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Full Charge Bookkeeper, Office Administrator And Technology Specialist Resume


  • with 10+ years progressive experience at a variety of companies in performing corporate and small to mid - size business cost, finance and managerial accounting, bookkeeping, analytics, and reporting tasks, and also supporting data validation and integrity, and associated business process developments for ERP systems conversions, and smaller technical projects related to hardware and software.
  • Hemp Industry bookkeeping and accounting experience, understanding research program rules, compliance, regulations, laws, federal taxation, and recent deregulation awarding income taxation advantages; up to date on pending federal regulatory provisioning
  • Experienced with the North Carolina Licensing process for Industrial Hemp growers, developing the recordkeeping standards and records retention to in corporate the cultivation of Industrial Hemp compliance into existing Farm and Greenhouse Nursery businesses; Experienced with the year-end and license renewal reporting processes for the Industrial Hemp Commission and N.C. State Research Program for cultivation and processing Industrial Hemp plants in N.C.
  • Maintain cost accounting transaction/activity codes within QuickBooks to enable allocation of expenses at the client/job/process level and provide reports for variance analysis such as Purchase Price to Cost variance, cost revaluation, Invoice to PO price variances and work order variances; Recommend sub-accounts to the Chart of Accounts to improve management accounting and reporting
  • Acutely detailed full charge management of overall accounting activities for small businesses, or corporate accounting general ledger technology related accounts; comprehensive knowledge of overall accounting and auditing principles, extensive experience with accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, vendor and bank account reconciliations, general ledger postings, invoicing, tax reporting, tax payments, and regulatory compliance
  • Identify, research, and resolve any disputes and discrepancies; record all transactions into the corporate internal accounting systems; analyze coding, ensure approval process completed based on signatory dollar limits and manage the check run process; handle internal and external customer any inquiries satisfactorily and with a sense of urgency; perform necessary account reconciliations through verifying entries and compare to outstanding balances; work closely with procurement and accounting departments to investigate any invoice information and assist with resolving disputes; support regulatory compliance and industry best practices/GAAP
  • MS Office 365 Office Specialist skills level, with targeted focus as an Excel Expert in using advanced formulas, dynamic charting for dashboard analysis, pivot tables, VBA & macro design, building data models, creating dynamic dashboards for real-time reporting, preparing ad-hoc reports used in decision making, creating custom forms, indexing form data, spreadsheet auditing for managing risk and improving performance
  • Advanced spreadsheet and database skills to learn company systems and data warehousing in creating data models, utilizes existing data connections in a multi-system environment for conducting thorough analysis and preparing insightful reports:
  • Transactional decision support - for cost accounting and sales volume and profit margin analysis, pricing strategies
  • Consolidations - bring data from different entities & multiple systems together
  • Sensitivity and ‘what-if’ scenarios - price strategies, forecasting and trend analysis
  • Inventory - accumulate monthly/quarterly counts, weights, estimated yields and estimated percent complete, and finally cost accounting templates to perform the calculations.
  • Advanced knowledge of QuickBooks, SAP, QAD and SagePro ERP accounting and ERP systems for operational, transactional, financial and managerial cost accounting processes; create customized reporting solutions for analysis of business process data and develop for a single-source reporting solution
  • Organized and self-motivated with excellent interpersonal skills, works with a customer-first mindset, consistently builds and maintains effective working relationships. Applies personal ethics, honesty, initiative, and confidentiality in all areas of responsibility; builds trust at all levels and inspires others to also achieve excellence
  • Quickly absorbs technical business information and applies it with understanding, with a consistent track record of successfully supporting technology implementations; constantly seeking continuous learning opportunities via formal training and self-directed education to expand knowledge, remain current with technologies, and further develop skill-sets, while working toward being a subject matter expert, and essentially a “change champion” in support of business strategies and goals
  • Strong ability to analyze and define business challenges, data collection, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions through analytical and problem-solving skills, with focus on solutions; performs detail-oriented evaluation of business processes as a baseline in building and managing requirements; progressive experience in supporting and managing different lines of business (LoB’s) for multifaceted and complex projects, processes, and people; effectively communicates process changes or policy deficiencies to Management and actively partners with key players to implement required change
  • Defines business requirements and researches, understands, and communicates with clarity, the potential solutions between the business and support teams, and across all levels of the organization. Manages integrating / upgrading existing business systems (Accounting, ERP, CRM, Infrastructure, and other various technology systems), to enhance and complement, not isolate, existing systems, understanding how to steward, manage, utilize master data information and bridging the “business to technical” gap, successfully bringing to a close the full-circle of a systems convergence life-cycle (ie. SAP BusinessObjects, SAP BW, MS Excel, MS Access, SQL, SalesForce, QAD, Tableau, QlikView, third-party CRMs)
  • Excellent technology skills and a broad knowledge base for business systems and software; highly proficient with multiple database technologies (SAP Hana, SQL, Access, ODBC, RDBMS, DB2), ERP systems and business modules (SAP, QAD, ORACLE), MS Office Professional Suite (Word, Excel, Access, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, SharePoint, Visio, Teams, Skype, Forms, Project), CRM solutions (SalesForce, SAP third-party CRM addon module), Accounting Software (QuickBooks, FreshBooks, SagePro)
  • Creates complex technical and visual communications using skilled analysis and presentation formatting to clearly convey simplistic or technical aspects of current business process mapping, proposed solutions, product descriptions, user guides, work instructions, network diagrams, logistics; uses illustrations, graphics, and documentation appropriately by applying artistic copywrite credits, notations, and syndications as applicable, making use of multiple applications preferred by the business (MS Visio, PowerPoint, Publisher, Adobe PhotoShop, Illustrator)
  • Fosters a collaborative and transparent work style by spending meaningful time with stakeholders to gain perspective and elicit true user needs in proposing appropriate solutions aligned with business goals. Experience working within, and alongside, the business operations, materials management, production planning, demand planning, procurement, customer service, product owners, sales and channels support and compensation, contracts and pricing, technical / functional business analysts, information technology, and third-party partners / vendors / suppliers
  • In-depth functional and transactional knowledge in SAP ECC across Materials Management (MM), Production Planning (PP), Sales and Distribution (SD), Finance (FI), Controlling (CO), Business Warehouse (BW), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) modules, and third-party add-ons



