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Senior Business Analyst Resume

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Dallas, TX


  • Senior Business Analyst with more than 15 years’ experience in a wide range of Full Project Life Cycles for Fortune 500 companies and global market.
  • Have led and managed key projects such as, CRM Business Process Improvement, Cloud and Data Migration, ERP, Decision Management and CRM, Payroll systems in Agile/Scrum environments.
  • Successfully worked in delivery of Finance Processes and Systems such as Fair Pricing, High Yield and Loans, Asset & Investment Management, AML, Fair Credit Reporting, CDD and KYC; for the financial markets in Global and Emerging markets.


Software: PLM, Workflow, Microsoft Package namely Excel (E.g. VLookup, HLookup, IFs, Pivots), Projects, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word, Lotus Notes, Jira, Confluence, Onbase Workview, SharePoint, HPQC,. eApp, iConnect, Regulation E.

Modeling Tools/ Activities: OneTrust, MATLAB, SAS, Python, Visio, UML, PEGA7, Prince2, BPMN 2.0, Lucid Charts, Burn Down Charts, PHP, SQL, ServiceNow, ADP Streamline, SAP. SSIS, .NET.

Analysis: SWOT, MOST, Five Forces, Value Chain, PESTLE, Gap Analysis, Financial & Risk Analysis, Cost & benefit Analysis, Variance Analysis; Data Privacy Analysis within Agile and Waterfall environments.

Requirement Gathering Techniques: Interviews, Questionnaires, Observation, Workshop Facilitation, Past Document Review, Piloting, Prototype, and Cognitive Work Analysis.

Documentation: Terms of Reference, Business Case, BA Plan, Scope Specification, Access Solution Feasibility, Project Charter/ Initiation Document, Progress/Milestone Report, Functional Specification, Test Completion Report, Data Mapping, Data Dictionary.

Regulatory Documentation: Personal Data Process Document, TOMs, SLA Document, Data Dashboards, Regulatory Rules Assessment, High Presentation Proficiency, Extreme Attention to Detail, Cognitive Thinking, Fluent and Concise Oral and Written Communication skill, Capability to Adjust Rapidly to New Situations, Recognition for Outstanding Performance and Exceeding expectations, Effective Stakeholder and Time Management Skills.


Confidential, Dallas TX

Senior Business Analyst


  • Created Flows for Ui
  • Lead and worked assiduously with the Policy, Regulatory and Legal units to review the Requirement documents with regards to the company’s overall operations in California and 13 countries in Europe
  • Created Process Flows, Work Flows and Data Flow Diagrams
  • Painstakingly created the drafts used as guidelines for implementation across impacted business units
  • Elicited all functional and non - functional requirements for the configuration of the OneTrust tool
  • Created UML and BPML Workflows, Process Flow Maps and Data Flow Diagrams and analysis based on the OneTrust framework
  • Modelled the Wireframe for each validated function for the seamless deployment of the OneTrust technology
  • Worked as Subject Matter Expert for different workflow areas such as Process Optimization, Mitigation and Reporting, Policy Creation and Content Review
  • Reviewed, and analyzed requirements from the CCPA regulation articles in relation to various systems and business units within the organization
  • Created and managed CCPA traceability matrix to create consistency among cross-functional teams while leveraging on internal tools and automation to effectively level out the needs and pain points highlighted across different workflows
  • Conducted workshops and interviews with the relevant stakeholders to gather requirements. Created blueprints used to gather client business requirements.
  • Defined the functional needs used for the configuration of the ERP, CRP solutions and; ensured the configuration the SAP platforms clearly complied with the regulation based on ADP methodology.
  • Responsible for identifying data for conversion and responsible for all documentation.
  • Responsible for amending customization after the cases of legal changes and; enlarged the scope to meet the evolution of client business requirements. Was actively involved in optimization and evolution of the template and module.
  • Ensured compliance to existing, and development of required data reporting standards. Ensured the integrity of the finance configuration of the SAP system.
  • Created the template for management of Risk, Assumptions, Issues and Dependences (RAID Log) which was also adopted by the Project, Policy and Legal Teams for tracking the entire project on Excel.
  • Gave guidance and support to internal technical and project teams. Created Test scripts and worked actively with the Test Team in conducting the UAT across the concerned business units. Noted the feedback from the stakeholders and worked with implementation team to ensure the solution reflected the missing requirements.
  • Created process flow maps and drafted comprehensive training manual detailing and adapting the affected business units from warehouse operatives to management.
  • Critically created a Reporting System to the EU Commission in compliance with GDPR. This necessitated the employment of the Data Protection Officer (DPO) as well as outline the responsibilities for the office.
  • Worked in check with 3rd party suppliers to ensure they fully understood our organization’s CCPA requirements for consistent implementation
  • Updated documentation to reflect new builds or decommission activities and provided input to improve deployment processes
  • Facilitated and participated in scrum meetings - sprint review, daily scrum, and retrospectives to ensure consistency overboard.
  • Took ownership of issue investigation and resolution.
  • Created a version control system for all projects documentation on SharePoint
  • Created scripts for UAT and conducted the tests

