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Sr .net Developer Resume Profile

Redmond, WA


  • 11 years of extensive development experience in IT industry
  • Over 6 years of extensive development experience on .NET applications using C .NET, WCF , WF and MS SQL
  • Over 5 years of extensive development experience on C , VC , MFC and COM
  • Extensive development on Windows communication Foundation WCF and Windows workflow WF
  • Extensive Skills in designing and developing Window applications on the Microsoft .Net platform using .Net Framework and Visual Studio.
  • Extensive Experience with Stored Procedures, User Defined Functions, Triggers in SQL Server 2005/2008.
  • Experience in developing Multithreading application
  • Experience in developing COM component using ATL.
  • Experience in using Design patterns during development
  • Experience with Object Oriented Principles, Concepts and Best Practices.
  • Experience with all phases of SDLC in the Waterfall model, Spiral and Agile SCRUM methodologies.
  • Experience to work in Agile development team, Startup team
  • Experience with Project Management tool such as MS Project.
  • Hands-on knowledge in Configuration Management tools like Visual Source Safe, Perforce and TFS.
  • Ability to develop code swiftly and deliver the assigned work on or before the given time frame.
  • Experience with readily accepting work left by others during the course of a project.
  • Experience working with off-shore teams.
  • Work with team members and also assist them with new technologies and productive tips
  • Self-motivated, quick learner, customer focused and result oriented.
  • Excellent in Communication and Presentation Skills, Leadership qualities, quick adaptability with team members and ability to work independently.
  • Strong interest towards emerging technologies and quickly implementing them in possible ways.
  • Strong leadership skills to handle team of 5 or more.



C .Net, C, C , Visual C 2008, Visual Basic, JQuery, HTML


WCF,WWF, MFC, Entity framework, MVC


SQL Server 2008/2012, MS Access , SQLite

Development Tools

Visual Studio 2005/2008/2010, SQL Server 2008/2012.


Windows 8, Windows CE


Internet security, Healthcare and Geospatial/maps

Requirement /

Bug Tracking / Collaboration Tool

TFS, Bugzilla

Configuration Management Tool

TFS, Perforce, Visual Source Safe VSS , PVCS



Role: Sr .NET Developer

Confidential is one of the Microsoft's well-known product for displaying worldwide map. Map data collected from the different vendors is normalized and populated into one database which is picked up by different team within the Microsoft and rendered on maps. This application includes two parts reading the vendor data called as upstream processing. The second part includes populating the data into central database. This data will be used to generate compressed file used by other teams.


  • Developed ingest tools for vendor data
  • Developed Transport ingestion module for Navteq data
  • Implemented new properties for existing transportation layer
  • Transportation layer has been implemented using C , .NET, entity frame work, WCF
  • Created new work flows using Workflow framework WWF
  • Back end server used in this application is SQL server 2008/12
  • Database tables designed to use Geospatial data types like SQLGeometry
  • Used many geospatial functions in development
  • Implemented presentation layer using Geospatial data types in C and entity framework
  • Implemented Bulk insert to import Vendor data to Microsoft server.
  • Data access layer is implemented using ADO.NET
  • Implemented stored procedures and user defined functions in SQL server.
  • Implemented Multithreaded application for assigning context to each road
  • Implemented generalization module to have less road network at higher zoom level / layer of details
  • Implemented unit testing for new modules.
  • Worked on bug fixes, stabilization and performance improvement.
  • Involved in design discussions and code reviews.
  • Used Scrum and Agile methodology for daily work.
  • Participated in story grooming
  • Participated in release activities
  • Used Microsoft Visio for designing modules.
  • Source control and bug tracking using TFS

Environment: Visual studio 2010/12, SQL Server, TFS, IIS 6.0

Role: Principle Engineer

Confidential is a next generation client works as connection manager of choice. This client has all the information about the network status in the system. This has built in feature to inherit connection initiated by other client and has feature to make auto connection. This client supports all kind of networks like WIFI, 3G, dial and Ethernet. This client is used to connect to corporate network using any type of VPN integrations. This has support for easy to use portal configuration to manage different configuration.


  • Involved requirement collection
  • Involved design discussion and technology selection.
  • Developed Wi-Fi module using C .NET and windows API
  • Developed middle layer services using C and WCF
  • Implemented phone book update using multi-threading.
  • Implemented data usage tracker using .NET events and delegates
  • Implemented database layer using SQLLite APIs and SQLLite as Database
  • Implemented unit test framework from start.
  • Involved in developing user interface using WPF
  • Started agile methodology and scrum in this project
  • Worked on bug fixes, stabilization and performance improvement.
  • Involved in design discussions and code reviews.
  • Involved in productions releases

Environment: Microsoft Visual studio 2008 and 2010, SQLite

Confidential unifies mobility management over any Internet connection to optimize mobile access, centrally manage devices and connections, and control your costs. Users gain a single interface for simple, secure broadband access via the world's largest virtual network of Wi-Fi hotspots, international 3G mobile broadband, Ethernet broadband, satellite and dial. This application is easily configurable for enterprise to support any type of VPN connections to get into corporate network.


  • Involved in requirement gathering
  • Implemented Wi-Fi feature in Windows Vista from start using VC and Windows API
  • Implemented dial up using RAS API's
  • Implemented windows services using COM.
  • Implemented user interface using VC and MFC.
  • Implemented API and events using COM components.
  • Involved complete release of client in Windows Vista.
  • Involved in resource planning using Microsoft project planning.
  • Involved with product manager for finalizing features
  • Updating status with different stake holders
  • Involved to support production deployment for 5 GA releases

Environment: VC , MFC, COM, RAS APIs

Role: System Specialist


Confidential is healthcare product, which is used to store the all data for each patient. This product has numerous features such as keeping patient details, lab details, messaging, chart documents, prescriptions, importing data from other EMR's, sending message to other doctor, appointment module, tracking the appointment, Insurance related details for the particular patient.


  • Implemented second factor authentication in EMR using finger print device and open source library and VC . Received Patent for this module
  • Implemented doctor notes feature using VC and COM APIs
  • Worked in install base team to release service packs in short time
  • Involved in finalizing bugs to be included in releases
  • Involved in assigning and fixing bugs for releases
  • Involved in production release support

Role: Sr Soft Engineer

Confidential a support enhancement for GRIC Pocket Mobile Office developed for desktop/laptop users. The basic functionality of this client involves an internet connection to roaming users through wireless Wi fi or analog. The following technical features were incorporated to improve the client security, VPN is inbuilt which get auto launch after connection to the internet. The desktop utility module is used to transfer the data on to the PPC device using RAPI interface.


  • Implemented document/view architecture for UI display SDI application using eVC and MFC
  • Used ADO, ADOCE for DB operation on Pocket PC device
  • Implemented RAS connectivity for dial up and VPN.
  • Implemented IRDA modem connectivity using RAS.
  • Used NDIS API's for wireless connectivity.
  • Integrated 3rd Party VPN client like MS VPN, Movian
  • Used TAPI functionality for modem device independency.
  • Implemented RAS and NDIS modules as COM component APIs.
  • Involved in fixing bugs and stabilization.
  • Involved in code review

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