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Qa Automation Test Engineer Resume

Tampa, FL


Professional QA Software Development Engineer in Test with extensive hands - on experience designing and developing automation test scripts with Coded UI, Selenium and QTP/UTF tools. Extensive experience in Functional, GUI, Regression, Integration, Black Box, White box and Smoke testing methods. Experience working with different stakeholders including off shore teams. Expert designing and implementing automation frameworks with Selenium, .NET Coded UI Enhancement, Unified Functional Testing, and Protractor.


Domains: Retail, Finance, Healthcare, Insurance, Telecom

Languages/Frameworks: Html, CSS, AngularJS, Java, VBScript, JavaScript, Microsoft .Net Framework

Webservices: AFNI, VRU, RMVP

Methodologies: Agile, Waterfall, TDD, BDD

Automation Frameworks: Coded UI Enhancement (Cuite), Junit, NUnit, Jasmine, Karma, SpecFlow

Automation IDE: VS Enterprise, VS 2013 Ultimate, WebStorm, VS Code, Eclipse Oxygen

Browsers: Internet Explorer, Chrome, Safari Mac, Firefox, Chromium

Mobile: Android devices, iOS devices & POS mobile devices

Testing Tools: Microsoft TFS, Microsoft Test Manager (MTM), HP Quality Center, ALM, Jira, Jama, Confluence

Backend Interfaces: Server 2003 Enterprise Edition, SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition, Oracle, Azure, AWS

Environment: s Microsoft Windows 98/NT/2000/ME/XP, 2000 Server, Mac OS, .NET

Ecommerce: Oracle ATG Ecommerce, BCC, CSC, WMS (Warehouse Management System)

Build/Management Tools: Jenkins, Maven, Ant, VSTS, TFS, MSBuild, NuGet

Tools: Smartclixx, mTail, TortoiseSVN, Cuite Object Spy


QA Automation Test Engineer

Confidential, Tampa, FL


  • Work closely with business, QA, DevOps, and UAT to define test coverage for releases
  • Design and maintain traceability of functional requirements and test cases for iFinals project
  • Plan Regression and Functional testing for iFinals web portal including Smoke test
  • Provide daily iFinals project update during SCRUM meeting.
  • Provide overall iFinals progress and recommendations to Director
  • Work closely with onsite and off shore teams on accessing overall progress of automation activities
  • Utilize Jira to report, test, assign and track bugs
  • Utilize Bitbucket to collaborate with off shore team on automation test scripts
  • Utilize Jenkins to schedule build and run automation regression suite

Test Engineer Consultant

Confidential, Tampa, FL


  • Researched automation feasibility for AngularJS JavaScript-based development framework
  • Worked closely with technical lead and business analysts to prioritize requirements to automate
  • Utilized Kaban board to plan automation task and workflows
  • Utilized Jenkins as part of continues integration tool
  • Wrote how to documentation for required installation of automation tools
  • Developed initial automation framework Proof of Concept(POC)
  • Utilized Node.js, NPM and Protractor
  • Installed and configured tests in Protractor’s conf.js files and spec.js files
  • Participated in Test Planning and retrospective meetings
  • Developed automation QA Smoke test using Jasmine framework with Protractor
  • Implemented page object model(POM) for Protractor smoke test suite
  • Configured tests to execute in chrome browser
  • Configured tests to run in Selenium WebDrivers
  • Updated Selenium webdriver-manager from cmd
  • Utilized Visual Studio 2017 Enterprise to build Protractor Automation framework and debug
  • Utilized Elementor to identify Angular ng web elements


