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Software Qa Engineer Resume

Washington, DC


  • Testing experience of more than ten years in all phases and stages of Software Testing Life Cycle (STLC) and Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) with a profound knowledge of Testing methodologies
  • Application of manual and automated software testing concepts to the real world Applications in various fields
  • Adept at determining requirements, project scheduling and technology planning.
  • Experience in Back end testing and Expertise in SQL Language


OS: Windows 2K/XP/NT 4.0/7/8/2012 Server,UNIX/Linux, AS/400

Automation Tools: Win Runner 7.6, QTP 11, Coded UI, Selenium,WebDriver

Languages: Java, C#

Frameworks: Junit, TestNG

Scripting: VB Script, Java Script

Testing Tools: Microsoft Test Manager 10.0, Test Director 6.0, Quality Center 11.0, Test Tracker 6, Team Forge

Data Bases: SQL Server, Oracle

Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, XML

Applications: VM Console, Microsoft Office (Word, Excel,Access, PowerPoint)

Data Base Management System Tools: MS Server Management Studio, Oracle SQL Developer

Network Analyzers: Wireshark, Fiddler


Confidential,Dallas, TX

QA Engineer

  • Executing AS/400 processes by calling from a command line and validating various pieces of data
  • Participating in testing life cycle covering the entire project from initiation to completion
  • Closely interacting with business analysts and developers in analyzing requirements and reviewing the design
  • Writing advanced SQL statements to access log files and to verify the data that is being logged
  • Using various AS/400 commands to search for objects, add files to libraries, and find parameters for programs and other purposes.
  • Involved in analyzing System Requirement specifications, Design, Development and Execution of Test cases for manual testing.
  • Compiling test plans, high level design (HLD) and low level design (LLD) documents
  • Creating and executing test cases for the AS/400 application
  • Taking part in daily stand - up meetings

Environment: AS/400, SQL, Agile

Confidential,Dallas, TX

QA Engineer

  • Working in an Agile environment to test such components of a highly complex CCH Access application as CCH Practice and CCH Work stream
  • Participated in daily scrum meetings
  • Analyzing scope of testing the application and creating Test Strategy
  • Attending Bug triage meeting with Stakeholders, Development and Business Analyst Team
  • Conducting testing in local, test and continuous integration (CI) environments
  • Utilizing Coded UI automation tool written on C# to perform automation testing
  • Performing automation testing on service level with WCF and Web API calls
  • Performing automation testing on user interface level
  • Using Rally software to create user stories and tasks
  • Creating and amending a traceability matrix to display correlation between the requirements and the test cases
  • Involved in analyzing System Requirement specifications, Design, Development and Execution of Test cases for manual testing.
  • Performing testing of the back end by writing SQL queries in MS SQL Server Management Studio

Environment: C#, Coded UI, Agile/Scrum, MS SQL Server, Rally, TFS

Confidential, Dallas, TX

QA Engineer

  • Working with various software of the digital media solutions
  • Installing and testing the Reflect View Publisher that sends video, audio, image and flash files to the Reflect View Player
  • Setting up Automation Framework and building the automation test suite for regression testing using Selenium WebDriver
  • Preparing automation scripts for Regression suite using Selenium WebDriver
  • Installing and the Reflect View Player, its connection with the Reflect View Server, its configurations
  • Installing the Reflect View Server, setting its static IP Address, its transfer of files from the Reflect View Publisher and to the Reflect View Player
  • Using Soap UI software to execute Web Service testing manually
  • Examining data from a live network using Wireshark network protocol analyzer
  • Running test cases and logging defects in the Team Forge bug tracking tool

Environment: Java, Selenium WebDriver Junit, Digital Media, Wireshark, Team Forge, XML, SOAP

Confidential,Harrisburg, PA

QA Engineer

  • Providing a thorough testing of the Department of Public Welfare (DPW) system of the state of Pennsylvania
  • Automating scripts for windows applications with QTP for system testing and GUI testing and developed hybrid driven automation frameworks
  • Using checkpoints to check properties of various objects using QTP
  • Employing Microsoft Test Manager 10.0 a part of Team Foundation Server (TFS) as a defect tracking tool
  • Testing the Office of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services (OMHSAS) application that is part of the Home and Community Services Information System (HCSIS)
  • Extensively testing batch file processing that is part of Consolidated Community Reporting Interface (CCRI) for various warning and exceptions that are listed in the documentation
  • Testing the mainframe repository through a GUI interface
  • Testing county, regional and state permissions to various pages
  • Updating various documents and compiling the tutorials for the Learning Management System (LMS)

Environment: QTP 11, MTM 10, TFS

Confidential, OH

QA Engineer

  • Testing a Java written Design Record Book (DRB) application for GE-Energy and GE-Aviation
  • Generating Automation test scripts using QTP and performing unit testing on those test scripts.
  • Using HP Quality Center 11 to input and run test cases and post defects
  • Testing uploads of large files and conducting manual verification and auto verification for testing uploads of corrupt and unrecognizable files
  • Working closely with other testers in testing scenarios that require both the owner and the reviewer(s) of articles to test various features of the DRB application
  • Conducting daily meetings and working closely with the members of the off shore team
  • Utilizing Oracle SQL Developer tool for testing the back end
  • Writing complex SQL statements, SQL statements with inner and outer joins and SQL statements with functions and arithmetic operations

