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Sr. Business Analyst Resume

Herndon, VA


  • 14 years of IT experience, with expertise in Business Analysis, Business Process re-engineering, System Analysis, Project Management and Software Testing in Mortgage, Banking, Health and Logistics domains
  • Adept in gathering requirements from stakeholders, conducting JAD sessions, System analysis and Project/Release planning.
  • Developed Use Cases, Data Flow Models, UI wireframes and created business process models using UML.
  • Proficient in documenting as-is and to-be business processes and conducted gap and impact analysis for iterative and incremental project releases.
  • Experience in implementing and integration of commercially off the shelf product (COTS) in mortgage domain.
  • Delivered precise functional and nonfunctional specifications that includes Business requirements document (BRD, BPD), functional requirement document (FRD), Interface specifications, Data mapping, Data definitions and User guides etc.
  • Well versed in various methods of software development like RUP, Agile and Waterfall SDLC process for software delivery. Aware of SOX (Sarbanes Oxley) controls governing business and technology and FASB (Financial accounting standard board) accounting guidelines.
  • Strong experience in creating test plan, test cases, test scripts, test procedures based on business requirements for System Test and UAT.
  • Experienced in working with external audit teams to support business process validation and supported project managers in creating scope, RFP, resourcing and budgeting for new initiatives.


Business Modeling and Requirements Gathering Tools: Rational Requisite Pro, DOORS, MS Visio, Rational Rose, UML, BPMN.

Change Management and defect tracking Tools: Rational Clear case, Clear Quest, PCM tracker, MS SharePoint, MS Visual Source

Databases Language and Tools: Oracle, IDMS, MS Access, TOAD, SQL Plus, SQL

Operating Systems: Windows, MS-OX, Unix.

Software Languages: HTML, XML, Java, VB, VC++, C, C++, MATLAB, OOAD concepts

Tools and Packages: Microsoft Office Suite, MS Project, MS Front page, Business Objects, Humming Bird Exceed, Mercury Quality Center.


Confidential, Herndon, VA

Sr. Business Analyst

SF REO Enhancement:

This project is enhancement of existing Singe Family REO system to address existing system deficiencies, defects and eliminate manual process surrounding the current system.


  • Worked as lead requirement analyst to elicit requirements from business/accounting team.
  • Wrote business requirement, created business process diagrams and analyzed gaps from as-is to To-be system.
  • Created data scenarios to aid stakeholders understanding of requirements, participated in UAT phase to help test team to draft and develop test case and test scripts.
  • Helped in creation of test plan and risk based test matrix to plan out progressive and regressive test cases.
  • Supported to create artifacts needed for SDLC 3.0 process.

ACCO (Accelerated Classification and Charge off):

The project is first phase to implement Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) mandate to develop system for Adversely classifying loans, REO and asset for special mention. This system identifies loans eligible for accelerate charge off prior to foreclosure.

  • Developed test cases, test data and test scripts based on business requirements.
  • Analyzed production data to provide required inputs for business requirements enhancement.
  • Created SDLC project artifacts and helped in post production support and analysis.

EVOLV Upgrade:

EVOLV upgrade is COTS product for non performing loan accounting this is current system in place until Loan initiative system is developed.

  • Developed system and data mapping requirements to support EVLAS and Confidential ETL integration.
  • Develop UAT full volume test cases, developed and executed test scripts.
  • Work with EVLAS vendor to analyze results for various test iterations and created SDLC artifacts and supported the process for system to be migrated to production.

Loan Accounting Initiatives (LAI):

Loan accounting initiative project is targeted multiple year project for end to end loan accounting for Confidential .

  • Reviewed conceptual LAI requirement for UAT process and helped in managing requirement in DOORS.
  • Identified data elements for data team to develop data glossary process.
  • Participated in requirement review process and assessed system impact analysis of integrating existing system to loan accounting platform.

Confidential, DC

Sr. Business Analyst

Confidential, a member of the World Bank Group, is the largest global development institution focused exclusively on the private sector in developing countries. It allows companies and financial institutions in emerging markets to create jobs, generate tax revenues, improve corporate governance and environmental performance, and contribute to their local communities. Confidential s Corporate Business Technology group supports technology needs for Finance and Treasury portfolio. As a Sr. Business analyst worked on various projects in this area

ACBS upgrade: ACBS is a COTS product that is implemented in Confidential . It is a transaction capture, processing and accounting system of record for Loans and other Debt products (e.g., Guarantees). The current project involves upgrading older version to updated version ACBS to suit the current business needs

  • Worked on gathering new business requirements related to ACBS interfacing systems. Documented current state as-is system process related to affected systems.
  • Developing data requirements for straight through processing of data from source system to ACBS.
  • Assisting in developing to new Work desk web portal system that supports ACBS.

