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Senior Systems Analyst Resume

Mettawa, IllinoiS


Full - cycle Application Development and Implementation expert. In-depth experience in developing systems to support Exchange Trading, Telecommunications, and Human Resources. Expertise in legacy systems conversion and interface. I am proficient in management, upgrades, support, and enhancement of software package systems and project management. I have extensive background using technical skills to support development in the areas of mainframe or distributed systems using RDBMS based applications.

  • Full Cycle Development Project Management Design/Development
  • Legacy Systems Software Packages Distributed Systems
  • Data Migration Telecomm Applications Data Warehouse
  • Systems Support ETL Development PeopleSoft

COBOL, DB2, IDMS, VSAM, MVS/JCL, CICS, ADS/O, TSO, AQT, DMLO, Changeman, Jobtrac, Xpediter, MQSeries, Fileaid, FileManager, SyncSort, Easytrieve; Oracle/SQL, Crystal Reports, Oracle/OWB, UC4, Toad, Informatica, Visual Basic, Microsoft Windows, Office, Access, XML


Confidential, Mettawa, Illinois

One of the world’s largest banks with facilities in every area of the world. Major banking operations are centered in Great Britton (Home ), North America, Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan, India, and China. The Mettawa office specializes in the Consumer Loan business.


Development of new Loan Analysis System and maintenance to production systems.


New Project, this is a banking sub-system to indentify troubled mortgage loans and classify the exceptions. With so many loans needing to be re-classified, this became a high-profile effort in which I was assigned.

  • I developed a major portion of the project in MVS/COBOL to classify troubled loans as ‘TDR’ and reporting reasons as to why. I made up new documentation for the new procedure according to company standards using Microsoft Word.
  • I also developed three new Cobol report steps that displayed statistical information concerning existing loan assistance. I made up new documentation for these new reports according to company standards.
  • I coded the 5 new programs in COBOL that parsed two VSAM Masters and 6 other flat files. The major program had about 4,000 lines of code in which I edited with CHANGEMAN. I wrote documentation for 5 programs in Word according to company standards. I built the MVS JCL and unit tested it using my own test data and stream tested using data provided by the user group. The project was successfully installed just prior to my contract termination date.
  • I participated in several phases of project team regression testing via telephone conferencing. For assistance, I assigned some testing tasks to an Offshore team.


  • I installed four(4) new DB2 programs, utilities, procedures and JCL into production via ChangeMan. Two of the new programs identified and repaired erroneous payment amounts stored in a couple DB2 tables. The Cobol programs would inquire the tables and report the errors. The embedded SQL joined several other tables and did sub-selects to refine the data. Two other programs repaired the payments after approval was granted, using an Audit file prepared by a user staff investigating the amounts. This SQL did the same drill-down and updated the results in the table. I worked with an Offshore team during testing phase.
  • I modified six(6) DB2 EOY update jobstreams that updated date-control information in Changeman library. I changed the date modification routines to use new REXX update steps, avoiding updates to control parameters in the JCL library. I researched the historical errors made to DB2 backups tables and documented a solution to repair them.
  • I modified four(4) DB2 table load jobstreams to correctly restore the tables in place. I replaced Fileaid with another utility. After several tests I chose IBM FileManager to replace it. I modified and successfully tested the jobstreams so that the DB2 tables were correctly restored and that the error codes would be correctly displayed.
  • I made various other Cobol/DB2 code, utility, and JCL modifications to several Triad jobstreams.

Confidential, Chicago, Illinois

The world’s largest and most diverse derivatives exchange offering risk management services to customers around the globe. Offers the widest range of futures and options products. Products are based in agricultural commodities, interest rates, equity indexes, foreign currencies, and energy markets.

Senior Systems Analyst

I developed new systems, made enhancements, and provided production support for multiple financial and telecommunications systems in the Regulatory Systems area.

Challenge was to re-write a mainframe application into a distributed system. The new system extracts all Exchange products, prices, and trade time frames. Prioritizes data for commodity trading analysis and forecasting of possible prices using history trends.

  • Met with the user group and gathered the requirements to make major modifications to Liquidity to better reflect screen trading practices. Created a new Oracle database for the new system from DB2 and other flat files, concatenating them together using INFORMATICA ETL. Each Informatica object began with an SQL query to Select the desired data and ended with an Update or Insert SQL query to load the reformatted data into the Oracle table.
  • As per request from the users, expanded the process to provide new information that could be used to graph average price movements.
  • I Developed two major design documents, according to company standards, detailing the complete process. These became the base redevelopment plans for the new distributed system.
  • Executed full-cycle process to completely redevelop the system to run on a server based platform. Tested the new system using production data from the user group. Development, testing and reporting was done using Informatica, Oracle, DB2, Toad, Cobol and Textpad.

