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Sr Software Engineer Resume Profile


Summary of Qualifications:

  • Thirteen-year background in diverse facets of .NET development, ETL, and data analytics encompassing analysis, design, development, and execution of business applications.
  • In-depth knowledge of various platforms, software systems, and servers.
  • Extensive programming experience using ASP.Net, C , SQL Server, and Oracle.
  • Excellent communication skills with strong background working directly with coworkers and clientele to identify business objectives and establish requirements

Technical Skills:

Real world professional experience

Lang: C, C , C , Visual Basic, ASP.Net, MVC, JavaScript, JQuery, AJAX, HTML, XHTML, XML, SAS, C Shell, Korn Shell, SOAP, REST

Databases: MS SQL Server 2000-2014, Oracle 8i-11g, MySQL, MS Access

ETL/Reporting: SSRS, SSIS, IBM DataStage, Crystal Reports, Active Reports

Platforms: Windows, Windows NT, UNIX, Linux

Source Control: Team Foundation Server, Visual SourceSafe, Subversion

Project Management:

Methodologies: Agile, Scrum, Waterfall, Full Lifecycle Project Planning,

Production Process Management, Onsite/Offshore Resource Management

Tools: MS Project, MS Visio. MS Office Suite


Sr Software Engineer


  • Designed and developed interactive portal dashboard to manage the nightly and end of the month sales history and forecasting processes using Asp.Net MVC 4 and C front end with SQL Server 2012 and Oracle 11g back end. Client side scripting using JQuery along with SOAP web services.
  • Projects have included:
  • Implemented real time process monitoring along with full user interaction across the enterprise for the dashboard.
  • Designed and developed SAS ETL and analytics programs on a UNIX platform for the Demand Planning and Sales Services department at Eastman to do their nightly and end of month Sales Forecast and Sales History processing.
  • Preformed extensive data analysis on Oracle data warehouse using SAS and SQL Developer to find data discrepancies.
  • Created the SAS extracts and processing to complete the Demand Planning and Sales Services part in acquisition integration.

Sr .Net developer


  • Designed and developed full life cycle e-Commerce website using Asp.Net, C and AJAX front end and SQL Server 2012 back end.
  • Project included:
  • Integrated merchant services by means of RESTful architecture along with JSON communications.
  • Website is a full CRM site allowing customers an interactive experience to customize products and full control for each individual account.
  • Designed reporting for ordering and sales history with SSRS and ETL transactions with SSIS.

Sr Systems Analyst


  • As part of a team designed and developed a medical billing project using ASP.Net and C with MVC 4 and SQL 2008 backend.
  • Projects have included:
  • Developed the application in an N-Tier architecture model to separate the GUI layer, Business Layer, and Database Layer for ease of updating and manageability. The GUI layer written with HTML5 for the ability to support mobile connectivity.
  • Designed new system architecture proposal for the project that was approved through Legal, Compliance, Security, and the CIO's office and later implemented.
  • Created and executed project plans for new projects as well as revise project plans dictated by the business needs and requirements using Agile methodologies of full lifecycle development.
  • Managed all aspects of the project from identifying user and business needs, gathering user, business, and system requirements, developing business rules, and budgeting using Microsoft Project.
  • Managed resources consisting of 3 onsite resources and 4 offshore resources and planning collaboration accordingly.
  • Identified and managed the day-to-day operational aspects of the project and scope as well as identify the resources needed to complete the project and assign individual responsibilities.
  • Ensured project documents are complete, current, and stored appropriately.
  • Kept in continuous contact with the customers and business heads to ensure revised requirements were up to date as well as relaying project status whether the budget and deadlines were being met

Developer/Project Manager


  • Designed and developed CRM system for Telemarketing/Customer Service. I personally worked on the system along with a consultant who I managed. The system was built with C and an Oracle 11g backend. The system can place automated and manual calls, fax prescription sample forms, store call details for outbound and incoming calls, schedule calls, store physician data and detail on the physician's prescribing habits.
  • Projects have included:
  • Designed and developed CRM for Sales Operations. The system was built with ASP.net, C , MVC 3 and an Oracle 11g backend. The system managed all aspects of King's Sales Force as in representative personal information, territory assignments, bonus eligibility, scheduling physician appointments, automated bulk email notifications, medication storage details, and custom reporting. Ensured real-time data by developing interfaces with SAP as well as the Human Resource system Ceridian and ADP.
  • Part of a team who designed and developed a Commercial Data Warehouse on an Oracle 10g database using DataStage for ETL and Business Objects for analytics. Designed the Star Schema data model and the jobs in DataStage.
  • Designed and developed the operational databases for all production processing pre Data Warehouse. Developed the data processing and analytics using UNIX shell scripts with Oracle stored procedures.
  • Liaison for Users/Customers both locally and with the national sales department in New Jersey. Responsible for determining the customer's wants and needs, and then meeting them.
  • In charge of developing and writing the technical specifications for the Business Applications group.
  • Developed all UNIX scripts and Cron jobs when needed. i.e. Importing and Exporting data
  • Managed consultants and directed them in Project development.
  • Maintain and modify project code and in charge of making sure of efficiency, accuracy and are within government regulations.
  • Designed and developed a file tracking system as well as email notification system for the Legal department. The system was developed using ASP.net, C , MVC 3 and Oracle. It had to be developed with strong security protocols and encrypted data due to the sensitivity. Part of this was done by creating an interface with the Active Directory system.
  • In charge of migrating all current .net applications to version 2010.

