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Lead Business Analyst Resume

Houston, TX


  • Versatile Business/System Analyst, Data/Quality Analyst with over 7+ years of extensive experience in the field of Data/Project Management, Business process design, and object oriented analysis in various industry domains such as Retail and Energy sector, Banking services, andFraud/Anti Money Laundering(AML).
  • Hands on experience with data mapping and data profiling across multiple systems in various formats to meet the requirements.
  • Hands on experience with projects for retail clients for data migration and very large scale integration between multiple systems
  • Perform GAP analysis to help define scope of the project.
  • Extensive experience in documenting existing process, preparing Business Capability Decomposition (BCD), analyzing Business Requirements, working with Requirements Traceability Matrix, re-engineering business processes and designing.
  • Extensive experience in facilitating JRP and JAD Sessions with Business User Community to the needs of both business side and the IT side.
  • Extensive experience in identifying and documenting Business Requirement Documents (BRD), Use Cases, Functional Specifications, and Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD), Use Case Diagrams, Activity Diagrams and Process Flow Diagrams using UML modeling tools such as MS Visio and Rational Rose.
  • Expertise in conducting Code review sessions and hosting Application walkthrough sessions for upper management.
  • For integration projects, prepare Data Mappings, Data Analysis, and Data Transformation documents for the development team to facilitate the development of interfaces.
  • Prepare the Integration diagrams that would show all the systems/layers being integrated and system as a whole.
  • Successfully implemented the RUP methodology throughout the organization hosting the training and working sessions and acting as a RUP Mentor for multiple projects
  • Expertise in Peer review and reviewing the deliverables developed by junior business/data analysts.
  • Extensively experienced in Agile Software Development Process and Pair Programming. Worked in the latest implementation environments, J2EE and .Net with knowledge in the designing of SQL Server and Oracle databases.
  • Extensive experience in various testing strategies like Unit, System, Integration, User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and Manual testing (GUI Testing, Field Validation Testing, and Functionality Testing) of User Interface (UI) and Web Applications to ensure that the software meets the exact system business requirements and specifications and Performed Functionality based Testing.
  • Utilized a fusion of business knowledge, and strategic business analysis to provide insights, solutions and resolve issues for critical business and technical problems on different projects.


Operating System: Windows XP /2000, UNIX, Linux Modeling Tools: MS Visio, Rational Suite (Rose, RequisitePro, ClearCase, ClearQuest), Igrafx Flow Charter 2003, PVCS Tracker, Aldon Community Manager, FACETS Utility Tools: MS Office Suite, MS Project, Minitab, TOAD, Oracle SQL Developer, Trillium DBMS/RDBMS: AS/400, Oracle 8i/9i/10g, MYSQL, MS Access, Data Warehouse ETL Tool: RODIN, Data Stage, Informatica MDM Tool: Siperian (Informatica), Informatica Data Director (IDD) Testing Tools: Win Runner, Load Runner, Test Director, QuickTestPro Education: M.S. Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering


Client: Confidential, Houston, TX Jan 12 - present

Role: Lead Business Analyst

Project Scope: Confidential is one of the leaders in the Oil and Gas industry. It employs approximately 29,600 people worldwide in nearly 40 countries. Confidential is the second-largest refiner in the United States, with crude oil processing capacity of approximately 2.0MMBD; and the world's fourth-largest nongovernment-controlled refiner, with crude oil processing capacity of nearly 2.7 MMBD globally.

The project is to apply the analytics to the subsurface data to gauge the impact on the production. There are various sources for data such as:

  • Core labs
  • Schlumberger
  • Halliburton
  • Univ of Arlington

At this point all the data is delivered in emails, download via web, FTPS, etc. Input and Output files are in different formats such as:

  • Excel
  • PDF
  • Slides

This makes it a time consuming process for the users to retrieve the actual info from the huge dataset. With this initiative an effort is being made to capture the data from its source and store it in a central repository called Integrated Data Environment (IDE). IDE will be integrated with various analytic front ends such as:

  • Petrel
  • Weatherford, etc.

This initiative also gives the ability to host the data at the most granular level so that it can be utilized by multiple front end applications with referential data integrity.

