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Senior Business Analyst Resume

Fairfax, VirginiA


  • Over 15 years of experience in software analysis and design of web applications specializing in creating achievable technical solutions by marrying business requirements with software implementation strategies.
  • Identified new software needs and existing software issues by working with stakeholders, Subject Matter Experts, and the user community.
  • Experienced with the Agile and Waterfall SDLC methodologies as well as the complexities in transitioning from Waterfall to Agile.
  • Utilized user interface design tools, such as wireframes and storyboards, to design and illustrate new user interfaces with a focus on user experience best practices and design patterns.
  • Detected existing system flaws and data anomalies by performing detailed data analysis and research utilizing SQL skills coupled with business knowledge.


Applications: Microsoft Office, Jira, Confluence, Eclipse, WireframeSketcher

Languages: Java, JavaScript, JSP, HTML, XML

Operating Systems: Microsoft Windows, Sun Solaris

Databases: Oracle, SQLServer


Senior Business Analyst

Confidential, Fairfax, Virginia


  • Senior Business Analyst for Confidential, a suite of hosted applications intended to connect Financial Institutions (FI) with customers to achieve resolution of suspected credit card fraud cases, facilitating debt collections, or distributing any general communication in regards to a banking account. Confidential utilizes the following methods of communication: Email, SMS, Interactive Voice Response (IVR), and Push Notifications to mobile devices.
  • Overall, the Senior Business Analyst is responsible for seeing an implementation through from start to finish including, requirements gathering, solution definition, UAT, and production deployment activities.
  • Lead Business Analyst on multiple client engagements in the financial industry.
  • Lead requirements and design sessions to determine the ideal contact strategies and configurations to provide an effective solution to meet the business needs.
  • Drafted design artifacts for multiple audiences outlining the solution including Business Requirement Documents, Communication Templates, and IVR scripting flows.
  • Liaison between the client, development, QA, and operations team to assist with questions and implementation tasks throughout the build and UAT cycles.
  • Managed the UAT cycles including triage of issues, prioritization of defects, and controlling client expectations.

Senior Software Designer / Senior Business Analyst

Confidential, Rosslyn, Virginia


  • Member of the Software Design Team supporting the Refugee Processing Center’s (RPC) Worldwide Refugee Admissions Processing System ( Confidential ) which includes capabilities such as data collection of Refugee Applicants’ biographical information and security vetting in accordance with the policies of the Confidential .
  • Overall design responsibilities centered on creating comprehensive technical solutions that balance the business needs within technical architecture constraints.
  • Key contributor in the transition from Waterfall to Agile methodologies.
  • Assisted in structuring the process of moving from a traditional System Requirements Specification (SRS) into Epics and User Stories within Jira.
  • Performed Scrum Master activities for over a year, in addition to design responsibilities, to supplement the lack of a formal Scrum Master position on the project.
  • Lead designer for the next major release of the Confidential application.
  • Interviewed stakeholders and the user community to develop a clear picture of the business needs as well as to gain an understanding of the users’ issues with the current application.
  • Utilized the Agile methodology to support the iterative development initiatives for the release.
  • Created and documented Epics outlining new business features, and subsequently broke down Epics into detailed User Stories in preparation for Sprint planning.
  • Worked closely with the Product Owner and acted as his proxy to prioritize work for Sprint planning and to provide guidance to the Development team when issues arose during Sprint execution.
  • Presented software demonstrations to the client and key representatives of the user community that were scripted to illustrate essential business scenarios and user experience enhancements.
  • Liaison across the Development, Test, and Requirements teams during the implementation phase to ensure a complete solution that met the business requirements.
  • Worked closely with the Development team to determine the feasibility of the new solutions within the architecture.
  • Resolved design issues or discrepancies raised by the Development and Test teams.
  • Ensured that design changes due to technical challenges were communicated effectively to the Product Owner and stakeholders for approval.
  • Performed additional system analysis tasks to identify potential gaps between the technical solution and the business requirements.
  • Reviewed the data model and background processes to confirm that they aligned with the goals of the data entry process and data integrity constraints.
  • Performed in depth data analysis utilizing SQL to determine potential design issues or rules for data migration and data cleanup.
  • Tested the solution to guarantee that it was functioning as designed both technically and functionally.
  • Proactively engaged in other significant project initiatives.
  • Lead the User Interface re - engineering efforts to create a more effective user experience that supports a data entry-centric business web application.
  • Interviewed the Product Owner and other stakeholders on the long-term expectations and vision for the User Interface in order to design a new solution for a composite User Interface that is more process versus task focused and can also support a modular approach for implementing and releasing new functionality.
  • Presented, through high-fidelity storyboards, an extensive, realistic set of data entry scenarios to illustrate to stakeholders and the user community how the new solution will support the current and evolving business needs.
  • Created a new automated quality control process to replace numerous manual quality control processes that are maintained at each user site.
  • Researched and determined an area of efficiency and control needed to standardize quality control process and centrally enforce the policies of the Confidential .
  • Designed a business rules engine that executes a configurable set of quality control validations during specific stages of the business process that is also scalable for future enhancements.
  • Travelled to Resettlement Support Centers ( Confidential ) to meet with the user community.
  • Worked with Confidential Austria in Vienna to participate in client sessions and interview users.
  • Presented the storyboards and designs for the proposed user interface enhancements and the new automated quality control process to solicit feedback and discuss the benefits of both according to their site specific processes.
  • Conducted user testing at Confidential Latin America in San Salvador, El Salvador to get initial feedback of the next Confidential release prior to the end of system testing.
  • Participated in a one week session with users from the San Salvador and Quito (Ecuador) offices to solicit feedback on the new solution.
  • Lead discussions on the benefits of the new features as well as enhancement requests for the future.

