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Sr. Business Analyst/ Project Manager / Sole Proprietor Resume

Brookfield, CT


Business and Technology Manager seeking Full-Time employment. Significant experience in financial business analysis, system design, implementation and “hands on” finance operations. Innovative thinker, demonstrated self-initiator recognized for strong management, technical and financial leadership skills. Quickly develops effective relationships at all levels of an organization. Repeatedly acknowledged as creative problem solver with a self-demanding work ethic. Highly effective cross-functional team leader / member. Areas of expertise:

  • Senior Business Analyst
  • Data Warehousing / Data Mining
  • IT Integration / Consulting
  • Financial System Implementations
  • Project Management
  • Systems Analysis


  1. MS Office Suite including Advanced Excel Techniques, Access, MS-Transact SQL, Relational, Multi Dimensional databases, Ad-Hoc Reporting Specialist, SAP, DB2, Visio, ERP Systems, Microsoft Project, MS SharePoint, All Norton S/W Packages, Tableau 8.0, Intuit QuickBooks Pro, FileMaker Pro, WordPress, Skype for Business, numerous Adobe programs as well as legacy/client server Financial Packages



Sr. Business Analyst/ Project Manager / Sole Proprietor

Advisory: working with Danbury Hackerspace to advise Startup companies in their technology needs. Volunteer: working for a local non-profit ministry rehabilitating homes for people in town. These are people who “are down on their luck and just need some help to get back on their feet as well as regain their self-respect”.

Confidential, Stamford, CT

Sr. Business Analyst/ Product Manager (Consultant)

Under the direction of the Co-founder, worked on various projects for local businesses and event websites. Projects included ecommerce and portfolio sites in WordPress, calendaring and scheduling sites and medical marketing web sites. Responsibilities included project scheduling with clients, artists, programmers and management staff, analyzing business processes, optimizing them for the web, and providing technical advice to Startup businesses.

Confidential, Stamford, CT

Project Manager/ Sr. Business Analyst (Consultant)

Lead project manager for a Fortune 1000 company for a significant eCommerce site upgrade, responsibilities include: general planning, coordination, implementation and “driving” projects to finalization. All projects met according to the specifications and deadlines, all while keeping the project within budget. Additionally position, defined the project’s objectives, created schedules and oversaw quality control throughout the entire project. To deliver the project according to plan, position needed to attain resources, manage the project team which included both client resources and other third-party consultants. Lastly, position needed to be able to identify, assess and minimize project risks until successful project completion. Heavily involved in business case development, technical requirements, process improvement and analysis of business processes.

Confidential, Danbury, CT

Senior Business Analyst (Consultant)

Assignment was a short-term project to complete the MS Access “In-House” Employee Activation interface to the Payroll System that being implemented as part of a citywide ERP solution. Interface did an initial check on an employee to verify if employee had been processed into the P/R system. Scope of responsibility included but was not limited to: completing Access validation against Employee Master, finalize update process of Employee Master through the Access “front-end” using “forms” for input of employee data and populating queries used to maintain the update of the Employee Master if the employee had not yet been populated in the Master, created processes that automated the “data scrubbing” of any incorrect input in SSN and Employee ID fields, created end-user documentation specific to the City’s implementation of the overall ERP system, validated all work done on the MS Access “front-end” by prior consultant and provided expertise in the overall general functionality required by the system having had significant prior SAP ERP implementation experience.

Confidential, Ridgefield, CT

Senior Business Analyst

Working at B-I in an upgrade to their Project Management tracking system. Supporting three Directors in the PMO office in a “Work Place of the Future” environment. Brought in by one of the Directors who was a colleague at Confidential . Additionally was sought out because of expertise in Data Warehousing, Project Management, Business Analysis skills, Systems implementations and upgrades, working with un-familiar software packages as well as significant experience in content management, data repositories, business and IT skill sets.

Confidential, Shelton, CT

Senior Business Analyst/ Project Manager

Responsible for the Accounting & System needs of a new Joint Venture formed between Sikorsky and a capital group in Saudi Arabia. Sikorsky maintained a “corporate” version of SAP that is an all-inclusive SAP system. Within business units, 2-3 sub-systems of SAP were tailored to the needs of the specific business unit. Brought in initially to get the new Joint Venture off Excel as its primary financial repository with a move to SAP.

  • Areas of responsibility included counsel on Business Intelligence, Data Scrubbing, transformation and quality, Sales Revenues(Order to cash), GL, Inventories, Payables, Receivables, Procurement, Performance Analysis, Cash Management, Data Sourcing and initial Disaster Recovery planning, Increase Revenue Streams and Profitability, Maintain a Master Data Plan for on-going growth past initial implementation, Integrate Primavera as the Primary Project Management tool. Protect Intellectual Property owned solely by Sikorsky, implement and document both “vanilla” as well as ad-hoc reporting. In that, this was primarily a repair center devise easy third party timekeeping and billing, housing chargeback’s, maintain executive travel budgets and worst case contingency planning.
  • Additionally, responsible for collection of user specifications, creation of use case studies, business process mapping, functional requirements and reporting structures. Evaluate, develop and implement test plans, cases utilizing automated test programs where possible.

