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Qa Engineer Resume

San Diego, CA


Software & Systems: All Windows Platform; Linux - RHEL/ SuSE/ CentOS/ Debian/ Solaris/HP

Programming Languages: C/C++/C#, Perl, JAVA (jsp, java, and java script), Visual Basic, Adobe Flash, Delphi, PowerBuilder, ASP.NET, and PHP

Compilers/Apps used: VB6, Visual Studio 2003-2012, Rational Robot, Selenium, Apache ANT/Maven, Java SDK and JRE, Eclipse, JBuilder; Borland Delphi, GCC, WindRiver Diab Clarion 6 Enterprise, ARM, JAD, etc.

Databases installed, configured and tested: Oracle 10g R2, BEA Weblogic 8.1+, Apache Tomcat, MS SQL Server 2000 +, JBoss 4+

Virtualization Applications: VMware ESXi – VMware vShpere, Hyper-V on Windows Server 08, Virtual PC(Windows), VirtualBox (Oracle), KVM (Linux)

Defect tracking tools: Bugzilla by Mozilla Corp., ClearQuest by Rational/IBM, JIRA, HP Quality Center, QA Guardian, Testlink, Star team, Team Foundation Server.


Confidential, San Diego, CA

QA Engineer

  • Executes software testing phases while the products are still under engineering control (not released to manufacturing).
  • Creates and maintains product Alpha & Regression Test documentation. Works with the engineers to create tests that confirm a product meets it’s specified requirements and quality. Updates existing tests upon feedback from internal testing, end users, and requirements modifications. Utilizes the Quality Center test tools to capture/record test scripts.
  • Interacts with engineers to develop tests for modules/components under development.
  • Executes the tests using the Quality Center tools manually or sets up automated testing as applicable.
  • Tracks and reports product defects and enhancements.
  • Interfaces with engineering and end users to capture and validate problems descriptions and procedures for their duplication.
  • Familiar with the Agile Development methods for software. Used Axasoft product for creating Tasks and Defects

Confidential, San Diego, CA

Software Verification & Validation, Systems Analyst

  • Examined, analyzed and evaluated software and systems for multiple clients and rendered opinions on the suitability of the software to support continued development if released to a third party.
  • Multiple levels of examination are done: examination of source code, database descriptions and scripts, build instructions and design and requirements documentation as well as any information related to the environment required to continue development of said software resulting in a written opinion of completeness.
  • Advanced analysis requires setup of build environments for complete rebuild of software including operating system(s), compilers, databases and other required build tools. Successful completion includes compilation of software, identification of problem areas and interface with third parties to determine and implement solution to compilation and build issues. Types of verifications performed:
  • Level 1 - Inventory Test identifies the tools and system needed to maintain the technology placed in escrow.
  • Level 2 - Compile Test assembles the product and builds the executable code which is the computer-readable machine code. Performed various verifications and tests for various companies and their products, this included:
  • Compiled source code in various compilers such as VB6, Visual Studio 2003-2012, ANT/Maven, Java SDK, My Eclipse, etc.;
  • Analyzed and changed the source codes (C/C++/C#, Perl, JAVA (jsp, java, java script, Ruby (on Rails) etc.) necessary to complete a build; compiled source codes to create binary executable files;
  • Level 3 - Binary Comparison tests the functionality of the compiled deposit materials by comparing the files built from the Deposit Compile test to the actual licensed technology on the customer's site to ensure a full-match in file size. Using a Differencing tool, compared binary files created between what was compiled and the original files from beneficiary company obtained. Used various de-compiler tools such as JAD and 9Rays Spices.Net De-compiler
  • Level 4 - Full Usability confirms that the files built from the Binary Comparison work properly when installed. This included Setup of functional test environments including operating systems, web and application servers, databases and other required tools and performing build out of functional environment for software and functional evaluation based on instructions provided by original developer. After creating the functional system, I tested manually or used Automation tool such as Rational Robot and Selenium. This included:
  • Created a functional environment of the product being verified by integrating front and back end, edited the XML parameters and other configuration files.
  • Configured, build and tested many client/server applications, installed ASP and IIS components and installed and configured servers such as Oracle and MS SQL servers 2003-2008. Restored DB backups with various Oracle and SQL commands.
  • Created and executed/manipulated existing SQL queries and statements in the functional environment for various applications.


Software QA, Technical & development support

  • Worked on various web applications and products to find defect and submit them.
  • Work on various software development projects. All three are a global online work platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely. Confidential allows clients to interview, hire and work with freelancers and agencies through the company's platform. Prospective clients can post jobs for free, and freelancers may create profiles and bid on jobs, also for free. The company collects 10 percent of the payment.

Confidential, San Diego/Rancho Bernardo, CA

Firmware Test Lead

Software/Firmware Test Engineer

  • Tested firmware and software programs to compare to specifications and documentation. Identified, analyzed and documented defects, questionable functions, errors, and inconsistencies in firmware and software program functions, outputs, online screens, and content. Tested 802.11 and 802.3 functions and connections; also network and Bluetooth. Tested USB interoperability and embedded host (front panel USB) for pre-certification.
  • Reviewed and contributed to product documentation. Created test cases and test data. Established benchmarks for program efficiency in operating and response times. Installed, maintained and used testing software programs. Contributed to establishment of standards and procedures for program design and testing. Recommended program improvements or revisions to programmers and system analysts.
  • Reviewed computer logs and reports to identify program processing errors and possible improvements. Identified program variances from standards and suggests modifications to conform. Conducted compatibility tests with other software programs, hardware, multiple operating systems, and network environments.
  • Monitored program performance after implementation to prevent recurrence of program operating problems and ensure efficiency of operation.