Full Charge Bookkeeper, Office Administrator and Technology Specialist

  • Manage financial transactions with strict attention to detail; Trial Balance monitoring for outliers; prepare and examine accounting records, financial statements, taxes, and other financial reports; enter, update, and adjust general ledger / journal entries for all financial transactions with strict attention to detail, keeping all accounts up to date and in balance; perform bank account reconciliations; provide year-end support to the CPA in the preparation of income taxes
  • Maintain a coherent and logical business-specific chart of accounts within accounting system software (QuickBooks Desktop Pro, QuickBooks Online, QAD ERP, SagePro ERP); manage documentation filing system for finance in alignment to the accounting system accounts set up; manage business documentation filing system for regulatory compliance and retention requirements.
  • Review, analyze, and process large volume of invoices monthly with cost code assignments, identifying, researching, and resolving any disputes or discrepancies; record all transactions into the corporate internal accounting systems; analyze coding for proper account, cost codes; manage the check run process; reconcile vendor and bank account statements; develop and monitor month-to-month or budget vs actual variance reporting, provide analysis and communication to management; support regulatory compliance and industry best practices/GAAP
  • Manage Accounts Receivable and collections; issue invoices to customers; collect and post customer payments; research and resolve customer invoice disputes; record and prepare bank deposits; manage A/R Aging report regularly to minimize collection efforts and reduce loss for non-payments, simultaneously boosting the invoice to cash cycle and a reduction in the A/R Turnover ratio performance metric
  • Interact with internal and external clients and vendors on a regular basis, cultivating strong, lasting professional relationships; fosters a Customer First work style
  • Execute weekly payroll activities using a combination of processes for in-house employee payroll, a 3rd party payroll service provider and monitor the 1099 contractor payments; manage proper filing of all related monthly, payroll tax documents in accordance with the regulatory agency calendar schedule; support the 1099 year-end reporting process for vendors and contractors; manage W4, W2, and 1099 tax records
  • Develop and maintain MS Excel LOOKUP tool to quickly utilize vendor provided billing data to automatically cross reference the work order number for each billing line item with the corresponding and unique job cost code assignments for expense allocations. Previous process required manual entry into a separate web-based application for each line item.
  • Install, develop and manage industry specific software, including Windows OS upgrades/updates; created a customized MS Access Inventory database and managed the conversion to utilize the new database via the new workstation; manage the connection to the third party software that drives the core of the business revenue.
  • Identify and minimize risk areas in the accounting business processes by implementing internal financial controls and develop a business processes and procedures manual to outline the processes adopted as the business standards and in support of regulatory compliance
  • Set up and maintain data feeds and third-party applications, manage spreadsheets, and extract QuickBooks data to maintain overall data model used in reporting and analysis
  • Develop and provide ongoing management of new business office software and cloud computing technologies using MS Office 365 to support all other non-finance business office tasks (bulk marketing distributions via email, US Postal mail printed materials, group faxing, all graphic design needs, E-Fax, inventory planning with a consolidated view of corresponding forecasted and current production numbers eliminating multiple worksheets for planning review meetings)
  • Design marketing materials for distribution electronically and in print for the weekly campaigns, product price list and one-time events, making use of existing Microsoft or Adobe applications to provide these services cost effectively
  • Publish monthly and quarterly financial reports, including standard financial reports, forecast vs. actual sales reports and inventory-specific financial and sales reports for the product lines


