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Sr. Business Data Analyst Resume

Hopkinton, MA


  • 6 years of IT experience in Business Data Analysis, Design, Development, Maintenance and Documentation for Data warehouse and web applications using ETL - BI tools.
  • Comprehensive knowledge and understanding of Healthcare IT, procurement and portfolio management for large enterprises and Marketing/Financial data analytics to drive efficient Data optics.
  • Extensive experience developing Business requirements documents, High level process flow, technical design documents and efficiently liaise with SME’s to transform business requirements to technical Process modelling frameworks.
  • Experience in implementing and standardizing Static and dynamic business data across the SQL server to increase operational efficiency and identify areas for enhancement and improvisation in existing warehousing servers.
  • Extensive experience using SSRS/BI/TABLEAU analytical tools to visualize and monitor business process to track current performance of key metrics / KPI reports and dashboard business reporting.
  • Efficiently build data pipelines to pull together data from different systems and structure/organize data for use in specific analytics downstream application
  • Data mapping/optimization between the legacy systems and target warehousing servers and examining large and varied data sets to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends and customer preferences thereby help organizations make more informed business Decisions.
  • Comprehensive understanding to upsize, import and integrate data to SQL server/Hadoop File management systems from relational databases like Access /Teradata and create tables, forms, queries, reports, macros and establish relationships.
  • Experience in methodologies like Agile Scrum Model, Waterfall Model and Creating Process mapping on BPMN, Use Cases-Sequence and class Activity diagrams in UML.


ETL Tools: IBM Data Stage |Power Center Informatica |BIQ|SQL Analysis-Integration-Reporting services |IBM Cognos

Databases(CRM/relational): ORACLE |T-SQL - PGSql | IBM DB2| Microsoft SQL server |Greenplum- Confidential |Teradata

Reporting Tools: Qlikview | COGNOS BI| BIRT| Tableau reporter |JIRA Jasper Reports

Programming: VBA| ASP| C++| UNIX Shell scripting

Analytical/modelling Tools: UML|MS Visio|Business Objects |MS excel |BPMN| Tableau Public|SAS


Confidential, Hopkinton MA

Sr. Business Data Analyst


  • Acts as a liaison between Portfolio Management and Configuration Team with focus on business data modelling for data transfer across SAP CRM - BIQ to SQL server and directing analysis with temporary data marts built across MS Access.
  • Forecast and manage risks associated with the business objective and Participate in identifying, evaluating, and configuring processes that are cost effective and meet business requirements.
  • Gathering requirements from stakeholders via discovery sessions, Analyze, define and document Business Requirement, proofing and obtaining approval of documents from stakeholders.
  • Transformation of business requirement document to technical process modelling UML frameworks using use cases/class and process flow diagrams in a high level technical design document working in conjunction with development teams and SME’s.
  • Elicit and develop MS Access Objects like tables, forms, queries to manipulate data from spreadsheets, format custom user forms and create switchboards for easy navigation within access databases.
  • Execute SQL/MDX queries to extract, manipulate, and calculate Costing analysis (Cost reduction, Margins, Pricing, MSRP) across SSIS platforms for fast transaction processing.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of developing VBA scripts for generating dynamic layouts with MS access & ASP web application framework to design the UI for rules engine (Menus, tool bar, custom user forms, dialog boxes)
  • Carry out data mapping, table design optimization to convert data from spreadsheets and corporate Access data marts to SQL server. This included creation of data models, robust data definitions involving entity-relationship-attribute BPMN models, develop front end VB custom user forms to feed manual data into Access, determine table dependency order and develop Triggers.
  • Analysis with Excel's power BI tools using Power PIVOT &VIEW to develop interactive dashboards, conditional formatting and advanced data charting
  • Used SQL assistant for managing repository, establish data lineage among data marts, execute stored procedure custom routines & triggers, analytical functions like percentile &cumulative sum, aggregate (), ranking ().
  • Assisting Quality Assurance in Functional and End to End validation and Provide guidance and oversight for Systems Integration Test Case preparation.
  • Providing management project updates to Integrations leadership.
  • Supporting User Acceptance Testing.
  • Ensure process improvement and compliance in the assigned database module through data segmentation and predictive modelling using power BI.
  • Prepare status reports across SSRS for minimize data Migration errors and monitor data transfer