Confidential, Michigan

Senior Business Analyst


  • Created Process Flows, Work Flows and Data Flow Diagrams
  • Reviewed audit reports and draft responses sent to the State Supervisors.
  • Created process flows for remediating issues such as customer reimbursements.
  • Drafted all documentations and created diagrams to enhance policies, controls and process flows.
  • Performed Data Collection, Barcoding and Label Generation on Info LN platform
  • Carried out Time, Attendance and Labour Reporting
  • Gathered functional requirements for Info RN Analytic Dashboards, Supplier and Dealer Portals
  • Carried out Value-at-Risk/tracking error using ERP analytical and historical methodologies.
  • Conducted stress testing, including user defined scenarios and shocks.
  • Organized workshops and facilitated multiple meetings with a suite of stakeholders to gather requirements for target deliverables such as Fixed Income, High Yield & Bank Loans, and various Account Systems.
  • Gathered requirements from the for the successful designing and development of the payment acquiring system
  • Reviewed, modified and created technical design documentation to ensure the accurate development of the reporting solution
  • Closely partnering with and supporting engineering, manufacturing and quality assurance associates while utilizing the change control project
  • Initiated process improvement and implemented database tracking system to increase traceability and improve test coverage for requirements by 20%. Estimated major points of contention among team as additional benefit
  • Conducted research on industry verticals to help with prospecting for new partner engagements
  • Researched and analyzed the innovation ecosystem for IoT and awareness of key accelerators, VC’s and other thought leaders in the space
  • Worked on User Interface development across 4 systems, involved in discussion on how the systems would communicate, identifying payloads and drawing Mockups of User Interface
  • Clarified and prioritized requirements by conducting brainstorming sessions with the stakeholders and SMEs
  • Deployed Microsoft security and application as well as 3rd party application patches to Windows application server
  • Created Entity Relationship Diagram to visually describe how entities relate to another and to connect business concepts to database structures
  • Validated KYC and CDD system deliverables to meet requirements and supported Technology teams in the entire delivery process
  • Analyzed, prioritized and documented requirements with respect to SAP enterprise resource planning for AML solutions
  • Supported strategy and execution of testing and provided trainings on the new functionality as well as documentations including procedures and user guides for the entire business process improvement
  • Managed the implementation of Quality Management Systems in specified business units and systems
  • Coordinated and participated in Agile ceremonies; Daily Stand Ups, Sprint Planning, Sprint Solution Design and Retrospective scrums
  • Created scripts for UAT and conducted the tests

