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Sr. Business Analyst/project Manager Resume

New York, NY


  • Confidential is a multi - talented IT professional, servicing clients as a mediator bridging the understanding between business and technical teams developing rapport and providing technical expertise.
  • Broad industry knowledge and experience has accompanied Confidential in the following; Financial, Banking, Pharmaceutical (Life Sciences), HealthCare, Retail, Telecommunications, Media, and Hospitality for 12+ years.
  • With her vast expertise in such a wide range of corporate interfacing Confidential 500+ companies, intertwining & heavily involved with her colleagues in their professions on small to large scale projects averaging a collective budget of $7.5B+; it was not hard to expand her familiarity in other fields of Information Technology.
  • Confidential has had exposure with working with some of the most well-known large enterprise company websites; with applications built around designated program language frameworks, in which she has experience developing and maintaining.
  • With her technical proficiency, this required & prompted constant interactions with stakeholders/clients in support of her team.
  • These highly-effective communication methods facilitated relationship building, realistic breakdown estimation(s) for the client, and comprehending business processes more clearly and accurately.
  • Along the years practicing these same methods, she was entrusted in a wide variety of other opportunities which led to working in areas such as Business/Systems Analysis, Product/Project Management and Technical Lead roles.
  • With Confidential ’s thorough and precise work ethics, she is very prone & empathetic to fulfilling her client’s needs. In result of this natural passion for working in the field of IT, this has demonstrated her loyalty and due diligence to work very well with colleagues and diverse groups.


  • ECM-Enterprise Content Management Systems
  • Business/Systems Analysis
  • Program/Project Management
  • Regulatory Reporting/Compliance Governance
  • Liaison/Requirements Gathering
  • Process Improvement
  • Web-Based Projects
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Identity & Access Management
  • Cross Functional Team Management
  • Product Development
  • Change Management
  • Cloud Servicing
  • Content Writing
  • Requirements Specifications
  • User Stories
  • SDLC Methodology
  • Web Design Front End (UI) Client Side
  • Web Development Back End Server Side
  • Server Management
  • Analytics/Ecommerce
  • Cross Browser Testing
  • Application Remediation
  • Open-Source Content Management Systems
  • CMS Installations/Customizations
  • System Migrations/Integrations
  • Social Media Management
  • Relationship Management


Software/Social Media/Web Marketing: HP Quality Center (QC), Microsoft Office, Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project, Plumtree, Allaire Homesite, Adobe Photo Shop, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Fireworks, Adobe Flash, Jive, Kapow, Site Catalyst, Google Analytics, ServiceNow, SintecMedia, Sales Force.

Business Analysis/UAT Practices: Requirements Analysis, HP Quality Center (QC), Requirements Specifications, Budget Forecasts, Toad for Data Analysts , Wireframing, Use Cases, Risk Assessment, Sales Funnel, Procurement, Conversation Increase Rates.

Project Management Tools/Practices: Project Scheduling, Capacity Management, AtTask, Microsoft Project

Program Languages, RDBMS: HTML, XHTML, HTML5, CSS, XML, XSLT, PHP, SQL, Javascript, Microsoft SQL

