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Sr Business System Analyst Resume

Warren New, JerseY


  • 8+ years of experience, disciplined and highly motivated Business System Analyst in Banking Domain , worked on a wide range of projects. An accomplished and fluent communicator with strong investigation, problem - solving and decision-making skills. Proven ability to design, develop and deliver technical solutions improving company revenues and workplace productivity.
  • Extensive experience as a Business Analyst with excellent knowledge to full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) methodologies, frame works and processes. Worked in traditional Waterfall and Agile Methodologies such as Scrum , Scaled Agile Framework , Scrum-Waterfall , SCRUMBAN.
  • Knowledge of various regulatory acts such as PCIDSS, PCISSC, PA-DSS, Bank Secrecy Act, Dodd Frank wall Street Reform and Consumer Act, Sarbanes Oxley Act, Basel I, II, III Fincen, OFAC and compliances such as AML, KYC, CIP, CDD, FATF (Financial Action Task Force) .
  • Solid Experience in coordinating with Stakeholders, SME’s and End Users to document User Requirements, as well as organizing Interviews , Workshops , JAD sessions , and Requirement Elicitation Sessions.
  • Extensive experience creating Screen Mock-ups , conducting Gap Analysis , Impact Analysis , SWOT Analysis , Cost-Benefit Analysis , Risk Analysis , Root Cause Analysis , Feasibility Study and ROI .
  • Extensive experience in gathering and documenting System Requirements for functionalities. Proficient in preparing Business Requirements Document (BRD) , Functional Specifications, System Design Specification, Workflow , Business Rules , Use Case Specification , Software Requirement Specification (SRS) , a Change request (CR), Data Dictionary and requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM).
  • Comprehensive knowledge in Risk Identification , Risk Assessment , Risk Mitigation , Quantitative Risk Analysis and Qualitative Risk Analysis and Acquisition Plan. Prepared Risk Register.
  • Working experience in Project Management tools like Share point , Rally , JIRA and Version One.
  • Competent in creating Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams such as Use Case Diagrams , Activity Diagrams, Class Diagrams, State Diagrams, Data Flow Diagrams and Sequence Diagrams.
  • Participated in Scrum ceremonies including Backlog Refinement , Sprint Planning , stand up meeting , Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective and experience in Prioritizing Techniques like MoSCoW, KANO and Estimating Techniques like Agile Poker, Relative Mass Valuation, T-shirt and Bucket Sizing.
  • Assisted in writing PBI’s, sizing user stories and estimating the user stories. Facilitated the team and created Scrum artifacts like Product Backlog and Sprint Backlog . Supported the team in removing the impediments during the sprint and achieving the goal to deliver the PSPI at the end of every Sprint.
  • Working knowledge in Enterprise Data Warehousing (EDW) and ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) of data into a data warehouse/data mart . Highly proficient in performing Data Profiling & Data Mapping.
  • Created Source to Target Data Mapping documents indicating the source tables, data types, transformations required and business rules to be applied using Informatica.
  • Extensive implementation knowledge of Databases, Data Warehousing, Data Table Structures, Schemas, Data Marts and OLAP operations such as Roll-Up, Drill-Down, Slice and Dice.
  • Hands on experience in writing and executing SQL queries using DDL, DML, DQL & DCL statements to perform CRUD operations on database and experience in executing queries like Joins, Subqueries and Aggregate functions. Good understanding of Procedures, Functions and Triggers.
  • Good working knowledge of Three-Tier architecture, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Web Service (SOAP, REST, WSDL), Version Control, Client-Side and Server-Side Validation.
  • Documented requirements and Web APIs (JSON documentation and XML documentation) using Swagger, IO docs for JSON to assist developers in their development.
  • Participated in daily Triage calls, created test plans, prepared and executed test cases and wrote test summary reports, issue tracking, Work Allocation using tools like HP ALM/QC, Rally and JIRA.
  • Strong experience in conducting User Acceptance Testing (UAT) and documentation of Test Cases, Test Analysis Report. Expertise in designing and developing Test Plans, Test Scenarios and Test Scripts.
  • Performed Regression, System, Integrations, Black-Box, End-to-End, Functionality, Negative, Sanity, Smoke and Load/Stress Testing.
  • Knowledge in Test Driven (TDD), Behavioral Driven (BDD) and Acceptance Driven Development (ATDD).
  • Experience in creating analytical Business Intelligence (BI) dashboards using Tableau, Confidential Cognos.


SDLC Methodologies: Waterfall, AgileScrum, Kanban, SCRUMBAN, Waterfall Scrum, XP, Spiral.