Confidential, Bonita Springs, FL


  • Designed and developed Coded UI test automation scripts in .NET C Sharp
  • Developed test method execution library with JavaScript
  • Executing Coded UI Regression test scripts to support releases/builds
  • Setup Lab environments and maintained QA automation Virtual Machines
  • Reviewed and reported Coded UI automation nightly test results in daily SCRUM meeting
  • Configured and managed automation Test environments
  • Used assertions in test scripts using C Sharp Visual Studio automation suite to validate requirements
  • Updated QA Test environment with new builds in Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate
  • Executed Selenium automation smoke and Regression test scripts to support releases/builds
  • Executed Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate, Coded UI automated regression test suite after each release
  • Reviewed and reported Coded UI automation nightly test results in daily SCRUM meeting
  • Identified requirements gaps and updated associated manual and automated test cases.
  • Configured, Queue and deployed builds from Visual Studio/TFS
  • Executed test scripts locally from Visual Studio to debug/replicate issues
  • Designed and developed test automation scripts in .NET C Sharp
  • Designed and implemented an Page Object Model pattern for web application UI elements in C Sharp
  • Utilized Cuite Object Spy to identify UI elements
  • Utilized assertions in test scripts using C Sharp Visual Studio automation suite to validate requirements.
  • Updated QA Test environment with new builds in Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate
  • Developed Data Driven automation framework with Java in Selenium WebDriver and TestNG
  • Selenium, used tag name, CSS Selectors, XPath and other attributes to identified element in web app
  • Designed automation test scripts validation logic in Java to validate front end client web application
  • Initialized Chrome, Firefox and IE Web drivers and executed Java test scripts with Selenium
  • Coordinated offsite testing activities with QA and Development teams
  • Involved in Automation Test Plan Estimation
  • Queue and deployed builds in Visual Studio/TFS to run automation regression tests
  • Participated in daily SCRUM meetings by providing status updates on assigned QA task
  • Actively participated in Agile Product Review meetings
  • Reviewed business requirements in Jama, identified gaps and updated manual/automated tests
  • Worked with QA manager, Product Manager and QA team to members to resolved issues
  • Performed backend testing of web application using Microsoft SQL Server 2014
  • Utilized MS SQL to designed and run queries to validate Backend/Front end requirements.
  • Designed automation test plans and smoke test templates
  • Setup Lab environments, troubleshoot, fixed and maintained QA automation remote clients
  • Reported issues and made recommendations during scrum meetings
  • Created and assigned automation tasks on the board for team members
  • Configured and maintained automation virtual machines
  • Performed usability, GUI, Regression, and functional testing
  • Effectively communicated with QA team members and developers to resolve testing issues.
  • Created and maintained automation users for test suite
  • Assisted UAT by providing technical support and Microsoft Test Manager training
  • Executed Smoke Test in tandem with UAT
  • Created standard and admin users for UAT and QA Team to support testing

