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Sr. Business Systems Analyst Resume

Warren, NJ


  • Lead Business Analyst having 8+ years of experience in the IT industry actively operating in technical and functional roles with first - hand experience in multiple sectors such as E-commerce, Supply Chain, Inventory, Warehouse, and Order management systems.
  • Skilled in efficiently handling operations pertaining to Scaled agile framework (SAFe), Data integration, Data warehousing, and System development lifecycle projects in Agile and Waterfall methodologies.
  • Adept in Requirement Elicitation techniques and E-commerce omnichannel fulfillment, and acted as a liaison between technical and business stakeholders in devising, managing, and supervising the analysis of complicated business processes.
  • Skilled in defect lifecycle and testing lifecycle management.
  • Knowledgeable in supply chain management and operations management analysis related to measuring vendor performance, improving supply chain efficiency, managing inventories, and handling orders. Proficient in utilizing and customizing tools for integrating different platforms together to achieve a desired result.
  • Experienced in collaborating with teams in developing enhancements and improvements to applications, and have been actively involved in integrating CRM and ERP tools together for improving inventory management and e-commerce website enhancements to drive sales of product and improve user interface to meet the necessary requirements.
  • Possess a dynamic functional knowledge of various SalesForce and SAP modules for efficient data integration, automation, inventory data management, pipeline management, streamlining workflows, and software as a service (SaaS).
  • Self-motivated, adaptive, versatile and experienced in collaborating with multiple teams and resolving conflicts whenever necessary, and possesses excellent organizational, communicational, and interpersonal skills.
  • Adept in multiple requirement elicitation techniques such as interviews, document analysis, brainstorming, joint application development (JAD) sessions, and conducting requirements workshops to efficiently enhance or build an application/website capable of meeting project scope and stakeholder’s expectations.
  • Expertise in designing Business process model notation (BPMN) using swim lanes and Unified Modeling Language (UML) diagrams such as activity, use case, and sequence diagrams to showcase business process flow of the system and relationships between that exist between their components and actors using MS Visio and Lucidchart.
  • In-depth knowledge of Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in traditional methodology such as Waterfall and Agile methodologies such as Scrum, Kanban, and XP cloud-based for on premises application/website development.
  • Proficient in assessing epics, user stories using the INVEST criteria into tasks using the SMART criteria and developing requirement artifacts such as Business requirement document (BRD), Functional requirement document (FSD/FRS), System requirement specification document (SRS), Requirement traceability matrix (RTM), Wireframe, Mockups, Prototypes.
  • Expertise in understanding the “As-Is” system to visualize the “To-Be” system using GAP Analysis and performing SWOT Analysis, Cost-Benefit Analysis, Risk Analysis, Feasibility Study, Fishbone Analysis, Tree Hypothesis, Benchmarking, and Root-Cause Analysis for gauging, assessing and validating results with regards to requirements.
  • Experienced in collaborating with Product owner (PO) to create suitable user acceptance criteria, and prioritized user stories with techniques such as Kano model, MoSCoW, 100-point method and used estimation techniques such as Planning poker, T-shirt sizing, Bucket-sizing to allow for smooth design, development, and testing.
  • Proficient in working with Product owner (PO) in using slicing techniques such as vertical slicing and horizontal slicing to slice epics into user stories to perform a successful sprint with necessary deliverables.
  • Collaborated with Data Architects in creating conceptual and logical data models, and documented data migration plans.
  • Performed source system exploration, data profiling, data assessment tests to ensure data has been migrated successfully.
  • Knowledgeable in profiling extracted data for data cleaning and transformation with regards to target format.
  • Extensive knowledge of warehouse architectures and assisted data architects and analysts to setup dimensional models considering the facts, dimension, and lookup tables to design snowflake and star schema.
  • Assisted data architects in creating OLAP data cubes and performed various operations such as slicing, dicing and pivot to ensure data usability and reliability for data analysis, and validated cubes with data architects to ensure data integrity.
  • Performed extract, transform and load (ETL) processes with developers on legacy systems data to be stored as historical data in a data warehouse for analysis. Queried data using SQL commands such as Select, Insert, Update, Joins and Procedures.
  • Possesses a functional knowledge of cloud migration and other migration services using AWS Aurora as a database.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of various Data Warehouse architectures such as federated, hub and spoke, independent, centralized, and a great grasp on operational data stores (ODS) and data marts, and schemas such as Star/Snowflake and Galaxy Schemas.
  • Expert grasp on different types of OLAP Cubes such as MOLAP, ROLAP, and HOLAP and performing different OLAP techniques such as Roll-up, drill-down, slicing, dicing, and pivoting for improving data analysis of historical data in data warehouse.
  • Aided technical team in carrying out ETL (Extract Load and transformation) process using tools such as Informatica power center and used its repository and workflow manager to compare repository objects, create tasks, and design workflows.
  • Utilized MySQL workbench to analyze complex data usingCRUD operations in resolving data redundancies and dependencies.
  • Worked with testing team in performing automated tests, non-functional tests such as security, resilience, performance, and accessibility tests, and functional tests such as sanity, regression, and smoke tests to ensure application/website performance.
  • Experienced in facilitating user acceptance tests with testing team and ensuring that it met the user acceptance criteria, additionally, documented reviews and feedback on those tests to ensure successful deliverables to meet client requirements.
  • Possesses functional knowledge of JSON, REST, SOAP, and XML.
  • Acted as an Agile coach to technical teams to train them on multiple agile methodologies.
  • Possesses a functional knowledge of API documentation and testing tools such as Swagger and Postman.
  • Generated and presented multiple reports using reporting tools such as Tableau, PowerBI, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Office.


