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Systems Development Specialist / Business Analyst Resume

Nashville, TN


systems development specialist with 23 years of comprehensive information technology experience and over 10 years in the development and implementation of client/server applications for Windows and Unix based systems. Highly - skilled Healthcare IT professional with significant experience in HL7 message format, X12 translation and Electronic Data Interchange. A progressive career with broad-based knowledge in the healthcare and defense industries, including the development of system analysis programs, the ability to effectively resolve software challenges, system component design, business analysis, requirements gathering, and implementation and testing of technology. Spearheaded an artificial intelligence initiative for the United States Air Force by successfully managing and directing a team of developers.


Professional Experience

Confidential, Nashville, TN

Systems Development Specialist / Business Analyst

Key Contributions:

  • Exceeded expectations as a result of completing application functionality testing ahead of schedule by creating data analysis programs used for Oracle testing and production databases.
  • Aided in the conversion of Health Level Seven (HL7) data, an interface used to move clinical data and patient information between independent medical applications, to the TennCare standardized document format.
  • Assisted in determining the effectiveness and performance of the Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and X12, used for the development and maintenance of EDI standards.
  • Uploaded test plans, execution analysis and other pertinent data to MS SharePoint for system-wide use by other developers, Business Analysts, and members of management.
  • Executed system cycle for Application Functionality Testing and Operational Readiness Testing
  • Utilized Oracle SQL Developer and PL/SQL to analyze and develop queries for use in software.

Confidential, Dublin, OH

Software Engineer / Business Analyst 

Key Contributions:

  • Contributed to the development and implementation of a Web-based physician data import project in addition to a comprehensive daily physician roster system which was used to track the availability of physicians based on hospital location and shift requirements. Maintained data transfer between physician offices using Next Gen information systems.
  • Provided exceptional technical support for other developers in the migration of HL7 specifications to C# code using XML.
  • Responsible for reverse-engineering code to assist in debugging when no source code was available, troubleshooting existing code, development of new code and ensuring all code met strict security standards.
  • Maintained existing Cloverleaf message routes, developed new ones for new software developed
  • Instrumental in developing parsers for the HL7 document format to the internal system using Visual Studio 2003 and C#.
  • Participated in devising specific queries for company’s Akron location using MS SQL Query Analyzer. Built and test queries using T-SQL before integration into code. Conducted ongoing development and testing of data analysis reports as well as unit and system testing.

Confidential, Columbus, OH

  • Nuclear Engineering Teaching Assistant / Graduate Student
  • Aided university professor in presenting thermal hydraulics materials to students enrolled in Nuclear Power Plants
  • course. Tutored students and contributed to comprehension of complex physics and nuclear engineering equations.

Confidential,Columbus, OH

Owner / Developer / Business Analyst

Designed and created programs using C#, SQL*Server 2005, 2008 for United States Chess Federation (USCF) member tournament ratings, which significantly aided tournament directors in minimizing turnaround time of ratings to membership. Completed several natural language parsers using C, C#, Ada, and other languages, all of which utilizing SQL*Server 05/08 for a back-end database; designed and implemented a Windows GUI- and Web-based mathematics tutorial system and complex analysis calculator subsystem using modern languages. Currently re-designing tutorial system and UI design for parsers/compilers for Web-based tools using SQL*Server 2005/2008 with T-SQL. Utilized VBA for MS Office (Word, Excel) on several projects to automate mundane tasks needed to complete projects.

Confidential, Lenexa, KS 

Senior Software Engineer / Business Analyst

Participated in staff meetings with program users to gather valuable feedback, present and evaluate progress reports, and further identify user needs. Changed existing programs and redesigned standalone programs to integrated systems. Produced parsers for system interface based on HL7 specifications. Engaged with the design of message routing system interface with 4th system program and the redesign of the input mechanism of 1st program from data files to Cloverleaf interface engine.

Key Contributions:

  • Built intricate real-time patient prescription history verification system using C, Pro*C and Oracle 7.3 which processed information immediately upon receipt of incoming electronic messages.
  • Modified existing code to interface with Cloverleaf interface engine on initial and final programs for incoming and outgoing messages.
  • Programmed code that was instrumental in RIBA-3 (Hepatitis C) testing.
  • Utilized Pro*C for embedded SQL development on VMS platform and conducted ongoing systems and integration testing on unit.

Confidential, Cedar Rapids, IA

B-1 Lancer Project: Ada Developer

Key Contributions:

  • Contributed to the design and development of code to interface countermeasure with the B1 Lancer’s hardware was well as developing the Ada code needed to deploy the countermeasures
  • Utilized DO-178B, Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification, as guidance for designing, coding and testing B-1B software
  • Designed and developed the Heads-Up Display (HUD) for the B1 Lancer and interfaced the flight unit with various cockpit controls

Confidential,Arlington, VA 

Senior Software Engineer / Business Analyst

Key Contributions:

  • Redesigned Wartime Planning (WARPLAN) expert system for the United States Air Force using Ada83 and Ada95 on the Sun Solaris platform. Instrumental for bringing WARPLAN project to completion a full season ahead of schedule resulting in a $250,000 savings.
  • Analyzed effectiveness of the existing code to the artificial intelligence portion of WARPLAN project, successfully leading a team of four professional developers that were dedicated to the artificial intelligence project.


Programming Languages : BASIC, Ada, C, C++, C#, Visual BASIC, Visual BASIC.Net (VB.Net), Prolog, Delphi, 80x86 Assembly Language Code, Structured Query Language (SQL), Pascal, Batch, Python, Ruby

Integrated Development Environments (IDE): Microsoft Visual Studio, Object Ada, Delphi, PowerBuilder, QT, Visual Prolog

Scripts and Markups: HTML, XML, ASP.NET

Middleware: Microsoft SharePoint, Applixware, VB for Applications, Cloverleaf

Database Management Systems: Oracle 6.x / 7.x / 9i / 10g, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server 2000 / 2005 / 2008

Operating Systems: Windows NT, 2000, XP, Server 2003, Server 2008, UNIX / Linux, VMS, OS X, AmigaOS

Case Tools: Rational Clear Quest

Development Strategies: UML, James Martin, Grady Booch, Agile Methodologies, Waterfall model

Version Control: Rational Clear Case, Microsoft Visual Source Safe

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