Environment: QTP 10, QC 10, Java

Confidential, Saint Louis, MO

QA Engineer

  • Performing a thorough testing of various applications that provide support related to taxes, employment and other services for private institutions and the government
  • Modifying and executing of Test Case Scripts using Java-Selenium WebDriver inside Eclipse IDE
  • Using Firebug to identify Elements by ID, Name, CSS, XPath, and Links on Web Pages
  • Conducting business analysis and creating requirements and technical specification documents
  • Validating positive, negative, system and integration testing
  • Conducting an extensive database testing utilizing the Server Studio application
  • Testing the database schema by creating and executing database stored procedures and triggers
  • Using the Test Tracker software to input bugs found in the system
  • Participating in weekly meeting and working closely with developers and business analysts to work out and implement strategies

Environment: Java, Selenium WebDriver, Test Tracker

Confidential, NC

QA Engineer

  • Testing a Wholesale application on two different portals with multiple environments on the same portal
  • Conducting a thorough testing of migration of the Wholesale application from Wachovia system to Confidential system
  • Extensively using HP Quality Center for entering defects, creating own test cases and running the already existing test cases
  • Introducing amendments and changes to the existing test documentations
  • Taking part in multiple face-to-face and bridge line meetings
  • Contributing to creating weekly summary reports

Environment: QC 10, VB.Net


Software QA Specialist

  • Performing testing activities, creating test document format, and writing test plans and test cases.
  • Conducting testing in UNIX environment
  • Navigating through UNIX/LINUX system when executing the commands
  • Translated stakeholder requirements into tangible deliverables, such as functional specifications, user stories and diagrams.
  • Application of manual and automated software testing concepts to the real world applications in various fields.
  • Creating Traceability Matrices to verify all functions are performing as documentation required.
  • Modifying company's proprietary bug tracking tool to meet the particular needs of the application
  • Working closely with the development team to set up strategies and determining testing priorities
  • Extensively testing the back end by writing complex SQL queries, creating inner and outer joins
  • Discussing various issues with the project management
  • Compiling a document that lays out details of the testing activities, found defects and suggestions of future improvements

Environment: Java, C, Windows, Unix/Linux

Confidential, Raleigh, NC

Software QA Specialist

  • Providing full testing support for the ProLIMS application written in VB.Net
  • Gathered requirements during inception phase, documented and delivered functional specification documents.
  • Application of manual and automated software testing concepts to the real world applications in various fields.
  • Working closely with the development team in determining testing requirements
  • Compiling a test plan for the ProLIMS application
  • Compiling test cases, imputing the application defects and creating a test matrix using a Bug tracking tool HP Quality Center
  • Creating a Test Summary Report (TSR) for the ProLIMS application to keep a record of found bugs and other potential defects

Environment: QC 10, VB.Net

Confidential,Omaha, NE

Software QA Specialist

  • Installing of Virtual Machines using VM Console to create a testing environment
  • Installing the Direct Application on the VM Client for testing purposes
  • Manually testing the System Administration and Configuration Administration of the Direct Application.
  • Testing the back-end of the Direct Application through SQL Management Studio

Environment: VM Console

Confidential, NC

Software QA Specialist

  • Designing test documentation including test catalog and test cases for Acceptance and Detailed testing for the Wholesale Lockbox Imaging (WLI) application
  • Providing a thorough manual testing for the WLI application, utilizing different web browsers.
  • Conducting data verification using SQL queries.
  • Performing a User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of the Wholesale Lockbox Imaging application.
  • Reporting and tracking defects.

Environment: Java

Confidential, Washington, DC

Software QA Engineer

  • Testing and support of an application that calculates office actions, due dates, annuity payments, maintenance fee schedules and notices of allowance for patent filing.
  • Testing document generator forms and letters containing information entered into the Patent Management System.
  • Performing Data-Driven Testing to read test input data from an Excel file to test applications with different Positive and Negative Data.
  • Creating User-Defined Functions for various purposes and running them as a compiled module.
  • Creating checkpoints to test the speed and the responsiveness of the application.
  • Creating and executing batch tests to run a large group of tests unattended.
  • Conducting functional, data verification using SQL queries, command line, GUI, regression, performance, and stress testing for the patent office system.
  • Designing and implementing automation test harness, functions and library routines using WinRunner.
  • Performing web testing to check the online module of the Patent Management System.
  • Running both automated and manual test scripts, analyzing test results, reporting and tracking defects using test management system Test Director.
  • Taking an active part in developing a test strategy, test plan and reviewed test plan with all the stake holders in the project, including some potential customers

Environment: Winrunner7.6, C

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