Role & Achievements:

  • Identified various disciplines related to the Production Technology
  • Prepared the questionnaire for clients to be interviewed
  • Conducted the requirement session and interviewed the clients
  • Documented the findings from the interviews/sessions
  • Prepared the Reqts doc/Business Case and high level presentation
  • Presented the project to the client senior management for the approval

Client: Confidential, Houston, TX July 11 - Dec 11

Role: Lead Data Analyst/Business Analyst (MDM)

Project Scope: Confidential is awaste management, comprehensivewaste, and environmental servicescompany inNorth America.The company's network includes 367collectionoperations, 355transfer stations, 273 activelandfilldisposal sites, 16waste-to-energy plants, 134recycling plants, 111 beneficial-uselandfill gasprojects and six independentpower production plants. Waste Management offers environmental services to nearly 20 millionresidential,industrial,municipalandcommercialcustomers in theUnited States,Canada, andPuerto Rico. The project is to bring Customer data from various source systems such as:

  • Tower (Medical Waste)
  • Recycle America (RETI) (Recycling business)
  • FastLane
  • Vantive (Centrally billed customers)

In Master Data Management (MDM) (Informatica's Siperian is being used as MDM Tool.) to form a golden copy of a customer record so that it can be used for the following purposes:

  • Customer Focused Growth (CFG)
  • Revenue reporting
  • Pricing
  • Route Optimization

Another initiative leads to MDM Site Hub. It serves as single source of record for all the Site data to be consumed by various applications such as:

  • Waste Route
  • Pricing in the Next Generation (PING)
  • Geocoding Information Systems (GIS)
  • OCS (On board Computing Systems)

This initiative also gives ability for Operational Improvement Managers (OIM's) to create a new Site and supply it to all the downstream systems so that data can be consumed accordingly.

Role & Achievements:

  • Profiled the Customer/Site data using data profiling tool 'Trillium'
  • Provided the reports to the application teams to get the data cleansed, once the bad data got identified
  • Prepared the data flow diagrams representing the end to end integration design
  • Worked with the data modeling team to come up with the data model for CFG/MDM Site Hub
  • Performed the data mapping exercise to map the data between various source systems and MDM landing tables
  • Developed the ETL maps and worked with the Informatica development team to build the nightly feed jobs transmitting data
  • Worked with the QA team to ensure the ETL jobs built bring correct Customer/Site data into MDM landing tables
  • Did the mapping for data elements from MDM Landing tables to MDM Staging and Base tables to ensure data integrity/quality
  • Recommended Data Quality Standards for domestic/international addresses for Customers/Sites present in the US/internationally
  • Built the Quality project in Trillium to profile US/Canada addresses and categorize the quality of addresses found in various source systems
  • Developed the system context diagram using MS Visio 2007, which show the future state of the system
  • Gathered the data requirements from the business for defining the 'Customer' and 'Site'
  • Developed the BRD for MDM Site Hub once the requirements were gathered from the various IT/Business teams representing various downstream systems

Client: Confidential, Houston, TX Jan 09 - July 11

Role: Lead Data Analyst/Onsite Coordinator

Project Scope: One of the largest discount retailers of men's business and formal attire, the firm operates more than 1,200 stores throughout North America. Its primary operations are Men's Wearhouse, which has about 580 stores (mostly in strip malls), Moores Clothing in Canada, and some 490 stores that sell and rent tuxedos nationwide. Men's Wearhouse sells tailored suits typically priced 10% to 20% less than department stores, as well as shoes, formal wear, and casual clothes. Its K&G subsidiary caters to thriftier shoppers and sells women's career apparel in most of its 100-plus stores.

The project is to integrate Point of Sales (POS) system (Universe, an IBM product) with various products of Manhattan Inc, such as:

  • Warehouse Management (WM)
  • Extended Enterprise Management (EEM)
  • Replenishment (RPL)
  • Reverse Logistics Module (RLM)

In order to achieve the integration, data is to be extracted from Universe using 'DataStage' as ETL tool. Extracted data is stored in Operational Data Storage (ODS) (Oracle database). Then this data is mapped to Manhattan data format and supplied to the target database in the form of XML/CSV file via Integration Frame Work (IFW) (Message bus for Manhattan to talk to any other third party system).