Confidential, New York City

Senior Business Analyst


  • Senior Lead over a team of 15 Business analysts and three Work Streams on the entire SDLC on Agile/Scrum Environment
  • Created Process Flows, Work Flows and Data Flow Diagrams
  • Created Workflows and Process Maps to capture the functional requirements based on the project demand for the different countries.
  • Worked assiduously with UI and UX teams to elicit requirements and create User Stories
  • Identified cross-functions for the HR and Accounting processes and systems through Requirement Elicitation meetings with Project Team members spread across four countries in different time zones; onsite and virtually.
  • Researched and documented the various statutory requirements for computing payroll systems for 16 different countries.
  • Created the Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) through daily Scrum and Retrospective meetings with both onsite and offshore stakeholders including, the Legal, Policy, Accounts, PM and IT Development teams
  • Secured signoffs from relevant stakeholders and created Use case Diagrams and Descriptions on Visio.
  • Created User stories based on stakeholder requirements on JIRA to streamline the HR and payroll requirements using ADP methodology
  • Secured signoffs and created Process Flow maps.
  • Created a Version control matrix for all Project documentations
  • Created Traceability Matrix keeping tracking of all flows across different countries
  • Worked closely with the Project Manager to create a concise Risk Management Log System using HP Quality Centre
  • Contributed immensely to the creation of the Test Scripts and provided technical support to the test team
  • Served as Gateway for all Project Documents on SharePoint
  • Created scripts for UAT and conducted the tests


PM / Senior Business Analyst


  • Gathered functional and non-functional requirements through meetings with relevant stakeholders.
  • Created Process Flows, Work Flows and Data Flow Diagrams
  • Analyzed the AS-IS process along with the requirements and subsequently created the TO-BE process working in collaboration with the marketing and IT units.
  • Created business cases and completed the relevant project documentation in line with outlined stakeholder requirements and created flow diagrams for the requirements processes using Visio.
  • Interpreted competitive marketing strategies through analysis of related product share trends and markets
  • Managed migrations to newer Mainframe platforms that included Unisys, IBM, Axway Hitachi systems.
  • Handled cost and benefit analysis for diverse marketing campaign projects
  • Captured business functional and non-functional requirements in the requirement catalogue and ensured requirement documentations are clear and easy to understand to ease the process of getting stakeholder approval
  • Acted as the gatekeeper managing all the change requests received by the project team and carried out the impact analysis highlighting the costs and benefits
  • Worked closely with 5+ internal parties in the region and was able to track competitors pricing and sources and acquired and provided information for reporting and budgeting
  • Analyzed and identified the pressing customer issues that provided the largest revenue generation and cost savings - the revenue and saving figures were typically in the millions
  • Conducted research on industrial and commercial IoT products; and further developed knowledge of globally available and its relevance to the potential market
  • Effectively assessed and mitigated project risks and dependencies facilitated workshops where activities were checked against promises and commitments and communicated effectively to teams and project stakeholders.
  • Worked with Design and Test teams to ensure that appropriate testing documentation was created to ensure that the delivered solution was in line with the requirements
  • Identified, documented and resolved project issues using the RAID management technique and ensured the risk log was constantly updated
  • Worked closely with the marketing unit to document the Standard Operating Procedure of the project to ensure consistency in delivery
  • Also provided technical support for dashboards, reports and other tools
  • Participated in creating general administration of active directory and Microsoft exchange to create, edit and maintain user accounts, mail contacts, mailboxes, distribution groups, organizational units and access permissions.
  • Analyzed all relevant data on in-scope users; categorized, rationalized and modeled the data set to scope the project effort on Workview platform.
  • Created communication briefings for the leadership and developed supporting documentation such as talking points, 1-pagers, Vision decks to assist with consistent communication
  • Monitored the implementation phase and was responsible for preparation manuals, staff training, etc.
  • Created a version control system for all projects documentation on SharePoint
  • Created the template for management of Risk, Assumptions, Issues and Dependences (RAID Log) which was also adopted by the Project, Policy and Legal Teams for tracking the entire project on Excel.

