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Business Analyst/scrum Master Resume

Minneapolis, MN


  • Proficient experience as a Business Analyst/Scrum Master having expertise in conducting Backlog refinement, Sprint Planning, Daily Scrum, Sprint Review Meetings, Kanban Board, SAFe, Lean approach to motivate the teams to practice Agile methodology in an industry and Business Analyst in the Banking domain including the detailed understanding of Business Requirement Document, Business Analysis, Project Planning, Project Management, Project Scoping, Business Process Flow, Business Process Modeling, Change Management, implying a detailed agile/scrum Kanban practices in the workplace.
  • Expert in handling SCRUM artifacts (Product Backlog, Sprint Backlog, Sprint Task list, Sprint Burn Down chart and Release Burn Down Chart).
  • Experienced in working with multiple cross - functional teams, dealing with stakeholders in different facets including data analysis and business intelligence.
  • Extensive knowledge of SDLC methodologies and exposure to Agile, RUP, and Waterfall
  • Capable to prepare Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed (RACI) Matrix to track accountability and prepare the Requirements Traceability Matrix (RTM).
  • Excellent knowledge of Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) transaction, code set rules such as EDI 837, 835, 834, 270, 271, 276, 277 and ICD-9 and ICD- 10.
  • Expert in facilitating Sprint Ceremonies (Backlog Grooming, Sprint Planning, Daily Stand-ups, Sprint Review and Sprint Retrospective) for each sprint in the Agile SCRUM methodology.
  • Proficient in using agile methodologies such as SCRUM & KANBAN frameworks with TDD (Test-Driven Development) and ATDD (Acceptance Test-Driven Development) approaches.
  • Strong knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) including UML, Rational Unified Process (RUP), Waterfall, Agile/Scrum methodologies.
  • Strong knowledge of HL7, HIX (Health Insurance Exchange), EMR/EHR, Health Care Reform and Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) and Facets.
  • In depth in conducting GAP Conducted GAP, Impact, SWOT, Cost benefit analysis, Root cause, Interface Analysis, Feasibility study, ROI Analysis, Impact analysis, Risk Analysis, and As-Is and To-Be business analysis.
  • Proficient in conducting as-is and to-be analysis, GAP analysis, risk analysis, cost-benefit analysis, impact analysis (Business Impact and Technical Impact), feasibility study and SWOT analysis.
  • Skillful to deal with vendors, SMEs and clients to evaluate third party solutions.
  • Handful Knowledge of strategic data acquisition, management, quality, storage, use and application; applicable laws of confidential data.
  • Experienced in business analysis with focus on managing business and technical requirements.
  • Extensive success in translating business requirements and user expectations into detailed specifications employing Unified Modeling Language (UML).
  • Capable in statistical and business analysis; business operations, methods, and practices; workflow processes and various workflow diagrams.
  • Proficient in business process analysis, project scope definition/chartering, requirements elicitation and documentation, and UAT (User Acceptance Testing) Planning and Coordination.
  • Experienced in the analysis and design of application using OOAD techniques.
  • Strong experience in all phases of SDLC & STLC in Agile/Scrum, Waterfall utilizing RUP.
  • Proficient in Requirements Analysis working with techniques such as User Stories, Use Cases, Prototypes, Interviews and Storyboards with a strong ability to facilitate JAD sessions.
  • Conducted data analysis using SQL Scripts to answer the questions/ queries by the Subject Matter Experts.
  • Extensive experience in organizing and facilitating interviews and workshop, especially JAD sessions, with subject matter experts SME, users and business stakeholders,
  • Strong knowledge in Data Mapping, Data Modeling, Star/Snowflake Schemas, OLTP/OLAP, and designing E-R Models.
  • Experience using MS Visio, MS Project and MS office tools like MS-Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Access.
  • Documentation of Test Plans, Test Cases, Test Scripts, Test Procedures based on the Design Document and User Requirement Document for the Black Box, Functional, Usability and User Acceptance Testing (UAT).
  • Experienced in Business Intelligence, Data Mapping, Competitive Analysis, Data Analysis, Trend Analysis, SWOT Analysis, Feasibility Analysis, Impact Analysis and Cost-Benefit Analysis.
  • Skillful in creating process flow diagrams, UML diagrams, such as Activity diagrams/Sequence diagrams/Use Case/Data Flow/Business Flow diagrams using MS Visio.
  • In-depth knowledge of Waterfall and agile iterative Software Development Life Cycle process.
  • Solid understanding of requirement gathering processes, documenting functional specifications, designing user interface, developing use cases and conducting GAP Analysis.
  • Capable to plan, organize, and prioritize projects to meet the project deadlines.
  • Proficient in SQL, Excel, Basel, Pivot Table, RDBMS, Data Migration, Data Mapping etc.
  • Experienced in valuation of equities, management of IPO’s, Commercial Lending loan processes.
  • Skillful in driving the team members for Quality Management in business documenting procedures.
  • Accountable for Change Management Processes, BRS, SRS, Use Case Specifications.
  • Capable to effectively work in an ambiguous environment with a cross-team environment and succeed in a complex and dynamic work environment.
  • Excellent skills in gathering business requirements, facilitating Joint Application Development (JAD) sessions, creating user stories, preparing BRDs and FRS documents.