Methodologies: Waterfall, Scrum, Waterfall scrum hybrid, Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe), Extreme Programming (XP), Kanban, Six Sigma.

Modeling Tools: MS Visio, Lucid Chart, Balsamiq, Draw.io, JustinMind.

Project Management Tools: MS Office, MS Project, JIRA, Confluence.

API Tools: SOAP, XML, Swagger tools, POSTMAN.

Statistical tools: Minitab, Microsoft Excel (2016, 2019, Office 365).

ETL Tools: Informatica

Reporting Tools: Tableau, Microsoft Excel, PowerBI.

Databases Tools: My SQL, Oracle DB, SQL Server, Mongo DB.

Testing Tools: HP ALM, HP QC, Testim, Selenium.


Confidential, Warren NJ

Sr. Business Systems Analyst


  • Responsible for an all-inclusive strategy plan for MuleSoft data integration from project initiation to completion.
  • Elicited data integration requirements from SME’s (Subject Matter Experts), clients B2C team, database administrators, and functional managers by conducting techniques such as JAD sessions, brainstorming sessions with team, and interface analysis to understand the current system and envision what the new system must in corporate for Omnichannel systems.
  • Collaborated with clients, lead team members, business users, and vendors to identify requirements for the development and testing team to carry out document analysis on existing ERP, CRM, and retail systems.
  • Performed a GAP analysis to visualize the process of “AS-IS” flow to determine the process of the “TO-BE” flow to obtain the necessary GUI (graphical user interface), non-functional, and functional requirements for the new system.
  • Created user stories and updated them on Jira for future resolving and maintained reports and documents on Confluence.
  • Assisted PO (product owner) in creating user acceptance criteria and definition of done.
  • Designed Mockups and Wireframes using Balsamiq and created UML diagrams such as Activity, Sequence, and Use case diagrams using Lucidchart for the client’s high-level understanding of the software models to elicit quick feedback.
  • Performed source system exploration in order to identify sources of data and strategically profile them in categories.
  • Facilitated Data architects in designing conceptual and logical data models to visualize the relationships between entities and created data mapping documents to display data flow between SAP and Salesforce.
  • Supervised data cleaning for data integration and assisted developers in creating connections between legacy data and in house system data Furthermore, collaborated with developers and testing team to successfully perform data integration processes between SAP and Salesforce database using MuleSoft as an API.
  • Aided testing team in performing multiple API tests using MuleSoft’s Anypoint platform to ensure it met the company’s security, scalability, and reliability standards, and supported testing team in writing test cases and user acceptance tests for e-commerce website enhancements and application data integration process.
  • Facilitated developers in designing inbound service system for supplier and vendor system unification.
  • Aided technical team in designing multiple page layouts, tabs, user profiles, and product category pages using Salesforce commerce cloud e-commerce platform, and validated whether the final product met the requirements.
  • Facilitated demo sessions during sprint reviews with PO for immediate feedback on any issue or bug fixes whenever needed.
  • Conducted validation tests with QA team to ensure that the final system configuration meets business requirements and reviewed UAT and QA scripts.

