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Sr. Business Analyst Resume

Blythewood, SC


  • Constantly achieving top performance standards in every position by working on root issues with quantitative methods and presenting a mission statement, time line, and results to be accomplished.
  • Hard analysis commercial auto and garage maintenance, enhancements and non - conformities.
  • Rating programs including spreadsheet preparation, proposal creation and spec documents for potential carrier adoption of existing business or alteration of line of current business.
  • Project completion is timely and complete in every instance. I posses twenty years of continual growth in the insurance industry.
  • I am experienced in commercial lines, personal lines, excess and surplus, and computer software development.
  • I am an Analytical, results driven developer with extensive involvement in regulation, forms, statistics and, IT, rating, and product Insurance Company development
  • I have been recognized as a company expert by senior management.


Sr. Business Analyst

Confidential, Blythewood, SC


  • Analyzes and documents circular requirements to provide appropriate data to project implementation for base system and client(s). I execute the implementation of these requirements in order for the system to function properly with the updates required.
  • Part of a system migration team to move legacy system data to a new platform.
  • Interaction with stakeholders, technical staff and the testing QA team. To achieve completed accurate results from the planning to implementation stage.
  • Created requirements and spec. Docs.’
  • Along with user guides to new initiatives.
  • SME for standardization of implementation and use of rating and underwriting as it relates to insurance.
  • Interacted with technical staff to resolve and clarify requirement issues.
  • Algorithm, attribute and key review for integration into current system rating structure.
  • Along with all rating requirements consisting of factors, attributes, and full CSP statistical data.
  • If new data is introduced, an approach is determined prior to development of system to in corporate these new changes
  • Analysis of forms, rules, loss costs statistical data reporting, non- conformities, enhancements to the system.
  • Prepares spec documents, and project scope for execution.
  • Performs integration testing of business applications to ensure user ISO requirements are satisfied and incorporated to base system.
  • Configures, implements, and provides complex product support activities to meet ISO requirements.
  • Team member on quote system creation for insurance companies and potential insured’s.
  • Assists in outlining new product/service business case justification to ensure that the proposed solution is capable of delivering articulated business benefits to the client.
  • Provides Mix Metrics information and documentation for easy digestibility by client’s
  • Provides leadership and work guidance to less experienced personnel.

Program Support Analyst

Confidential, Hartford, CT


  • Interpreted existing books of business to successfully obtain contracts between an “A” rated insurance company and our Confidential of my proposal of existing program business increasing our business share.
  • Advised underwriting staff of 10 on carriers new and renewal business, and procedural changes.
  • Developed new method qualitative and quantitative procedural analysis streamlining data collection into cohesive Excel spread sheet collection.
  • Created and implemented questionnaire/supplemental form(s) that became the company standard for new and renewal business.
  • With potential new product development by in house and field analysis.
  • These forms became the company standard for new business and renewals.
  • Informed VP and sales staff of potential issues such as a lack of abuse and molestation exclusion endorsements on existing accounts and solutions such as endorsing the book on renewal to carry these endorsements.

Business Analyst

Confidential, Simsbury, CT


  • Coordinated client manuals to ascertain their filled guidelines, factors against the existing system and new requirements.
  • Lead quality control by reviewing all team member requirements realigning and correcting them into more cohesive and coherent business requirements allowing for more streamline creation of new screen entry.
  • Lead source for insurance company user interpretation.
  • Saved allocated expense time and money by locating programming errors in factors, diagnostics, rating worksheets, rmf, mode rate and algorithms.

Commercial Lines Account Manager

Confidential, Hartford, CT


  • Discovered and corrected a incorrect an agent commission schedule for NY in the existing system by researching relevant state mandatory and optional forms required for coverage whereby avoiding a fine from the NY Confidential .
  • Participated in pre - renewal meetings to review up-coming coverage changes, price requirements and changes in Business Income worksheets.
  • Managed the instruction of the Richmond, VA processing office on issuance instructions, amendments and account status.
  • Created proposals, binders, PSPT s on new and renewal business.


Confidential, Windsor, CT


  • Delegated authority to personnel based on experience, and knowledge of state sensitive issues including promotion or disciplinary action to be taken.
  • Worked in a team environment on the functions of pricing, systems, procedures, contracts, and marketing.
  • Advised management on issues relating to pricing and procedures to make them more cost effective.
  • Analyzed numbers of adversely selected business per territory and suggested guideline corrections to rectify the pricing inaccuracies.
  • Created cheat sheets and approval authority for entry personnel prior to receiving risk for underwriting review.
  • Managed or partially managed several projects including but not limited to new inspection analysis and adoption, enhanced business in new program, and net zero rate increase to new and existing business.
  • Created formatting and user manual for single entry proprietary quote system.
  • Providing agent ease of use and immediately increased production.

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