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Sr. Business Analyst Resume

Ann Arbor, MI


  • Adept Confidential leading requirement gathering sessions such as JAD, Sprint planning, Process Workshops and one - on-one interviews with Business Users, SMEs and Stakeholders in addition to BRD and FSD document production
  • Proficient Confidential gathering Business and System Requirements, Use Cases, Test Cases, Test Plansand possible solutions
  • Comprehensive exposure to Data Warehousing and Data Architectures involving ETL Operations, Data Staging
  • Proficient in creating Source to Target Mapping Document (STM) and integrating the data inputs/outputs from the legacy to a new system using MS Excel, in conjunction with notable experience in Data Warehouse load processes, Extract Transform Load (ETL)
  • Experienced with walking through requirements with offshore QA and developer teams, for different methodologies and budgeting situations
  • Well versed Confidential composing Feasibility studies, GAP analysis, Impact Analysis, Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM), Data Quality Management and SWOT analysis
  • Dependable cross-functional experience in collaborating with QA Testers, System Requirement Analysts, SCRUM Masters, Product Owners and Executive Management
  • Skilled Confidential UML software to design mock interfaces for User Interfaces and Business Processes
  • Adept Confidential organizing workshops with developers to collaborate on software, executing SQL queries and answering query/design questions
  • Expert in drafting Activity Diagrams, Data Flow diagrams and Sequence diagrams using MS Visio
  • Adroit in retail banking IT solutions in large cross-functional teams and well versed in Retail Financial Banking processes. Worked on a variety of banking products such as checking, savings, line of credit, mortgage, etc
  • Sophisticated understanding of Agile SCRUM, RUP and Waterfall SDLC methodologies
  • Polished professional work ethic, highly developed soft skills and exceptional communication skills


Operating Systems: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/07/08, Mac MS Office Tools MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access

Project Management Tools: MS Project, SAP Business Suite, Confluence Requirement Management MS Visio, Rational Rose, Rational Requisite Pro, JIRA Programming Languages SQL

Methodologies: Agile Scrum, Kanban, Waterfall, RUP

Testing Tools & Misc: HP QC, HP ALM, Mercury Quality Center, PGAmdin III 


Confidential, Ann Arbor, MI

Sr. Business Analyst


  • Provided Business system and data analysis services to a broad network of international markets, stimulating growth of the ECommerce platform from 22 to 30+ markets for desktop and IOS/Android/Hybrid apps
  • Heavily involved in day-to-day requests coming in from our clients, ranging from simpler menu UI changes, coupon additions/modifications to complex Pizza builder behavior requests
  • Gathered requirements for new features, designed UI wireframes in equilibrium with developer abilities and market user stories for numerous areas of the site impacting order flow such as store locator, coupon stacking/redemption and cart behavior
  • Conducted and maintained cordial and collaborative relationships with our multilingual international markets, being the ‘face’ for our IT support team in most instances, communicating in the franchisees’ native languages for latino markets, Morocco (in French) and for Italy. This would entail conference calls to showcase new feature proposals, demos and issue resolution. From onboarding stage to launch and post-release support
  • Made menu code changes using Eclipse on and off work hours due to timezone differences to accommodate last-minute requirement changes (including testing and validation throughout dev-qa-preprod-prod DB layers) documenting the changes via email as well as providing troubleshooting where necessary
  • Created and accompanied frontend and backend tickets in the development cycle from Open to Closed, answering developer and QA questions where necessary. Ticket content ranged in time due to management changes from heavily detailed to minimalistic (Given-When-Then) with supporting material such as mockups or txt files attached using Jira

Confidential, Glen Mills, PA

Business Analyst


  • Taking detailed meeting minutes during status update/open issue/new requirement/testing/etc. Skype calls and re-organized them thoroughly in order to extract functional and technical requirements. Notes would also be leveraged to create and update all the project related documentation accordingly.
  • Made exception reports, test cases, requirement spec documents, as well as wireframes on PowerPoint, Visio data flow diagrams, supporting material for spec document, sample data, and more.
  • Conducted Skype calls to work through issues or roadblocks that were present in the projects Confidential various stages of development, often taking lead in approaching the issues and maintaining the group on-agenda items.
  • One-on-one sessions with developers to break down requirements (requirement walkthrough sessions) to make sure there was no ambiguity in the requirements or have details lost in translation.
  • Continued to support the team during the development portions of the projects, filling in knowledge gaps where necessary, providing clarification on the finer details of the functional and technical requirements, being in constant communication with the project stakeholders.
  • Worked largely using a multitude of Microsoft Office tools.

