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Technical Lead Resume Profile

Los, AngeleS

Technical Proficiencies

  • .NET
  • C
  • MVC 3/4
  • Web API
  • Visual Studio 2010/2012
  • Mercurial
  • Continuous Integration
  • MS Build
  • TeamCity
  • DVCS
  • Mercurial
  • WCF
  • Entity Framework 5
  • jQuery
  • SQL
  • Windows Azure
  • SOA

Professional Profile

Technical Lead


  • I act as lead developer for all mission critical projects, and provide technical direction and mentoring to developers on all other projects.
  • I provide scheduled technology training to the rest of the company's developers on topics ranging from design patterns to best practices to specific .NET coding techniques. Additionally I provide one-on-one mentorship and training to the rest of the team on an as-needed basis.
  • I actively work to refactor legacy brownfield systems to use newer .NET technologies such as MVC 4, Web API, and Entity Framework 5.
  • I've migrated most of the company's code base from VSS into BitBucket-hosted Mercurial repositories and am actively training other developers on the transition from file-based source control to change-set based DVCS.
  • On an on-going basis, I've been implementing continuous integration for the many of the company's applications. I'm using TeamCity and MSBuild for this including some of my own custom MS Build Tasks



  • I worked alongside the CTO developing a cutting-edge e-commerce system for a fully-funded startup. The platform is completely hosted in the cloud Azure . We employ a CQRS architecture using SQL Azure for the data-driven aspects of the system and MVC3 jQuery for the UX aspects.

System Engineer Leader Confidential

  • Senior software engineer for a naval readiness assessment system commissioned by the Department of Defense. I led a number of projects that ranged from rich front end interfaces to complex business service engines. I also did work on our back end Oracle database packages, procedures, views .
  • I currently have a valid and active Secret Clearance from the DoD.

Software Engineer


  • I owned the service layer that serves the company's IVR system. My services WCF and ASMX were hit 3-4 million times each day.
  • I was frequently leveraged by multiple teams to write internal utility applications using Silverlight and WCF.
  • I served as the IVR team's lead .NET developer and also as a mentor to the other team developers.
  • I took formal business requirements documents and generate technical design documents from them.
  • I initiated and took responsibility for several projects to re-architect the company's IVR system to improve the system's performance and scalability. This includes migrating several ASMX services to WCF, upgrading the service host website to ASP.NET 4, redesigning the underlying SQL schema and stored procedures, refactoring thousands of lines of code for better performance and standards conformity, and implementing .NET Framework 4 features such as Tasks Parallel Library TPL and PLINQ.

Developer / Analyst


  • Traditional client-server applications using technologies such as .NET, AJAX, C VB.NET, and classic VB
  • SOA solutions using WCF services, traditional web services, and Windows services.
  • Client-heavy web applications using tools such as Silverlight, Expression Blend, and jQuery.
  • Establishing back-end data-access modules and data stores using N-Tier Application Development Methodology, SQL, SQL Server, and LINQ.
  • Automated reporting solutions using Open XML and Office interop libraries.

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