Business Financial Analyst-Remote

  • Manage U.S. Public Sector contracts and required to understand, document, outline, narrate, uphold and report upon the contract Terms and Conditions on behalf of the U.S. Public Sector’s agencies under the Federal Acquisition Regulation
  • Vetting and management of Government contractors, per Government contractor regulations and requirements, for hardware, software, and services contracts
  • Manage and audit pricing for Partner’s sales reporting and administrative fee obligations for the U.S Public Sector and approved sub-contracts for Cisco direct contracts, in alignment with the strict compliance parameters set forth in the contract terms and conditions; perform and report completion for monthly close process for assigned contracts
  • Extract, shape, normalize relational data for analysis; expertise using Excel Power Pivot and Power Query functions; prepared dynamic Excel relational data reports, and interactive dashboard /charts to provide monthly/quarterly sales reports
  • Developed a MS Excel tool to extract master data and contract data information from all relevant sources and make use of multiple business systems to combine current and historical transactional information into a single solution for government specific contract management, transaction analysis, sales enablement, and improving the partner experience
  • Track all activity into internal CMO Database, Smartsheet and Excel tracking files/tools and upload all documentation (emails, files, etc.) into online document repository in real time
  • Assist with creation, validation, obtaining approval and publication of governmental contracts price lists
  • Develop, document and/or enhance new (or existing) business processes to support the growing and changing business requirements and needs of the department or organization
  • Analyze complex processes and related information to develop / evaluate options for automation or improvements


SAP MM, PP Functional Business Analyst and Technical Writer

  • Obtain master data information from all relevant hybrid SCM, MRP and ERP sources (IQMS, Oracle, SAP, GEMS, WMS, Microsoft Dynamics), making use of the multiple business systems to develop a deep understanding of current business processes with a focus on special production planning, material management, and procurement in preparation for the consolidation to SAP ERP; manage contractor payroll and time reporting in Kronos
  • Analyze complex processes and related information in hybrid ERP systems to evaluate options for production planning, materials management, or procurement process automation or improvements for SAP conversion; extract, shape, normalize, and create a data model for the relational data and make use of it to automate business processes related to in-house production planning of colorants, and outsourced kitting production; prepared dynamic Excel relational data reports, and interactive dashboard/charts to monitor KPIs, produce sales reports and develop insightful business analytics related to the execution of the manufacturing process and following through to completed inventory
  • Developed Excel manufacturing execution tool automating production by updating forecast table to actual current production requirements, tracking inventory, redlining inventory shortages and short-shelf life, reducing the process by 2.5 hours per employee/product line
  • Maintain job work code lists, manage Bill of Materials revisions, track raw material inventory and work with purchasing to receive components, coordinate outsourced assemblies and track/monitor stock components, track completed inventory and allocate quantities, set up new outsource vendor projects, manage budget revisions, manage change orders, and manage outsourced production planning for company’s consumer goods cosmetics and hair color product lines
  • Process and distributes daily/weekly/monthly production and financial management reports relating to product production, in-house production colorants and outsourced kitting outputs


