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Sr. Business Systems Analyst Resume

Wilmington, DelawarE


  • 8+ years of professional experience as a senior business systems analyst and business analyst with good domain knowledge in Finance, Online, Retail, Investment Banking, Compliances and Asset Management.
  • Prior knowledge in financial and investment banking concepts: Financial Securities (Bonds, Stock, and Other Financial Instruments), Asset Management (Sales, Investments, Asset Data) , Trade Lifecycle (Front Office, Middle Office & Back Office Activities), Credit Card Lifecycle, Risk Management .
  • Exposure to regulations, compliance such as Dodd - Frank, FATCA, GAAP, BSA regulation & KYC rules.
  • Proactive and dedicated team player, with experience in producing high-quality work under tight deadlines and partnering with clients , business users and senior management to transform their business problems into technology solutions and ensuring that organizational and business goals are met.
  • Experience in developing strategic plans by supporting the organization goals and executing business strategy .
  • Working knowledge in loan lifecycle process , from customer management to Decisioning and approvals, portfolio management in maintaining proper combination of securities, including credit and risks.
  • Experienced working in various SDLC methodologies such as waterfall , agile-scrum and waterfall-scrum (hybrid ).
  • Experienced in maintaining good customer relationships by encouraging feedback.
  • Conducted project analysis such as business processes (Analysis of AS-IS & TO-BE) Feasibility studies, Cost-benefit analysis, Impact, GAP, Risk analysis, Cause & effect analysis, Root cause analysis tools and techniques.
  • Proficiency in eliciting requirements by using various techniques such as Brainstorming, JAD sessions, Survey/Questionnaire, Interviews, Prototyping, Document Analysis and Focused Group Sessions.
  • Efficient in handling change requests and assessing change requests through impact assessment on triple constraints. Facilitated change management across the entire process from project conceptualization to testing through project delivery, software development and implementation management in diverse environments.
  • Proficient in creating, reviewing and analysing documents such as business requirement documents (BRD), functional requirements document (FRD) , use case specification document and data specification artifact.
  • Extensive experience with process modelling using UML (Unified Modelling Language) and skilled in designing business process models by creating activity, use case, sequence diagrams, mock-ups and wireframes.
  • Well versed in project management tools such as Jira and confluence for the team to support project planning, business processes, monitor project status with open issues , control changes and manage ad-hoc requirements.
  • Drive in all agile-scrum ceremonies like sprint planning (WHAT & HOW meeting), daily stand-ups, demos/prototypes and sprint review along with product owners and development team.
  • Involved in sprint retrospectives like sailboat, quick retrospectives like Hot Air Balloon, Genie in bottle, Gifts and Hooks, starfish and mad, sad and glad technique.
  • Involved in data dictionary management , extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) of data from various sources. Participated in ETL requirements process during data transition from source systems to target systems.
  • Experienced in performing SQL queries for data analysis, retrieval, validation, modification and viewing them by using commands such as Select, Insert, Update, Delete, Create, Drop, Truncate, joins and store-procedures.
  • Sound knowledge in the data warehouse, OLAP operations, and OLTP related concepts.
  • Solid knowledge of behaviour-driven development (BDD) and test-driven development (TDD).
  • Worked with UX designers and developers to create web application using API, web services between front and back end systems with UI functionalities using HTML5/CSS3 and used HTTP/FTP as transfer protocol to display the data, REST API and XML to store and carry the data between webservers and application servers.
  • Collaborated in various types of testing like Functional testing, End to End Testing, Regression Testing, and User Acceptance Testing (UAT), smoke testing, functionality testing,Sandbox testing. Accompanied with expertise in developing Test cases, Test plans and Test case scenarios in manual and automated test environments.
  • Assisted QA team to prepare test plan, test scenarios, test strategies, and issue logs and monitored the creation of test cases using requirement traceability matrix (RTM).
  • Helped implementation team in creating readiness document and created In-process review report.
  • Ability to manage multiple project tasks with changing priorities . Flexible and versatile to adapt to any new environment with a strong desire to keep pace with latest technologies.


Business analysis: Requirements analysis, eliciting requirements, analysing and documenting requirements, detail oriented, backlog grooming, user stories with appropriate acceptance criteria, wireframes, test cases, change request design flow, UI and UML.

Methodologies& frameworks: Experience in the traditional waterfall, scrum, waterfall-scrum (hybrid) agile-Kanban, scaled agile framework (safe) extreme programming and spiral methodologies.

Technologies: Informatica Cloud, Informatica PowerCenter.

