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Senior .net Programmer Resume Profile

Springfield, MA


  • Senior .NET Software Developer with solid Software, Architecture and Database development experience.
  • 12 years experience in .NET development, programming and architecture design.
  • Solid experience working on large scale Database, WEB, and Software Projects.
  • Designed and managed large-scale development projects.



  • .NET languages C , VB and ASP.NET , Java, Regular Expressions
  • UML use cases and diagrams, and Object-Oriented patterns in development
  • Experienced with AGILE methodology
  • Architectures have included WEB Services and SOA, WEB Parts, n-Tier, AJAX/REST, MicrosoftMVC pattern, and integration with smart applications.


  • HTML 4.0, xHTML, HTML 5.0, CSS2 and CSS3 style sheets
  • Scripting languages include Python and JavaScript
  • Scripting libraries and frameworks include ExtJS, JQuery and AngularJS
  • XML technologies, including expertise with XSLT, XPath, XQuery, and XML design
  • Model-View-Controller MVC pattern, using the .NET framework


  • Extensive programming expertise and experience with SQL, including procedures and transactions
  • Designed and maintained Data Warehouses, Data Marts, operational and transactional databases
  • Worked with different relational database systems to include Oracle, SQL Server, Sybase,Access/Excel


  • COGNOS Reporting and Framework Manager, IBM Transformer, Microsoft Analysis Services, Microsoft Reporting Services SSRS and Integration Services SSIS
  • SQL Server 2008, 2005 and Transact-SQL, and Oracle Database and PL/SQL, NoSQL
  • Microsoft Internet Information Service IIS , Message Queue
  • Development Environments include Microsoft Visual Studio and Eclipse, and Microsoft TeamFoundation Server MTFS , LaTeX publishing software and environment
  • Microsoft SharePoint 2007 / 2010



Senior .NET Programmer

  • Develop software for the health-care industry
  • Organized team to research new technologies for record linkage
  • Rules based
  • Probabilistic decision algorithms
  • The team is tasked with designing and developing a record linkage engine
  • Development includes analyzing the company's current rules engine for patient matching and development to make it scale, and to consider different database technologies.


Senior .NET Programmer

  • Developed software for a large-scale WEB insurance agency application that managed policies and insurance claims
  • .NET development within the MVC and nTiered architecture, utilizing both ExtJSand AngularJS for client-side scripting and UI.
  • Participated on AGILE team, development in C , JavaScript and AngularJS, and NoSQL Database.
  • Member of the Design and Architect team, which involved meeting with the stakeholders todiscuss and plot the direction of the product.
  • Organized committee that serves as a forum for improvements to the product-line, aswell as oversees prototyping of new technologies.
  • Mentored new employees and interns on software development and the product architecture and design.


Senior Data Analyst

  • Oversaw the conversion of the college from a decentralized data model Access databases to a centralized model
  • Dimensional modeling and designing, using IBM COGNOS Framework Manager andOracle as the database.
  • Work involved designing Warehouses and creating Star Schemas and CUBES for theBusiness Intelligence BI initiative at the College Data Warehouse.
  • Data analyst responsibilities involved meeting with senior administrators and usersto gather requirements and determine business needs.
  • Organized committee of administrators to discuss strategies and processes formovingto a centralized database model.


Senior Software Application Developer

  • Involved in the development of specialized software for thecollege and community, using Microsoft technologies:
  • Projects included development of publishing platform using LaTeX and XSLT technologies for different college publications
  • Worked with faculty and students on research projects
  • Interfaced with PeopleSoft ERP, database programming, WEB programmingusing .NET framework, C , JQuery, JSON, and XML technologies, and ASP.NET forthe WEB C code-behind and server-side controls .
  • Responsible for the entire SDLC cycle, to include design, specifications, architecture,programming, deployment, training, and support.
  • Tasked with designing and creating databases MS SQL Server for specific applications, and for generating reports, using stored procedures. Tool used was Microsoft
  • Visio for database designing.
  • Reporting involved Microsoft Reporting Services, and writing SQL procedures to retrieve the data, transformation via XSLT to LaTeX, and then generating PDFs of thereports Bar Charts, Pie Charts, Grids .
  • Some work involved statistical analysisin which R and SPSS were used as the statistic engines and for generating statisticalreports and analysis.
  • Formed a user group of administrative assistants and administrators to furtherend-user training for understanding of the different systems used on the campus.


Technical Lead and Senior Software Application Developer

  • Served as the Technical Leader as well as the Senior Software Developer forsoftware companyof loanorigination software.
  • Supervised developers and business analysts.
  • Managed the project development cycle from specification gathering to development.
  • Programmed using Microsoft technologies, to include .NET framework,C , VB.NET,ASP.NET, SQL Server, WEB technologies, and XML technologies.
  • Architecture followed the code-behind paradigm for WEB development, using ASP.NETand a combination of VB.NET and C .
  • Methodology followed the waterfall process.
  • Led the team that developed the credit engine for processing credit reports, involving parsing large XML les, transforming using XSLT, and updating the SQL Serverdatabase. The project included requirement gathering, architecture, development,and working with QA and support.

Software Consultant


  • Clients included GE Fanuc Albany, NY , Alltel Albany, NY , Bankers Trust NewYork, NY , New York State Criminal Justice Albany, NY , and Systems 1 SaratogaSprings, NY
  • Work included SQL procedure programming, database design, reporting using CrystalReports and Microsoft Access reports, VB6 development, and ASP 3.0 WEB development.
  • Database tools used were Visio and ERwin.

EPCO Business Systems


  • Business owner and manager of computer and point-of-sale company which sold POSterminals and developed software for retail businesses Inventory, Sales Reporting, A/R,A/P. and General Ledger .
  • Managed and supervised employees, encompassing sales, administration, developers,and technicians.
  • Large scale projects included grocery store scanning, liquor, and retail inventory controlsystems.
  • Duties included the management of the costs to develop and install the systems, allocation of resource technical and administrative , project management, and customersupport
  • Conducted employee reviews, oversaw purchasing, training, hiring, and administrationof the business

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