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Java Developer Resume

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  • 7+ years of experience in full life - cycle of software development process including requirement analysis, design, coding, testing, debugging and maintenance.
  • Extensive knowledge and experience in developing JAVA based applications using Core JAVA, Collections API, J2EE, JDBC, EJB, Servlets, JSP, HTML, JavaScript, XML.
  • Accomplished software engineer specializing in Java/J2EE development and production support.
  • Strong experience in Java, JSP 2.0, Servlet 2.3, JMS, Spring 2.0, Struts 2.0, Hibernate 3.0.
  • Working experience with J2EE application servers such as Weblogic Portal Server, Websphere Application/Portal Server and JBoss.
  • Proficient in Web page creation using HTML, DOM, JQuery, Java Script, DOJO and CSS.
  • Enhancement, design and development using Java Script, JQuery, HTML, CSS at the front-end.
  • Expertise in Rational Rose Enterprise Tool for Object Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) using UML (Unified Modeling Language).
  • Good Object Oriented Design and Graphic UI Design of Business Modules using UML, Use Cases, Sequence Diagrams.
  • Good knowledge of Database design and development that involves ER Modelling, Relational database schema, Functional dependencies, Normalization of tables, populating tables using SQL Loader (SQL-PLUS), writing queries using SQL, formatting results and writing Triggers, Stored Procedures (PL-SQL) in ORACLE.
  • Well-versed in Presentation Tier Development using JSP, Custom Tag Libraries, Apache Jakarta Struts and XML.
  • Extensively experienced in Middle Tier Development using Servlets, JSPs, EJB and RMI.
  • Good Understanding of different Java/J2EE Design Patterns.
  • Expert level Java skill and very good Object-Oriented Programming.
  • Strong abilities of trouble shooting and quick learning.


Operating Systems: Linux, Unix, Windows XP/7, Windows 2000/2003.

Database: MSAccess, Oracle 8i / 9i/10g, PL/SQL, mySQL, SQL 8.X.

Web/App Servers: Apache Tomcat 4.X/5.X, JBoss 4.0.Websphere, Weblogic.

Languages: Java, J2EE, EJB, C, C++, XML.

Web Development: JSP 2.0, Servlets 2.3, Hibernate 3.0, Spring 2.0, Struts 2.0, JSTL 2.0 HTML programming, Java Script, JDBC, JQuery, CSS.

Design Methodologies: OOAD using UML Rational Rose.



Java Developer


  • Converting the legacy code from Bridges(Michigan State Project) to the requirement of Current ASPEN.
  • Creating new web pages and altering business as per requirement.
  • Creating Web Services to handle data from Client Web Portal to the actual ASPEN System.
  • Using OOAD Technology classes are designed in UML with the help of Rational Rose tool.
  • Created user-friendly GUI interface and Web pages using HTML and CSS and JSP.
  • Developed web components using MVC pattern under Struts framework.
  • Wrote JSPs, Servlets and deployed them on Weblogic Application server.
  • Used JSP’s HTML on front end, Servlets as Front Controllers and JavaScript for client side validations.
  • Developed the UI using JSP, HTML, CSS, AJAX and learned how to implement JQUERY, JSP and client & server validations using JavaScript.
  • Implemented MVC architecture by using Spring to send and receive the data from front-end to business layer.
  • Designed, developed and maintained the data layer using JDBC and performed configuration of JAVA Application Framework.
  • Migrated the Servlets to the Spring Controllers and developed Spring Interceptors, worked on JSPs, JSTL, and JSP Custom Tags.
  • The front-end JSP pages were developed using the Struts framework, and were hosted in a J2EE environment on a Apache tomcat server.
  • Developed and flexible, scalable, utilizing open source technologies like Hibernate ORM and Spring Framework.
  • Assisting Team-mates in completion of their assigned tasks.
  • Participated in Debug fixing and QA review of the Code before delivering to State.

Environment: Java (EJB, JSP, Fast4j tool), putty, MVC, HTML, CSS, JSTL, JQuery, JSP, Web Services, Struts, UML, Hibernate, Servlets, Spring, Clear Case, Clear Quest, IBM WebSphere 8.0.

Confidential, New York.

