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Business Analyst Resume

Miramar, FloridA

Experience in designing and implementing complete systems, performing system interfaces, data mapping, data warehousing, and complete software development. Activities included project management, business analysis, new software development and modifications, writing source code, system documentation, post system evaluation, quality assurance, user training and help desk support.

Industries include Reservation, Manufacturing, Aviation, Healthcare, Distribution, Logistics, Demand Flow, Warehouse Management, Financial, and Property Management.

Systems: IBM AS/400, iSeries, IBM 370, RS/6000, Windows networks.
Languages: COBOL, CL, SQL/400, DDS/400, RPG 2 & 3, RPGLE, RPG Freeform, DB2/400, Query/400, SDLC, ODBC, TCP/IP, DDM.


RPG Engineer/Business Analyst Confidential, Miramar, Florida
September 2010 to November 2010
Modify the International Individual Reservation System written on the iSeries in RPG3/RPGLE/Freeform.
Create new RPG Freeform modules and Prototypes to handle International Value Added Tax requirements.
Performed testing, acceptance, and project completion of VAT modifications.

Business Analyst /
Software Engineer Confidential, Atlanta, Georgia
March 1998 to August 2010
Design new systems, custom modifications, and program interfaces to software packages for a variety of customers. Duties included business analysis, system design, programming, QA testing, user training, documentation, and Helpdesk support. Projects included new programming and/or modifications for Harley Davidson, American Standard, Miller Brewery, Singer Sewing Company, Sprint-Nextel, WMS and MFG/PRO. Work was performed on the AS/400, iSeries, Client Access, and PC networks. Data warehousing and metadata were performed using SQL, ODBC, and DDS.
Languages: CL, SQL, RPG3, RPGLE, RPG Freeform, COBOL, Query/400, DDS-Files/Screens/Data Manipulation, PC Support, ODBC, SDLC
Applications: Financial, Varsity, Manufacturing, Distribution, Ledger, Order Entry, Microsoft Office Suite, Implementer Change Management and Robot Scheduler.

I.S. Consultant Confidential, Ft Lauderdale, Florida
November 1996 to February 1998
Design and program modifications to Intrepid software and interface into JDE. Setup/Configure Data Warehousing using Windows ODBC, Client Access, Rumba. Work was performed on the IBM AS/400, Windows 95/NT, and IBM S/370. Activities included the setting up a data warehouse for a single data storage point on the AS/400.
Languages: RPG 3, CL, SQL, Query, PC Support.
Applications: Intrepid Evolution & Decision Master, JDE, Microsoft Windows.

Business Analyst Confidential, Atlanta, Georgia
July 1995 to October 1996
Analyze business requirements for logistics and design software solutions where needed to process and ship orders efficiently. Assisted in AS/400 environment setup, software systems support, programming, and setting up Warehouse Management Systems across the U.S. and Mexico for UPS, Microsoft, Adidas, General Motors and more. Software applications included Preminos, Varsity, and American Software.

Systems Analyst Confidential, Miami, Florida
September 1994 to June 1995
Design and modify reservations and logistics systems including national rental tracking system which supported over 70 AS/400 systems. We not only tracked the vehicles but anticipated and timed vehicle maintenance services. Also designed and programmed communications and transfers between the S/370, AS/400, RS/6000, and PC Networks creating a centralized data depository.

Management Confidential, Syracuse, New York
Consultant February 1994 to August 1994
Design and program custom modifications to vendor software packages. Conversion of S/370 to AS/400 including data and several software systems. Setup and configure multiple remote sites using 5494 controllers for centralized processing. Train users and provide overall system support.

Senior Systems Equitable Real Estate Atlanta, Georgia
Consultant November 1992 to January 1994
ERE is the largest property management and investment company in the world. I came in on the ground floor before the AS/400 hardware arrived and started system design work including analyzing current hardware connectivity and existing software systems. Assisted in setting up AS/400 environments , convert data, and then designed and programmed import and export systems to get crucial accounting information between all systems. Applications included Financial, Property Management and Investment Systems, and SE case tools.

Midrange Confidential, Atlanta, Georgia
Consultant February 1992 to November 1992
Design and program custom modifications to their existing base software packages. Included Queries, Subfiles, Display Files, CL, and much more. Projects included modifications for Harley Davidson and American Standard and Design Flow Manufacturing.

Director of Confidential, Atlanta, Georgia
Information Systems June 1990 to January 1992
Design custom software systems to handle vehicle extended warranty information. Established communication links with United States Auto Club (USAC) and Subaru International to fully automate data transfer between systems eliminating all data rekeying and time consuming paperwork. Implemented a VIN system which verified all vehicle extra options to assure proper insurance premiums were charged.
Manager of Confidential, Duluth, Georgia
Information Systems December 1988 to May 1990
A custom hardware/software support company for which I provided systems design from project inception to completion. Responsibilities included design, development, documentation and programming of applications.

Product Confidential, Atlanta, Georgia
Development Analyst January 1988 to November 1988
Job entailed testing the new AS/400 operating system and compilers. Also included modifying their DMAS software to utilize the benefits of the 400 system.

Bachelor of Computer Science for Business

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