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Business Analyst Resume

Morristown, NJ


  • PMO, Center of Excellence
  • Function point analysis to measure productivity, cost, quality
  • Software quality management, performance metrics, agile project consulting, IT governance, Disaster Recovery
  • Proficient in all MS Office programs (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, Access)
  • Technical background in SQL, and some HTML


Confidential, Morristown, NJ

Business Analyst


  • Responsible for requirements validation and estimation for Confidential client.
  • Also facilitate JAD and JAR sessions.

Confidential, Malvern, PA



  • Responsible for project estimation and productivity metrics performing function point counting and imparting knowledge of the methodology to many Confidential 500 clients, including Confidential and Confidential .
  • Counsel clients on process improvement and cost effectiveness.
  • Recognized for negotiating skills with overseas clients.

Confidential, Warren, NJ

Business Analyst


  • Business analyst for Global Transaction applications.
  • Translated user requirements into system specifications. Negotiation with overseas clients.
  • Responsible for project manager compliance with SDLC and documentation standards.
  • Ensure that peer review meetings are held Bring all project stakeholders together Inspect all documents and ensurte timely delivery
  • Ensure all sign - offs and approvals are obtained Monitor budget and estimate compliance
  • Ensure proper testing has been conducted Perform final project approval Interface with internal and outside auditors
  • Also was responsible for authenticating and certifying all function point counts for an organization of 400 people and several hundred applications of varying technologies.
  • Work with project managers to ensure the counts are done on time.
  • Train, assist and consult when necessary.
  • Provide upper management with productivity metrics.
  • Inspect documentation for and performed code migration to production. Documented COB plans for organization of 3000.

Confidential, SOMERSET, NJ

Quality Analyst


  • Specialized in collecting the required project metrics for this effort. This led to an independent organization initiating a software capability evaluation which is the year - long final step in the process.
  • To make it easier for auditors hired by a client company to validate CSC s project metrics, created a new methodology to assess the difficulty of projects through matching system requirements to function points assigned. Guided analysts so their requirements were numbered according to a scheme.
  • The auditors completed their job in much less time and in turn, the client was delighted.
  • To monitor maintenance requests more effectively, created a new problem tracking tool; devised a spreadsheet that highlighted outstanding action items for weekly status meetings. This made it easier to establish priorities and enhanced client satisfaction.
  • To improve delivery time for project estimates, devised a project estimation matrix.
  • Presented a system in which project managers could easily define milestones and their associated estimates. Succeeded in receiving completed estimates by 100%.
  • To speed up the final function point count revision process, researched and restructured the procedure.
  • Identified projects on the schedule, and established a new policy for proactive movement of information from project managers.
  • This resulted in delivery of project metrics for the previous month s delivered projects by the 15th of the next month, where previously this task had not been completed until the end of the next month.

Confidential, NJ

Business Analyst


  • Supervised maintenance and trouble shooting team for business customer credit application.
  • To help Confidential & Confidential launch a new credit card, led a product project management team encompassing members from several states.
  • Directed, scheduled work, and initiated weekly status meetings, and reported results to upper management.
  • This resulted in the successful roll out of a product that combined a credit card with a calling card.
  • To quickly recover databases in the event of a crash of an accounts receivable system, devised an application which imposed a new coding standard for programs which updated the databases.
  • After implementation of this application, recovery time was reduced dramatically.
  • To let an application talk to another application written with a different software, designed a new interface which identified data elements common to both, and wrote a new procedure which synchronized the information.
  • This resulted in a cost savings because the first application did not have to be rewritten.
  • In order to help upper management understand the use of project charge numbers, interviewed subject matter experts to verify facts, and created an appealing graphic presentation pre - PowerPoint.
  • This resulted in these managers distributing this presentation to project teams nationwide.

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