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Agile Coach/ Sr. Scrum Master Resume

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  • Resourceful, dynamic Agile Coach and Certified Scrum Professional with over 8+ years of experience working withsmall and large organizations, product development teams, maximizing innovational business strategies, with a commitment to superior customer centricity and continuous delivery of value.
  • Customer Centric with a focus on early and continuous delivery of value.
  • A keen servant leader who inspires teams to inspect, adapt and become high performing, self - organized while delivering high quality solutions within short cycle times. Adept at rapidly identifying and removing impediments,while working with teamsacross different geographical regions and time zones giving me broad noledge in coordinating and facilitating multicultural and virtual teams.
  • Experienced in all phases of teh Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC); and an excellent noledge of several Agile frameworks likeSCRUM, KANBAN, SCRUMBAN, XP and SAFe.
  • Broad and in-depth noledge of Agile Transformations and Change Management.
  • SAFe, Kanban, Scrum
  • IT Governance in Scrum
  • Coaching and leadership
  • Backlog Refinement
  • Risk management
  • Team Leadership
  • TEMPEffective change Agent
  • Jira Administration
  • Pair Programing
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Waterfall
  • SDLC
  • Customer Orientation
  • Global Delivery
  • Data Governance


  • JIRA, Confluence
  • Agile, SDLC, Rally
  • Scrum, Kanban, SAFe
  • Azure Boards
  • Azure DevOps CI/CD
  • Project Management
  • MS Office Teams
  • SharePoint
  • Slack, Miro, Skype
  • Office 365
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Pega (BPM)
  • Google Cloud (GCP)
  • Oracle GG
  • AWS



Agile Coach/ Sr. Scrum Master


  • Identified Value Streams and facilitated teh creation of new scrum and Agile teams within a SAFe environment.
  • Planned PI and Iterations for teh Agile Release Train (ART). Coach, mentor and facilitate team activities through teh PI with focus on value delivery
  • Worked with teh Product Management team in teh proper definition of Features and made sure teh product owners had a clear picture of teh expectations and MVP.
  • Facilitated Scrum of Scrums and PO Sync and made sure everyone was aligned to teh common goal and vision.
  • Worked with stakeholder and management to create a Lean Agile Center of Excellence (LACE) to halp drive and promote teh Agility within teh organization.
  • Identified Value Streams and Launched ARTS based on these various value streams.
  • Measure and Grow: Set up Metrics and workshops on teh Agility Health Radar to enable teh company to constantly take teh pulse on progress thus enabling quick feedback loops and continuous improvement
  • Used proven techniques to guide teams to continuously improve and move to high performance.
  • Instilled teh growth mindset within teh organization with emphasis on continuous improvement.
  • Participated in workshops and sessions to educate individuals within teh organization on Agile values, principles and practices.
  • Assessed teh maturity of teams within teh organization and coach teams to become cross functional and high performing.
  • Encouraged timely completions of tasks in teh most cost-TEMPeffective manner while working to resolve impediments encountered by teh teams.
  • Collaborated with teams to set clear goals and ways of achieving these goals with teh best Agile practices.
  • Facilitate Scrum Ceremonies; Daily Scrum/Stand-Up, Sprint Review, Retrospective meetings and Backlog refinement.
  • TEMPEffectively captured and use metrics such as Sprint Burn Down charts, Velocity, Commitment Reliability to measure teh overall progress of teh team and also support data driven decision making.
  • Assisted teams to become self-organizing by consulting with teams on action points, coaching teams to drive and own their own processes and encouraging them to identify and deal with issues as they arise thus building confidence and sense of ownership.
  • Helped teh Product Owner efforts to manage teh Product Backlog and instituted team grooming sessions for production backlog health.
  • Shielded teh team from internal and external distractions, identify, remove and/or escalate risks and roadblocks to relevant management and stakeholders.
  • Helped build a trusting and safe environment where problems can be raised without fear of blame, retribution or judgment, with an emphasis on problem solving.
  • Design Thinking and emphasis on Customer Centricity, making sure dat continuous value delivery and customer satisfaction is our number one.
  • Created an Agile Playbook for teh organization documenting teh steps of teh Agile transformation and setting up standards with regards to People Processes and Tools.

