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Sr. Business Systems Analyst Resume

Charlotte, NC


  • Technology driven and result oriented Business Systems Analyst with 9+ years of experience in wide range of IT projects in Financial Services, Telecommunication Services and Data Governance.
  • 5+ years of experience in the Wealth Management domain with proven experience in building, adding enhancements and maintaining asset and portfolio management platform.
  • In - depth knowledge of Trade Life Cycle, Capital Markets, Asset Classes like Equities, Fixed Income, Commodities (food, energy, oil, metals, etc.), Stocks, Currency, Foreign Exchange, Securities and Products like Swaps, Derivatives, Vanilla and Exotic Options and Futures/ Forwards.
  • Thorough understanding, implementation on documentation of CCAR Regulations, IFRS, US-GAAP, SEC, SOX, FINRA, FinCEN, Dodd-Frank, DFAST, Volker, MiFID, FCA, Basel III, CFTC, and OFAC.
  • Worked closely with Senior Management executives, Business Users, Product Owners, Project Managers, Technical teams, Solution Architects, Quality Assurance analysts, Deployment, Risk management, Maintenance team and the DevOps team through all the phases of SDLC.
  • Assisted PM in budgeting, tracking and coordinating with development teams for project success.
  • Experienced in working within different traditional and the agile Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies. Delivered technology projects in Waterfall (traditional), Waterfall-Scrum (hybrid) and Scrum (agile) environments, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) and Kanban.
  • Experienced Change Management professional using the ADKAR model to raise, monitor, review and implement various Change Requests in Clarify - Bridge tool. Strong ability to identify and develop Change Strategies with training in organizational Change Management approaches.
  • Experienced in Eliciting Requirements, SWOT Analysis, ROI Analysis, GAP Analysis, Risk Analysis, Risk Management, Stakeholder Analysis, Financial Pricing and Planning, Root Cause Analysis, Business Model Canvas, Business & Financial Models, Regulatory Reporting and requirement walkthroughs.
  • Facilitated Joint Application Development(JAD) sessions, Focus Groups, Interviews, Surveys, Brainstorming, Document Analyst, Reverse Engineering, Benchmarking and Process Modeling.
  • Proficient in preparing Project Management Plan(PMP), Business Case, Request for Proposal(RFP), Statement of Work(SOW), RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed), Requirements Traceability Matrix(RTM), Business Requirement Document(BRD), Systems Requirement Specifications(SRS), Functional Specification Document(FSD) and Project Status Reports.
  • Assisted Product Owner to decompose functional requirements into User Stories, ensuring they met INVEST criteria and then prioritizing user stories using techniques like MoSCoW and Kano Model.
  • Worked with Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to understand Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and Service Level Agreements (SLAs) to improve performance through use of Web services.
  • Adept Confidential creating page mock-ups, wireframes, and UI prototypes using MS Visio and Mockup Screens. Created UML diagrams like Use Case, Sequence and Activity diagrams using Lucid chart.
  • Experience in writing SQL queries using SQL Server Management Studio to validate data integrity after Good understanding of Data Warehousing Architecture Extract, Transform, and Load (ETL) processes. Knowledge of Data Modeling, ETL, OLAP operations such as Drill Down, Roll Up, Slice and Dice Techniques and OLTP systems and Source to Target System mappings using Informatica PowerCenter.
  • Exposure to other functionalities like metadata reporting, advanced transformations & partitioning. Proficient in PL/ SQL, Stored procedures, DDL, DML, SQL queries like Joins, Subqueries and Aggregate functions to ensure Integrity between Database and User Interface.
  • Sound Knowledge of Statistical Data Analysis using Data Mining Techniques such as Linear Regression, Classification, Clustering, Random Forest modelling, Predictive Analysis using R Studio and Python . Experienced in reporting (creating Bars, Graphs, Charts, reports etc.) and creating interactive and analytical Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards using Power BI, Tableau and Excel.
  • Extensive knowledge of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), 3-tier, n-tier architecture, Extensible Markup Language (XML), JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) & Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (AJAX).
  • Adept Confidential the technical documentation of web service Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) such as Representational state transfer (REST), and Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) using Swagger.
  • Collaborated with QA/Testing team to develop Test plan, Test scenarios, Test cases and Test objectives.
  • Ensured requirements are met using Requirement Traceability Matrix(RTM). Collaborated in Integration Testing, Regression Testing, Functional Testing, User Acceptance testing(UAT), Black Box testing, Smoke testing, Test Driven Development (TDD), Behavior Driven Development(BDD) and Acceptance Test Driven Development (ATDD) using commercial testing tools.