Systems Support Analyst

I was the Support Lead in charge of enhancements, New Reports, troubleshooting, and production support for multiple financial and Telecomm Inventory Billing Systems.

  • Telecomm user group contact for enhancement, support, and troubleshoot for NetPlus; a web-based Telecom Billing package. NetPlus utilizes Oracle/SQL, TOAD, Crystal Reports, Apache Tomcat, Firedemon, Task Scheduler, and other Microsoft Windows software packages.
  • Support efforts included constant Oracle database problem determination and corrective action. Composed many SQL plans to repair Monthly Billing, system errors and package upgrades.
  • I assisted the user department with monthly closing which necessitated modifications to the Oracle database using custom SQL code using TOAD.
  • Executed regular software upgrades and made preliminary system tests. This included Oracle and Windows enhancements. Assisted user group in development and execution of system test scripts.
  • Added new processes and modified the Windows schedule using Task Scheduler, Apache Tomcat, and FireDemon Backups.
  • I developed new reports and modified current reports using Crystal Reports and Oracle. I wrote several Oracle SQL routines using ‘Decode’ statements and ‘Having’ clauses.
  • User group contact person for enhancements and support for the mainframe Telecomm package.

Telecomm Equipment Inventory

  • Member of a team that converted the Trading Floor Telecomm Inventory System from mainframe IDMS and ADS/O to a DB2 database accessed by Visual Basic. Main person responsible for design of the new DB2 database. Converted the database and software using COBOL downloads, AQT, and ACCESS.
  • I was lead contact person to enhance, support, and troubleshoot the new system. Responsible for ongoing monitoring of the system to ensure monthly billing accuracy.
  • I constructed about six(6) new DB2 maintenance programs to compile end-of-month usage and billing charges. These new programs joined usage and rate tables and stored new EOM rows to reflect charges to the member firms.
  • I constructed about twelve(12) report programs to generate EOM billing documents and status reports. All of these reports were written with embedded SQL code.
  • Gathered requirements for the development of a new server based system to timely display emergency call data. Utilized Oracle/OWB to build the database that reported custom Telecomm reports. The integration utilized COBOL, DB2, AQT, Oracle, and ORACLE/OWB.

Systems Development Analyst

  • Member of a small team that converted the Statistics System to a complex DB2 based system.
  • I developed 12 to 15 COBOL programs with embedded SQL as major portions of the new system. Many of these programs not only did inquiry and maintenance functions in the Statistics Database, but joined with the Clearing Database in order to use sub-selects to find corrected pricing and contractual information.
  • Converted the Daily Bulletin (12,000 lines) and the remainder of the Statistics reports to DB2. The Daily Bulletin alone had around 40 imbedded SQL routines.
  • Participated in all aspects from planning to implementation.
  • Promoted to lead support role of the Statistics System.
  • Took on additional tasks to coordinate, schedule, test and load all new Exchange traded products into the Statistics System.

New Payroll System, Link to PeopleSoft

  • I wrote the User and System requirements for a new Payroll System needed to link to the ADP Human Resources outside service.
  • I developed, tested and implemented new Payroll system. The Payroll system would FTP personnel files back and forth to ADP. New system based on a DB2 database, CICS and COBOL.

New Giftshop System

  • I met with the Government Services Dept. and wrote the User Requirements for the GiftShop Retail Store in the Visitors Gallery.
  • I developed and approved the System Design. Assisted in development of new DB2 database.
  • I coded, tested and implemented the new system. Tools: Cobol, CICS and new DB2 database.

Vendor Quotation

  • Project leader to build a new system to deliver real time prices for requested products to member firms of the exchange. Adapt legacy data to fit the needs of traders using the company website.
  • Gathered the requirements from the user group. Developed a bridge from the legacy Trade Pricing system to a client server package at the member sites.
  • Developed three new jobstreams using about five new programs to extract trading data from the database to be formatted into website pages.
  • Set up a Trading Statistics backup files system for download requests on the Internet website.
  • Utilized COBOL, DB2, AQT, Changeman, MQSeries, and OS/MVS.

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