Software Developer


  • Interacted with business analysts to convert business requirement to technical requirement.
  • Designed the application following Unified Modeling Language (UML) Methodology.
  • Involved in writing Usecases, procedural diagrams and class diagrams using Rational Rose.
  • Developed the necessary GUIs. for the front-end using XHTML and JSPs.
  • Developed XML pages and converted them to HTML using XSLT.
  • Developed the User Interfaces using JSP, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  • Worked on JQuery, AJAX and JSF for designing highly user interactive web pages.
  • Implemented the architecture based on the Apache Struts MVC framework, using a Central Servlet acting as the controller.
  • Developed the CMP Session and Entity Bean components, which handled the business logic and the access to the appropriate backend.
  • Designed and coded connection pooling classes to manage to manage database connections to various databases.
  • Implemented clustering of servlets for load balancing and expected performance delivery by the application.
  • Implemented the connectivity to the Oracle database using JDBC.
  • Involved in writing stored procedures and triggers using PL/SQL.
  • Generated reports in PDF using XML, XML-FOP.
  • Used CVS for version control.

Environment: Java, Weblogic, Oracle 10g, EJB 2.0, Struts, JSP, JQuery, Custom Tag Libraries, Servlets, JDBC, PL/SQL, UML, HTML, XML, XSLT, Java Script, and Struts1.0, Junit, Rational Rose.

Confidential, NY



  • Involved in Development and Production support.
  • Develop new initiatives on monthly basis and involved in handling the production issues, investigate trouble tickets, application issues and fix the code.
  • Provided analysis to resolve production and application issues.
  • Provided a concrete explanation of resolutions to issues, inquiries and requests.
  • Managed to works in-group and independently on side projects.
  • Provided feedback and developed production support standards and policies.
  • Analyzed production support related issues, inquiries and requests.
  • Involved in designing and developing dynamic web pages using HTML and JSP with Struts tag libraries .
  • Used object query tool JXPath to simplify querying of sets of java objects by using XPath-based syntax and JQuery.
  • Used JavaScript for client-side validation and Struts Validator Framework for form validations.
  • Assist testing team during Load Tests ad provide application support during production release.
  • Extensively used JSF framework API in the web tier for designing the web components in the Development environment.
  • Java Sun Studio Creator IDE is used for developing the JSF’s using JSP, Session bean, Application Bean, navigation file and connecting it to the business tier using the DTOs.
  • Extensively used Microsoft Visual Source Safe tool for source safe management of files.
  • Successfully installed and configured the IBM Websphere Application server and deployed the business tier components using EAR file.
  • Worked on Database Pilot for writing, editing and running the SQL queries and other database operations.
  • Created a DOS scripts for automatically starting, stopping the Sun Web Server and deploying the WAR file into the Server directory.
  • Worked on the automated test cases from the Junit framework.
  • Installed the Bug Tracking tool and worked on System, UAT bugs.

Environment: J2EE, JDK 1.5, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSP, JQuery, Servlets, Struts, JDBC, XML, J2EE, EJB,IBM Web Sphere Application Server, XML,DB2, JUnit, Bug .


Java Developer


  • Participated in all the phases of Software Development Life Cycle.
  • Involved in the design of the project and represented the requirements through the diagrams using UML.
  • Developed user interface using JSP, HTML, AJAX and Javascript.
  • Designed the Web-Tier using Struts MVC.
  • Involved in the Database design, creation, Querying.
  • Used JSTL and custom tag library with frameworks such as Ajax and JQuery, to build interactive and attractive user interfaces.
  • Worked in implementing Spring, Hibernate technologies
  • Involved in developing test cases for testing the application using JUnit.
  • Designed and developed Session and Entity Beans to implement business logic and deploy them on the Bea weblogic Application Server.
  • Developed the User interface screens using HTML, JSP and AJAX.
  • Designed table components with headers, adding column to tables and manipulating them.
  • Used CVS version control for source code.
  • Designed developed and implemented Reports benefits application for Annual Reporting.
  • Used Junit for testing.
  • Created tables, triggers, stored procedures, SQL queries, joins, integrity constraints and views for multiple databases, using MYSQL Server.

Environment: Java, Sevlets, Log4j, Javascript, AJAX, JQuery, Hibernate, Struts, Spring, Unix, XML, JavaScript, PL/SQL, CVS, HTML, Web Services, Junit.


Java Developer


  • Actively involved in UI design for application.
  • Used Struts validation logic to generate user friendly error messages by using application properties.
  • Developed entire JSP pages for the application.
  • Worked on GUI with Java Script frameworks JQuery, XML.
  • Used Hibernate to communicate between action servlets and Database interactions.
  • Used Log4J logging framework. Log messages with various levels are written in all the Java code.
  • Used the MVC model to create the Object Model.
  • Extensively used JSP, CSS, XML, XSL, and Servlets for the presentation.
  • Responsible for Testing and deploying application into Preprod and Prod servers.

Environment: Java, Struts, JSP, CSS, XML, JQuery, Hibernate, Oracle, Tomcat, Eclipse, Linux, Windows.

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