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Marketing/business Analyst Resume


  • Four years of experience in Data Manipulation, Visualization, and Business Analysis.
  • Proficient in monitoring existent metrics and analyzing data for future business needs and contributing personal insights into planning business strategies using data manipulation, visualization, analysis.


Analytical: Descriptive Statistics, Clustering, PCA, Linear Regression, Logistic Regression, Time - series, Data Analysis, Financial Analysis, Data Modeling, Statistical Modeling, Regressions, Data Visualization

Programming: SQL(mySQL/PostgreSQL), R(tidyr/dyplyr/ggplot2/ggvis/shiny), Tableau, PowerBI, MATLAB, Stata, Advanced Excel(pivot table/VLOOKUP/COUNTIFS/SUMIFS/MACROS), Access

Domain Knowledge: Accounting, Marketing, e-Commerce, Customer Relations, Financial Analysis, Sales Conversion



Marketing/Business Analyst


  • Developed R and SQL script to extract data from the server and generating spreadsheet and visualization reports, built advanced Tableau dashboards to track & evaluate product performance.
  • Utilized time-series decomposition analysis on time-series web advertising data to identify seasonality from underlying trend, illuminating a previously unquantified weekly pattern.
  • Scripted an R pipeline to import, clean, and reshape raw customer data, improving test iteration speed by reorganizing data structure and easing setup of analysis.
  • Built operations-facing Tableau reports to present meaningful data, including a content status and optimization report, AB testing dashboards for current testing initiatives, and pivot tables of key metrics by common breakdown categories.

Confidential, New York, NY

Investment Manager Assistant


  • Facilitated discussions regarding equity markets and economic conditions helped to analyze clients’ portfolio exposure to risk using VaR model to help determine the suitability of investments.
  • Evaluated financial statements of public companies and used common-size statements to assess financial strengths.

Airbnb User Demographic Analyst

Confidential, San Francisco, CA


  • ETL data with R and assessed market landscape and recognized key metrics to measure Airbnb’s business with Airbnb user data from 2010 to 2015; Visualized data using R(ggplot2) and created dashboards and storylines using Tableau.
  • Identified new users’ behavior and created a target profile; Recommended a more accurate and personalized marketing strategy which decreased the average time to first booking and served a better forecast demand.

Business Intelligence Analyst

Confidential, San Francisco, CA


  • Using R and Excel, identified fastest growing regions by evaluating customer demographics statistics, and maintained a profit margin 87.5% higher than industry average.
  • Generated visualization graphs with Tableau and Excel to assist with evaluating the feasibility and profitability of establishing the company and participated in the registration process.
  • Performed a 5-year sales forecast of hotels such as the Marriot group using excel, analyzed travel industry trends through balance sheets in annual reports of hotel chains
  • Acquired first customer within the first week and realized single transaction amount as high as Confidential USD for a 10-day trip; Attracted the interest of more than 3 venture capitalists including Confidential Capital.
  • A nonprofit podcast site based on Wordpress. Used google analytics to monitor site traffic and analyze subscriber preferences to adjust contents; Achieved more than 110,000 subscribers over 6 months, and ranked as the most popular music podcast in iTunes( Confidential ) store over 3 weeks continuously.

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