Reporting tools: Ms excel, Power BI and Tableau

Test, Defect Management: JIRA, Hp application lifecycle management (ALM)/ quality centre (QC), hp LoadRunner 12.60, cucumber.

Languages: HTTP, CSS3, XML and SQL.

Other tools: MS word, PowerPoint, MS Visio and Balsamiq


Confidential, Wilmington, Delaware

Sr. Business Systems analyst


  • Worked in an agile- scrum environment facilitating requirement elicitation and elaboration, stakeholder analysis and other business process modelling (AS-IS vs TO-BE) related optimization activities.
  • Interacted with SME’s and stakeholders to get a better understanding of business requirements, elicited requirements for mobile/ web applications by facilitating interviews, brainstorming, and conducted JAD sessions.
  • Conducted Feasibility analysis, cost- benefit analysis and analyzed risk priority/severity with risk mitigation plan.
  • Created Story Mapping and identified Minimum Viable Product features and assisted PO with Release Planning.
  • Helped the product owner in maintaining product backlog through deep-dive principles and prioritizing the user stories, writing acceptance criteria.
  • Helped the product owner in conducting the sprint review meeting for the PSPI, assisting the team presenting live demo and help decide which features are done and satisfied using the acceptance criteria.
  • Initiated Use Case Analysis using UML, which provided the framework for potential use case deliverables and their inter-relationships and allow for maximizing software reuse.
  • Created Mockups, client-side validation rules, and business logics assisting the developers with AWS Mobile Hub.
  • Managed meetings with b2b partners for features dealing with systems integration.
  • Collaborated with UI/UX designers, system teams and involved in validation of HTTP requests in UI by using HTTP as transfer protocol to display the data and HTTPS to protect the transmitted data.
  • Involved in validation of Java script to display the response with the autogenerated j-query from Postman.
  • Assisted developers with creating buckets in the Amazon Simple Storage Service, to store and retrieve the data.
  • Generated ad hoc SQL queries using joins, database connections and transformation rules to fetch data from the SQL Server database for analysing the data.
  • Involved with the developers by assisting them in using Apache Tomcat to communicate directly with the client.
  • Used Jira to track bugs and create issues. Used Confluence to manage schedules, deadlines, resources and for collaboration of the project and uploaded documents.
  • Coordinated with offshore team in various activities involving development of User Stories.
  • Used Web methods of GET, POST, DELETE & PUT to read, create, delete, update for testing API endpoints.
  • Assisted the team in developing content display through AJAX, CSS for presentation and Postman in writing JSON scripts to fix automation errors.
  • Assisted QA team for testing web services with postman by validating request and response for XML, JSON files and for APIs to return the data in JSON, XML format in using Swagger.
  • Created UAT testcases and executed them to assist the final signoff of user stories. Assisted QA team by reviewing test reports and tracking bugs and defects.
  • Assisted with User Acceptance Testing, developing and maintaining quality procedures, and ensure that appropriate documentation is in place. Prepared documentation by working on service-oriented architecture (SOA) after review.
  • Wrote Test Plans in MS Word for Manual Testing, System Testing, Integration Testing, Regression Testing, reviewed their consistency with the business requirements.

Environment: Agile-Scrum, MS Word, MS PowerPoint, API, Web services, Postman, Swagger, Confluence, Jira 7.2.

