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Lead Business Analyst Resume



With my powerful passion, extraordinary confidence, and unlimited fun in Information Technology entrepreneurship embedded with my 19 years of multinational professional experience and credientials; I am ready to make a creative commitment with an organization by presenting the following plan of actions to create novelty, cause and durable values in future:

  • With the Locomotion of my unlimited fun, full time undevided focus, together with whole heart and soul in Information Technology; I will do the needed IT Project Management job exceptionally superb. No excuses, No space, and No options left for failure here I am clear that I have no doubt at all. Success in the next project management is the only one ultimate option and remaining driving path, dedicated goal and determined destination for me, because this comes straight from my heart and I have an absolute conviction and certainty in it. And my conviction and certainty are from my pure PASSION, unlimited FUN, EXCITEMENT and THRILL in information technology.
  • By building, developing and designing this project together with my super star team, a sense of cohesiveness, true trust and belongingness to each other and for each other will appear in my team uniquely. With these new born super spirit and inspiration; my team will produce meaningful values, unique contributions and make special impacts first around my team spontaneously, and around the entire organization instrumentally. This is a stage where a heightened sense of new energy, creations and momentums will surround and circle my team. This is an individual win-win situation and internal team victory at my team and for my team. I am clear that my superstar team will not be in rest nor will be tired until and unless the already deserved results and rewards are produced. Because I know that my team will already not just only be in center of motion, emotion and momentum but also be in fun, excitement, and thrill. Passion, positive energy of light, and wisdom will lead us.
  • With these all new dynamics again; my team together with the whole organization will reach its short term results, returns and rewards, also profit, progress, and prosperity. This is our team winning and our organizational victory.
  • Then, my super star team as a leader in our organization and also staying in the core of the heart at our organization; will inspire, spark and influence the upper management to reinvest these already booked wins and victory for long-term corporate goals, progress, growth and success.
  • Then, this new reinvestment will trigger a long term positive values; not just only profit, progress, success and growth, but also unlimited Fun, Excitement and Thrill, also the durable values: Wealth, Health and Happiness for all spontaneously.


  • Natural skills in project management life cycle & tools as SWOT, PESTEL, MOST & GAP.
  • Have innovative ideas to create value driven business plans, business cases, and marketing plans.
  • Exceptional skills to create a step by step Action Guide for IT Business Analysis.
  • Highly talented in requirements: gathering, analyzing, documenting and validating.
  • Can simplify complex business difficulties into solutions towards value creation.
  • Superb skills in Business, Functional & Non Functional Requirement Documents.
  • Skills in creating templates, use cases, flow-charts, activity, sequence & state chart diagrams.
  • Detail understanding of the capability maturity model and SDLC methodologies: Waterfall, Agile-RUP, Spiral, and Scrum, Prototype, JAD concepts.
  • Have complete knowledge of STLC, preparing test: plans, scenarios, case design, Requirement Traceability Matrix, and manual testing.
  • HAVE ALL WHAT IT TAKES to create a step by step Action Guide in IT Healthcare Business System Analysis.
  • Have depth understanding of Healthcare industry: domain knowledge & terminologies, government regulations & rules: 2008-NPI Mandate, 4010-5010 HIPPA conversion, healthcare reform-2009, ICD9-ICD10, claim process and procedures.

Experience, Expertise and Accomplishment:

Confidential ,NY

Lead Business Analyst

Project Description: Confidential is a leader in investment banking, financial services for consumers, small business and commercial banking, financial transaction processing, asset management and private equity in Nepal. This project is about Financial Transaction warehouse and work on multiple projects in Order Management and Revenue Recognition. My responsibilities include all functional aspects of the implementation- participation in product roadmap, release features, understanding business requirements interaction with users and development team, and also requirements gathering, product features, traceability and UAT.


