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Sr. Architect - Business Process Analyst Resume

Memphis, Teen


  • Business process and IT analyst and architect with 30 years of cross - functional experience in engineering, manufacturing, quality control, IT and IS environments and positions.
  • Well evolved methodologies and standards (requirements, modeling and documentation) for the identification, definition and analysis of enterprise software intensive systems.
  • Extensive experience and ongoing research and development in enterprise process modeling, and business process analysis.
  • Recent experience and research with the development of Six Sigma, ITIL, CMMi, Sarbanes-Oxley and metrics related to monitoring of applications, services and processes.
  • Current and ongoing professional development in end-to-end Enterprise Process Analysis, Modeling, Management, Integration and Improvement (EA & BPM), Systems Engineering (SE) Requirements Engineering (RE) & Requirements Management (RM), Model Driven Development and Enterprise Architecture via TOGAF. New areas of research include the Resource Description Framework (RDF), and the Semantic Web and the interrelated technologies and vocabularies; taxonomies and ontologies.


Adobe: Acrobat 6.0 Pro, PageMaker, FrameMaker + SGML, FrameMaker 6.0 + WebWorks (XML), Illustrator and PageMill

Arbortext: Epic Editor 4.3

EMC: Documentum

OMG.org: BPMN 1.0 & 2.0, UML 2.0, SysML 1.0, SoaML 1.0

Sparx Systems: Enterprise Architect ver. 6, 7, 9, 10 Professional Edition, own ver. 12.1 Ultimate - For project Mind Mapping, Value Chain, Balanced Scorecard, Strategy Mapping, Decision Trees, UML and BPMN 2.0 Modeling, Requirements Traceability (RTM) and Tracking, documentation.

Microsoft: DOS 6.2, Windows95 - XP Professional, SharePoint 2003 & 2007, MS Office 2003 & 2007, MS Visio 2003 & 2007, MS Project 2003, 2007, 2010, MS Project Server

IBM: Rational Enterprise Suite version 2000.02.10 April 2000, RequisitePro and SoDA versions 00 and 13

BPM: Business Process Management, Business Process Modeling, Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN), Business Process Improvement, Process Re-engineering, Business Process Mapping, Business Process Analysis.

IDS Scheer: ARIS Business Architect, ARIS Confidential

Software AG: webMethods Designer 8, CentraSite ActiveSOA

Oracle: Oracle 10g & 11g BPA and BPM, (Business Process Composer, Business Process Studio, Business Process Workspace) SOA Suite

RDF: RDF/RDFa vocabularies - FOAF, SIOC, DOAP

MISC: HTML, DHTML, XML, XHTML, Debian Linux, Novell and openSUSE Linux 10.1/10.3, Ubuntu 9.04, SQL, MySQL 4 & 5, MySQL Workbench 5.1, phpMyAdmin, WampServer 2.0b-i, Drupal 6, SDLC


Sr. Architect - Business Process Analyst

Confidential, Memphis, Teen.


  • Contracted to develop and/or improve upon existing process models and model levels using Enterprise Architect ver. 12.1 from Sparx, in support of and traceability to Value Stream Mapping and Safe Agile initiatives.
  • Additional work improving BPM Methodology and BPM Team Procedures documents, developed an introduction to business rule and decision table modeling, as it relates to EA Sparx and DMN 1.1 and expediting the training of new contractors.
  • Shared deep knowledge of Enterprise Architect ver. 12.1 with BPM Team members and Business Architects for improvements in model capture and communication across various stakeholders and groups. Introduction to EA 13.0 and new features also conducted.

Sr. Business Process Analyst



  • Initially contracted for Services sales support regarding business processes for clients, which was extended into determining internal business processes for potential upgrade and migration to new systems and applications.
  • Additional work conducted to develop a webinar series for Enterprise Architect from Sparx.

