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Business Systems Analyst Resume Profile

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Confident, motivated, and resourceful professional who can connect business strategy with customer needs. Experienced in quality assurance, report development, testing, coaching, client service, and project management. Seeking opportunities in either familiar or new industries, to further my acumen in the fields of Report Administration, Business analysis, or Customer Service.


  • Served as a focal point for diverse member communication integrating project task issues.
  • Initiated and guided sub-teams to perform in parallel to resolve task and time issues.
  • Collected quantitative and qualitative data, of project team members for performance analysis
  • Managed focus-groups to ensure discussions and decisions lead toward acceptable project closure
  • Advanced technical knowledge by taking concurrent virtual coursework and maintaining community presence on within computer science forums MSDN, MIT OCW classes, Python.org

Business Systems Analyst

  • Lead analyst advising on all enhancement projects, error management issues, and process migrations for client entitlements and trade application security. Lead representative gathering requirements, managing expectations, and defining scheduling with internal stakeholders. Coaching teammates with trade application use, reporting generation process, and role submission forms.
  • Team respondent during SOX audits for account access using role-based administration control RBAC methods. Provided authorization nuance to Compliance and outside Auditor displayed with reports of all procedures. Reports provided clarity on the number of roles, roles with account access, roles with multiple access, defined client vs role, specified entitlements, and determined allowed role-to-role interactivity.
  • Developed progress reports using Business Intelligence Development Studio SSRS for the Supervisory desk for Senior Management trade dashboards. Per client request reported information of prior trades, daily trades per account, number of trade errors by specific traders - data rendered into Excel for charting
  • Facilitated Change Management and Quality Control reports for project enhancement initiatives - for both the Integration and Testing phase and the Acceptance and Deployment phase of SDLC. Verified transition from Development to Production with SQL and validating UAT before proceeding to stakeholder sign off.
  • Assigned profile security using RBAC methods. Formulated local Access table from flat data of new client users, requested entitlements, and task assigned to enhance CSR knowledge-base. Contributed to customer security resolution by providing immediate but temporary access overrides, when authorized.
  • Ensured appropriate entitlement access for internal auditors, analysts, and developers. Created an Excel report used for trade error sampling, assigned access of supervisory accounts, and Quality Analysis QA efforts. Aided in data collection for rapid development of enhancements, part of the IT SDLC strategy.
  • Collaboratively created requirement specifications documentation for role security processes. Liaised with both system analysts from Application Development department and Process Analyst from business-side silos to create a wire-frame flow chart explicitly defining user acceptance validation requirements.
  • Supported integrity of entitlement process during conversion from static forms to a dynamic application. Ensured minimal necessary manual validation by replicating report functionality before data migration.
  • Daily Liaison with multiple internal silos regarding trade actualization errors and live customer resolution issues. Subject Matter Expert and customer service support for eight legacy trade applications - Bear Network, BearTrade, Oasys, FIX, Rep Order Entry, MorganMarkets, As400 Rhumba, and Transact Tools.
  • Arbitrated errors between broker/traders and exchanges, viewable on any of the above systems. Advised client of work-arounds of known issues, documented requested enhancements, and tracked in Remedy. Carefully managed often aggravated clients and maintained a calm and competent demeanor, at all times.

Supervisory Systems Analyst

  • Maintained the business-side known issues database, tracking application issues. Generated transparency reports for management, escalation, and priority for the International Client Service Desk in Cognos. Liaised with various managers and correspondent IT services across EMEA to maintain a consistent knowledge-base of trade issues of the Change Management ERP DB.
  • Subject matter expert for the Client/Trader security process. Daily Liaison with multiple internal IT silos regarding RBAC and future entitlements - as well as creating BRDs detailing this work.
  • Created a desk local error tracking DBMS to prepare enhancement requests from clients. Tables included known errors, ongoing 'work-arounds', escalation priority, historical error datum, associated trade tool, client assigned CSR, and frequency of complaint.
  • Collected data of RBAC and provided quality assurance using Business Intelligence Development Studio to give context to developers of various enhancement projects. Assessed client information integrity and tested trade enhancements with all trader, broker, and institutional applications.
  • Acted as Customer Service Representative CSR to enhance issue awareness between vendor client and trade desk. Implemented and announced work-arounds for new and ongoing issues, maintained a limited database with all existing and updated work around procedures including the indicated Remedy IT Service ticket to track the development of its resolution.
  • Designed training materials for new employees of the electronic trade infrastructure desk regarding financial business logic, security authorization database, and associated trade rules. Maintained mentoring relationship with many project subordinates and overseas IT development professionals.
  • Tested all middle-tier applets for client trader entitlement, security enhancements, and RBAC.