Confidential, Philadelphia

Senior Business Analyst


  • Elicited and documented functional and non-functional requirements from stakeholders relevant to the migration programme.
  • Created Process Flows, Work Flows and Data Flow Diagrams
  • Modeled and produced TO-BE business process from AS-IS processes using UML creating custom and standard report summarizing financial, business or economic data for review by managers, clients, executives and other stakeholders
  • Facilitated Workshops and meetings with stakeholders at various levels within the organization to reach a common agreement on the migration design
  • Discovered patterns and anomalies in data using ad hoc query/visual discovery and articulated the structure, components and relationship of data models
  • Recorded data specifications for the business intelligence and information technology reports, dashboards and other outputs
  • Maintained interface mapping tables and configuration of data for relevant units
  • Interacted with implementation teams to develop transformation plan for transformation events and consolidated plans into business unit plan. Also supported the overall transformation plan
  • Tracked requirement status throughout the project in order to assist in the enforcement of data migration project schedules and deadlines
  • Participated in user management and access control in an audited environment
  • Identified RISKS and structure Issues for different business units in relation to the data migration, ran accurate analysis and incorporated recommendations, focused on results.
  • Worked to a waterfall methodology in Tranche 1, changing to Agile/Scrum methodology in Tranche1.5
  • Worked closely with the Project Team to prioritize and agree on delivery of analysis service in line with the migration implementation deadline
  • Maintained consistency especially and integrity especially for accounting data through maintenance of documentation for system support functionalities and controls
  • Worked collaboratively with Functional owners, Business Analysts and Business IT on upgrades, enhancements and production fixes
  • Provided support throughout the project lifecycle to design team and development teams and was involved in change management and User Acceptance Test processes - test script preparation, execution and training of end users.
  • Worked as liaison between the business partners and the IT implementation team to align ServiceNow with the organization IT strategy.
  • Gathered and documented requirements for configuration/customization of ServiceNow System including workflow.
  • Created UML and BPML processes for developing, testing, deploying and updating workflows and approval flows and rules.

Confidential, Dallas, TX

Business Analyst


  • Facilitated interviews and works to generate functional and non-functional requirements used for end to end solution design and integration plan.
  • Created Process Flows, Work Flows and Data Flow Diagrams
  • Worked to accelerate the Business CRM initiative by leading the PMT CRM Excellence Centre, executing best-practice solutions, and governing change management.
  • Created UML and BPML diagrams and Wireframes for development and maintenance of specifications, application function and implementation of the ERP system.
  • Performed end-to-end tracking, troubleshooting, root cause analysis, and resolution for financial applications obtaining additional vendor support necessary
  • Worked closely with IT team for the set up, configuration, testing and troubleshooting of modules, including Inventory Management, Sales and Order Management and Procurements.
  • Elicited entire project requirements and created Process Flows for Nuance’s CRM Application, including Salesforce.com; focusing on Service Cloud and Communities.
  • Actively participated in all Scrum and retrospectives with IT Developers; as well as CRM strategy sessions with Commercial Excellence Leaders.
  • Created Process maps to measure, assess, and improve CRM end-user engagement and adoption across PMT commercial platforms; monitor KPIs for CRM Efficacy and end-user satisfaction results.
  • Worked as SME and lead BA for GAP analysis.
  • Provided project estimates to the Project Team as part of planning activities in the Agile Sprints delivery timelines.
  • Actively participated in using CRM workflow technology to automate business process
  • Confirmed technical feasibility of the of the solution.
  • Worked with onshore and offshore development and implementation teams; and provided extensive support for the CRM Application customization.
  • Assisted the QA team to draft test cases for the over project testing.
  • Created version control system for post-project management of all Project documentations on the SharePoint.

Confidential, Cupertino

Business Investment Analyst


  • Worked as the liaison between the business teams and the Project Development team; supporting the internal improvements and client data feeds.
  • Worked with the QA team to draft comprehensive Test Script as well as provide support to the Test team all through the testing phase.
  • Involved in the review of the scope of the project and all available documentation to properly understand and develop the Target Operating Model (TOM) for the business
  • Worked with Investment and IT teams to create Traceability Matrix, UML and BPML diagrams; to properly capture client feed delivery and automated data feed systems.
  • Created data mapping specifications together with the data and technical architects which helped avoid several potential issues
  • Gathered, analyzed and delivered documented business requirements using case diagrams and requirement catalogue, and effectively communicated and secured review and approval from stakeholders.
  • Assisted in performing mild, moderate, high and very high complexity into business processes, SOPs, system documentation and work instruction working collaboratively with the BAs
  • Involved in managing small stand-alone projects within the Virtual electronic circle project
  • Working closely with Senior Business Analysts in providing support to the development team and dealt with queries they had until the end of the project lifecycle
  • Created scripts for UAT and conducted the tests

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