Operating Systems: MAC OS X, iOS, Windows 7/10, Vista, XP



Sr. Business Analyst/Project Manager, New York, NY


  • Administered business users on AEM (Adobe Enterprise Manager) Content Management System with maintaining content on the website(s) they held ownership to.
  • Defined project requirements by identifying project milestones, phases, and delivery timelines.
  • Worked directly with clients, project and business leaders to identify requirements working closely with Client Global Sourcing to complete required documentation and ing of contract.
  • Analyzed the automated development of the Confidential Services Confidential (Business Compliance System) application which was built as a centralized hub for city hall, and city agency users to access building, shelter, and inspection data for keeping track of violations that have been reported and rectified via an approval process.
  • Utilized Jira for writing out stories and designing wireframes that are linked to those stories.
  • Prioritized the Sprint back log and discuss priorities Confidential hand with the Product Owner on the designated stories that will need to be pushed for the following week.
  • Liaised between the business (Product Owner) and cross-functional teams (Developers, QA, Sprint Planner, Scrum Master, and UX Designer) to ensure all business requirements were communicated precisely.
  • Translated stakeholder requirements over tangible deliverables such as functional specifications, user stories, and workflow/process diagrams.
  • Worked within the Collateral Change team servicing Global Corporate Investment Banking, within the Global Markets Operations and Middle Office (GMOMO) group.
  • Facilitated analysis, requirements gathering, and testing for the automation of CCP data into an in house BAML database.
  • Managed Agile driven small to large scale IT projects simultaneously; working cross-functionally with IT Infrastructure teams such as (QA, Visual Design, UX Design, Copy Deck, and Application Developers) teams.
  • Coordinated of Systems Integration Testing (SIT), User Acceptance Testing (UAT), and wrote test plans for each project deliverable.
  • Conducted project hand-off meetings and standard review meetings in front of the business with technical teams inquiring on relative detailed initiatives in support of every project averaging 18-20 BRDs.
  • Developed user definitions, use cases and workflow diagrams to illustrate business problems Confidential hand.
  • Built Acceptance Criteria (Business Requirements and Functional Requirements) Documents from a business, technical, ECM - Enterprise Content Management System (TeamSite), and user experience perspective.
  • Supported a $7.5B worth application content; managing a Change Control Ticketing process; assisting with coordination of the infrastructure teams to implement application requirements in non-production and production environments, such as unzipping releases and patches for deployment into environments (Dev, QA, Staging, Production), script and code deployments, request for back-ups, and adding users to domain groups, non-production environment application deployments in a distribution Finance System.
  • Managed SintecMedea; a fat client written in Powerbuilder 12.5 and .NET framework 4.5, with a Microsoft SQL Server Backend.
  • Created ASRs (Application Service Requests), and ISRs (Incident Service Requests, and Request For Change Releases) for business users, and attached patches which included (.sql, .pbd and .exe) files, managing releases for particular builds, deployments and integrations using ServiceNow ticketing system.
  • Utilized Case development and requirement gathering skills, facilitation and collaboration skills, and analyzed application data using SQL to run scripts on Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Management Studio.
  • Effectively applied technical support on business priorities, including revenue and asset retention goals, streaming and automating Union Bank’s information compliance security processes, satisfying regulatory requirements and reducing operating costs.
  • Directed release information provided to determine what new test cases needed to be created, which existing test cases needed to be repaired and rerun in Cycle 2, and what preconditions or predecessors were met for changes in each code release.
  • Coordinated and logged any HP Quality Center defects, setup, and customization and/or changed required for proper test management for UAT test scripts and test cases.
  • Assisted Merck & Co., Inc. & Merck Sharp & Dohme, MSD’s initiative to migrate 542+ international and US sites from various WCM systems including D.A.Y. Communique, Interwoven, Java, and PHP; to one solitary platform in the Amazon Cloud; SDL Tridion (ECM - Content Management System) as their new CMS platform practicing ITIL/ITSM Process Implementation.
  • Directed system developers with identifying appropriate schemas/components to build wireframes that best matched the layouts of all pages for all of Merck’s international sites that would meet its system requirements.
  • Designed flowcharts and wireframes to identify a site’s functionality; in conjunction with the component’s that were built and approved by the system developers and translated those business needs into technical requirements.
  • Mitigated & assisted with leading HD's Intranet site being migrated from EMC Documentum to SharePoint 2010 (Enterprise Content Management Systems). In addition, wrote documentation instructions, as well as trained business owners/users on both Enterprise platforms practicing ITIL/ITSM Process Implementation within the Corporate Communication division.
  • Conducted meetings with the business side to review and gather high-level requirements and delegate particular task to the team and to discuss any possible road blocks, deadlines, relationship building, and evaluated everyone’s roles involved for accurate organization and prioritization of the project.
  • Mitigated & assisted with leading HD's Intranet site being migrated from EMC Documentum to SharePoint 2010 (Enterprise Content Management Systems). In addition, wrote documentation instructions, as well as trained business owners/users on both Enterprise platforms practicing ITIL/ITSM Process Implementation within the Corporate Communication division.
  • Managed offshore teams in multiple locations overseas, in support of a cross-functional team leading a set of RFC (Request For Change) process strategies and content distribution forecast plan(s).
  • Worked on designing, implementing, and supporting a continuous integration and release management processes to insure timely and quality deployment of new technical solutions to the business.
  • Designed, developed and maintained Home Depot’s enterprise-wide communication vehicles. The branded network of sites included Home Depot’s intranet, supplier merchandising, corporate and public relations. Each site contains a unique demographic reaching more than 300,000 visitors per day.