IQMR: Integrated quarterly Management Report (IQMR) is a standalone application used by “Corporate Business Partnership” group that reports financial, risk and cost related information on Confidential ’s investments.

  • Gathered new business requirements for IQMR reporting system.
  • Developed data mapping from all the source systems (Data warehouse, Risk, Cost management, etc) to IQMR.
  • Worked with BI architects to come up with design solution for Database and User interface.
  • Supported code development and performed system testing for the application.
  • Developed user guide, presentations and performed application demos for the business group across various country offices of Confidential .

Cash Reconciliation: Completely developed a cash reconciliation system in MS access using VBA to support specific account reconciliation between ACBS (serving system), Cash Management and SAP (accounting) system.

  • Developed VBA code in MS access to support the requirements and performed system testing for the same.
  • Performed application demos for the business group across various country offices of Confidential .
  • Supported production related queries and issues.

Confidential, VA

Sr. Business Systems Analyst

Confidential is a diversified bank that offers a broad array of financial products and services to consumers, small businesses and commercial clients.

Loan Loss Forecasting (LLF) project is to forecast loss on Confidential ’s loan portfolio so that enough capital could be allocated to protect bank against potential loan losses. Confidential is in processed of procuring a COTS project for LLF effort. Project helps business analyst and statisticians in Business Credit Risk Management to use statistical models and relevant cash flows generated from models to estimate accuracy of losses.

  • Involved extensively in RFP (Request for Proposal) process to procure LLF COTS product through a competitive bid.
  • Worked with business user in gathering high level Business and System requirements for LLF system.
  • Created use cases (BUC) from business functionality that should be satisfied for LLF system.
  • Identify requirements related to model management, Cash flows, economic scenarios and reporting capabilities.
  • Closely worked Project manager in performing essential tasks for RFP process. It includes creating RFP score card, conducting supplier demos, gap analysis between suppliers and creating comparative cost proposal.
  • Worked with business stake holders to explore business operations benefits from the project.
  • Socialized with internal groups such as architecture, IT operations, Procurement, IT diligence in bringing COTS product in house.
  • Working on efforts to finalize a supplier and prepare for the project phase for LLF implementation.

Confidential, VA

Sr. Business Analyst

Confidential operates in US secondary mortgage and it provide liquidity and home affordability in US housing market. The firm funds mortgage investments by issuing debt securities in domestic and international capital markets.

PROJECTS in Confidential,


Confidential project implements the new revised FIN46 (R) FASB rule. This rule replaces existing FIN46 FASB rule. The project involves in updating current system to generate new accounting transactions as per the updated rule. The project also involved enhancing existing ETL, preprocessing and interfaces within the system. Further a new interface with common sub ledger service (Oracle FAH) was implemented as per Confidential corporate wide initiative to post our SL accounts further making GL posting in People soft.

  • Served as liaison between technical team and business team to support requirement gathering and implementing new FAB FIN 46 (R) accounting policy.
  • Played a key role in application development. Developed system prototyping creating use case and developing UML diagrams.
  • Identified data sources for data mapping and wrote data transformation requirements.
  • Acted as a mid level project management person in organizing status meeting on requirement and testing phases of SDLC.
  • Maintained Use cases in Req Pro, Version Control in Clear Case, defect tracking using Clear Quest.
  • Created Test Scenarios and Test Cases for System testing in various releases of the project.
  • Ran system test autosys jobs in UNIX environment.
  • Maintained test cases and traceability in Mercury Quality Center.
  • Supported integration testing with various external systems validated test results and documented test summary in System testing.
  • Performed data extract’s using SQL statements and Scripts for detailed data analysis and ad-hoc reporting. Performed Health checks on data sources consumed by system.
  • Developed specification for reports for Business Users. Used Business Objects to generate reports, analyzed those reports for Business users in integration test and production.
  • Resolved issues in UAT and production environment.


Confidential is the accounting engine for non performing loans. The core accounting is done by EVOLV, a COTS product brought b Fannie. The Inbound ETL and Outbound ETL to common Sub ledger service were developed in Confidential . The complexity of the project involves around inbound ETL where detailed data mapping and transformation was required for correct functioning of accounting engine.

  • Involved in system testing of Inbound –ETL for the EVOLV product.
  • Developed test Scenarios and test Cases for System testing. Provided support for UAT team in validating the business scenarios.
  • Created mock data for EVOLV- SDA tables used to system test data staging for EVOLV. Developed various test scenarios and test events.
  • Used Mercury QC to maintain test cases and generated various test metrics to leverage QA work.
  • Developed SQL queries for data analysis and also to test quality of data.