SDLC Methodologies: Waterfall, Hybrid (Waterfall - Scrum), Agile - Scrum, Kanban, XP

Process Modelling Tools: MS Visio, Mockup Screens, Draw.io, Lucid Chart

Business Skills: Change Management, Impact Analysis, Risk Analysis, Cost-Benefit Analysis, ROI Analysis, JAD Sessions, SWOT analysis, Financial Reporting, Valuation, Pricing, and Budgeting

Requirement & Project Management: MS Project, Rally (CA Agile Central), JIRA, Team Foundation Server (TFS), SharePoint, Confluence, MS Word

Testing Tools: HP QC v10.0, HP ALM V11.5, Cucumber, Jenkins v2.4, JIRA-Zephyr

Financial Tools: Bloomberg Terminal, Bloomberg B-Pipe, Confidential, Morningstar.

ETL Tools: Informatica Power Center v9.x

Data Analysis / Reporting: Tableau, MS Excel, Remedy

Databases: Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle 10g,11g

Data Modelling: Logical/Physical/Dimensional/E-R, Star/Snowflake Schema

Data Warehousing: Data Marts, OLTP, OLAP, Multidimensional Analysis, Data Mining, Slicing/Dicing, Drill Down/Roll Up, HDFS, Hortonworks Data Platform(HDP), Apache Sqoop, Flume, Kafka, Apache Spark, Hive, MapReduce.

Software Languages: C, Java, Python, R, UNIX


Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Sr. Business Systems Analyst


  • Collaborated with Risk and Strategy team, the technology team and the Business management team to understand, document and abide by compliances and regulations enumerated by SEC, FINRA, MiFID, FCA, SOX for ensuring data integrity and data security of investor information.
  • Interviewed Business users, Stakeholders, Subject Matter Experts and performed extensive JAD sessions, focus group, document analysis and Brainstorming sessions to develop a thorough understanding of end to end business processes involved in Portfolio Management.
  • Worked with Risk Analysis team to conduct IT Risk Assessment , document Disaster Recovery Plan and assisted in performing Quantitative & Qualitative Risk Analysis using Delphi technique , Cost Benefit Analysis , Root Cause Analysis and Decision Tree Analysis to comply with data privacy standards.
  • Identified and mapped the stakeholders to RACI matrix to ensure a smoother Change process and to clarify roles and responsibilities in the cross-functional project environment.
  • Identified dependencies and documented functional, non-functional, data and UI requirements in Business Requirements Document (BRD) and Systems Requirements Specifications (SRS) documents.
  • Assisted Product owner in decomposing the Epics into User Stories and maintain the Product Backlog .
  • Tracked stories, issues and defects using JIRA software and maintained the entire project related documents and decisions in Confluence . C ollaborated with the Scrum Master to analyze Sprint Burn-UP and Burn-Down charts and to calculate the velocity to track progress.
  • Developed Use Cases and prepared UML diagrams like Use Case, Sequence, and Activity using MS Visio.
  • Identified Structured and Unstructured data sources for ingesting the data in Hadoop Distributed File System(HDFS) using Apache Flume for unstructured data, Sqoop for structured data and Kafka for Streaming or Real-time data. Used MapReduce and Hive to process and transform structured data and Apache Spark for processing streaming data and Predictive Analysis.
  • Assisted in developing Tableau Dashboards incorporating Charts and Histograms with trades plotted, Smart Profit Chart to analyze Trading Strategy’s performance and Renko Bar Charts for Portfolio Managers to view their investments in front office and Senior Management to view Risk Exposures.
  • Assisted Quality Assurance team in the creation of Test Plans, Test Scenarios, Test Cases, logging defects and create an error repository using HP QC. Use best-practices like Continuous Integration, Acceptance test driven development(ATDD), Test driven development (TDD) and behavior driven development (BDD). Mapped test cases to Requirements/User stories in RTM.
  • Created feature file following - “given, when, then” format in Cucumber to enable manual and automation testing. Conducted UAT against test cases and acceptance criteria and actively participated in Integration testing, Smoke testing, Black Box testing and Regression testing.

Environment: Waterfall-Scrum Hybrid, MS Office 2016, JIRA, Confluence, RedHat JBoss BPM Suite, MS Visio, Hadoop, Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) v2.5, Apache Sqoop, Flume, Kafka, HBase, HDFS, Apache Spark, MapReduce, Tableau v9.3, REST API, JSON, HP QC 12.55, Bootstrap v3.3.4, HTML, CSS, Web Services.