Methodologies: Agile, Waterfall, Rational Unified Process(RUP), UML,EXTREME PROG (XP)

Business Modeling Tools: MS Visio, Rational Rose, Azure, Adobe Photoshop

IDE Tools: Rational Rose, Rational Clear Quest, Rational Clear Case, MS Visio, UML.

Requirement Management Tools: TFS, Rational RequisitePro, Doors, MS Share point, HP ALM, HP QC

Project Management: MS Project, JIRA

MS Office Suite: MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, MS Outlook

Testing Tools: Software Application Testing Life Cycle, QTP,QC,HP ALM, Selenium, HP QTP, Load Runner

Reporting Tools: Business Objects

Databases: MY SQL, SQL Server, Oracle, MS Access

Operating Systems: Windows, LINUX/ UNIX


Business Analyst/Scrum Master

Confidential, Minneapolis, MN


  • Workedas a Scrum Master to educate and reinforce scrum methodology and agile framework to team members and key stakeholders to achieve the project goals by providing the candid feedback.
  • Assist JAD sessions to identify the business flows and determine the EDI X12 Transaction, Code set and Identifier aspects of HIPAA, impacts any current or proposed systems.
  • Validated documentation and validations in compliance with Affordable Care Act (ACA).
  • Applied a Lean Software Development Concept among the team members by optimizing efficiency and minimizing waste in the development of software to achieve the project goals.
  • Facilitated the breaking-down of epics into user stories (INVEST format) and handled requirements churn and inspired the team members to self-organize for the quality of the application.
  • Applied RUP methodology with its various workflows, artifacts and activities to manage life cycle from inspection to transition phase.
  • Handled multiple SCRUM team and conducted SCRUM of SCRUM and KANBAN.
  • Employed UML methodology in creating UML Diagrams such as Use Cases, Sequence Diagrams, State Diagrams, Activity Diagrams and business process and workflows.
  • As a Certified Scrum Master, facilitated and time-boxed the scrum ceremonies such as: Daily Stand-up meeting, Backlog refinement, Sprint planning, Sprint Review, Retrospectives meetings including Grooming sessions.
  • Created a traceable, inspect able and adaptable matrix (TIA Matrix) to track the Just in time status.
  • Requirements gathering from Subject Matter Experts, project stakeholders and Business users so as to obtain maximum details of requirements and involved in documenting Business Requirement Documents (BRD).
  • Applied MoSCoW and KANO (Satisfying; basic needs, performance needs, excitement needs) prioritization techniques to help the prioritization of the product backlog.
  • Assisted in using SAFe, such as time-boxing, continuous integration, continuous delivery, code/design reviews, transparency, accountability, empowerment and velocity improvement.
  • Assisted the Product Owner in writing Acceptance Criteria for User Stories, Definition of Done (DOD) for PSPIs (Potentially Shippable Product Increments).
  • Motivated the team to work towards continuous improvement for PSPIs in each sprint.
  • Prepared and executed different Test Cases and Test Scripts.
  • Involved in conducting Functionality testing, Integration testing, Regression testing and User Acceptance testing (UAT).
  • Worked with EDI Team for Data Mapping and Building 837 Maps.
  • Participated in entering, tracking system defects in Rational Clear quest.
  • Apply UML notations and methodology in developing models that accurately represent the business process and workflows and clearly communicate them to the stakeholders.
  • Analyze EDI data elements captured by the existing system to validate it against the data elements required for new system.
  • Facilitated workshops in identifying, analyzing and documenting business requirements, and assisted the business analysts in preparing the BRD and FRD.
  • Worked in Healthcare Claims Administration - Healthcare Claims.
  • Mentored on Various Agile Practices, such as TDD (Test Driven Development), CI-CD (Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery), and ATDD (Acceptance Test Driven Development).
  • Supported in testing related activities to ensure the delivery of defect free PSPIs.

Environment: Agile/Scrum, XP, SAFe, MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook, Visio, Project), JIRA, UML, SQL, Confluence and SharePoint 2013, Kanban, Lean, Kano