Other applications being integrated are:

  • DI Central (Third party Vendor that converts EDI messages to XML)
  • SUMMIT application (makes mobile devices to scan the goods)
  • PeopleSoft (acts as finance data CRM)
  • MID (Allocation Software, allowing buyers to do Distro for various products in different stores.

Data warehousing through an in-house application 'Quick LookUp', it allows the users to see all the details about a certain class helping them to make a buying decision.

Role & Achievements:

  • Gather Data requirements from Manhattan associates and prepare the Mapping Schema with XML tags and the required values
  • Host the Mapping sessions with TMW UniVerse team to do the data mapping from UniVerse to suffice the Manhattan data requirements
  • Developed the Universe to ODS DataStage jobs to get the Advanced Shipment Notice (ASN), Purchase Order (PO), Itemcodes, On Hand, and Transactions data for the downstream systems.
  • Analyzed the data to see the possible values that might be going to the target system and passing the validation in IFW
  • Carry out Gap analysis to do as is assessment and analyze what are the gaps that needs to be filled in order to pass the validation checks
  • Onsite-Offshore coordination to get the development done as per the specifications prepared by the analysis team
  • Carry out the System Integration Testing (SIT) in Development and Test environment to make sure the file is passing through Integrated Frame Work (IFW)
  • Prepare Status reports for Senior Management to do the daily reporting and 'As Is' assessment of the project
  • Do the Impact Analysis to manage the Common Business Object (CBO) changes by the Manhattan team and process them through 'Change Control Management'
  • Coordinate with MID software team to load the training data into the K&G UniVerse to support the end user training
  • Developed the Entity Relationship Diagrams diagrams and Data models using MS Visio 2003, which show the current and future state of the system

Client: Confidential, Lake Mary, FL Jul 07 - Jan 09

Role: Business System Analyst/RUP Mentor

Project Scope: Confidential a Fortune 500 company provides information management systems and services to the financial and insurance industries and recently acquired NetEconomy to fill the gap of AML/Fraud suite of products. Confidential's Comprehensive Banking System (CBS) has global presence with over 200 banking and financial institutions as customers. NetEconomy AML/Fraud project is about integrating the various front end products such as CBS Teller, Aperio, and Desktop, Communicator, and CBS/ICBS databases with NetEconomy's data requirements to successfully determine potential Fraud/AML. Project includes end to end design for capturing various data elements through above mentioned front end products, passing them to the CBS/ICBS core through middleware, storing that data in core and then FTP's it to NetEconomy. NetEconomy then validates the data and process it to generate alerts based on various predefined profiles set for different accounts. All these alerts are then assigned to various bank personnel (Compliance Officer, Investigation Team, Risk Analysis team, etc) and they can investigate the cases and generate reports through NetEconomy.

Role & Achievements:

  • Gathered Fraud/AML data requirements from NetEconomy and customized them for USA financial institutions such as banks and credit unions.
  • Talked to customers (banks) to get their feedback and enhance the requirements to match it to the market demand and business standard.
  • Acted as a RUP mentor for the project and managed the entire project repository using Rational Requisite Pro.
  • Tested the developed system extracts with the Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) and Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions using simulator and NACHA files.
  • Hosted JAD and JRP sessions to fill the GAP requirements from front ends, communicator and CBS/ICBS cores.
  • Created new Green screens on IBM I series (AS/400) to accommodate new data elements and fields to meet NetEconomy's requirements.
  • Designed end to end solution for various data elements to be captured and pass them to NetEconomy to generate alerts.
  • Hosted and provided Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM) sizing estimates to the project sponsors and stake holders for budgeting purposes
  • Performed Design testing and QA testing for various transaction sets such as ACH transactions, ATM transactions, In-clearing transactions, and Green Screen transactions.
  • Designed the Use Cases and created the templates, actual Use Cases and Use Case diagrams and Sequence diagrams, RACI Charts, Context diagrams and Responsibility Specification.
  • Reviewed the subsequent NetEconomy releases and made the changes in functional requirements accordingly.

