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Software Professiona Resume

New Jersey, NJ


  • To excel in a challenging career in the Information Technology field.


  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science/Minor in Mathematics.


  • Languages: C/C++, SQL/TSQL, VB/VB Scripting, LISP, PROLOG, FORTRAN, ASSEMBLY, JAVA, PASCAL, Perl, UNIX Shell Scripting/Programming, and UML.
  • Operating Systems: DOS-6, Windows 95/98/XP/2000/Vista, Windows NT, LINUX/UNIX/Sun Solaris/AIX.
  • Applications & tools: MS-Office, MS Visual Studio 6: C++/VB/FoxPro/JDK, MS SQL Server, Eclipse, QTP/Test Director, Bugzilla (for bug reporting), BMC Remedy tool, (specifically Change Management and Release Management), Exceed/Hummingbird/Telnet/FTP, MQ series.
  • Database: Microsoft SQL, MS SQL Server, Sybase, DB2, and ORACLE.
  • Internet: HTML, XML, ASP, JSP, SERVLET, VB, and JAVA and J2EE.
  • Networks: TCP/IP, LAN, WAN, Client/Server, Sockets, Protocols and Layering, and Topologies.


  • Independent Computer Software Professional. September 2008-Present
  • Provide business analysis, software design and training for businesses and individuals.
  • Automated business processes for individual businesses and retail businesses by designing MS Excel and MS Access programs.
  • Train individuals and professionals in several software packages.
  • Troubleshoot and maintain computer systems for businesses and individuals.
  • Set up wired and wireless networks.
  • Set up software tools such as remote access, Internet telephony, video conferencing, antivirus software, file and folder security, etc.
  • IT Consultant/Software Engineer. December 2005-September 2008
    Confidential,Mt. Holly, NC – Contracted to Confidential,Wilkesboro, NC.
    • Contracted to the Solutions Delivery Group (SDG) to write and design SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) software.
    • In the first six months of the contract, a member of a team responsible for translating the Store-Systems set of software applications from COBOL into C and C++.
    • As a member of the Software Enhancement team, extensively wrote new C and C++ code applications and enhanced existing applications for new and improved functionality. This involved heavy use of embedded SQL.
    • Major functionalities included, but limited to, Order Management, Inventory Control, Pricing, Store-Distribution Center Communications, and Payment Processing.
    • Heavily involved in scripting. While writing the new C code on the UNIX machine, designed scripts to use for debugging and running the code. That included but not limited to making and manipulating working files and directories, setting access rights to the relevant files and directories, compiling and running the executables, retrieving necessary input from files and/or tables, redirecting the output to text files and/or tables, etc. Because testing was an important part of all phases of SDLC, wrote scripts (C, Korn, Bourne, and Perl) to set up relevant data and execution scenarios for test cases.
    • Designed numerous scripts that were used by the Customer Support Center.
    • Extensively utilized UNIX/AIX server and development environment where all the development and production was performed. Performed system administration tasks such as file setup, file access privilege control, file modification, remote access, file version control, compiler and debugger setup, managing memory and disk space, setting up security configurations, etc.
    • Extensively used a wide range of tools from automated testing to code debugging.
    • Contributed to all phases of the SDLC. Assisted in business analysis and formulating the required documentation; the Request-For-Change (RFC) document, the Business Requirement Document (BRD, and the Business Specifications Document (BSD).
    • Designed manual test plans for all the scenarios created. Designed unit tests, integration tests, load tests, and User Acceptance Tests (UAT). Automated the test plans using Mercury test tools like Quick Test Professional (QTP).
    • Used VB 6.0 to write VB scripts that automatically run the test plans in QTP.
    • Worked with the Source Code Management team to check my version of the code into/out of the code repository of CVS.
  • Database Programmer, POS System. November 2004-April 2005
    Confidential,Greensboro, NC
  • Designed the “Tables” and “Stored Procedures” for maximum efficiency.
  • Managed and resolved design issues during development.
  • Generated reports from the database using PL/SQL and SQL.
  • Performed testing and debugging to ensure Database integrity and accuracy.
  • C++ Tutor. August 1999-December 2002
    Department of Mathematical Sciences, Confidential,Greensboro
  • Tutored students in C and C++ programming languages.
  • Maintained computer hardware and assisted students with a variety of software packages.
  • Associate Programmer. August 1998-May 1999
    Confidential,Greensboro, NC
  • Tested and debugged C/C++ code.
  • Assisted senior programmers in designing software for business institutions.
  • Performed a variety of software installations.


  • Software Engineering: Statistical Data Analysis, Web data retrieval and analysis using C++ and MFC.
  • OOP/OOD: Designed Eight-Queen and Connect-Four games using C/C++.
  • Concepts of Programming Languages: Used Lisp, Prolog, and designed Java Appletts.
  • Algorithm Analysis: Designed known searching algorithms efficiently using C++. Wide range of algorithm complexity analysis, dynamic programming and greedy and graph algorithms.
  • Operating Systems: Used C/C++ to develop and enhance a UNIX-like operating system (NACHOS).
  • Networks: Used C in UNIX to develop a TCP/IP Client/Server application.
  • Database: Used XML/UML, C++, MS SQL server, ASP, and VB script to design an on-line company.
  • Cryptography: Implemented various Public key and private key Cryptographic techniques (DES, RSA, and BLOWFISH) using C++.

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