Confidential, Plano,TX

Business Data Analyst: Finance Analytics


  • Analyze develop and define recommendation in support of MS Access marketing Database and setup \monitor upsize wizard to migrate data to SQL & Hadoop FMS.
  • Critically evaluate information gathered from multiple sources, reconcile conflicts, decompose high-level information into details through process flow diagrams and business use cases to support data Migration.
  • Performance Tuning of existing MS access data mart to include additional forms(functionality), fields and Perform (solution Provider-vendor data) Mining consolidation to ensure accurate product information and maintain vendor/solution data.
  • Prepare solutions with risk identification and financial analyses such as cost/benefit, ROI.
  • Standardize best practices across all telecom supply chain processes, Develop and monitor performance indicator reports for all Secondary Capital markets-supply chain functions using MS Excel Power pivot and SSRS
  • Spreadsheet analysis for profiling erroneous data, descriptive and inferential statistical reporting and analysis in SSRS to monitor product line and customer performance.
  • Ability to execute marketing campaigns and analyze the appropriate business process to complete any requests for pre-analysis in capital markets using Excel's advanced features such as macros, lookup functions, array formulas, pivot tables, conditional formatting and advanced data Charting.
  • Full project lifecycle from tracking technical deliverables, milestone completion, administration, and change management to successful execution
  • Manipulate and process large amounts of structured and unstructured data for conversion to Hadoop FMS and SQL server from Access Data marts with format reporting/interface using Power Pivot and Power Query in MS Excel
  • Create business process inventories and identify opportunities for novel analytics using existing internal business process models and identify new areas for process improvement.
  • Delivers business requirement documents (BRD), functional specification documents (FSD), implementation plans and status reports
  • Extensive experience using ETL process in extracting CRM data from Operational and Legacy Systems to load MS Access and transform with vendor data to load Downstream Application on Hadoop FMS.


Business Data Analyst


  • Formulate and define business scope and objectives to develop Requirement trackability matrix, high level functional documents describing technical details and data work flow.
  • Act as a liaison between client and technical solutions/support groups, to elicit, document, analyze and validate business processes, systems, and solution requirements.
  • Develop and run SQL queries to perform Data Integrity testing on Oracle Database to validate and test data against facets Data tables.
  • Identify and track claim processing, claims repricing, referral management with electronic data interchange module and determine the Billing hierarchies in facets dimension cubes.
  • Timely update of recurrent billing claims and customer service items thereby reducing bottlenecks and automating work to reduce cost.
  • Designed mid and large sized custom user forms using VBA scripting for the digital marketing and micro segmentation teams with respect to pricing and reference data and published detailed insights across MS Share point /excel
  • Analyze and report the business implications of the newer business processes to the current business environment
  • Support and Develop adhoc reports in SSRS to visualize and Assist in streamlined decision-making process leveraging structured and non-structured consumer insights
  • Channelized reference data with rapidly changing market, products and underlying events and establish semantic differences in reference data.
  • Support requirements change management processes and all aspects of the business cycle, including proposals, feasibility studies, and implementation
  • Performed extensive range of detailed processing with facet claim id’s to maintain applications that enable users to control managed health care functions such as Medicare billing, rebates and discount along with maintenance of voluminous data.
  • Support Quality Assurance and Document Test Cases corresponding to business rules.


Data Analyst


  • Develop Use Cases to uncover behavioral and functional requirements of the data mart design and determine whether the stated requirements are clear, complete, consistent and unambiguous, and resolving any apparent conflicts.
  • Develop instructional templates, work processes, call flows and process flow by Collaborating with subject matter experts and system business owners to ensure accuracy of documentation
  • Monitoring, measure and providing feedback on process performance of existing systems
  • Create and manage jobs and sequences to extract allowances, benefits, brokers, claims, members, providers and employee group data.
  • Used several built-in reporting tools for generating data for analysis using Cognos BI, Go Dashboards and SAS/SPSS Base Analysis studio.
  • Optimized Data analysis approach using sumifs, sumproduct, index, match, lookup Functions to simplify anomaly and identify erroneous data.
  • Worked extensively in providing clean reference data for subsequent migration of front-end activity across ASP .NET framework.
  • Designed matrix and tabular reports with drill down, drill through and drop-down menu option using SSRS.

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