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Senior Business & Qa Analyst Resume

Newark, DE


A Business Analyst, Manager, Systems Engineering Professional with success planning, analyzing and implementing full life cycle solutions. A reputation for leading formidable projects to influence and drive a product vision.


Business Analysis, Systems Engineering, System and Process Optimization, Project Management, International Outsourcing, Agile, Scrum, Software Design, UML, System Analysis, Patenting, Competitive Intelligence, Strategic / Technical Leadership, Technological Innovation, Immigration, Transportation, ETL, MS Dynamics CRM, Salesforce, Jira, Confluence, Asana, SharePoint, AWS, Veracode, Greenhouse, Slack, Perl, Visual Basic, Java, VM, Oracle 9g / 10g / 11g, Sybase, SQL Server, Access, Databricks, BI, SQL, Database Analysis, Programming, Network Administration, LINUX, UNIX, DOS, Windows, DB2, TOAD, Sybase Java Client, SAS Client, XML, UI/UX, API, JSON, Real Time Systems, Workflow applications, Mobile Applications, MS Office.


Senior Business & QA Analyst

Confidential, Newark, DE


  • Advised on business process improvement, data issue resolution and system enhancements
  • Ensured that schedule, standards, reporting responsibilities are met and security standards are adhered to
  • Analyzed performance, developed reports based on KPIs, ad - hoc data pulls and etc.
  • Wrote technical documentation, developed materials and presentations
  • Liaison between Business, IT, QA teams as well as third party vendors

Senior Business Analyst, Product Manager

Confidential, Lewes, DE


  • Promoted and led migration from local server based development environment to cloud based platform (PaaS)
  • Created models for various business processes, designed mock-up user interfaces to communicate visual data flow to the end users, identified actors, built use case and activity diagrams
  • Facilitated root cause analysis, determined timeframes, assigned responsibilities to team members
  • Assessed requirements and worked with technical staff to translate them into UI / UX solutions
  • Developed specifications, generated design documents, analyzed test groups within controlled environments, developed innovative solutions for geo-location software tasks, analyzed emerging software with users
  • Led user-acceptance testing of nascent system, troubleshooted issues, implemented unit / function tests
  • Created and maintained materials, user guides, technical documentation and online help systems
  • Functioned as the primary contact for management and programming staff on all engineering and rollout issues
  • Acted as liaison between business and engineering team members / external consultants


Confidential, Oakton, VA


  • Analyzed business processes for potential automation and performed related cost-benefit analysis
  • Developed and maintained strong relationships with customers, business and technical partners to advance process efficiency and customer satisfaction
  • Worked with engineering and business users to evaluate options and recommend architectural solutions
  • Elicited requirements through questionnaires, workshops, brainstorming, storyboards, presentation of prototypes to clients, and interviews with subject matter experts
  • Facilitated understanding between technical and business teams by specifying information domain and function through UML tools including data flow diagrams, activity diagrams, decision tables, state transition diagrams, use cases, domain class diagrams, etc.
  • Generated and maintained global transportation financial and operations reports
  • Maintained documentation, lessons learned, best practices, quality improvements
  • Performed project planning, interfaced with international team of developers, testers, oversaw compliance with requirements, developed requirement documents

Airline Business Analyst

Confidential, Arlington, VA


  • Led joint application development and brainstorming sessions
  • Proposed and led prototyping of fully integrated business presentation data model for use across multiple projects saving 90% of report-generating resources and eliminating processing errors 100%
  • Gathered, compiled requirements and developed financial reports for Congress, Capitol Hill
  • Evaluated data conversion tasks and outsourcing to contractors based on cost benefit analysis
  • Acted as a liaison between business and technology for Integrated Airline System Development, analyzed/formulated business rules, developed data dictionaries to facilitate communication between business and engineering departments
  • Performed root cause analysis, participated in QA reviews
  • Drafted job descriptions for data administration, QA, and system support function
  • Trained data administrators and data analysts
  • Analyzed, refactored and documented OAI current and legacy data systems
  • Performed GAP analysis of “as is” and “to be” systems

Sr. System Analyst

Confidential, Arlington, VA


  • Created and implemented data quality control checks
  • Designed database enhancements and supported Airline Information Processing through Perl, SAS, SQL routines
  • Maintained, extended, and refactored existing and emerging software
  • Recommended novel software / IT technologies at meetings to support effective decision-making
  • Migrated data from the Aircraft Inventory legacy system utilizing Perl and SQL scripting
  • Analyzed major airline carriers using transportation databases
  • Developed data automation solutions, custom scripts, SQL queries against Sybase, Oracle, MS Access, MS Excel
  • Wrote technical business documentation, procedures, and operating manuals
  • Gathered requirements, generated press releases and financial reports for policy makers, industry and academia
  • Advised on quality and process improvement
  • Researched, analyzed and presented complex business and technical information to stakeholders, subject matter experts, and developers at all levels of the organization (Director of OAI, Director of BTS)
  • Supported Airline Employment Website
  • Led post implementation efforts for data-records cleanup, standardization, quality assurance
  • Designed enhancements for Windows 2003 / ColdFusion / MS SQL Server customer system
  • Led post implementation efforts for data-records cleanup, standardization, quality assurance
  • Provided consulting services for Shape Services Inc. (US office)
  • Conducted research, testing, and analysis on responses to usability specifics of U.S. vs. European markets
  • Developed product presentation materials for CTIA 2005, 2006
  • Presented at CTIA and conducted user test sessions with potential clients (Oracle, Confidential and etc.)

Information Specialist

Confidential, Bethesda, MD


  • Responsible for all phases of data processing for the company supporting government, healthcare and finance
  • Designed, developed and maintained data entry applications
  • Performed data analysis and transformation


Confidential, Atlanta, GA


  • Participated in development of a Confidential Barcode system dedicated to transportation logistics
  • Presented system capabilities to potential customers
  • Participated in change management analysis, impact, and prioritization
  • Compiled requirements for cost analysis system of client implementation enabling sales force to sell “cookie-cutter” application resulting 25% sales gross improvement
  • Automated data processing using shell scripts, Perl, C reducing process time from 3 weeks to 3 hours
  • Engineered business processes

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