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Qa Engineer Resume


  • Certified Quality Assurance professional with 8.5 years of Software Testing experience with emphasis on Functional Testing, Retesting, Regression Testing, Performance Testing, User Acceptance Testing, Accessibility Testing, Localization Testing and Migration Testing
  • Wide experience with Internet and Web User Interface testing in mobile and desktop browsers
  • Worked on various commerce features additions to Confidential like B2B, B2C, MultiSite, MultiChannel, Cross Commerce, UserSegments/Personalization, Catalogs, Promotions, Pricing, Returns/Exchanges etc
  • Very much involved in Confidential and Endeca integration features testing for Confidential (Agent Facing Application).
  • Excellent experience in Manual & Automation Testing
  • Experienced as an Onshore coordinator for Confidential .
  • Excellent understanding of the Software Development Life cycle (SDLC), Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) and Bug Life Cycle
  • Good hands - on experience in Web Services testing using REST and WAPIS
  • Holding good knowledge on Clustering of commerce servers on various platforms like Linux/WebLogic, Windows/JBoss and AIX/WebSphere
  • Involved in Database Testing using MySql and OracleDB
  • Strong expertise in performing the Migration testing during various releases
  • Very well worked on Agile projects with Scrum Model
  • Excellent problem-solving skills with a strong technical background and good interpersonal communication skills
  • Quick learner and excellent team player having ability to meet tight deadlines and work under pressure



QA Engineer

Environment: Windows 8/9/10, iOS, Android


  • Initial kick off meeting with Business Analyst and Developers to understand the application architecture and technology.
  • Analysis and understanding of functional requirements.
  • Demonstration and walk through of Critical Business scenarios.
  • Estimation of level of efforts for the Sprint cycle.
  • Development of Functional test plan and sign-off from stakeholders.
  • Design of test scenarios based on functional requirements.
  • Execution of Sanity tests and functional tests.
  • WCAG 2.0 Accessibility testing of web application in desktop and mobile devices.
  • Building service virtualization to enable uninterrupted environments for development and testing of the functionality.
  • Working with Dev teams to improve the test coverage by leveraging unit tests.
  • Identification of issues and logging the defects/bugs in JIRA/Rally.
  • Retesting of Ready for test defects.
  • Documentation of test findings and preparation and sign-off of Test Summary report.
  • Daily and weekly status reporting to the Client manager.
  • Knowledge transition training and mentoring within Project team.
  • Presentation of various test metrics and value additions to the Client manager through review meetings.


Senior QA Engineer

Environment: Windows, Linux, AIX


  • Analyzing the requirements and drafting out the test plans/test cases for the Confidential commerce features for CommerceServiceCenter
  • Contributed significantly for the major Confidential Artemis, Bacchus, Calliope and Cloud RockCreek releases
  • Setting up the commerce environment to bring up the preloaded data on customers and catalog items
  • Majorly contributed towards the testing of building Promotions engine to the Confidential Commerce.
  • Handled the end-to-end testing for Confidential which is an agent side application during all the major releases of Confidential Commerce.
  • Execution of the corresponding Selenium tests and fixed them accordingly for each release
  • Written the WAPI tests for Confidential features by comparing the request/response calls for the API calls
  • Very much involved in adding the various commerce features to the Confidential like Returns/ Exchanges with promotions, Scheduled Orders, Instore Pickup, Creation/updation of Customer Data, Order Processing states, GiftLists/WishLists, Pricing Concepts etc.
  • Performed Migration testing by data comparison and schema comparison during each release
  • Majorly involved in setting up the Coherence Clusters on various platforms Linux, Windows and AIX.
  • Performing Accessibility and Localization testing
  • Performed the RESTFul /Curl webservices testing
  • Reporting the bugs and tracking them to the closure
  • Conducting the daily Scrum meetings
  • Assigning the tasks to the team members and follow up of the tasks
  • Sending daily test summary reports
  • Preparing and sending PPT presentations for monthly meetings/ weekly meetings


Technical Scrum Master

Environment: RedHat Enterprise Linux


  • Analyzing the requirements and drafting out the test plans
  • Developing the Manual/Automated Regression suites.
  • Manual execution of the Functional, System test cases
  • Reporting the deviations observed from the requirements after test case execution and raising bugs
  • Confirmation and Regression testing on the deliveries which are fixed by the development teams
  • Setting up the customer environment for Alpha testing and executing the customer use cases
  • Performing the RCA for the bugs missed in the testing and updating the test plan
  • Conducting the daily Scrum meetings
  • Preparing the Sprint burn-down charts and updating it daily
  • Assigning the tasks to the team members and follow up of the tasks
  • Sending daily test summary reports to the Clients

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