Confidential, NC

Agile Coach/ Lead Scrum Master


  • As Agile Coach and Scrum Master I have teh opportunity and responsibility to train different department heads on agile values, principles, and mindset.
  • Guided teams through teh Agile implementation journey, encouraging stakeholders and leadership to embrace agile thus enhancing teh agile transformation journey.
  • Developed and delivered structured and working implementation phases from exploration, discovery, design and deliver. Sustainability is Key.
  • Attended Scrum of Scrums and PO Sync halp sync team’s progress and enable alignment.
  • Facilitated team’s planning meetings.
  • Showed teh values of lean flow, transparency, continuous exploration, and continuous improvement.
  • Planning and driving scrum team’s work and remove impediments which will prevent successful Sprint life cycle.
  • Forecasting sprint iterations with teh Product Owners and concerned business partners.
  • Managing/controlling scope and coaching individuals in Agile processes and tools
  • Guiding collaboration on test efforts from strategy, planning, development, and execution
  • Helping teams to clarify goals and ensure activities are on-track and focused.
  • Conducting sprint Demo and Retrospective
  • Demonstrated ability to ensure teh correct use of Scrum process.
  • Ability to communicate to a wide variety of audiences, both business and technical
  • Demonstrated ability to develop and maintain system documentation and proper reporting.
  • Proven ability to work independently with minimal direction and monitor and eliminate team conflicts.
  • Strong risk, business impact analysis, and reporting skills.
  • Facilitated and worked with teh SAFe Implementation Team

Confidential, CA

Agile Coach / Lead Scrum Master


  • TEMPPrincipal Coach and facilitator in a new Agile transformation environment.
  • Coach and trained management in adopting teh agile culture and a growth mindset.
  • Assess and identified teh tipping point; Set up an Agile Implementation Road Map
  • Went through teh Exploration, Discovery, Design and Delivery phases of transitioning to agile.
  • Created new agile teams from scratch and identified teh stages to get them to self-organizing, cross functional and high performing. Set up workshops.
  • Coach and guide Product Owners to INVEST in good user stories and estimation techniques.
  • Servant leader and trainer to struggling teams as they grow into agile while undergoing a transformation.
  • Worked with team to stay focused on value delivery and not teh process so they stay aligned to Agile principles.
  • Work with teams to prepare for and plan informatively during sprint Planning, with focus on identifying dependencies and impediments and guiding them towards communicating or managing them.
  • Track risks and dependencies within teh team for visibility while guiding towards proper removal of blocker to increase productivity and reduce defects.
  • Use Burn down and Burn up charts as well as CFD to pull key matrixes for easy reporting and progress tracking purposes.
  • Motivate teams to transform and adopt Agile processes to meet their goals through creative thinking and accountability and adoption of team charter norms.
  • Work with teams to assess progress, improvement opportunities and celebrate every stride in their Agile transformation journey.
  • Active participation in discovery sessions, interviews, document-reviews, plan setup, plan configuration with clients.
  • Protected team from internal and external distractions to halp them focus on daily Dev activities to be productive and completing tasks.
  • Actively participated in sprint planning activities, daily stand ups, sprint reviews, sprint retrospectives andconflict resolution meetings

Confidential, SAN ANTONIO, TX



  • Involved in gathering and synthesizing business requirements, and translated into functional and non-functional requirements to be used as input to teh functional design specifications
  • Prepared workflow diagrams in MS Visio for teh System
  • Worked on use cases document teh flow of teh system comprising of pre-conditions, success scenario, alternate flows, post-conditions, and special requirements
  • Prepared supplemental specifications to document field and data mappings and High-Level Design (HLD) of teh system
  • Created Application profile and conducted DCO sessions.
  • Wrote and reviewed scope, use case and supply specification document with teh internal teams and client
  • Conducted JAD sessions with various stakeholders, and tracked leads to elaborate on teh developed requirements, discuss, and resolve open issues.
  • Interfaced between teh Development/ QA team and teh Client Service team.
  • Help team track and resolve impediments by finding teh right personnel to resolve them, escalate when necessary and protect team from external interferences.
  • Work closely with product owners in backlog refinement using different prioritization methods to meet user needs.
  • Enforce teh practice of having stories in “Ready” state before sprint planning.
  • Help team become performant by completing committed tasks each sprint.

Confidential, ADDISON, TX



  • Extensive work in budget planning and management, personnel recruitment
  • Schedule planning and team building as well as overall project planning, management, and reporting.
  • Built Oracle Data Guard (physical, active standby) databases and routinely tested and validated teh disaster recovery strategy using SWITCHOVER and FAILOVER techniques
  • Periodically refreshed/cloned Dev/Test/QA databases from production using Data PumpExport/Import, RMAN DUPLICATE & ACTIVE DUPLICATE
  • Provided all aspects of database support in a 24x7 shop
  • Upgraded databases to latest Oracle versions of 10g and 11g.
  • Implemented oracle PSU and CPU Patches as recommended.
  • SME on oracle FLASHBACK, logical backups (using Data Pump API) and physical backups using

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