Business Process Engineer



  • Utilizing IBM Blueworks Live, develop current and future-state process models for existing applications and workflow as part of a business process improvement initiative.
  • Helped to evolve current BPM methodology.
  • Initiated development of process models for CignaAccess, OneView and a conceptual Volume to Value future-state business model for Cigna.

Technical Consultant, BPM Process Architect

Confidential - Charlotte, NC


  • Focus is on gathering requirements for Current-state to Future-state COTS applications, systems and business process modeling (BPMN 2.0) utilizing Sparx Enterprise Architect 9.3, Fit / Gap Analysis for directing merger efforts and Future-state support.
  • Approximately 3 months I was asked and agreed to take on the additional role of group mentor, due to my years of experience, knowledge and practical approach.
  • Working along side another 'lead' and mentor we are updating the existing Confidential "Requirements Analyst Best Practices" document, and updating a supporting internal knowledge web site for RAs.
  • I am also placing additional emphasis on identifying, capturing and modeling business rules as part of the BPMN 2.0 effort using Enterprise Architect, for the Duke Nuclear Merger group of projects.

Business Process Analyst

Confidential, Little Rock, Arkansas


  • Write, review and analyze business and functional requirements and establish traceability using Enterprise Architect ver. 10 from Sparx Systems, in support of the new Confidential.
  • Comparative analysis to other State HIX requirements; MD, MN and MO.
  • Assisted with identifying setup requirements for Enterprise Architect repository utilizing MySQL and subversion control.
  • Identify and develop 'To-be' business process models (BPMN 2.0) and business rule logic, based on CMS reference process models and existing State (Indiana) flow charts for MAGI, Non-MAGI and Eligibility & Enrollment process models.
  • Proposed the establishment of EA training and EA based framework and methodology for BPMN 2.0, UML 2.0 and SoaML 1.0, for all HIX processes, services and business architecture, traceable to the proposed CMS MITA framework.

Business Process Architect / Enterprise Architect

Confidential, Ft. Meyers, FL


  • Analyze and model ‘as-is’ and ‘to-be’ process models using Oracle BPM 11g tool set
  • Identify business logic and business rules and establish business rules management
  • Collaborate with business groups and IT to deploy target process models
  • Train and mentor user groups on using Oracle’s BPM tool set and BPM as a whole
  • Business Process Modeling
  • Business Rules
  • Business Process Architecture - Top down, bottom up.
  • Migrate Process Models from Oracle 10g to 11g platform
  • Develop and implement process workflows using Oracle’s BPM 11g tool set
  • Identify opportunity for SOA develop (BPEL and web services) for hand-off to development team
  • Define BPM and SOA Lifecycles in relation to Oracle 11g BPM tool set and SOA suite as part of establishing a composite BPM-SOA governance model, Process Practice department and BPM CoE.
  • Identify ADF development for hand-off to the ADF specialist developer

Business Process Management Analyst/ IT-Enterprise-BPM/SOA Architect

Confidential - Raleigh, NC


  • Developed and published standards for process development tool usage and process modeling
  • Developed and published guidelines and best practices for process development tool usage and future process modeling, process simulation, KPI capture and BAM
  • Established multi-level process meta model and process metadata
  • Directly participated in defining the process metadata repository requirements and identifying reporting needs for conducting impact analysis at various points in the development lifecycle
  • Established process taxonomy (classification)
  • Developed a QA process for process mapping and modeling
  • Developed and delivered training to current and new users
  • Capture and document all project requirements and use cases
  • Lead the development and creation of a business process management governance model that can be used to automate process development workflow through the use of policies
  • Define and communicate process naming and numbering standards, guidelines, and best practices
  • Assist Smart Grid teams in developing their approach/framework for process development
  • Development of process modeling best practices and standards
  • Development of a set of process components for expediting process modeling deliverables
  • Support Software AG webMethods Designer 8 tool; 2nd level support for tool users
  • Assist teams in upgrading to new tool release through new training

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