Business Modelling and Designing Tool: MS VISIO, Balsamiq, Lucid Chart, Bizagi, Smart Draw, MS Visio

Project Management: Rally, JIRA, Version One, SharePoint, HP ALM, Confluence

Operating Systems: Windows XP, Vista, 7,8,10, Mac OS, Linux

Dara Warehousing: Data Modelling, Data Mapping, Data Marts, OLTP, OLAP, Data Mining, Slicing/Dicing, Roll Up/Drill Down, Pivot

Database/ETL: MS Access, Oracle DB, SQL Server, Informatica- Power Center, Data Quality

Reporting/BI: Tableau, MicroStrategy, SSRS, Microsoft Power BI, Confidential Cognos, Quick view

Language: Core Java, Java Script, C#, HTML, XML, SQL

Defect Tracking/ Testing Tools: HP QC, Load Runner, JIRA, Soap UI, Cucumber, Gherkin, Selenium, HPALM, TFS

Miscellaneous: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Access, Skype Business, Adobe Photoshop, RedHat JBoss BPM suite, Oracle BPM, Oracle SOA/AIA, Salesforce, Mule ESB, Swagger, SAS Visualization


Confidential, Warren, New Jersey

Sr Business System Analyst


  • Strong understanding of the Dodd-Frank Act, Bank Secrecy Act, Know Your Customer (KYC), Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN), Office of Foreign Asset Controls (OFAC) regulations, and Sarbanes-Oxley Act.
  • Captured the high-level requirements in Confluence and JIRA to trace epics and user stories.
  • Performed KYC assessments on customers and documenting the information obtained on the client.
  • Ensured compliance with all AML laws and regulations including OFAC, CIP, KYC , transaction monitoring.
  • Coordinated with Banking Team to collect and organize KYC information for new and existing accounts , and review supporting documentation. Involved in walkthroughs and meetings with development team to discuss related issues.
  • Efficiently interacted with designers and software developers to understand application functionality and navigational flow and keep them updated about business user's specifications.
  • Managed all the requirements effectively and made them available to all team members and presented the testing defects and resolution in the project review meetings. Analyzed workflows, and documented the UML diagrams like Activity, Sequence, Data Flow using ER Win.
  • Assisted the teams in creating clear and concise epics and further breaking them into user stories . Actively participated in backlog grooming sessions throughout the sprint and ensured granularity of user stories.
  • Created Data Mapping documents for tables and columns stored in the database after coordinating with the development team, business users, subject matter experts, project manager and stakeholders.
  • Involved in API documentation for REST/SOAP and documented XML request and responses.
  • Analyzing and reviewing name screening alerts to determine if the client is an SPF match to such alerts.
  • Wrote and executed SQL queries to perform various types of analysis like data analysis, data validation and data manipulation using different types of Joins, Subqueries and Aggregate functions.
  • Used SQL minus queries to make sure that the extraction process did not provide duplicate data or redundant data in the source and all unnecessary columns are removed as per the business requirements.
  • Examined, analyzed, and modeled Test plans Use Case Model cases & Test procedures . Assisted the QA team to conduct functional testing, compliance tensing, performance testing and develop the test plan, test conditions, test cases.
  • Managed Deliverables such as Software release planning, status reports, issue resolutions for implementation, and minutes of various meetings .
  • Created solution driven dashboards using different chart types like Pie/Bar Charts, Circle Views, Line/Area Charts, Scatter Plots, Bullet Graphs, and Histograms in Tableau and generated KPI reports using Excel.

Environment: Scrum , Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, CitiSmart, Mantas, Confidential screening, REST/SOAP Templates SAR Database, JIRA 7.5.1 , Confluence 6.10.2, Tableau 9.3, ER Win, Selenium IDE and Selenium Web driver and NUnit, HP QC/ALM.

Confidential, NYC, NY

Sr Business System Analyst


  • Gathered requirements for development of new customized products for all the requirements coming in for various financial majors and banks which includes identification high-level business needs, Prepared Detail Requirement document (DRD), Screen field Design Doc, Preparation of Application Work Flow
  • Identified new custom menus and enhanced existing menu options based on the requirements.
  • Understood the Underwriting Rules and Rating during Interview sessions with the stakeholders.
  • Assisted the team in requirement gathering of Modules Pages , Underwriting Rules , and Non-Functional Requirements.
  • Prepared the function flow of application; prepare the Page Mockups, utilized modeling techniques (business process, data) to discover & clarify the functional and data requirement using Use case and workflow/sequence diagram MS Visio
  • Experience with Salesforce analysis, objects workflow and integrations.
  • Experience in working with various data formats- EDI, EDIFACT, XML, CSV, JSON, XML in Mule ESB .
  • Good hands on experience using mule connectors like Database, FTP, FILE, SFTP, Salesforce.
  • Created SQL queries like stored procedures , functions , joins and packages based on the client requirement
  • Conducted end-to-end data validation of data flow and created the Data Mapping Document , for defining data flow between data source and target, along with business rules
  • Worked on data profiling & various data quality rules development using Informatica Data Quality .
  • Creation of database objects like tables , views , materialized views, procedures and packages using various tools Wrote extensive SQL scripts for validating the data generated by the UAT's.
  • Performed web services testing with SOAP UI by validating request and response for XML, JSON files.
  • Full life cycle experience in Quality Assurance, including Black Box, system, integration, Data Migration, Interface, GUI, Functional, Regression, End to End, User Acceptance, Smoke testing of both client/web-based applications
  • Created testing data needed to execute manual and automated test cases using Data Driven Frameworks.
  • Create reports in Salesforce.com to meet operational requirements & maintaining a standard set of reports
  • Experience in Customer & Partner portals, SalesForce.com sites in creating and customizing user interfaces to the customers and partners to resolve their enquiries.