Environment: Agile (Scrum), Salesforce CRM, SAP ERP, Salesforce Commerce Cloud, MuleSoft API, Jira, Confluence, MySQL server, MySQL shell, Mongo DB, Elasticsearch DB, Apache Kafka, Spark Streaming, Tableau, Microsoft Excel.

Confidential, OH

Business Systems Analyst


  • Assisted and worked with Project manager in creating and assigning tasks through work breakdown structure (WBS).
  • Gathered requirements from technical and non-technical end users and documented them as per client defined format keeping the development and testing team in mind to achieve specific project deliverables.
  • Used elicitation techniques such as document analysis, interviews, and interface analysis to gather high level and low-level functional and data requirements, and performed GAP Analysis to understand the As-Is architecture and To-Be architecture.
  • Responsible for creating and maintaining project artifacts such as functional requirement document (FRD), requirement traceability matrix (RTM), business requirement document (BRD).
  • Assisted Project manager in reviewing principles of scrum with team and designating scrum roles for hybrid environment.
  • Collaborated with development team to design wireframes, mockups, and data architecture diagrams for the client’s high-level perception of relationships existing between different facts, dimensions, and user interface of the website.
  • Advocated team to use JIRA for updating epics, issues, and user stories, and Confluence for sharing and collaborating together.
  • Documented guidelines, technical requirements, and updated RTM for BigCommerce integration with existing website
  • Assisted clients web design team by integrating Bigcommerce with their e-commerce website to enhance its SEO and UI/UX.
  • Guided clients front end team in assessing user interface of website to ensure system integrity.
  • Assisted data architects in creatingdata models and data martsthat support thebusiness intelligence data warehouse.
  • Created a data mapping document containing the source and target systems for creating links between distinct data models.
  • Performed data analysis on source and target system data to profile data sets together for ease of work during extraction, transformation and loading (ETL) process. Assisted design team with conceptual and logical models to describe the data in detail for execution and ensured that the documents are detailed and have enough information for assisting the technical team.
  • Stored data in a temporary staging area prior to data cleansing and transformation for ease of subsequent data processing and integration, and assisted developers in creating data warehouse (DW) usingfacts and dimensions in star schema.
  • Participated in bi-weekly retrospectives with development team and project manager to discuss changes after user feedback.
  • Tested BigCommerce implementation with technical team for improved search engine optimization, user interface, customer experience, bugs, issues, and errors. Aided developers and testing team in performing unit tests, UI/UX tests, integration testing, system testing and ETL testing to ensure data integrity throughout the data warehouse.
  • WroteSQL queriesto query data from Data Warehouse to perform data retrieval, manipulation, and analysis.
  • Used Tableau to create customized dashboards showing various key performance indicators (KPI’s) of data in data warehouse for marketing, sales, and customer analysis.

Environment: Water-scrum-fall, BigCommerce e-commerce platform, Informatica, Microsoft Project, Jira, Confluence, Tableau, Microsoft Excel, MySQL server, Microsoft Word, Office 365.