Confidential, Brookfield, WI

Sr. Business Analyst


  • Collaborated with Compliance and Fraud Monitoring to understand, document, abide by and convey the rules and regulations enforced by SEC, NFA (National Futures Association) and CFTC (Commodity Futures Trading Commission). Learned about compliances of foreign markets like MiFID (Market’s in Financial Instruments Directive) - European Union, FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) - UK etc.
  • Extensively used MS Project to develop work breakdown structure (WBS) and Gantt Charts. Tracked and monitored User stories in JIRA and updated Technical documentation in Confluence.
  • Hands on experience in gathering requirements though JAD sessions, Requirement workshops, Interviews, Document Analysis, Focus Groups and Brainstorming sessions for implementing Forex options, OTC options and interfaces in inherent trade order management system. Populated FRD and SRS with functional and technical requirements. Participated in Document reviews and Analysis.
  • Assisted product owner on backlog grooming to keep product backlog relevant and prioritized, ensuring acceptance criteria are agreed upon and stories are ready for size estimation. Assisted Project Manager or Scrum Master in all phases of Project Management using Waterfall-Scrum methodology. Assisted in developing User Stories from functional requirements documented in BRD .
  • Managed Change Requests, determined Scope, performed Impact & Cost Benefit Analysis, assisted in Feasibility studies, Market Assessments, Product Roadmaps, Risk Analysis & maintained Risk Register.
  • Incorporated knowledge and learnings in Business process re-engineering and Business process modeling using Use Case diagrams, Activity Diagrams and Process Flow diagrams.
  • Identified Source Data fields from Salesforce Sales Cloud application to Target fields in optimization & routing strategy platforms by specifying data layer mapping transformations for order management.
  • Created the Data Mapping document for Forex platform integrated into multiple systems, detailing the data elements and the attributes in request/response web services and exception. Used different Specified Data Interchange Formats (XML, SOAP, FIX protocols) and Data Transformation for compatibility of messages between various source systems and target systems.
  • Created XML Schema Definition(XSD) document to enable developers to verify fields/attributes in XML.
  • Used SQL- DML, DDL queries, Stored Procedures, Pl/SQL to extract reports, analyze data and mapping.
  • Documented web service APIs for FIX, Bloomberg B-Pipe and Reuters using specifications.
  • Assisted the QA team in writing various test cases, logging defects, creating an error repository and maintaining RTM to support QA/testing team in testing activities. Co-ordinated with the testing team in their Integration Testing, UAT, Regression testing, Grey box testing, and Black box testing.
  • Used HP ALM for logging project planning activities, unit testing, Integration Testing and deployment activities. Used Postman to test request & response frequencies for source and target for web services.

Environment: Waterfall-Scrum, MS Office, Lucid Chart, MS Project, MS Share Point, Mock-Up Screens, JIRA, Confluence, HP ALM, Web Services, SOA, HTML, XML, Java, Mule ESB, jScript/jQuery, SOAP, WSDL, Trading, Capital Market, Oracle 11g, Salesforce Spring.

Confidential, Santa Clara, CA

Sr. Business Analyst


  • Documented compliance requirements of SEC, FINRA & Financial Crime Enforcement Network (FinCEN) by facilitating informal workshop between clients, Financial Advisors, SMEs & Technology team.
  • Gathered requirements by facilitating focus groups for implementing MuleSoft (ESB) interfaces.
  • Collaborated with the Scrum Master to make sure all the necessary information, metrics, data, logistics, dependency charts are available for the SAFe PI Planning meeting. Assisted the SM in facilitating the Agile-Scrum Ceremonies Daily Scrum, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective meetings and discussed with the Scrum Team on some key agile practices which improved the team and stakeholder collaboration.
  • Efficiently helped SM in conducting Product Increment Demo’s by making sure all the necessary logistics is in place and recorded changes requested by the stakeholder’s during Sprint Review meeting.
  • Mapped Salesforce Sales Cloud source to target wealth management advisory platform application by specifying source data fields that will be queried & target data layer mapping transformations required.
  • Developed Tableau based Wealth Advisory dashboards incorporating Waterfall Charts, Heat Maps and Histograms to advise clients on asset allocation and tax/estate planning strategies.
  • Assisted developers in technical documentation of requests and responses from webservices APIs.
  • Assisted QA team in conducting Unit testing, System testing, Integration testing and Regression Testing using Selenium testing tool. Prepared RTM and interacted with QA team to ensure quality of platform.
  • Assisted the testing team in writing test cases, logging defects and creating an error repository to support them in testing, tracking defects and systematically managing defects.

Environment: Waterfall-Scrum, SOA, MS Project, MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Visio), HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Java, JIRA, Selenium, Tableau, Oracle 11g, XML, Java, jScript/jQuery, API, Web Methods, SOAP, WSDL, Wealth Management, Portfolio Management, Cloud, Salesforce Winter 14.