Project Management Analyst

  • Designed and taught the Project Management Office Clarity PPM training regimen for all IT Managers. Dispersed media included all references to responsibilities for the System Development Life Cycle SDLC implementation under department procedure. Tutorials included PM methods specific to Clarity Workbench, procedural requests for canned report customization, attributing project resources, and displaying account data for status reporting.
  • Provided Quality Assurance for Clarity PPM pilot and roll out. Pilot analysis determined bottlenecks, isolated training solutions to smooth adherence. Released by silo afforded tailored demonstration and training. Scheduling one-on-one coaching for analysts and managers as necessary.
  • Approved training plan roll-out and ensured official PMO strategy compliant additions. Reviewed student surveys and converted 'most appreciated' training content to virtual class, best practices, guiding videos, and FAQ Files - leveraged against all ongoing initiative policies and corporate vision.
  • Collected business requirements for specific IT Silos customizing existing canned reports. Created a BRD establishing UAT criteria for designed reports built in Cognos Framework Manager. Created various sample pivot tables and data cubes to display how the resource data might be displayed in Excel charting and analysis.
  • Managed followup Excel training classes to underscore resource, budget, and schedule options in Project management. Due to the number of requests this was added virtual training and forums. Topics included using Excel as a database, ,
  • Managed conversion training from MS Project to Workbench during Clarity PPM implementation. Provided Customer Service for application differences between Workbench and MS Project.
  • Developed new Clarity PPM reports using Cognos for legacy MS Excel reports. Provided automation and transparency of Excel reports that would not be migrated to Cognos. Maintained a Senior Management report in Excel detailing account results, providing project transparency across all IT projects in the pipeline.
  • Provided blackbox testing of all applets for client trader entitlement, security enhancements, and RBAC provided by Application development. Provided basic analysis and structural testing of many published Excel based reports by my peers on the electronic support desk.

Business Analyst

  • Analyzed department document management customization procedure to determine consistency with policy. Built a BRD detailing desired enhancements to be migrated under new server architecture. Designed a streamlined process BRD, created visual process chart presentation, and created a preliminary plan of the VBA applet with error validation, UAT, and roll-out schedule for review.
  • Collected further data from Subject Matter Experts and surveys. Updated plan documented current activity noting redundant or unnecessary processes for group review. Plans created using a Unified Modeling Language UML , Excel, and MS Visio.
  • Led a joint department project to develop a custom Document Management System DMS using VBA over an MS Access managing project workflow, stakeholder approval, and user acceptance.
  • Maintained continuous stakeholder management, gathering requirements, establishing requirement prioritization, defining scope of enhancement, define and collect performance metrics, develop time estimates, schedule change process, validate performance metrics, and acquire stakeholder approval and sign-off.
  • Created initial dashboard design of pre-'Enterprise Content Management' ECM software installation. Used application meta-data gathered from departments linked to Institutional Pensions. Governing contract customization frequency, boilerplate analysis by client, contract servicer analysis time per instance, and insurance rate variance by client.
  • Developed a formal BRD activity and process analysis of reports, pension creation per client, and task assignment to client preferred Contract Servicer. BRD's were submitted to Project Management Office for the InSystems DMS implementation initiative. Converted custom VBA application into business intelligence specifications during ECM phase.
  • Produced business rules implemented on the InSystems ECM business rule layer. Including reports which replicated customized applets in the VBA system
  • Remained the primary CSR between IT and the Legal Compliance, Pensions Savings, and Contract Sales silos during and for the InSystems implementation project and process.

Technical Summary

Languages: VBA, Visual Basic, T-SQL, XML, HTML, FIX protocol

Applications: MS Excel, MS Project, MS Word, MS Access, SSRS, BIDS, OpenCalc, OpenProj, Lotus Notes, AS400 Rhumba, Transact Tools, Omgeo Oasys, Rep Order Entry, Aegis Fix Client Simulator, Actuate, Clarity PPM, Workbench, InSystems, Visio, Visual Interdev, Photoshop, Dream weaver, SERFF,and UML

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