Environment: Agile Scrum, Sun Solaris, Linux, Confidential MQ, Java se 6, C++, Finacle (Infosys), Salesforce, Tableau 7.0, Mule ESB, Oracle DB, selenium, Rally 8.0.

Confidential, San Ramon, California

Sr Business System Analyst


  • Interviewed business users, stakeholders, Subject Matter Experts and performed extensive document analysis to develop a thorough understanding of end to end business processes.
  • Identified and mapped stakeholders to RACI matrix to ensure smoother change process and to clarify roles and responsibilities in the cross-functional project.
  • Conducting searches, gathering data, and recording evidence from internal systems and commercial databases
  • Worked with management team to map detailed current As-Is and To-Be processes for GAP analysis
  • Drafted Out of Scope Items , Future State Considerations and Entry, Exit, Suspension, Resumption Criteria
  • Identified workflows, Prepared, and documented the UML diagrams- Activity, Sequence, Use Case, Data Flow , and Created page mockups using Balsamiq.
  • Assisted the teams in creating clear and concise epics and further breaking them into user stories . Actively participated in backlog grooming sessions throughout the sprint and ensured granularity of user stories .
  • Implemented SQL queries to perform data validation, CRUD operations using Joins, Triggers, and Stored Procedures and Aggregator functions .
  • Aided in transformation of various OLTP databases to new OLAP databases. Updated the existing Data Dictionary and identified the data sources thoroughly while data profiling by collecting statistics.
  • Worked with Data Warehouse in the development and execution of data conversion, data cleaning and standardization strategies and plans as several small tables are combined into one single data repository system
  • Supported ETL developers in creating workflows and scheduling batch processes based on Data Mapping.
  • Identified and documented web service REST API in JSON format using Swagger.
  • Assisted the QA team to conduct functional testing, compliance testing, performance testing and assisted in development of the test plan, test conditions, test cases.
  • Extensively involved in Functional testing covering different formats of XMLs being developed to be sent to Proofpoint which will include the defined Policies , Reviewers and Rules as well as the Monitored Staff
  • Expertise in using TFS to open bugs, create tasks and user stories, initiate change requests.
  • Provided a report that identifies when rule trigger volumes go up or down, in an amount outside of a specified tolerance during a period specified by the user
  • Actively Involved in defect triage, validated defects, updated status of defects with proper RCA.

Environment: Scrum, Word 2016, Excel, PowerPoint 2016, Outlook 365, JBOSS, Core Java, Spring Framework, Spring REST Templates Spring JDBC, JAXB, XML Unit, Java 8 Streams, Proofpoint, BMS jobs, SSIS packages, MSSQL 2012, TFS, Swagger

Confidential, Chicago, Illinois

Sr Business System Analyst


  • Conducted Accelerated Business Case session with portfolio manager and technology group for vision and scope creeping.
  • Facilitated JAD sessions, interviews, Focus Groups, Brainstorming Sessions for eliciting requirements.
  • Documented requirements in Business Requirement Document (BRD) and System Requirement Specification (SRS). Created BPMN to highlight the business processes in the business models.
  • Wrote User Stories fulfilling INVEST criteria, assisted the Product Owner in prioritizing the Product Backlog Items (PBIs) using techniques like Moscow and estimated Story Points using Planning Poker.
  • Assisted Scrum master in calculating the story points for the sprint through capacity planning and helped him ensure that a healthy and consistent cadence is followed throughout the project.
  • Used Rally for issue tracking, bug tracking and monitoring project progress and SharePoint as a repository.
  • Reduced risk and ambiguity by developing rigorous Definition of Done and used domain knowledge and sliced user stories based on Work-Flows, Business Rules and Happy and Unhappy Flows.
  • Extensively used SQL queries for source and target data validations and verifying the ETL process (Data Extraction, Data Transformation, and Data Load).
  • Worked extensively in documenting the Source to Target Data Mapping documents with data transformation rules. Performed ETL for data migration using Informatica.
  • Assisted the design team in developing the conceptual and logical data models for the OLTP and OLAP Systems. Created Star Schema data model using Erwin 4.0.
  • Assisted the development team in the technical documentation of requests and responses from REST APIs.
  • Assisted the Quality Assurance team in formulating Test Plans and Test Specifications and helped perform User Acceptance Testing, Verification Testing, Regression Testing and System Testing.
  • Integrated Business Intelligence and reporting with the system to provide the user with options like Roll up, Drill Down, Slicing and Dicing operations for generating insightful reports.
  • Worked closely with Confidential Cognos business intelligence tool for generating ad-hoc business reports.