Confidential, Johnston, Rhode Island

Sr. Business Systems analyst


  • Worked in water- scrum fall environment and participated in sprints with focus on small enhancements.
  • Involved in project plan and initial data models that contain business requirement documents (BRD) and supporting documents that contain the essential business elements and detailed definitions.
  • Conducted JAD sessions with development team, users and other stakeholders to refine functional requirements. Scheduled meetings with developers, and testers to collaborate resource allocation and project completion.
  • Worked with users to better understand their needs and present solutions.
  • Worked with development team in documenting the user requirements, analyzed, prioritized them and converted them as system requirements that must be included while developing the software.
  • Involved with development team in developing and implementing the FileNet application depending upon client’s requirement. Also, Configured the systems for advanced version of FileNet application.
  • Integrated existing server with the FileNet application to ensure real-time back up of documents on client’s server. Tracked change requests and monitored workload and schedule.
  • Used SQL queries such as Select, Drop, Truncate to retrieve, delete, remove data within the oracle database.
  • Created scrum boards in Jira for teams that planned their work in sprints displaying work in progress.
  • Developed business flowcharts, network diagrams, use case, activity diagrams in MS Visio.
  • Identified the test scenarios along with QA for automating regression testing for WebSphere using cucumber.
  • Managed workload, schedules and coordinated status review meetings with product owner, scrum master and team members by assisting Scrum Master in conducting daily meetings, sprint planning meetings, and sprint retrospective.
  • Involved and assisted the scrum team in loading and transforming large sets of external data (structured, semi structured and unstructured data) from multiple source system such as investment firm researches, articles, stock/bond stories and reviews generated by the investors to Hadoop Data Lake.
  • Assisted in creating Hive tables, loading data and writing Hive queries as per business requirements.
  • Assisted the Hadoop developers in creating HBase tables to store the final aggregated data from HDFS.
  • Authored progress and completion report which were then submitted to project manager on a weekly basis in Jira. Used confluence to create blogs for the space and manage calendars.
  • Led Web-page analysis by identifying user behaviour using Google Analytics i.e. understanding page views, bounce rate, exit rate and unique views etc. for peak hour loads.
  • Co-ordinated and communicated for WebSphere infrastructure upgrade from Version 8 to 9.
  • Lead documentation of test plans, scripts and UAT completion for project governance within timelines. Analyzed data and created process flow diagrams to design databases.
  • Drafted test cases for integration, regression, end-to-end, smoke, sanity, functional, performance and stub testing.
  • Supported chief compliance officer in tracking, reporting, and maintaining all records relative to AML program including writing and updating guidelines.

Environment: Waterfall- scrum (hybrid), Hadoop Cloudera distribution (CDH) 5.14.0, Hue 4.0, Hive 2.3.1, HDFS, Spark, MS Visio 2016, MS Word, MS- excel, MS PowerPoint, MS outlook, confluence.

Confidential, Columbus, Ohio

Business Systems Analyst


  • Worked with multiple cross functional teams on several complex, providing business, data, and technical requirements analysis to ensure that reporting solutions met the highest data quality standards using agile- scrum.
  • Analyzed credit card processing life cycle workflow and documented statement of work, functional specifications and user requirements specifications.
  • Extracted, discussed and refined business requirements from business users and team members for generating revenue from credit card transactions.
  • Worked with solutions and delivery teams to implement data quality processes during acquisition, ETL, and delivery stages for business intelligence solutions and changes to data warehouses.
  • Reviewed, project artifacts for data conversion and data integration projects, identified gap & risk in the project and worked with the technical team to address gaps and risks to ensure that all data quality requirements were met.
  • Conducted Cash flow analysis on customer accounts focusing on payouts on portfolio performances.
  • Worked very closely with business SMEs for better understanding of the data source and how the business utilized the data. Provided support to the business in researching data issues, specifically how to find and use the data they needed and investigated to resolve data quality issues.
  • Worked with Product Owner, Scrum Master and the team in Sprint Review meetings for Live demos and Retrospective meeting, conducted silent writing with Scrum Master with the experienced team.
  • Verified ETL procedures and data quality raised the probable data issues to the concerned teams for corrective actions. Created/updated user stories based on the requirement in the confluence.
  • Involved in creating reports by using SQL queries and maintained the reports in confluence.
  • Effectively communicated user acceptance test results between users and development team and provided recommendations for change control requests (CCR).
  • Verified, validated Firms based on CRD with FINRA during data profiling, data cleaning, data assessing.
  • Created Custom-Dashboards for reports of sales & Redemption data involved in YTD, MTD, Current Assets.
  • Documented data specification mapping document and mapped data sources to model a unified view of single data of sales, redemption and asset information of Financial Instruments (Mutual Fund) for Business Intelligence purposes.
  • Performed Data mapping for version upgrades across many clients from source to target system after analysis.
  • Assisted front-end developers involved in development of UI through HTML, CSS, jQuery.
  • Used Web methods of GET, POST, DELETE & PUT for testing API endpoints and validated the response, error code by executing HTTP requests using SoapUI, to ensure that API aligns with expectations.
  • Facilitated meetings and conducted Regression Tests, UAT testing across Asset management support functions including business users & Portfolio Managers as admin role, wholesalers, sales and marketing & institutional clients.
  • Created and maintained sprint backlogs on confluence and Jira.
  • Work with business and ETL team to determine strategy and process to capturing and reporting data exceptions.
  • Defined test cases and scripts that correspond to business requirements along with test planning and execution support .

Environment: Agile-Scrum, Confluence, Jira 7.0, SQL, MS Visio 2016, MS Word, MS Excel, Informatica Power Center 7.2.1, MS PowerPoint.