Application Developer/Business Analyst, Atlanta, GA


  • Researched, analyzed, design, testing implementation and optimization of Citrix virtualized application delivery solutions and end-user experience, with an emphasis on Security around company and client data on a cloud server.
  • Implementation, configuration, documentation and ongoing maintenance of security solutions designed to monitor and report on usage of Cloud-based solutions.
  • Wrote requirements around company intranet/extranet sites and software system infrastructures that met a particular need and/or task for the business being developed and maintained on a Cloud-based server.
  • Developed cross-browser, fully functional web pages using front-end web languages (XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, XSL), while adhering to accessibility and W3C web standards. Worked with business clients, internal and external, to scope structure and deliver complex web products for pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods, and marketing programs for Confidential .com.
  • Worked as a Front End (UI) client side, and Backend server side design & development in the following areas (CMS, XHTML, CSS, XML, PHP), Design, & Graphics (Adobe Photoshop/Fireworks), Cloud Servicing, Web Marketing (SEO, Social Media, Site Catalyst, and Google Analytics) and Ecommerce integrations.
  • Project leader on configuring Joomla/Drupal & Wordpress Open-Source Content Management Systems &Template Installations.
  • Content Writing, Content Migration, UX Design, Domain/Hosting/Server Management, Integrating E-commerce and Customization of templates.
  • Product Development practices in the following (content creation, publishing, marketing, or public relations).
  • Provisioned current and to-be process flows to understand and examine business processes Confidential IHG.
  • Provided guidance in formulating new requirements and aim to improve business processes by coming up with creative and alternative approaches to solving business problems.
  • Managed scope and user expectations by ensuring requirements can be met within existing project budgets and timeframes.
  • Assisted Project Managers in the management of project deadlines and schedules.
  • Transformed business requirements into highly usable web applications & user interfaces through successful collaboration with customers implementing the final end product.
  • Identified and understood business strategy, issues, opportunities and assisted business partners in identifying and prioritizing new initiatives and capabilities.
  • Assisted in developing test cases and participated in the quality assurance process to ensure that requirements are properly implemented.
  • Designed business requirements and translated them into wireframes within the Content Management System; Jira to build clean precise web layouts.
  • Facilitated requirements meetings with business technology teams and supported teams using SDLC methodologies for each project.
  • Drove Jira (Content Management System) to manage Confidential and TNT Promotions websites content such as (literature, images, videos, editorials) and building pages for external clients on small to large scale projects Confidential Turner Broadcasting.
  • Operated PageBuilder & EMC Documentum (Content Management Systems) for managing Confidential .com content such as (literature, images, videos, editorials) and building pages for external clients on small to large projects.
  • Conducted meetings, and published English/Spanish editorial online content for Confidential ’s featured articles with the direction and interaction of onsite physicians.
  • Supervised Confidential .com for any redundant formalities such as broken links, broken pages, and inconsistent publications which required cross browser testing and troubleshooting within IE (Internet Explorer), Safari, and Firefox.
  • Collaborated with developers, product managers, graphic designers, producers and back-end engineers to support site operations and meet project deadlines. Troubleshoot and resolve code issues. Participate in, and lead efforts, to improve and expand on internal work processes and systems for Confidential .com.
  • Coordinated with project sponsors, managing editors, developed project scope and content according to Confidential & Confidential ’s E-Commerce compliance; delivering accurate online customer satisfaction when making payments online

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