Confidential, Cherry Hill, NJ

Business Systems Analyst


  • Facilitated JAD sessions & interviews for eliciting requirements for various Business Intelligence reports. Created documents for visualization of data collected from disparate source systems.
  • Assisted the Product Owner (PO) in transforming the Business requirements into User Stories. Participated in the Product Backlog Grooming Sessions and assisted the PO in slicing epics into stories and then prioritizing the stories. Documented requirements in FSD and SRS.
  • Created Data/Process Flow Diagrams, Sequence Diagrams using UML methodologies.
  • Created conceptual, and logical entity relationship (ER) diagrams. Also developed the data dictionary.
  • Collaborated with Data Analyst in Data Profiling. Assisted team Informatica Power Center’s Data Quality for Data Cleansing and Data Analysis before loading the data into the Enterprise Data warehouse.
  • Facilitated meeting between development and technical team to decide batch processing method for extracting, transforming and loading (ETL) data into target database using Informatica Power Center.
  • Used Dimension Modeling like Star Schema and Snowflake Schema in designing data warehouse to define relationship between fact tables & dimension tables, identifying primary keys & surrogate keys.
  • Worked with the ETL developer to create Source to stage and Stage to Target Data mapping documents indicating source tables, data types, transformations required and business rules & logic to be applied. Rigorously reviewed data mapping and transformation logic applied to check if requirements are met.
  • Created SQL queries in Toad to perform data analysis, data validation and data manipulation operations. Used Tableau for data reporting, studying the trends and patterns and for data forecasting.
  • Drafted test strategy, Test Plans and Test Cases and exit strategy by working closely with quality analyst team. Led User Acceptance Testing (UAT) efforts by conducting UAT and logging defects on HP ALM.

Environment: Waterfall - Agile Methodology, Oracle 10g, Toad, Socket Programming, MS Visio, MS Office Suite, Java, XML, JIRA, HP ALM, Informatica Power Center, Tableau v 6.0.9.


Business Systems Analyst


  • Requirements gathering and functional analysis on Amdocs Billing CES 8.5 and EPC.
  • Identified As-is and To-be process maps in Gap Analysis for new functionality requirements. Assisted Project Manager and Senior Business Analysts in performing Feasibility and Complexity Analysis.
  • Communication with key managers to frame Business and technical requirements in accordance with SLAs. Resource and Time management to handle multiple projects and resources in Onsite - Offsite.
  • Implementing Process improvements for Order Processing in Confidential & Confidential ’s billing and Middleware systems.
  • Created XSD document to enable developers to verify fields/attributes in Extensible Markup Language document. Product modeling expertise for Voice and Data Products for Wireline and Wireless services.
  • Testing planning and QA Analysis for Amdocs Billing and CRM applications.
  • Release Management and Configuration of Amdocs Billing and Clarify CRM for Production and Testing environments. Assisted the QA team in formulating the Test Strategy. Also involved in formulating Test Plans, creating Test Scenarios for Unit testing, System testing & Integration testing.

Environment: Agile (Scrum) Methodology, Oracle 10g, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MS Visio, MS Office Suite, Java, XML, SQL, JIRA, HP ALM, Web Services, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA).


Data Analyst/Business Systems Analyst


  • Analysis of Fault Migration Process from Legacy systems to Clarify databases and Developing PL/SQL scripts and Shell Scripts for the same. Developing scripts for creation of commercial elements on basis of technical elements from Geneva (Billing System) DB to be inserted into Clarify (CRM System) DB.
  • Wrote PL/SQL code for migrating data from the legacy systems to the Clarify Database and from Clarify Database(CRM) to Geneva Database(Billing) system. Reference data validation to confirm correctness of associated entities in the Clarify data model created from old data of legacy systems.
  • Wrote various APIs to interact, along with provisioning and getting updates for the OSS layer faults from the provisioning system and creating the master cases in Clarify CRM.
  • Developing and Modification of Stylesheet (XSL) and DTD files for the XMLs which are sent as blob to the Geneva Database for processing. Execution and implementation of the scripts on Production, Development and Testing Environment for migrating the data to Clarify and Geneva.

Environment: Clarify CRM, Solaris, Oracle, PL/SQL programming, XML, XSLT, Unix Shell Scripting.


Data Analyst


  • Created and generated reports using Excel to extract data for analysis using filters based on analysis.
  • Worked on complex information model, logical relationships and data structures that support different Lines of Businesses. Prepared RFIs and RFPs to acquire data from primary and secondary data sources.
  • Assisted the Senior Data Analyst and in managing the master data, including creation, addition, updates, and deletion of new data generated by the various lines of businesses.
  • Built SQL queries for DDL, DML, CRUD operations, triggers, cursors, stored procedures, functions etc.
  • Worked with QA Analysts and Testers to provide quality assurance of data imported from data vendors.
  • Assisted Senior Data Analyst in project initiatives for data integrity by interacting with Business users.

Environment: MS Office 2007 (Excel, Word, PowerPoint) Windows XP, MS SQL Server 2005.

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