Environment: Waterfall-Scrum UML, MS office, MS Visio, Oracle 11g, PL/SQL, Rally 8.0, SharePoint, Java, Erwin 4.0, Cognos.


Business System Analyst


  • Conducted sessions, meetings, interviews with internal and global stakeholders and understood requirements from the business perspective and translated them into key deliverables such as SRS, FSD and BRD .
  • Created sample files such as count, store specific demographic, movement files with continual interactions with SME’s .
  • Created Gantt Charts, WBS, critical path analysis, and project schedules and alignment using MS Project .
  • Assisted in creation of data feeds (inbound and outbound data feeds), data models. Experience in several facts of MDM implementations including Data Profiling, data migration, validation, reject processing and pre-landing processing.
  • Implemented SQL queries to perform data validation, CRUD operations joints, triggers, and stored procedures.
  • Key participant in data services and API and web service s design activities by providing knowledge of the data domains and ensuring design addresses data usage needs across consumers
  • Worked with the Quality Assurance team in validating Test Plan, Test Cases, Test Scenarios and Test cases .
  • Conducted manual testing, automation testing, Smoke testing, Black Box testing, Regression testing and UAT in conveying testing standards and created test cases, test scenarios and test plans using HP QC, ALM .

Environment: Agile SAFE 4.0, MS Visio, Informatica MDM, Red Hat JBoss Application Server, Red Hat JBoss Web Server, Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite, Informatica ETL, HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, Java Script, AJAX.


Jr Business Analyst


  • Analyzed and tested business workflows that organize and integrate clinical information for each of its members clinical records , pharmacy information , charts and clinical practice guidelines and in the HIPAA 40101/5010 Version.
  • I was responsible for gathering the requirements from business to determine the users of the system and the functionality that should be provided to them. Conducted JAD sessions and walkthroughs to gather the requirements.
  • Experienced in performing GAP analysis by identifying existing technologies, documenting the enhancements to meet the end-state requirements .Developed flowcharts and process diagrams using MS Visio.
  • Utilized inner join and outer join, SQL queries to analyze the integrity of data .
  • Clarified QA team issues and reviewed test plans and test scripts developed by development team and QA team to make sure all requirements have been covered in scripts and tested properly.
  • Created action filters, parameters, and calculated sets for preparing dashboards and worksheets in Tableau .
  • Conducted UAT , documented and reported user feedbacks to the management team, and developed training materials for different end users and assisted in users training for the new system .

Environment: Waterfall, Microsoft Visio, Tableau, Share Point, HP Quality Center, Oracle, Business Objects, Apex, JAVA, Confluence 4.3, HTML, XML.


Quality Analyst


  • Reviewed Client Requirements, Use Cases, Mock-ups, High-Level and Low-Level Design documents.
  • Involved in performing Smoke Testing, Integration Testing, System Testing and Regression Testing of the application.
  • Prepared and executed manual test scenarios and test cases based on business and functional requirements and Automated identified test cases using Quick Test Professional.
  • Involved in querying using SQL and updating records and validate database records as expected.
  • Executed test cases and test scripts for manual and automation testing. Defects are raised in HP Quality Center/ HP ALM for logging, tracking and reporting bugs in the application.
  • Interacted with business users like Loan Officers, Mortgage Consultants, Sales and Vendors to analyze the requirements.
  • Extensive experience with SOAP/REST web services. Worked with SOAP UI, Postman etc.
  • Conducted functional and UAT testing on both platforms as well as cross platform web testing on all major web browsers and all IOS devices (Safari, Google Chrome, Firefox and IE).
  • Identifying the risks to testing at earlier stage of testing life cycle and communicating to the QA Manager.
  • Extensively interacted with developer s to analyze and resolve the issues that were encountered while testing the application.

Environment: Waterfall, Quick Test Professional, Load Runner, Quality Center, MS SQL Server, Share Point, Unix/Linux, HTML, Load Runner, Windows XP, Windows 7.

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