Client: Confidential, Montvale, NJ Apr 07 - Jul 07

Role: Business System Analyst/Quality Auditor

Project Scope: Confidential is one of the largest professional services firm in the world. Confidential has three lines of services: audit services, tax services, and advisory services. Confidential is a Big Four auditor. One of the most important tools Confidential uses to assess the audit engagement is Vector. This tool helps auditor to perform various tasks related to audit such as maintaining client data, scheduling meetings, arranging multi-location scoping matrix. Vector also consist features such as Roll forward where auditor has the access to previous year's data relevant to the current engagement, for better analysis purpose. Vector can be integrated with project management tool in order to keep track of the project milestones to track the progress. Vector also makes the report based on the feedback from other external applications such as Confidential Assessment Methodology (KAM), Client Engagement Acceptance and Continuance (CEAC) Approval process, KRisk, and substantive testing.

Enhancements to existing Vector features, is future investment from Confidential in order to stay in the competition and retain/increase the market share to boost the profits and serve their customers better.

Role & Achievements:

  • Distributed the set of business requirements into workshops (requirement sessions) and came up with the workshop schedule as per the division.
  • Facilitated the JAD sessions to convert the business requirements into functional requirements consisting of interface requirements, security requirements, and non-functional requirements.
  • Developed the Use Cases and Use Case diagrams to illustrate business user about the page flow for the end user.
  • Developed the Data flow diagrams and Entity Relationship diagram to determine the various stages of data and relationship of entities with the data set.
  • Prepared the mockup screens using tools like MS Visio in order to provide Effective Audit team with a better idea of final screens.
  • Did the Quality Audit on various functional requirement specification documents developed by other business analysts in the team.
  • Provided with the Effort Estimation with the Feasibility Analysis, and Risk Assessment to the team and helped management to come up with real time cost estimates to be presented to the top management.
  • Generated the analysis reports on consistency check for all the documents and presented it to the top management to assess the as is situation.
  • Coordinated with the Business Services to modify the initial drafts of requirements documents to maintain project pace as per the project schedule.
  • Performed the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) on the developed functionalities determined in every release.

Client: Confidential, San Ramon, CA Jan 07 - Apr07

Role: Sr. Business System Analyst

Project Scope: Confidential is one of the leading oil and gas manufacturing company across the globe. One of the best ways to support the Business team is to keep them updated with the latest Information Technology. The Forecasting, Assessment, Deployment, and Scheduling (FADS) project is part of the initiative to deploy the Global Information Link 3(GIL3) systems across the global offices. This includes developing a web portal for executing the entire process through interfaces and making it paperless. Various phases of the project ranges from forecasting the needs in advance, assessment of the current infrastructure, number of desktops, laptops that needs to be updated with the newer version of Operating System (OS) and profile oriented software packages; this also includes scheduling the deployment.

Role & Achievements:

  • Conducted the Requirement sessions with Site Implementation Project Managers (SIPM), Regional Implementation Project Managers (RIPM) to gather the requirements from various perspectives.
  • Classified the requirements in various modules such as Site Assessment, Network Assessment, Server Assessment, PC Software Assessment, and Hardware Assessment.
  • Conducted user interviews, facilitated JRP and JAD sessions to reduce the Scope Creep and document analysis in requirements elicitation.
  • Prepared the Business Requirement Specification documents to document the gathered requirements to pass it on to the development team.
  • Coordinated with Offshore team to communicate the documented requirements and assure the timely development of the required functionalities.
  • Provided with the Effort Estimation with the Feasibility Analysis, and Risk Assessment to the team and helped management to come up with real time cost estimates to be presented to the client.
  • Worked on On-site Offshore model as a part of cost reduction of the project by outsourcing it to the offshore team.
  • Developed the Use Cases and Data Flow Diagrams to communicate the page flow and user interaction with the system.
  • Developed the templates and actual report specifications for the Assessment modules like Site and Network Assessment.
  • Used PL SQL stored procedures, Triggers, functions and packages for extracting data, validating data and generate reports according to the requirements specified by the SMEs
  • Performed Integration testing, Build Verification testing, System testing manually.
  • Involved in generating Test Plans and Test Specifications as per Business requirements in conducting Manual and Automated testing at various phases of the project development.
  • Prepared test data for positive and negative test scenarios as per application specifications and application requirements and wrote test plans.