Environment: Windows, Agile/Waterfall hybrid, SAP HANA, MS Excel, MS Powerpoint, MS Visio

Confidential, Los Angeles, CA

Technical Business Analyst


  • Oversaw final stage of business requirement gathering participating in JAD sessions and putting final touches on the BRD including defining system scope and out-of-scope elements
  • Created Business Process Flow and Process Flow Diagrams illustrating in detail how the data would be transferred from the numerous initial sources, through data staging and into the final central repository system in Tokyo using MS Visio
  • Played a substantial role in creating the STM documentation that included detailed information on the logic required for data transfer including joins, exception paths and data properties using MS Excel
  • Worked on ETL mappings which included listing the applied rules, specific properties and comments in cases of incomplete data sets (null, temporary workaround value) in order to create logic to help the coders which could access them on the company Sharepoint
  • Had an integral role in addressing, resolving and logging defects throughout the data transformation and migration’s numerous stages
  • Ran queries featuring complicated joins in PGAdmin III to identify databases’ load status, data condition and report any defects to developers and QA team for resolution
  • Worked on diverse data sources and gained in depth knowledge of the financial products and their intricate relationships necessary for some custom field creation throughout meetings with SMEs
  • Worked with QA team in logging and closing defects on HPQC during various testing phases in the data transfer stages. Also created, logged and updated daily defect spreadsheets for internal BA use and report purposes
  • Actively participated in daily Scrum calls and collaboratively logged progress onto software to produce a burn-down chart in the later stages of the project as well as monitor the burn-down velocity to ensure objectives were being met in a timely manner. This was of critical importance since the project was running late due to changing requirements even after BRD completion in addition to changing from Informatica to Wherescape developers
  • Oversaw the creation of Test Cases made in order to check the validity of the data extracted in the final layer of the data transformation process

Environment: Windows, Agile/Waterfall hybrid, PGAdmin III, Greenplum DB, MS Excel, HP ALM/QC 12.0, MS Visio

Confidential, San Diego, CA

Sr. Business Systems Analyst


  • Analyzed business requirements thoroughly for the Counterparty Management System as well as the Credit Risk Approval Process and the CRM Oracle Data Warehouse. Duties also included interacting with the Business users and the Project Management team
  • Created burn-down chart for reporting purposes as well as monitoring the burn-down velocity to ensure the sprints would be completed in a timely manner using MS Excel
  • Created and annotated the Business Process Flows and Process Flow Diagrams for Credit Rating of Counterparty and Ratings Approval Process by using MS Visio
  • Analyzed consistency and validity of the Credit Exposure data for various Equity Swaps, Currency Swaps, FX Forwards, Securities Lending, REPO, and Equity during STM and ETL documentation creation
  • Utilized Microsoft Project to create project timelines and phases
  • Secured Financial Products like Bonds, Mortgage Backed Securities and other products in the Risk Data Repository in order to have a centralized counterparty management system, which allows an integrated view of any counterparty present in the enterprise within KRM
  • Provided performance oversight over daily cash account balancing, accounts payable/receivable, corporate debt payments, uncollected property recovery and cash accounting entries
  • Developed wire-frames for UI for the workflow and later gathered user feedback during sanity testing of the UI and prototype development
  • Worked extensively with product owner during backlog grooming sessions and managed the various sprint and release backlogs
  • Calculated Credit Ratings that were an integral part during the calculation of the Probability of Default in relation to various types of clients
  • Executed SQL queries in Oracle TOAD during back-end-testing
  • Collaborated with QA team during creation of the test scenarios for the purpose of testing the Credit Risk system
  • Assisted in the creation of test cases with the purpose to check the compliance status in relation to the Basel II standards

Environment: Windows, Agile, MS Visio, MS Excel, Kamakura KRM 8.0 & KRIS, Oracle TOAD, HP ALM/QC 11.0, MS SQL Server 2012

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Business Analyst


  • Conducted User Mapping Workshop sessions with the stakeholders, end users and SMEs, to gather an understanding of the vital business processes and identify critical functional requirements for LoanServ system’s implementation in relation to the Mortgage Servicing Industry practices and FDIC guidelines
  • Involved in creating Test Cases and Use Cases based upon the Business narratives, customization requirements, Functional Requirement Specs (FRS), and Design specs
  • Gathered business and technical requirements from the Foreclosure, Loss Mitigation, Loan Origination and IT Ops teams, including developers as well as being actively involved during the ETL process for the staging environment
  • Drafted Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM) for the project by linking business requirements, functional specifications and appropriate test cases on MS Excel in addition to producing mock-up of customization options for the LoanServ UI
  • Active role in crafting Dataflow, Business Flow Diagrams and Use Case diagrams using Rational Rose as well as SWOT analysis presented with MS PowerPoint
  • Worked using Agile Scrum methodology, actively participating in Backlog Grooming/Sprint Planning, Sprint Review, Sprint Retrospective, & Daily Scrum meetings to prioritize Product Backlogs, work on artifacts like Release Backlogs and visualize remaining workload through Burn down charts produced on MS Excel
  • Conducted User mapping workshops to breakdown User Stories into tangible tasks and unit measurable items
  • Built a database on MS Access to host data backup files during the transfer stage to the LoanServ system as well as analyzing data from various lines of credit, securities, mortgages, FX, etc
  • Directed workshops and interacted with the stakeholders to gather and prioritize Product Backlogs thus acting as a liaison between the product owners, QA and developer teams
  • Developed test plans and test cases for integration, functional and system testing of sprint releases including (integration, black box) for the specific system
  • Facilitated Scrum Master in managing and monitoring the estimated effort (LOEs) for release backlogs to be updated in the burn down charts to calculate the burn down velocity
  • Worked closely with the Product Owner, SMEs and other stakeholders to identify analyze and break the User Stories into sub-tasks so the Sprint Backlog could be made