Business Analyst/Scrum Master

Confidential, Cleveland, OH


  • Assisted the Release Train Engineer (RTE) in problem identification and decision-making process, reported the team proceedings and impediments during Scrum of Scrum meeting to the RTE.
  • Regularly facilitated daily stand-up meetings and displayed sprint burndown charts to keep the team aware of the progress of tasks, and encouraged the teams to improve the WIP.
  • Provided on-site training for basic Agile Principles, Scrum and Kanban to help reinforce best practices and guidelines always.
  • Led the EHR Steering Committee to help further the organizational wide use of the EHR system.
  • Acted as a servant leader, and provided all support to the team by facilitating the participatory discussion in JAD (Joint Application Development) sessions and daily standup meetings.
  • Tracked data from the sprint process and reported regularly (burnup and burn down charts, defect metrics, etc.) to facilitate understanding of where we are and what obstacles need to be overcome for the team’s progress towards quality output as the basis for future process improvement.
  • Analyzing data issues using SQL queries Conduct Requirements review meetings with developers and QA
  • Applied RUP methodology with its various workflows, artifacts and activities to manage life cycle from inspection to transition phase.
  • Acted as liaison between external clients and SMEs to generate and standardize product requirements specification documents such as URS/FRS/Use Cases.
  • Worked with EDI Team for Data Mapping and Building 837 Maps.
  • Participated in entering, tracking system defects in Rational Clear quest.
  • Apply UML notations and methodology in developing models that accurately represent the business process and workflows and clearly communicate them to the stakeholders.
  • Analyze EDI data elements captured by the existing system to validate it against the data elements required for new system.
  • Actively contributed to the company's Agile and Lean Community through participation in the internal Agile Community of Practice and Scrum Master Forums.
  • Maintained metrics that provide visibility to stakeholders on team-level progress and quality.
  • Facilitated management of the Scrum team's dependencies between the program team and third parties, release managers, or other scrum teams.
  • Established team level cadence and drive team level ceremonies (e.g. sprint planning, team retrospectives, backlog grooming, etc.) in alignment with Program level cadences established.
  • Business analyst for collaborating requirements from CA, MT and NY state Medicaid system used JIRA as a tool to manage the requirements.
  • Mentored business analyst in documenting configuration requirements and business requirements.
  • Provided SAFe and guidance for the project management life cycle and other IT-related processes.
  • Mentored team of QAs to accurately test data migration and capture issues in a defect log.

Environment: Agile/Scrum XP, SQL, UML, RTM, ETL, MS Office, MS Visio, MS Outlook, MS Project, SharePoint, Oracle, HP ALM, TFS, JIRA, Six Sigma, Kanban, Kano, SAFe

Business Analyst

Confidential, San Antonio TX


  • Ensured consistent application of scrum methodologies across the team.
  • Outlined User Story Points estimation standards and relative workhours estimation standards along with the Product Owner and SME's, and used Planning Poker and T-shirt Sizing techniques.
  • Maintained the Sprint Burn down and Release Burn Down Charts Using JIRA.
  • Applied a structured approach and methodology for capturing the key views of the business unit.
  • Responsible for Sprint Planning, Daily Standup meetings, Sprint Retrospective meetings.
  • Assisted scrum team in a building cadence based mechanism to promote discipline.
  • Addressed enrollment problems through risk management and contingency planning.
  • Tracked and managed product backlog, burn-down metrics, velocity, and task break-down.
  • Participated in Scrum of Scrum to ensure cross-team collaboration, coordination of release plans, report overall project status, and upcoming risks/dependencies.
  • Coached and mentored team members about scrum principles and best practices.
  • Motivated the team to deliver quality and shippable product to accomplish sprint goals.
  • Tracked and reported relevant agile metrics with Agile Artifacts and Information Radiators such as task board, sprint burndown, and release burndown charts.
  • Participated in scrum to scrum to report overall project status, upcoming risks/dependencies, resolve dependencies, and suggest solutions.
  • Assisted the Product Owner to maintain and prioritize Product Backlog to deliver business values.
  • Assist JAD sessions to identify the business flows and determine the EDI X12 Transaction, Code set and Identifier aspects of HIPAA, impacts any current or proposed systems.
  • Validated documentation and validations in compliance with Affordable Care Act (ACA).
  • Improved transparency by publishing agile metrics with velocity chart, sprint burndown, scrum board, and release burndown charts.
  • Facilitated all aspects of the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), sprint planning sessions, backlog grooming sessions, daily scrums, product demos, sprint reviews and sprint retrospectives.
  • Adept an agile/scaled mindset and conducted successful Program increment planning events to maximize business value by enabling cross team collaboration and development.
  • Helped the team in preparing Information Radiators artifacts including Burndown Charts and Kanban boards, and assisted Product Owner in prioritizing the Product Backlog Items.
  • Tracked and reported weekly/monthly updates, open risks or issues, resource allocation, and open impediments/blockers with senior executive staff and key stakeholders.
  • Used JIRA for monitoring dashboards, multiple projects, custom charts & progress graphs, real time monitoring of work efforts by team members.
  • Identified and mitigated team risks and impediments (Blocking Issues, Critical Defects) daily.
  • Involved in interpreting the technical artifacts into written Use Cases for understating of the development team and story point estimation efforts.
  • Tracked and communicated team velocity and sprint/release progress and maintained process documentation.
  • Participated proactively in developing and maintaining team standards, tools, and best practices.
  • Identified and removed impediments, prevented distractions and facilitated discussion and conflict resolution, and inspired all the team members to get united for achieving organizational goals.
  • Assisted all the team members with prioritization and resolution of defects/bugs.

Environment: Agile/Scrum, Kanban, SQL, UML, SAFe, SAS, XML, FTP, MS Office, Windows, JIRA, Windows, HTTP, Six Sigma, SharePoint, HP ALM, Lean, MS Visio, Kanban, MS Project, ETL (Informatica)

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