Confidential, Trumbull, CT

Assoc. Manager IT, Finance

Managed the Telecom & Application Development portion of the North and Latin American Information Technology capital and expense budgets. Reviewed and approved all capital investment proposals as well as negotiated best term scenarios with IT’s largest vendor, British Telecom. Facilitated cross-functional teams on large-scale technical projects.

  • Developed an automated monthly 18-month rolling forecast reflecting prior month actuals and forecasting future month spend. Done in SAP after business needs study, establishing functional requirements and user functional needs analysis.

Confidential, Norwalk, CT

Manager Supply Chain/ Cost Accounting- Full-Time

Managed facility specific US variable Supply Chain accounting system. Developed entire “top down” production budgets, work force requirements, material costs along with fixed and variable costs. Total budget was “fixed” by CFO then split amongst functional areas to production line/cost center and ultimately allocated at an account level.

  • Developed and implemented an automated variance analysis program that included variance identification and verification of proper data input. This effort done using SAP.
  • Responsible for implementation of North American Standard Cost “Globalization”. On time and on budget.

Confidential, Stamford, CT

Sr. Business and Systems Analyst

Analyzed, planned and developed IT solutions to support client. Participated in business planning, needs analysis and risk assessment. Clients included Clairol Hair Products, Hexcel Corp., Chemtura and United Rentals. Primary work accomplished was in the areas of Cost Accounting and Sarbanes Oxley remediation

Confidential, Stamford, CT

Senior Business Analyst

Provided financial and IT expertise to Remote Order Fulfillment phase of on-going full SDLC SAP ERP implementation. Verified all accounting modules, identified, designed and implemented with end-users needs addressed.

Designed and implemented Service Billing systems allowing, for first time, direct entry by sales representatives. Done as a result of use case studies with end users. System mapping was done to document “as is” “to be” analysis.

Structured all reports for Service Billing, instructed SAP programmers in both content and functionality. Designed and user tested new time and attendance reporting. This along with “real-time” inventories carried with service technicians allowed for a much more robust measurement of the true cost vs. revenue analysis of field service.

Confidential, Brookfield, CT

Senior Business Analyst/ Project Manager

  • Prepared weekly, monthly, quarterly closings as well as reconciled contribution and spending accounts. Responsible for collection of user specifications, creation of use case studies, business process mapping, functional requirements and reporting structures.
  • Developed and instituted automated project tracking for major church expansion, which included job costing.

Confidential, Westport, CT

Director IT

Focused primarily within the areas of Web Development, Network/Desktop Operations Support and Application Development. Had direct support staff of 3 managers with overall staff responsibilities of 14 team members. Established strategy, service level agreements (SLA), developed and monitored $3.5M of capital budget and $2M expense budget. One of two directors responsible for assessing IT perspective in potential business acquisitions.

  • Designed and implemented “One Stop Shopping” solution that provided single point of entry into corporate systems using portal solution via Internet. Achieved timesaving’s of 5+ hours per month, per salesman/broker.
  • Designed and implemented detailed plan for execution of “One Stop Shopping” solution that provided single point of entry into corporate systems using portal solution via Internet. Achieved timesavings of 5+ hours per month, per salesman/broker.
  • Increased stability of the network uptime from 81.3% to 99.5% uptime through a revamp of the Network staff and use of monitoring tools.
  • Recognized by senior executives as positive business contributor; improved senior level accessibility leading to more timely and decisive actions.

Confidential, Stamford, CT

Project Manager

Designed and implemented Data Warehousing solution for Fortune 100 Manufacturing Corporation. Costing Modules included: Production, Batch Yield Analysis, Management Reporting, and Trending Analysis. Built using MS SQL Server.

  • Personally designed an HR tracking system for a Hospital Corporation that had 2500+ sub-sites. Costing modules included tracking on cost per facility, per patient, per bed and functional areas. Used J.A.D. (Joint Application Development) and R.A.D. (Rapid Application Development) methodologies. This emphasized an 80/20 success rate in “Design to Development” programming on both the SQL side as well as the GUI Front End development.
  • No longer did the development/implementation consultants get pushed aside by the end-user only to find out at a very late point in the project that scope had been misinterpreted causing development cost overruns as well implementation delays. Using J.A.D. and R.A.D. methodologies forced the end user to work side by side with the development/implementation consultants allowing for an immediate correction of the 20% of design, which was misinterpreted allowing for immediate correction. This resulted in a more cost efficient, less 11 th hour major overhauls, because of the removal of a two-team approach to the implementation and development.

Confidential, Stamford, CT

Senior Business Analyst

Part of a five-person finance team, which was paired with an IT team to implement McCormack and Dodge Financial Systems. Responsibilities included the conversion of the Fixed Asset System from the existing legacy system to M&D. Accountable for the conversion of the legacy data over to flat-files for the upload into the M&D Fixed Asset system. Subsequently responsible for the cleansing of the A/P vendor file, development and execution of G/L Custom Reporting, Security Administration and ultimately the implementation of a Data Warehouse. Data Warehouse had a GUI front end that did drill-down reporting from North America as a whole down to its lowest level expense and revenue at an account-cost center level. All databases where built in MS SQL Server with a GUI Front-End. Other positions while there included MIS Financial Coordinator, Fixed Asset Analyst, Sr. Sales and Use Tax Analyst and Cost Accountant specializing in WIP.

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