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Business Analyst / Marketing Specialist Resume


  • A savvy business professional with advanced science degree in the field of Business Intelligence, Data Science, life Science and Commercial. My key credential includes but not limited to:
  • Extensive experience in analytics, data science, data visualization and data interpretation;
  • Senior developer in Power BI/Tableau/ Cognos/SQL; life science PhD with >10 years of experience in working with commercial, sales and marketing;
  • Proven ability to provide insights and tell stories using comprehensive data and data visualization to drive decision making;
  • Result driven, commercial mindset, solid communication, presentation, analytical and multi - tasking skills.



Business Analyst / Marketing Specialist

  • Developed the main Global eCommerce Power BI Dashboards, including eCommerce Analytics Homepage, Revenue Tracking Dashboard, daily dashboard, digital channel dashboard, CAS dashboard, eCommerce Landing page and etc. Gathered business partners' feedback and enhanced the dashboards' functionalities. These efforts help consolidate all eCommerce reporting platforms into one single, scalable and cost effective reporting system.
  • Global eCommerce front/back office and Tableau dashboard development: Supply Center Regional Dashboards, B2B Regional Dashboards and regional deep-dive dashboards. Provided business partners with robust information, analysis and insight, ROI, enabling them with business opportunities.
  • AWS Redshift datamart development: created SQL query/view for data visualization, assured data accuracy and online dashboard performance. This work helps consolidate all data sources into one single Cloud-based database and enable reporting automation.
  • Optimized Power BI DAX and Cognos/SQL queries in database; explored the best practice of Power BI platform and established process excellence, served as Administrator for eCommerce Analytics Power BI space, in charge of the maintenance and overhaul of eCommerce Power BI dashboards.
  • CAS (NPS) related projects tracking customer allegiance: developed real-time CAS (NPS) dashboard in Power BI; created easy-to-follow CAS (NPS) comments analysis dashboard, helping the Business to better understand customer needs, redirected customer focus, aiming future growth.
  • QTD Trend Forecast and automation: conducted QTD Trend Forecast by compared to historical data on both TF.com and FS.com, achieved automation instead of manual process, eliminated manual mistakes, enable business partners to self-serve the QTD forecast online, improved efficiency and productivity.
  • Account Business Review (ABR): helped global Business Development to convert offline business to online channel for ~300 key accounts with total ~$ 0.5B convertible opportunities; created Executive Business Decks, supported company leaderships on crucial business cases, including major Corporate Accounts: Sanofi, GSK, Merck, Johnson&Johnson, Pfizer and etc., enhanced the SOP of Business Review for Corporate Accounts, overcame the obstacle of misalignments between various customer IDs, established a scalable approach to serve business partners with more accurate data and insights.
  • Served as Data Scientist for TLP project - gap identification project based on product data: predict potential cross-selling products based on customer’s research workflows, and with successfully pilot result expand the project scope to all product categories in order to achieve broad and accurate prediction on sales gaps.
  • Competitive Switching project: performed competitive analysis on key customer purchase trend, mapped 20000+ SKUs from 30+ major competitors to Thermal Fisher SKUs, integrated into Pivot sales tool to help account managers drive more conversion in strategic accounts.
  • Pivot project to correlate Thermal Fisher’s SKUs with diverse competitors’ SKUs, integrated into Pivot to identify potential sales conversions, including Affymetrix - Pivot integration, integrated > 5000 Affy SKUs into Pivot.
  • 2019 Revenue AOP Planning for eCommerce across all global and sub-regions, by digital channels (B2B/B2C/SC/MT), across business divisions. Socialized with business units and regional partners, reviewed with leaderships to lock down final targets; Built multiple models from aggressive to conservative scenarios to be well-prepared for business need and global circumstances.


Technical Support Supervisor

  • Expert: technical selling, sales training, seminars, market development, business development and project management.
  • As a technical sales specialist, covered all company’s consumables and some of the instruments 30,000+ SKUs, achieved 35% sales revenue increase every year.
  • Performed territory commercial analysis/intelligence to identify business opportunities and increased account penetration by providing one-stop shop to maximize customer share of wallet.
  • Managed the key account - SIBS - one of the biggest accounts in Greater China through Supply Center Program, efficiently served customers with zero distance, established strong client relationship, achieved 40% revenue increase in SIBS.
  • Designed and implemented the ICFC (In China For China) qPCR sampling program, achieved new product awareness and 20% revenue increase of qPCR product line.
  • Successfully delivered various multi-channel campaigns to support new product launches and key promotions, optimized target segmentation, content value proposition and channel mix through customer insights study and campaign in-flight pilot testing to improve campaign ROI projection by 50%.
  • Actively contributed to the Global Customer t-NPS Surveys; led technical support team to achieve NPS score 85; Performed various quantitative and qualitative surveys to obtain VOC using Vovici tool; Conducted competitive intelligence/business analysis and shared actionable insights with decision makers to drive behavior change and commercial impact .
  • Developed technical training materials, presented 100+ seminars at customer sites, provided productive sales training to internal teams.
  • Worked collaboratively with internal marketing, R&D, IT, and pricing teams as well as external agency partners to achieve common goals and objectives.


Development Manager

  • Expert: market development and drug registration.
  • Played a key role in driving global market development of a bio-pharmaceutical product.
  • Conducted comprehensive market intelligence analysis including the local policies and regulations, the health care system and the feasibility of drug entry, developed and executed subsequent market penetration plans.
  • Successfully submitted Drug Master Files overseas and achieved the objective of product awareness in overseas market.


  • Computer:
  • Power BI Developer, Tableau Developer,
  • Power Query, SQL, AWS Redshift, mySQL, Python, Adobe Analytics
  • EDW Cognos, Siebel CRM,
  • Word/Excel/PowerPoint/Outlook/OneDrive/OneNote/Sway,
  • Mocrosoft Forms, Survey Monkey,
  • Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Acrobat Professional.

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