studio, Expression Blend 4.0/3.0/2.0

.Net Frameworks

.Net Framework 4.5/4.0/3.5/3.0/2.0


MS SQL SERVER 2008/2005/2000,MSAccess 2010/2007/2003,Oracle 11g/10g/9i/8i

Reporting Tool

Sql Server Reporting Services SSRS 2008/2005 , Crystal Reports 2010/9/8.5/8 ,RDLC

Modeling Tools

UML,MS Visio 2010/2007

Version Control Tools

Visual SourceSafe 2005 , Subversion, Team Foundation Server 2008


WCF, ADO.NET 4.0/3.5/3.0/2.0,MSMQ, Web Services, Enterprise Library 5.0/4.0/3.1


Windows Server 2008/2003/NT, Microsoft IIS 7.0/6.0/5.0/4.0

Other Utilities

ILdasm, Nant, gacutil, Sn.exe, Ants, FxCop, Resharper 5.1.3 , Style Cop, Nuget packages



Sr.Net Developer


Description: Upgrading unsupported versions of Host Integration Server 2000 to HIS 2009. This affects four applications: THOR legacy , Members, Blue Bridge, and Siebel. These are hosted on Windows 2003 servers which are not compatible with HIS 2009. New Windows 2008 servers must be set up and the applications updated to work with both HIS 2009 and the new environments. Project includes migrating the applications and cutting over to the new servers and decommissioning the Windows 2003 servers. For every application following upgrades a made Updating the framework from 2.0 to 4.0 ,Re-write web services in VB.NET,C using the TLB and the COMTI's, SOAP testing ,Loading the applications onto the new servers, Application Testing on servers.


  • Developed Web services using the TLB's and the Comti dll Calls to retrieve the data from the database.
  • Developed Admin and Reporting tools using MVC 4/3 with Razor Engine 2/1 including One Page Design, Singleton Pattern, Various JQuery, Plug-ins and NuGet Packages.
  • Utilized Entity Framework technology extensively for data retrieving, querying, storage and manipulation using LINQ.
  • Extensively used User interface controls which use JQuery to validate client side validation.
  • Used JQuery AJAX framework to interact with Restful and simple asmx services to retrieve data using JSON
  • Involved in the development of models, view models, views, partial views and controllers
  • Worked closely with the Business Analysts in requirement gathering and design review activities
  • Worked with different JQuery plug-ins and implemented client-side functionalities such as paging, table sorting/data tables, sliders.
  • Worked on Web API and RESTFUL Service API using WCF 4.0 which return XML and JSON data using WCF attributes.
  • Used LINQ to XML and LINQ to Objects for retrieving the data efficiently and Just in Time manner.
  • Used the LINQ to Entities, Query projections, Grouping, Entity SQL, Querying with LINQ to SQL, Eager Loading, defining Mapping and Inheritance
  • Used ADO.NET Entity Framework Model as the Data Access Layer Database First and implemented the CURD Create, Update, Retrieve and Delete operations, Mapping and executed stored procedures
  • Created different Action Attributes for decorating across various Action Results. The Action Attributes used include the ones used for Handling errors and Caching
  • Created and maintained database objects like complex Stored Procedures, Cursors, and Tables, Views, User Defined Functions, in SQL Server 2008 for inserting/Updating/Deleting the data into the relational tables.
  • Working with Team Foundation Source Control TFS as the source for version control and project / issue management
  • Developed various stored procedures for the data retrieval from the database and generating different types of reports using SQL reporting services SSRS .
  • Created user level security in reports to allow restricted viewing to users of different levels and implemented data driven subscriptions using SSRS
  • Involved in Unit and Integration testing using NUnit testing framework
  • Performed unit testing on every new version before sending it for User Acceptance Test UAT .
  • Involved in supporting and maintenance for legacy production systems. Actively involved in bug fixes and enhancements post production as per the client's requirement.
  • Strong trouble shooting and Problem solving skills in finding defects and resolving the issues.

Environment: Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, MVC 3.0/4.0, WCF RESTFUL Service API, ASP.NET, VB.NET, C , XML,JSON, JQuery, Linq, NUnit, Team Foundation Server 2010 , Agile and Scrum, IIS 7.0, AJAX, ADO.NET Entity Framework 6.0, Microsoft Enterprise Library, NUNIT, Oracle11g, SQL Server 2008, Oracle 10g, Windows Server 2008 R2/2008.


Sr.Net Developer

Confidential is a subsystem that was developed within Vehicle Management System VMS to facilitate Vehicle Management for ISP Personnel. ISP model operate alongside existing Independent Contractor IC model with different set of attributes. ISP Personnel can initiate the process for vehicles under the Entities for ISP Payments, addition and termination of vehicles, changing vehicles to different Agreement IDs. VMS was interfaced with other enterprise systems to asynchronously complete the workflow process and to exchange information to maintain the updated contractor information.


  • Product development is an Agile SCRUM methodology, where progress and task assignment is discussed in everyday meetings.
  • Developed system services SOA application platform for use by all web applications utilizing WCF services and the ASP.NET provider model.
  • Involved using bindings to control the construction of the Windows Communication Foundation WCF channel stack at runtime.
  • Successfully used Data Contract as the standard mechanism in the WCF for serializing .NET object types into XML.
  • Designing and Developing the User Interfaces using Razor views, HTML, JQuery, Ajax and CSS.
  • Used ADO.NET and Entity Framework extensively for retrieving, querying and manipulating data in the database.
  • Extensively working on LINQ to Object, LINQ to XML etc. to query different data sources.
  • Proficient in developing database objects like queries, stored procedures, Packages, PL/SQL Programs, Functions, Cursors, Reference Cursors, Dynamic SQL.
  • Created and maintained database objects like complex Stored Procedures, Cursors, and Tables, Views, User Defined Functions, in SQL Server 2008 for inserting/Updating/Deleting the data into the relational tables.
  • Created and developed both Data and Summary reports using SQL Server Reporting Services. Data Reports includes each project details for every county whereas Summary reports includes the current amount used in each fiscal year for that particular county and for a particular publication year.
  • Created SSIS package to migrate data from Dev Server source to Demo Server Destination.
  • Involved in unit testing, integration testing and deployment of the application.
  • Team Foundation server 2010 TFS has been used for all the source code maintenance among the whole team members.
  • Involved in all the stages of SDLC and interacted with offshore team. Completely understand the importance of Quality of work in deliverables given to client.