Environment: Windows, Agile, MS Excel, Fiserv LoanServ, Rational Req Pro 7.1.2, Rational Rose 7.0, HP ALM/QC 11.0, MS Access, MS PowerPoint, MS SQL Server 2008

Confidential, San Ramon, CA

Business Analyst


  • Gathered Business Requirements, interacted with the Users, Designers and Developers, Project Manager and SME’s to get a better understanding of the HRIS Business Processes
  • Conducted JAD Sessions with various stakeholders to develop the Architecture of the application to ensure it met the business requirements, discussing open issues, resolving them and managing change requests while using presentations created on MS PowerPoint
  • Studied and analyzed competitors’ applications and brainstormed to gather effective requirements for a quality product and how to more efficiently implement SAP Business Suite’s functionalities with a focus on ERP and CRM
  • Performed GAP Analysis, conducted walkthroughs and acted as a liaison between the business users, stakeholders and the team to handoff requirements, perform quality and risk analysis and business reporting
  • Designed Use Case, Sequence, Activity and Workflow Diagrams using Rational Rose
  • Modeled the information, and led the requirements prioritization. Eliminated false requirements by screening out multiple versions of user input. Final prioritization was based on an intensive analysis of both product and process requirements
  • Performed Feasibility, Adaptability and Risk Analysis to identify the business critical and high-risk areas of the application
  • Collaborated work processes - included translating user requirements into functional requirements. Transferred knowledge of the business process to the appropriate Programmers and Analysts with the aid of Rational Rose
  • Interacted with the developers on resolving reported bugs and various technical issues of the HRIS UI
  • Helped in the review of Test Requirement Documents & the evaluation of the Master Test Plan
  • Provided clear and concise documentation regarding requirement management plans, functional requirements, supplemental requirements, test plans, and test cases
  • Kept a watchful eye on the changes: involved constant communication with the developers and the QA test team,i.e. change management, using Rational Requisite Pro
  • Involved in preparing a simple and detailed User manual for the application, for an intended novice user of SAP Business Suite

Environment: Windows, Rational Unified Process, MS Excel, SAP Business Suite, Rational Req Pro 7.1.1, Rational Rose 7.0, HR Acuity HRIS, MS Visio, MS Access, HP QC 10.0, MS SQL Server 2008

Confidential, Tampa, FL

Jr. Business Analyst


  • Involved in strategic planning and producing estimates for user training and support to execute protocol development in the order needed by the principal investigators
  • Gathered Telecom experience in areas including development, management, analysis, design, and implementing various business systems
  • Involved in detailing project mission, Data Process Flow Diagrams and timelines
  • Defined the project criteria & schedules, and base lined the Project Plan with the help of project meetings and walkthrough JAD sessions
  • Interviewed business area experts & SMEs asking detailed questions and carefully recording the requirements in a format that can be reviewed and understood by both the business and technical teams
  • Developed Risk Mitigation, change management, communication plans and performed SWOT analysis
  • Delivered projects on time and on budget, with measurable results, satisfying Liberty Mutual executives
  • Effectively communicated with top management and business stakeholders the status of the project through monthly meetings which portrayed project status, budget and risk
  • Interacted with business users, identifying defects and gathering feedback on the early adaptation to the virtualized call centers
  • Developed Project Management Skills and technical skills, such as planning, status assessment, and managing risk, as well as behavioral skills including thinking ahead, attention to detail, and the ability to influence the team positively
  • Worked collectively with team members and managers on project issues and through production of high quality deliverables (project plans, estimates, and functional specifications)
  • Facilitated communication and knowledge exchange within the PM team, as well as across various other IT and Business teams
  • Logged and communicated critical project issues to executive management and reported back to the team the decisions taken
  • Responsible for collecting and analyzing the test metrics and submitting the reports, which kept track of the status and progress of the testing efforts

Environment: Windows, Waterfall, MS Visio, Motorola SmartNet database, HP QC 9.2, MS SQL Server 2005, MS Excel, MS Access, Oracle TOAD

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