Applications Systems Analyst III


  • Managed data warehouse for King Pharmaceuticals. Data consists of complete physician demographic information as well as every prescription written for the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Optimized PL/Sql queries and ad hoc reports for efficiency due to the large data sets. Extensive query optimization and developed stored procedures in Oracle.
  • Ensured that all applications and reports were written to be 21 CFR part 11 compliant for FDA and DEA regulations.
  • Developed application for Sample Accountability to automate the tracking and printing of physician sample request cards generated by telemarketing using C .
  • Developed Sales Force Automation system for King consisting of creating and setting up the databases in Oracle and SQL Server. Writing detailed Oracle stored procedures, Triggers, and PL/Sql queries as well as SQL Server stored procedures, Triggers and TSql queries along with complex UNIX shell scripts which were fully automated to run daily with email notifications.
  • Design and developed the process for importing physicians added from the field in need of validation. The system validated the physicians by accessing license information by state from the internet. The results are exported back out into the field using UNIX scripting with VB.Net and Oracle.
  • Design and development of Sales Rep management console using ASP.Net with Oracle. It gives the ability to manage all the sales representatives' personal information, current and past assignments, status, probation periods and bonus eligibility. It's a web based and can be used at any location with strict security.
  • Application design and development for Advertising and Promotions to manage/import/export mailers using ASP.Net with Oracle and reporting using Crystal Reports.
  • Application and database design for Sample Accountability to manage and track paper sample receipts as well as Rep inventory control using VB.Net with Oracle and SQL Server. Created reports using Crystal Reports.
  • Managed all physician and Sales Rep data in the operational databases by means of creating SQL scripts to insure data integrity, creating Oracle stored procedures so processes and applications run faster and more efficient, creating Oracle triggers to normalize the data and insure accuracy of sample distribution, tracking, and audit logging, and developing Unix scripts to automate the import and export of data to remote locations.
  • Developed Access application with VBA to maintain and display telemarketing department information as in tracking Rep calls, contacts, and samples requested with detailed reporting on each by means of pass through queries connecting to Oracle.



  • Design and development of Weather Tracking Software.
  • Application design and creation of front end using Visual Basic.
  • Duel connections with SQL Server and Oracle back ends.
  • Created custom FTP object to retrieve data from satellite server and detailed TSQL and PLSQL queries to disperse the data. The program lets the user view weather information on a real time bases as well as stores historical data.

Applications Analyst / Software Engineer


  • Developed application for tracking the business of the 6 racetracks owned by CHD.
  • Application design and creation of front end using Visual Basic 6.
  • SQL Server 7.0 back end connecting through ODBC/ADO.
  • Set up data collection from 6 locations ranging from Miami FL. to Hollywood CA. on Windows NT networking with a calibration of detailed SQL Server Data Transformation Services and Stored Procedures.
  • Received personal letter of recognition from Churchill Downs CEO for outstanding application development.
  • SQL Server DBA duties
  • Installing, Setup, and maintaining SQL Server 7.0
  • Converting all ACCESS Databases to SQL Server
  • Converting company's financial application to JDEdwards One World.

Senior Programmer/Analyst Consultant


  • Application design and creation of front end using Visual Basic 6.
  • Design and development of Law-enforcement software with detailed reporting and the transfer of data between an ACCESS and ORACLE database as follows:
  • ACCESS and ORACLE back end connecting through ODBC/ ADO and the creation of a custom ini file and using designed stored procedures for ORACLE.
  • ActiveX Controls, COM, DCOM and development of custom DLL and OCX files along with the development of complex classes.
  • Creation of detailed reports using Datadynamics Active Reports with ADO data controls.
  • Using Visual Source Safe for management of the project.
  • Using Resource files for Multi-Language capabilities.

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