QA Engineer Consultant

Confidential, Fort Myers, FL


  • Applied page object model (POM) to designed and maintained Selenium automation test scripts
  • Utilized Maven for automation builds and Jenkins
  • Schedule automation tests with Jenkins
  • Developed and implemented Selenium TestNG framework
  • Installed and initiated Selenium Chrome, Firefox and IE drivers
  • Developed Java test scripts with Selenium WebDriver to verify Application browser compatibility
  • Executed Selenium Auto Regression Test suite to support releases and build deployments
  • Used Selenium WedDriver Locator, FireBug, XPath, FirePath and Object Spy to locate web app elements
  • Utilized Selenium Locator commands and identified web App GUI elements for test script
  • Executed Selenium auto suite in Test, Sigma and Alpha QA environments to support projects/releases
  • Utilized Selenium WebDriver with TestNG framework for reporting and multi browser scenarios
  • Developed test scripts in VBScript using Unified Functional Testing automated tool
  • Designed a hybrid Data-Driven Framework in Unified Functional Testing
  • Developed a shared Functional libraries with Unified Functional Testing
  • Designed test scripts in VBScript using Unified Functional Testing
  • Designed a hybrid Data-Driven automation Framework in Unified Functional Testing
  • Developed a shared Functional libraries with Unified Functional Testing
  • Parameterized test data such as customer profiles, Browsers & environments Unified Functional Testing
  • Coordinated and assigned front end QA Jira tickets to QA team members
  • Established and maintained strong working relationships with cross team members
  • Designed test plans and test cases for manual testing of promotions
  • Identified, reviewed, and documented new, upcoming, and existing promotions
  • Designed promotions Matrix spreadsheet for analyst and business users
  • Setup promotions for different QA environments in Oracle ATG Ecommerce
  • Validated Jira assigned QA tickets from Creative Front-end development
  • Created automation scripts to test in different QA environments
  • Created promotions for all brands in BCC and push through QA environment
  • Tested promotions/coupons in QA environment and stage
  • Developed positive, negative, threshold, and multiple scenarios to validate front end requirements.
  • Performed functional and regression testing across various browsers (IE9, FF, Safari Mac, and Chrome)
  • Involved in executing manual POS test cases in iPad, iPhone, and Android
  • Oracle ATG Ecommerce BCC for all brands to support testing in web and mobile
  • Executed automation test scripts in multi Browsers including IE9, Firefox, and Chrome
  • Executed manual Regression test suite from HP Quality Center to support ongoing Ecommerce projects
  • Utilized Atlassian Jira tracking tool to report issues during test execution
  • Created Promotions Matrix spreadsheet for analyst and business users
  • Set up testing data in Oracle ATG to support testing in Test and Dev environments
  • Performed Product Force rankings and workarounds testing in ATG BCC
  • Performed Regression and Functional testing for Consumer Apps and Mobile POS
  • Worked closely with Senior QA Analyst to design test cases, create testing data and executed test scenarios for operation web releases
  • Performed Smoke, Regression, Integration, and Function testing of all Ecommerce projects including PayPal, FLEX, Endeca, Brickwork, and Borderfree
  • Performed backend data flow validation in QA environments between ATG, Store Systems and WMS (Warehouse Management System), using Oracle SQL developer
  • Utilized mTail to analyze log files and validate order data flow in different QA environments
  • Utilized Smartclixx to refill and validate gift cards for manual and automated transactions
  • Served as a lead and mentor for all Front-end QA Projects
  • Performed functional, and regression, testing for all Front-end promotions
  • Identified, reviewed, and documented testing procedures for Front-end QA projects
  • Validated Business Analytics SEO meta-tags using Omnibug in Chrome and Firefox

QA Analyst

Confidential, Columbus, OH


  • Participated in Continue education training provided by Sogeti
  • Interacted with Business teams, developers to understand business requirements and bug fixes
  • Coordinated between various teams to ensure consistency, accuracy across test plans, user manuals and training materials
  • Worked with developers to reproduce errors and resolve applications bugs
  • Executed test cases in cross browsers in HP Quality Center
  • Executed test scenarios using smoke, sanity, happy path and Black box testing techniques

QA Analyst Consultant

Confidential, Dublin, OH


  • Involved in creating automation test scripts using Descriptive Programming in Quick Test Professional
  • Developed Data Driven framework with Selenium to retrieve test data from Excel or SQL DB.
  • Involved in developing Selenium Functional and Regression test scripts in Java with Selenium WebDriver
  • Involved in designing automation test scripts in Java
  • Involved in requirements review and QA process improvement
  • Executed manual functional test cases in HP Quality Center
  • Documented bugs in Jira and worked with developers for quick resolutions of defects
  • Worked closely with development and business teams through projects life cycle
  • Created Test data for testing in test environment
  • Reproduced and documented defects
  • Work with QA team to designate issue severity and priority

QA Tester Consultant

Confidential, Columbus, OH


  • Involved in designing automation test scripts to validate requirements for Java client web application
  • Involved in configuring Eclipse IDE for automation test scripts in Selenium IDE
  • Interacted QA lead and team members to understand user requirements.
  • Participated in team meetings to review test plans
  • Performed cross browser testing in IE, Chrome, Firefox to test application behavior
  • Executed both negative and positive test cases and validated actual results with expected results
  • Reported defects using HP Quality Center and assigned to developers for resolution

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