FALCON is a class-1 main-frame system which supports business operations and accounting for REO and Non-REO loans. System reports on CLM (Credit Loss Management) business operations to manage lender payables, receivables and also help to mitigate losses on REO loans.

  • Developed System requirements for new enhancements to mainframe systems for Falcon Auto pay and Auto-Edit process.
  • Helped to automate strenuous manual process that existed in current mainframe system.
  • Developed test case for System/UAT test and checked test results in IDMS mainframe environment using Hummingbird Exceed tool.
  • Helped business users in developing and modifying existing business reports in mainframe system and also helped to develop new report for various business needs.
  • Supported production issues and involved in timely resolution of issues involving concerned stake holders.
  • Created documentations as Test plan, Business Validation to support new enhancements and assisted in developing document for migration and SOX-compliance.
  • Existing system developed in COBOL lacked proper system requirement documentation, over came this challenge and documented the system functionality by reverse-engineering process.
  • Explored possibilities and conducted GAP analysis to transition the system from mainframe to a newer robust technology platform. Created scope, business reasoning, RFP and organization structure for the new initiative.


Guarantee Fee accounting system (GFAS) implements financial accounting policies (FASB) such as FIN45, FAS140 and FIN46. These accounting policies are dictated on securities (CUSIP) traded by Confidential . These securities are issued by Confidential for investors to purchase in open market and in turn help in funding of home mortgage business. The Gfee system has various internal processes and interfaces that facilitates in posting of various accounts related to above accounting policies in GFAS General Ledger.

  • Lead requirements gathering, system testing and validation for GFAS system. System implemented FASB accounting policies (FIN45, FAS140, FIN46) related to mortgage securities.
  • Developed Interface specifications (ELSIF compliant) and system control requirements.
  • Served as a liaison between business and technical team to develop detailed accounting requirements.
  • Played a key role in application development and was actively involved in project management.
  • Identified data sources for data mapping and wrote data transformation requirements.
  • Created test scenarios and test cases for system testing in various releases of the project.
  • Supported integration testing with various external systems validated test results and documented test summary in System testing.
  • Performed data extract’s using SQL statements and scripts for detailed data analysis and ad-hoc reporting. Performed health checks on data consumed by system.
  • Developed specification for Business validation reports.
  • Assisted users in creating data, test scenarios, UAT validation and production support.

Confidential, AL

Business System Analyst

Confidential project initiative was to implement an enhanced web based billing and patient management system adhering to HIPAA patient NPI rules. The project involved in migrating existing mainframe systems to JAVA platform and maintain data warehouse in oracle.

  • Created requirement specification document by conducting interviews with all the stake holders. The system that was implemented was complaint to federal HIPAA rules and Alabama Patient Safety Organization (PSO) rule.
  • Involved in creating E-care GUI designs and developed UML modeling for IT team.
  • Prepared BRD (Business Requirement document), FRD (Functional requirement document) UCN (Use case narrative), Screen Specification details for the project
  • Worked closely with the development team to identify business process solution models. Collaborated with quality control team to explore key business scenarios and data variations.
  • Worked closely with UAT personnel to automate testing process from manual validation.
  • Received the Client and Business users’ appreciation for the implementation of prescribed NPI update and E-care changes.


IT Analyst

Confidential regularly collects data on traffic patterns in smaller cities across the states. The data is used to analyze future road projects and predict economic growth. The project required detailed data analysis, creating standard and adhoc reporting.

  • Handled conversion of data from EUC (MV-Star) to reporting system. Movie star (MV-Star) is the COTS project implemented to provide real-time data on traffic patterns
  • Created detailed data mapping and transformation documents for inbound and outbound ETL process.
  • Developed data and process flow diagrams, analyzed data exchange patterns and aided in design documentations.
  • Checked data integrity by SQL scripts. Acted as a POC for identifying data discrepancies and managed correction through required DCU’s.
  • Created and managed technical reports, progress summaries and system utilization reports.


System Analyst- Consultant

The project implements business process in integrating customer investment account to consumer banking accounts. The new system supported enhanced reporting and clear accounting transactions to customer on the front end.

  • Analyzed data integration strategies to customize simultaneous analysis of data from new and old environments. System implemented business policies related customers regulation dictated by SEBI (Security exchange board of India).
  • Created UI artifacts for development team and executed system testing.
  • Supported change management and defect tracking in clear quest.
  • Managed and coordinated issue resolution activities between the various testing organizations. Provide detailed test summary and test metrics on various production version releases.

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