  • As an SME on the order management system , I am working through all phases of the project as a functional and implementation expert for the application. I involve in both functional process discussions and technical designs and reviews . Responsibilities such as requirements gathering, process redesign, optimization and implementation of business best practices, technical design and review and implementation.
  • Performing Requirements Gathering and Analysis, interviewed the SME (Subject Matter Experts), and ensured that contributors and all key stakeholders were motivated to complete assigned tasks.
  • Responsible for ensuring all clients are invoiced within set guidelines.
  • Debiting clients and posting the relevant accounting entries.
  • Acts as key contact for the Client service groups to resolve fee billing queries.
  • Preparation and posting of monthly accruals.
  • Compiling a monthly trend report.
  • Preparation of month end processes, including reconciliations to the Balance Sheet.
  • Calculation and reconciliations of the Transfer pricing process.
  • Provides input and support to the fee billing team.
  • Emphasis on continuous enhancement of processes, controls and documentation.
  • Performed Gap Analysis to identify the deficiencies of the current system and to identify the requirements for the proposed system.
  • Managed the Requirements (Business as well as System requirements), performed requirements analysis along with the creation of Use Case Scenarios. Modeling of the business and application using Rational Unified Processing (RUP) and Unified Modeling Language (UML).
  • Responsible for Documentation in each phase of RUP Methodology, Risk Assessment, and Validation & Verification process.
  • Facilitated Joint Application Development (JAD) Sessions for communicating and managing expectations.
  • Managed the approved changes when and as they occur by regulating the flow of requested changes.
  • Working with the development team to make sure that they understood the user requirements and that the system developed met those requirements.
  • Worked with the Project Manager on various Project Management activities like keeping track of Project Status, Deadlines and Compliance Issues and the security of important information.
  • Responsible for providing the UAT test cases for short duration projects.
  • Acted as a liaison between business departments and the IT development team.
  • Created the as-is model of the system, performed complete gap analysis to identify problems in the existing system, evaluated risks and provided recommendations for to-be model.
  • Performed Data Auditing for online security standards compliance.
  • Worked with the testing team to analyze the test results of the application.
  • Participated in User Acceptance Testing.
  • Worked on Data analysis and Database management.
  • Worked with the project manager for planning and organizing the project activities, and in communicating with other business center mangers and stakeholders of the project.
  • Worked independently with minimum supervision as part of a dynamic IT team.
  • Provided regular verbal and written status reports to IT management & business community; published meeting minutes and maintained project plans.


Business Developer:


  • Advised a value driven business plan for IME.
  • Helped to establish an office for IME.
  • Wrote a rock solid value driven business plan.
  • Advised a unique niche marketing strategy in the organization’s DNA.
  • Devised a niche marketing strategy, goals, plan of actions for the niche market.
  • Developed niche products and services strategy for company.
  • Work tirelessly niche products and services inception to implementation continuously.
  • Brought the unique products, services, incentives and attractions to the niche market, created NRS 10 million 2001 to NRS 200 million revenue in 2002.
  • Advice to embrace IT infrastructure is the most for company’s growth.
  • Devised IT infrastructure strategy, goals, and plan of action; worked tirelessly projects from start to finish; revenue growth from NRS 200 million - NRS 900 million in the year 2004
  • Brought a complete IT infrastructure solution into the Organization.
  • Helped to open a first office in niche market in Malaysia;
  • Helped to open a second office in Malaysia.
  • Helped to open offices in Dubai, Katar and in Saudi Arabia.
  • Helped opened offices in New York, London, New Delhi and in Dhaka.
  • Work tirelessly to establish IME all 75 districts more than 200 agents and offices in Nepal.
  • Helped to establish a network of more than 600 agents 30 countries.
  • Brought revenue growth to NRS 1 billion in 2006.
  • Helped IME in numerous ways nationally and internationally.

Technical Skills

  • MS Office Suit Apps
  • Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Outlook
  • Networking Apps
  • Active Directory, Windows, Citrix and Novell; LAN/WAN/Routers, Witches, DHCP, DNS, TCP/IP, HTTP, FTP, Firewalls
  • Project Management Apps
  • Microsoft Project, Lighthouse, Springloops, CreativePro, Jumpchart, Basecamp; Trac Project; 16bugs, JIRA; QTP, Quality Center
  • Business Analysis Apps
  • UML, Visio, Enterprise Architect
  • Programming Apps
  • WinBatch,Visual Basic, Openscript & JavaScript
  • Database Apps
  • MS Access; SQL server, Oracle 11g
  • Web Development Apps
  • HTML5, WebMatrix 2, Edge Inspect, Yeoman, Gridset, Sublime Text, Photon, PhoneGap
  • Graphic Apps
  • Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom

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