Confidential, Columbus, OH

Business Systems Analyst


  • Responsible for documentation such as project plan, project schedule, stakeholder register, resource requirements, risk register, issue log, and change requests.
  • Collaborated with multiple cross-functional teams through all the phases from concept to implementation while working closely with SMEs, and business clients while performing cost benefit analysis and identifying solution options.
  • Conducted one-to-one meetings and web-conferences as well as JAD sessions with different stakeholders; analyzed & came up with suggestions providing consistent process for the communication and resolution. Lead requirements elicitation and analysis, validation and verification, ensuring that requirement statements are complete, consistent, concise and comprehensible.
  • Translated business requirements into epics, enabler stories, and user stories and managed changes to those requirements.
  • Extensively utilized automation in JIRA to automate repetitive issues, bugs, and user stories, for updates to agile teams.
  • Actively participated in inspect and adapt PI (product increment) planning meetings to gain insight on upcoming sprints.
  • Created multiple documents using various templates in Confluence for ease of statistical analysis using visualization tools.
  • Used JIRA with Confluence for multiple teams to have an enterprise level access to statuses of requirements, documents, epics, enabler stories, and user stories configurated for workflows, fields and reports.
  • Worked with Team SAFe architects in developing a framework for understanding warehouse management processes, ongoing changes, order management system, order management processes, product packing, picking, and processing.
  • Developed in-depth familiarity with relationships that exist between team level and program level SAFe of warehouse management applications while developing knowledge of how supply chain business users utilize the WMS applications.
  • Coordinated with lead developers to introduce AWS Aurora as an external database to the system using MySQL as a database.
  • Assisted design team in creating UML diagrams, wireframes, mockups, business process model (BPMN) for customizing Salesforce CRM to improve their order fulfillment, inventory management, and analytics.
  • Supported Product Management in PI planning meetings to get teams adjusted and prepared for upcoming sprints while ensuring they understood business context and delivered high business value.
  • Advised BA in backlog refinement meetings, sprint planning meetings, sprint reviews and used prioritization techniques such as MoSCoW and Kano models, vertically sliced user stories, and used estimation techniques such as T-shirt sizing and Planning Poker to successfully perform sprint and deliver PSPI (Potential Shippable Product Increment).
  • Coordinated with product management and testing team to validate PSPI for ART (Agile Release Train).
  • Worked with delivery team leaders and technical architects to assess the feasibility of solutions and to determine the optimal solution approach for delivery systems.
  • Assisted external systems shared resources for tracking systems developed by external partners are appropriate and meet business requirements.
  • Scribed test cases and test plan with testing team using Test drive development (TDD) to allow for quick bug and issue fixes and tested AWS Aurora for triggers, tables, keys, indexes, and data integrity with existing SQL server.
  • Collaborated with business partners in supply chain to achieve user acceptance and drive completeness of tests. Engaged with business users and delivery partners to develop test scenarios and detailed test scripts.

Environment: Agile (SAFe 4.6), AWS Aurora, SalesForce CRM, Unified modeling language, Jira, Confluence, Agile Release Train (ART), Program SAFe, Team SAFe, MySQL server, PSPI.


Business Systems Analyst


  • Analyzed the project scope and objectives and advised clients & technical delivery team with a roadmap to accomplish project goals. Conducted interface analysis for frontend and backend data integration with database admins and SMEs.
  • Oversaw interview sessions and identified the configurations that the order management system (OMS) must include.
  • Assisted PO in initial product vision meetings to determine MVP (minimum viable product) and MMF (minimum marketable feature) to understand user requirements for creating user stories following INVEST criteria.
  • Collaborated with technical architects, lead developers and SME’s in JAD sessions to establish the project vision and analyze trade-offs between usability and performance needs.
  • Worked closely with design team on UI/UX to create wireframes, mockups, prototypes using Balsamiq to visually represent functional and GUI requirements for optimized client feedback.
  • Prepared functional design workshop plans and agendas for each workshop with Product owner (PO) and Scrum master.
  • Lead functional design workshops with client stakeholders and technical architect to elicit low level functional requirements.
  • Prepared data flow diagrams, conceptual data models, and logical data models containing entity relationship diagrams (ER) for different OLTP systems and data mapping documentation with required metadata to build dimensional models.
  • Detected implementation gaps across ERP (SYSPRO) and e-commerce website and helped deliver OMS as part of the supply chain and omni-channel programs.
  • Advocated resources and services of ASP.NET technology to the lead developers for transactional and database middleware.
  • Wrote SQL queries with lead developers to fetch and analyze data for horizontal integration process between SYSPRO and e-commerce front end. Aided the development team to manipulate the source and target system to receive requests in XML format.
  • Assisted PO to populate and refine product backlog, slice PBIs vertically and horizontally into user stories to meet DOR (Definition of Ready) & DOD (Definition of Done) and managed expected results by defining user acceptance criteria.
  • Assisted PO during sprint review meetings in demoing sprint increments that met DOR and user acceptance criteria.
  • Implemented multiple transactional and database middleware and verified whether it met the FIX protocol to verify interaction between front end and back end and enabled the new distributed OMS to communicate with web services in XML format.
  • Supported QA teams in preparation of test documents like test plans, test scenarios, test cases and traced them to user stories with help of Requirement Traceability Matrix (RTM).
  • Managed defects on JIRA, validated and assigned them to technical team for remediation and closure and updated Confluence with the necessary documentation.
  • Worked on designing descriptive & diagnostic reports and dashboards on Tableau for client’s executive team to monitor gaps and improvements over time.

Environment: Agile (Scrum), OMS, ASP.NET, SYSPRO ERP, FIX protocol, SQL server, MySQL, Ajax, Salesforce CRM, MySQL Database, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark.

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