Senior Consultant / Technical Lead/Functional Lead

Confidential, Bentonville, Arkansas


  • Senior Consultant on a long-term implementation supporting the design, development, and deployment of a new US Imports application module for the Global Trade Management web application that assisted in increasing Confidential ’s volume of direct import of goods into the US.
  • Functional and Technical Lead for the consulting services side of the project that interfaced directly with the client to customize the internal framework according to the client’s requirements. Responsibilities included:
  • Leading requirement gathering and design sessions with the client
  • Documenting both technical and functional designs
  • Researching issues and/or data anomalies by working with the end users and performing complex data analysis using SQL to determine the problem and potential solutions
  • Defining integrations to convert internal client system’s data into the US Import’s data structures
  • Assisting the functional analysts with assessing technical feasibility of their designs
  • Performed Software Development Lead activities related to the US Imports implementation including the following:
  • Participated in internal sessions with Software Engineering to help design the application’s data model as well as enterprise technology framework components that allowed the customization of the application according to any client’s requirements
  • Guided developers with the technical design of their assigned deliverables
  • Reviewed technical deliverables to ensure the artifacts have met client requirements
  • Assisted in the management of the testing process to research, prioritize and assign issues discovered during the testing phases of the project

Software Engineer

Confidential, Alexandria, VA


  • User interface developer for a web based application.
  • Software Development Lead for a key area of application functionality. Responsibilities included:
  • Creating the technical design for all enhancements to this area
  • Providing input into the feasibility and integration of new business requirements
  • Supported the implementation of the new application architecture which included:
  • Supporting the refactoring of user interface components onto a new data model
  • Interacting with the service layer and data model teams to facilitate moving towards an MVC architecture

Confidential, VA

Development Lead


  • Lead project efforts to design, develop, and deploy new application solutions as well as maintenance releases for existing applications.
  • Created new applications that integrated the existing TradeSphere framework with a new application architecture to improve usability and performance.
  • Designed and developed a prototype for a trade application to provide Landed Cost Calculations and Trade Program Qualification functionality.
  • Designed the data model for two new applications supporting various aspects of the US imports process.

Senior Technical Consultant



  • Deployed a customized International Supply Chain ( Confidential ) application supporting the import of goods into Australia and New Zealand.
  • Worked closely with Confidential ’s business and technical teams to gather requirements and design a solution utilizing the existing application framework to support Confidential ’s five retail brands.
  • Designed the integration solution between the Confidential application, 3rd party providers, and financial systems.
  • Designed and developed the integration between the application and Confidential ’s ( Confidential ) ediEnterprise software, a product that interfaced directly with the Australian and New Zealand Custom’s Import Declaration Lodgment systems.
  • Managed the development team and deployment activities through the implementation and post-production phases.

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