Environment: VisualStudio2010, C , ASP.NET MVC 3.0,WCF, Entity Framework 6.0, EDMX, JQuery, VB.NET, VB6, TFS 2010, IIS 7.0, AJAX, ADO.NET Entity Framework 4.0, LINQ,XML, , Microsoft Enterprise Library, NUNIT, Oracle11g, Windows Server 2008 R2/2008.


Sr. Net Developer

Confidential is one of the nation's leading Communication service providers and also plays a major role in local telephone industry. Detailed information about their billing, services, new features, company information, due dates, minutes used, and payment information was provided to each customer. Customer Online Billing System COBS is a Web based application running on oracle database. It's used to generate the Customer bills based on their billing Cycle date, retrieve billing history, View transactions of Customer etc., which will be published on internet for on line viewing, by the customers


  • Involved in Analysis, Data model design and Development of the tool.
  • Developed design documents using Object Oriented Methods involved in complete life cycle of development using agile methodology, Study Business Requirements, Analysis and converting business requirements into technical specifications.
  • Implemented AJAX and used Ajax control library toolkit to improve performance and features of application.
  • Used Forms Based Authentication to enforce security into the application Implemented Role Based security to control user access to portal.
  • Developing the implementation logic for the single sign on worked on ASP.NET Caching features to improve performance State management using Sessions.
  • Actively involved in coding and designing using ASP.NET Master Pages, Themes, Skins, ADO.NET, JavaScript, XML, CSS, and Visual Studio.Net 2010.
  • Extensively used Dataset and Data Adapter objects to retrieve and manipulate data and display it onto an ASP .NET page.
  • Involved in preparing client side validation forms by using Java Script.
  • Used LINQ to retrieve information from the XML data files and database, Database design and development Write triggers, UDFs, views, indexes using TSQL in SQL Server 2008, Used Stored Procedures to dynamically retrieve data based on user selection criteria.
  • Implemented LINQ, Lambda Expressions the Entity framework 4.0 and LINQ to SQL for data retrieval and querying tables.
  • Worked with ASP.NET Web Forms, State Management, and Caching features.
  • Effectively implemented and used Master Pages for a consistent look and feel across the whole application.

Environment: Visual Studio 2010, ASP.Net 4.0, ADO.NET, XML, HTML5, JavaScript, IIS 6.0, NUNIT, Visual Source Safe, SSRS, SOAP,WCF,WPF,.NET Framework 3.5, SOA, VB.NET, Web services, SQL Server 2005, T-SQL, OOPS concepts, REST, DHTML, Windows Server 2003.


Sr. Net Developer

Confidential is to develop a Web based Application for clients in Banking and Financial Consultants which is the staff-facing side of the system used by Regional Service Center RSC people. This application is a client/server system that views and updates data from Electronic Banking Computers EBCs . It helps bank staff to create customer accounts and customer Profiles and also to link them. Customers can use the tool and they can generate the reports, the activities that are performed by them. This project requires a second level authorization to setup the accounts and customer profiles.


  • Designed and developed the Windows application which consisted of a Winforms GUI.
  • Implemented Object-Oriented Programming OOP concepts of interfaces, inheritance, abstraction and polymorphism.
  • Written configuration settings in Web.config. Used ADO.NET to access SQL database.
  • Developed various components used within the system such as an enhanced string and db grid to allow printing and saving of data, business rules and specialized list components.
  • Worked on ASP .NET State Management using Sessions and ASP .NET Caching features using Output Cache.
  • Designed and developed Web-services using C , ADO.net, and XML to handle online transactions with central database, which reduces the time, required performing data entry and generating reports.
  • Used Data Reader and Dataset for data manipulations and database operations in connected as well as disconnected modes. Manipulated and extended the .NET Base Class Libraries and User Defined Types to effectively create classes, interfaces, and loosely coupled events that are functionally efficient and appropriate for given programming scenarios.
  • Worked on CSS and Implemented role based security for the user groups

Environment: Visual Studio 2008/2005, ASP.NET 3.5/2.0, ADO.NET, VB.NET, C , SQL Server 2005, XML, XSLT, JavaScript, IIS 6.0, NUNIT, SSRS, SSIS, SOAP,WCF, T-SQL, Windows Server 2003.


.Net Developer

Confidential a comprehensive and integrated Hospital Management System for a Super Specialty Hospital. This package is used to computerize the activities of a servicing system. This package contains four modules. They are Administration, Patient Care System, Health Services and Auxiliary Services. Each module is having sub modules with in this sub modules will maintain storing, registering, details of joining patient details, and over all day activities maintains one particular database


  • Design, develops, enhances, debugs and implements software. Troubleshoots production problem related to software application.
  • Actively involved in coding and designing using ASP.NET Master Pages, Themes, Skins, JavaScript, XML, CSS, and Visual Studio.Net 2010.
  • Written configuration settings in Web.config. Used ASP.NET to access SQL database.
  • Worked on CSS and Implemented role based security for the user groups.

Environment: C .Net, ASP.Net 2.0, VB.NET, C , JavaScript, SQL Server 2000, HTML, CSS, web services.

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