Environment: ASP.Net 2.0, MS Visual Basic, MS Office Suite, MS Visio, Windows XP/2000, WinRunner, Oracle 10g

Client: Confidential, Malvern, PA May 06 - Jan 07

Role: Sr. Business System Analyst

Project Scope: Confidential is one of the largest companies providing its clients with different financial products like Mutual funds, Exchange Trade Funds (ETF) Individual stocks, and Bonds. Promotions Planning: The project is to improve the existing promotions and talent review process to make it consistent across all the divisions. With this project the managers will be able to nominate a promotion candidate under their span of control by providing the ratings and performance data. Also, they will be able to identify an ETI, or Promotion candidate. International Crew on CrewNet: The project was to identify the international crew outside USA on the CrewNet and recognize them as a crew member. This includes the data enhancement in the PeopleSoft and improves the crew-finder search engine. This not only helps to save the time for Crew search but it also provides the base for reusable set of requirements.

Role & Achievements:

  • Worked on Agile Software Development Method as a part of pair programming Developed the Business Capability Decomposition (BCD), an important tool to estimate the BSA effort on the project, based on the business request from the clients.
  • Created Project Estimate based on the work unit inventory, risk analysis, availability of clients, BSA availability, complexity of data, and the number of capabilities to be achieved by the project.
  • Gathered and documented the Impact Assessment on the project, due to change request, from the work stream owners and the project management team, in terms of man days and project duration.
  • Developed the Context diagrams and Data Flow diagrams using Igrafx Flow-charter 2003, which show the system as a whole and its inputs and outputs from/to external actors.
  • Conducted JRP and JAD sessions with the business project team, clients and SMEs to gather the business need and functionalities.
  • Prepared Requirements Specification document with the functional and non-functional requirements along with the security roles, and business and implementation considerations. Tagged all the base lined requirements using RequisitePro.
  • Assessed the flaws in the existing as-is system and made clear recommendations of Business Process Improvements (BPI) and incorporated them in to be future system.
  • Developed strategic partnerships with the Business Users to develop solid knowledge base of the business line, including the business plan, products and process.
  • Created the Use Cases and Use Case Diagrams for the L4 capabilities identified in the Business Capability Decomposition.
  • Performed the User Acceptance Testing (UAT) for the developed functionalities as specified in the Req Spec.
  • Prepared the Report Specification document for the reports to be run by end users.

Environment: Java, J2EE, JSP, XML, MS Visual Basic, MS Office Suite, MS Visio, Oracle 10g, Documentum, Windows XP/2000

Client: Confidential, Euclid, OH Aug 05 - May06

Role: Business Analyst

Project Scope: Confidential is one of the leading players in the Floor care business. The project was to identify the potential of optimizing the various models of Vacuum Cleaners in the market. In order to achieve that, a process study was carried out by decomposing the whole process into its components. Applied the Lean and Six Sigma concepts to simplify the process and get the desired output.

Role & Achievements:

  • Performed Stakeholder Analysis to identify the key players for project success. Participated in Stakeholder Management to communicate effectively with the right stakeholders.
  • Identified and involved all key stakeholders, contributors, business, operations and technical resources in the participation of the project.
  • Conducted one on one session for gathering User and Business Requirements from various SMEs such as Marketing managers, and Risk managers.
  • Authored Business Requirement Document, Functional Requirement Specification, Project Schedule, as well as high-level Project Plan.
  • Analyzed Business Requirement Document and created Use Cases, Use Case Diagrams, Activity Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams using MS Visio.
  • Created Process Work flows, Functional Specifications and responsible for preparing User and Functional Requirement Specification and Final Design Documents.
  • Acted as Use case analyst team lead, responsible for reviewing and editing proposed guideline for object oriented analysis and design (OOAD) in RUP environment.
  • Facilitated Joint Requirement Planning (JRP) Sessions for communicating and managing expectations with the client whose customers were going to be the final users of the product.
  • Conducted High level Requirement and Use Case walkthrough sessions with the Business team, Architecture and Design team and Development Team.
  • Extensively used content management application, Documentum, for content management, automating, controlling, capturing, creating, managing, and distribution and archiving of documents that supported compliance with the industry specific requirements and regulations pertaining to SOX.

Environment: Java, J2EE, JSP, XML, MS Visual Basic, MS Office Suite, MS Visio, PL SQL, SQL, SAP BW, SAP R/3, Documentum, Windows XP/2000, WinRunner, LoadRunner & TestDirector

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