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Sr. Business Analyst Resume

New Jersy, NJ


Experienced relational database analysis professional who has served in numerous roles, including Technical Lead, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, CRM Analyst, Database Developer, and Database Administrator. Has extensive experience in all phases of database Development and business intelligence. Possesses sound knowledge in the areas of Business and Data Analysis, Data Warehousing and Relational Database analysis, Technical Analysis, Project Planning, and Customer Relationship Management. Major industry focus includes Financial Services, Online Publishing, and Healthcare.

Technical Summary:
1. Operating Systems: MS-Windows, Sun Solaris, Linux
2. Database: SQL server, SAS, Informix, ACCESS, Visual FoxPro
3. Language: SQL, T-SQL, JCL, TSO, Quick Job, HTML, JavaScript
4. Business Intelligence Tools: Qlikview, E.Piphany, Brio, Business Objects, TOAD
5. CRM System: Eiphany
6. Productivity Software: Microsoft office suite

Work History

July 2007 –

Sr. Business Analyst

  • Interface with stake holders and data vendors to gather business requirements and translate them into analytical designs, projects and solutions. Manage expectations of effort and scope, develop and implement the strategy for data analysis.
  • Perform in-depth and advance data analysis to facilitate strategic decisions for company management.
  • Apply data mining techniques to identify and analyze new and existing data using SAS and BI tool – Qlikview
  • Optimize the performance reporting , provide insights on data findings and made recommendations to leverage the data knowledge and improve business process and performance
  • Use SAS to analyze and validate very large and complex data to profile and assess to quality issues and value of the data
  • Program and load data from various sources into centralized location
  • Build dynamic reports, dashboard using BI tool to leverage various data for company management
  • Design, program and create monthly/quarterly data analysis reports or metrics for company management. Automated the regular reports for various departments for better tracking of business performances.
  • Use SAS analytical software to build statistical models, develop reporting systems, and ad hoc analysis for top executives.
  • Write final reports to summarize data analysis projects and present results to senior management

March 2005 –
July 2007

Sr. Business Analyst

  • Interacted with Marketing, IT, and Customer Care department to gather business requirements, design solutions, manage expectations of effort and scope, develop and implement the data system for business intelligence tools and analysis.
  • Performed Database Development involving the creation of complex stored procedures for application reporting and data analysis.
  • Administered and managed the CRM system (Epiphany) to implement the company email campaigns.
  • Developed and maintained extraction, transformation, and load (ETL) routines for importing data from heterogeneous data sources into the SQL databases.
  • Programmed in SAS to extract data into the SQL database to support BI tool. Design static and customized drill down report queries for end users.
  • Programmed in SAS to perform in-depth data analysis on company’s business performance and provide insights for customer acquisition/retention strategy as well as marketing promotion and campaign plans.
  • Use SAS analytical software to build statistical models, develop reporting systems, and provide management intranet reports as well as ad hoc analysis for top executives.
  • Worked with application developers and developed a database system of NetBank’s customer segmentation tool for customer service representatives to manage customer information. It provides a GUI for profiling of customers by creating 360 views of customers, including products, promotions and cross-sell opportunities etc. The system interfaces with various systems using web service.
  • Worked as Database Designer, Administrator and Team Lead for CRM database. Developed, configured and implemented customer segmentation for email campaigns utilizing E.piphany Campaign Management and Real Time Interaction Advisor.

December 2000 –
March 2005

Data Warehouse Administrator

  • Worked with Business, Marketing and Sales teams to gather and validate business requirements for new applications and enhancements, and to determine the design of relational databases for the reporting system
  • Performed quantitative data analysis on large amount of data to suggest performance measures to report to clients for improved product performance to assist the Sales and marketing team.
  • Analyzed baseline data and integrate checks and balances into the loading process to validate the data
  • Created and Automated SQL Server jobs utilizing DTS, triggers and T-SQL stored procedures to migrate data from a staging environment, through the Data Warehouse, into various data Marts for analysis purposes
  • Lead Developer for Data Warehouse responsible for Design, Implementation, and Maintenance utilizing SQL Server 2000-2005 technologies.
  • Created, debugged and tuned varied complex T-SQL stored procedures to support the Data Warehouse, Data Marts and application reporting.
  • Automated the data reporting and created customized drill down reports in the BI system for users
  • Developed and maintained extraction, transformation, and load (ETL) routines for importing data from heterogeneous data sources into the data warehouse.
  • Optimized the performance of data marts and business intelligence applications by analyzing problem areas.
  • Performed DBA functions for the SQL Server environments including Backups, Database Creation, Table Creation, Capacity Planning, and More
  • Administered CRM system tool at all phases including Design, Implementation and Maintenance as well as train users and create reports

December 1997 –
October 2000

Senior Database Analyst

  • Programmed in SQL and mainframe to analyze the Florida Medicaid data on pharmacy spending and disease management such as diabetes, hypertension, sickle cell, etc.
  • Created and coded complicated programs on mainframe with JCL on annual Medicaid procedure codes and set annual physician’s fee schedule.
  • Programmed in SQL to perform quantitative data analysis on the large amount of data and produce ad-hoc reports for various departments.
  • Used SQL Server ETL, Business Objects, Fox pro and MS Access to access various data sources through ODBC or direct database connection.
  • Used Business Object to create and analyze Medicaid data.
  • Gathered and Validated reporting and analytic requirements from End-Users and delivered the reports via ACCESS, Excel, and Fox Pro
  • Used frequency, random sampling and other statistical method to validate data to ensure data consistency and accuracy.

May 1993 –
December 1997

Research Associate

  • Gathered and Validated reporting requirements from Business Analysts and created the reports in ACCESS and Excel
  • Performed data analysis on the state wide mental health data through UNIX data system and SPSS.
  • Used Query Facility (Oracle reporting tool) and SQL to extract mental health care and substance care data from the data warehouse resides in ORACLE in UNIX environment.

Converted extracted data into ACCESS or Excel format for reports

  • Created and validated quarterly performance report
  • Communicated with end users to explain reports generated on their behalf, such as data source of raw data, intermediate steps, methodologies, the final reports, etc.

SQL Server Data Warehousing
E.Piphany 6.x, 6.5x Analytic Manager
Implementing a Database on MS SQL Server
SAS programming

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