Confidential, Phoenix, AZ

Business Analyst


  • Involved in eliciting requirements, modeling and use case preparations for this project.
  • Gathered requirements from business area experts asking detailed questions and carefully recording the requirements in a format that can be reviewed and understood by both business and technical people.
  • Participated in interacting sessions with investment experts and accountants to collect and understand business requirements.
  • Assisted in project plan, resource scheduling/budgeting, portfolio reporting, status reporting, risk and issues reports, change management, and identification of missing roles/resources and resolution of the same.
  • Created requirement traceability matrix (RTM) as a roadmap for the 'to be' system.
  • Created business process flow diagrams, business process mapping, and business use cases by using MS Visio.
  • Conducted JAD sessions to resolve open issues so that the application meets the business requirements and deadlines.
  • Helped the product owner, Scrum Master and the team in backlog grooming and Sprint Review Meeting in conducting Live demos and help them decide which features are done and satisfied using the acceptance criteria.
  • Involved with Product Owner in prioritizing, used technique such as dot voting, reviewed the voting and optimized it.
  • Worked with annuity net trading platform , various carriers and distributors to set up products, commission tables, forms xml and forms on the annuity net trading platform.
  • Worked on creation of corporate compliance program related to Bank Secrecy Act and anti-money laundering efforts, including new accounts and customer policies and procedures.
  • Performed Parameterization for the QTP Scripts and created Output values in the QTP Scripts.
  • Performed SQL queries, Stored Procedures and functions to validate the data in the back end and performed validation of database tables.
  • Reported defects using JIRA, analyzed defects, discussed defects, defect resolution, and defect matrix.

Environment: Agile-Scrum, Jira 7.0, MS Visio, MS Word, MS excel, MS PowerPoint, MS Outlook.


Business Analyst


  • Worked on MS Excel in order to effectively track key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Assisted in requirement gathering, eliciting requirements by facilitating interviews, brainstorming, swot analysis and conducted JAD sessions and created demos for the approval of mockups.
  • Assisted the Project Manager in creating project management plan, project charter and conducted feasibility study and risk analysis. Helped the implementation team in creating readiness document.
  • Interacted with business owners, SMEs, and management team to prepare Business Requirement Documents (BRD), Use Case, User Story, and design approach to further develop Technical requirements and/or Functional Specifications. Created prototypes and conduct demos for their review and approval.
  • Communicated results and milestone s to the stakeholders while keeping the developers closely updated on all documented refinements.
  • Prepared presentations and provided progress reports to the higher management and stakeholders using MS Office.
  • Analyzed front office processes (sales, marketing and customer service) to identify opportunities for improvement, Implement and deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011.
  • Used SSIS to migrate data to the SQL Server database from various sources like Excel sheets, Microsoft Access and System Sources.
  • Prepared weekly and monthly status report to share with stakeholders and other cross functional teams.
  • Collaborated with QA team to develop the test plan, test scenarios and test cases based on business requirement and technical specification using HP- ALM.
  • Performed test cases, system requirements and UAT documentation and liaison with developers in translating business requirements into functional specifications.
  • Helped implementation team in creating readiness document and created In-process review report.

Environment: Waterfall, MS Dynamics CRM, MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, HP-ALM, MS Outlook.

Data Analyst



  • Worked with large data sets, automated data extraction, built monitoring/reporting dashboards and high-value, automated business intelligence solutions (data warehousing and visualization)
  • Used SQL query for various reporting databases and tracked the progress of the project. Worked with application developers to create optimized queries. Created database triggers for automation.
  • Used Visio to create UML diagrams like activity diagrams, sequence diagrams, and use cases to author FSD (functional requirement document).
  • Managed relationships and coordinate work between different teams at different locations managed system test execution and defects reporting using hp quality center. Performed root cause analyses (RCA) of the defects.
  • Assisted with reviewing the test scripts to ensure all functional requirements are being tested and helped in prioritizing the defects. Worked on the three- tier architecture, simple API for xml, webservices (soap, WSDL), client- side validation, and server-side validation.
  • Identified the regression functional cases for automation, executed and coordinated with the team in regression testing using QTP and performed data masking testing.
  • Involved in the system and regression testing phases of the application. Defined the test environment setup, data needs for test cycles and UAT.
  • Worked primarily on SQL server, creating store procedures, functions, triggers, indexes and views using T-SQL

Environment: Waterfall, MS word, MS project, MS Visio, MS excel, API, SOAPUI.

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