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.net Lead Developer Resume Profile



Highly accomplished hands-on technical leader with proven success driving high-impact projects across finance and commercial software industries resulting in improved functionality, revenue gains, and dramatic cost savings. Passionate professional with a keen attention to detail and superior innovative problem solving capabilities. Adept in developing robust, powerful, maintainable, and future resistant technologies to enhance organizational competitive edge.

Technical Expertise

  • Languages C , XAML, SQL, C, C , Java
  • Technologies WPF, .NET 4.0, Winforms, Win32, DI AutoFac/Unity , TDD NUnit/RhinoMocks
  • Development Tools Visual Studio 2012, Visual Studio 2013, Eclipse, Resharper, JIRA, TFS, CI TeamCity/Jenkins
  • Source Control Hg, Git, SVN Subversion , TFS, and Perforce
  • Databases SQL Server 2008
  • O/S Windows 7, Windows Server 2008
  • Best Practices TDD, Unit Tests, Design Patterns, Refactoring, OOP, I18N, Secure Code, Multi-threaded development, Client / Server programming, Database development
  • Certifications Certified Scrum Master 2008

Professional Experience


Portfolio Trading Analytics Lead

  • Creating the entire UI framework and client on top of a new thin client protocol to support rapid server configuration. Developed a virtual grid framework to support high performance order flow.
  • Creation of key portfolio management functionality such as the Analytics and Positions blotter and Configuration Engine
  • Key role in establishing the SDLC process, a Record Replay testing framework, continuous integration, and source control systems.
  • Improved quality and productivity of new developers, evidenced by the business features they developed.
  • C , WPF, Java, Protobuf, Panopticon, DevExpress, Eclipse, Visual Studio 2013, Hg, Jenkins, JIRA, Windows 7


Lead Developer

  • Boosted revenue by up to 50K monthly through automatic account update implementation to update credit card numbers and expiry that have changed due to fraud, theft, or expiration.
  • Reduced working hours by 10 hours per week with automation of chargeback process from customers.
  • Improved issue identification and solutions with a billing dashboard to display weekly credit card decline rates.
  • Enhanced reconciliation of external accounts by automating download process of settlement transfer from Stripe.
  • Developed future state PCI compliant architecture for in-house credit storage.
  • C , ASP.NET MVC, Razor, AJAX, JQuery, HTML, SQL Server, Hg, Git, TeamCity, AutoFac, NUnit, MoQ, Resharper, JIRA, Visual Studio 2010, Visual Studio 2012, Windows Server 2008


  • Grew New York team from two staff to five through key sourcing, management, and performance improvement initiatives to ensure optimal functionality.
  • Exceeded revenue targets by enabling delivery of multi-asset indices through platform written in VB6, C , Java, and SQL, adding new functionality and improving existing aspects.
  • Introduced key best practices including C 4.0, WPF, and reactive frameworks, successfully providing analyst with new application to manage data for a product universe of more than 4K Exchange Traded Products .
  • C , WPF, VB.NET, WinForms, SQL Server 2008 R2, Visual Studio 2010, JIRA


Software Architect

  • OZ Framework accomplishments:
  • Launched library of custom WPF controls to support user interface controls not provided by current market vendors e.g. MultiColumnComboBox, MultiPicker, Resizer, and AutoContentControl .
  • Innovated and implemented a smooth migration path organization's most important application to WPF.
  • Distributed Cache accomplishments:
  • Achieved 16x speedup of reference data load time for 200K records from 5 mins to 20 secs.
  • Allowed client side libraries to take advantage of server's built-in push notifications and WPF observer controls, providing users with automatic self-updating lists.
  • GemFire Enterprise Data Fabric Server, WPF 4, C 4.0, .NET 4.0, PostSharp, Infragistics, Resharper, NUnit, RhinoMocks, Visual Studio 2010, Team Foundation Server, SQL Server, Windows 7

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