Teleflex Medical Business Analyst - Contract Services Team Lead

  • Support medical device manufacturer’s List and Contract pricing from multiple direct and indirect sales channels for all hospital systems and health-care facilities in North America, Latin America and Singapore in QAD and SAP ERP systems; cross-reference information from multiple master data sources, and extract any additional information as needed, to create customized contract usage, material pricing/changes, historical sales, forecast reports, using SAP Crystal Reports, SAP Business Objects, Oracle, Excel Power Pivot/Query; assisted in the development of providing a consolidated and customized Price Book capturing historical sales data, associated pricing (both on/off contract rates), across 1M+ materials, 10k+ contracts, 3 ERP Sales Orgs, 5 lines of business
  • Conduct data mining, data cleansing and report generation and assist with benchmarking of business operations in preparation for SAP conversion. Extract, shape, normalize relational data for analysis; prepared dynamic Excel relational data reports, and interactive dashboard /charts to monitor KPIs, produced sales report analytics for contract renewals
  • Offered direction, instruction, and guidance supporting the scheduling agreements, contracts, and pricing conditions in SAP 6.0. Manage support of shared Inbox and SAP workflow, averaging 260 combined daily requests, conducted research and SAP price discrepancy resolution
  • Assisted with defining business requirements to support conversion of accounts, contracts, products, and pricing to a combined SAP ERP; gather requirements for user acceptance test plans, identify test data, requirements, and master data validation working with transactional data across the materials management, production planning, and Sales and Distribution SAP modules
  • Prepared and analyzed contract expiration reports averaging 150+ contracts monthly, to provide historical sales and forecasting recommendations aligned with business profit strategies; worked with the business units to implement recommendations, and secure approvals / documentation for exception pricing outside recommended guidelines in accordance with the compliance guidelines;
  • Created detailed end-to-end business process mapping converting from QAD to SAP processes used in daily work flow, performance improvement initiatives, building departmental requirements, and identifying success factors
  • Designed, authored, and implemented the online Knowledge Management portal on SharePoint and handled the administration; converted business process documentation to digital formats concurrently updating outdated material for all SAP processes handled within, or in conjunction with, the Sales and Distribution (SD) SAP module
  • Collaborated with the project team in designing a SalesForce web portal application for Quote to Cash and Procure to Pay transactions providing products, contract details, and all relevant pricing from list to GPO (group purchasing organization), IDN (Integrated Delivery Network) or individual entity contract pricing; communicated the knowledge gaps regarding data flow of pricing logic based on maintaining appropriate products to respective sales org / business unit mappings


Bellsouth Communications Systems Project Manager

  • Managed projects for the State of North Carolina resourcefully deploying voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology across 100 counties; three data sites per day, two voice sites per week
  • Developed, maintained, managed, and updated project communication constantly, inclusive of work breakdown structure (WBS), task definitions, deployment schedule and timelines, project deliverables aligned with scope; maintained issues, and change logs, identified risk factors with assumptions or tasks, reconciliation of third-party hardware receipts, inventory tracking by serial number for service contracts
  • Maintain project work codes and budgets, provide technical and administrative support to Project Managers, generate and distribute cost reports, monitor compliance with established corporate Best Practices
  • Maintaining job work code lists, setting up new projects, entering budgets, budget revisions, change orders, and project production quantities in Oracle; manage project team time tracking and payroll in Oracle and Kronos; facilitate reporting of project team resources in BEACON time reporting and payroll approvals to NC State Administrative Office of the Courts (NC AoC) Information Technology and Network Services management
  • Conducts problem solving analysis and recommends clear, concise solutions.
  • Provides administrative support to Project Managers by typing correspondence, drafting/proofing memos and letters, coordinating various project-related meetings, assisting with submittals, copying and distributing plans and specs, administering weekly site management forms, filing, etc.
  • Prepared project documentation and customer hand off files to include infrastructure diagrams, circuit identifiers, and service agreement details, developed per internal and industry standards
  • Assembling, analyzing, interpreting, and summarizing financial data for monthly, quarterly, yearly regional reporting for assigned Eastern NC territory and job/resource cost allocations, perform, research, and report variance analysis, research and validation for exception approvals and sales reporting for an average of $1.2M each quarter across IT projects in NC

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