WCDMA Test Engineer

  • As Test Engineer I executed automated tests (written in Perl) on various chipsets in development to run various regression scenarios such as InterRat, MPDP, Cell Reselection, InterFrequency-InterBand, etc. using various tools such as Asia Test Manager, Perforce, Racal and AIME. Also utilized BoaApps which is a network emulator.
  • I examined logs in QXDM for F3 messages between UE and BSC. I loaded software onto phones using Trace (JTAG) and QPST to load QCN files. I collected logs in Trace32 using various scripts on single and dual ARM devices.
  • I notified other teams of results such as Crashes from regression testing; worked with developers in replication of defects and validated bugs are fixed. Also support testing of tools used for regression testing.
  • Test equipment used: Anritsu MD8470/MT8820,, Agilent 8960, Spectrum Analyzer, Racal AIME, fading emulators (e.g. Spirent Fader). Test setup and RF calibration experience.
  • Knowledge of wireless standards such as GSM, GPRS, EDGE, WCDMA, CDMA. 2G and 3G GCF (protocol or RF)

Confidential, San Diego, CA

QA Engineer

  • Confidential is a leading provider of on-demand digital marketing applications and one of the largest on-demand software providers in the world. Its new Active Marketing Suite is the industry’s first collection of integrated, on-demand digital marketing solutions, including web analytics, site search, keyword bid management and web content management. I tested HBX Analytics and WSS Bid. I wrote and maintained test plans and test cases to verify web-based, client-facing applications.
  • Products are multi-platform and tested applications on several test machines with multiple configurations. Utilized VMware to test company’s software applications with various OS/Browser configurations.
  • Logged bugs in defect-tracking database (QA Guardian and Testlink) and communicate with software engineering department to resolve problems.
  • Directly participated in test plan development, QA automation software development, and test plan execution, results analysis, root cause identification, and reporting. Analyzed failure logs and reports.
  • Utilized Shell for Workstations (SSH2 client) to securely login to remote host computers to execute commands safely on a remote computer. And Squirrel SQL Client to verify back-end components and allow me to view the structure of a JDBC compliant database, browse the data in tables, issue SQL commands, etc.

Confidential, San Diego, CA

Test Lane Engineer

  • I supported the Security and Transportation Integrated Systems Test Lane and Integrated Systems Test operations. Functional areas of work include test plan design, development and execution.
  • Validation/Verification of test processes and procedures related to system and product elements of systems, testing, and/or process improvement. Activities include test plan conduct, reviews and evaluations and analysis of systems, system elements and processes. These activities address the quality of the system, the quality of the process being used to create the system, the degree to which the project follows the defined process, and comprehensive evaluations to ensure that evolving work products will meet all requirements. While focused on the Software and related Key aspects of the test work of this role, it included all hardware/software interface areas and may including measurement, analysis, reporting, corrective action, and analysis of the performance of the processes across the hardware/software interfaces for the products, systems and technology of the Security and Transportation industry.
  • From Requirements determination, through test plan development and execution, this I support the test aspects of operations supporting this Confidential area of industry interest. Engaged in across the entire Life Cycle time line for related products and systems from development through Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) and follow-on Customer Acceptance testing (CAT Contributes to the generation and execution of system test plans; monitors and organizes the efforts of technical and clerical support staff, and guide the technical efforts of less experienced staff. Cross train and operate all Test Lane and related functional equipments and activities to provide mutual team support of testing operations. Maintain professional contacts with other technical staff and division management as test activities are engaged in by the using community of the Integrated Systems Division system test function.


QA/Test/Performance Engineer

  • Provided software test support on a state of the art software and hardware project in the Healthcare & Enterprise Solutions Sector. Under the general direction of a System Test Lead, and with the assistance of engineering and integration specialists, participated in the development of software test scripts; conducted and documented the results of software functional testing and software load testing, within a large-scale systems development project. Examination of External System Simulator (ESS) Health Level 7 generator and its suitability for Kaiser Permanente-CIS and modification for high volume throughput.


Software Test Engineer, System/Database Administrator

  • Performed testing of large client/server commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) based integrated system in support of IP-based telecommunications network and supporting business applications on Sun Enterprise platforms (E5000 & E10000). Responsibilities included are: generated and modified automation test procedures using Rational Robot SQA Suite and utilities based on test plans and test systems requirements; maintained regression test suite, addition of new tests, execution of tests, and verified test results; wrote defect reports and tested system documentation; verified status of submitted bugs; participated in bug review/prioritization activities using ClearQuest application (Rational Software) and interfaced with a team of testers and other members of the staff with diverse backgrounds.
  • Tested SmallWorld/Model It - (Geographical Information System), WECSS - (Web Enabled Customer Support System), Clarify - ClearSupport, ClearSales, ClearLogistics, Newtonian, Inconcert and W-6 Scheduler. Y2K testing of Clarify. Trained new testers and interns of the applications mention above on datasets/datapool, test matrix and procedures, test chart banner and the interdependencies and contingencies between the various applications.
  • System Administration & Management - Maintained, monitored, trouble-shooted and improved network hardware, operating systems, communications protocols and software applications. Provide Unix/Sun Solaris (2.5.1, 2.6) system administration and management support for a broad range of programs within the Deployment Data Center. Install, configure and maintain distributed client/server environments. Responsible for requirements analysis, design, product evaluation and customer consultation on system administration/network issues. Interface with vendors to resolve system configurations, integration problems, and other issues.
  • DatabaseAdministration - Optimized data storage, distribution, access and manipulation across a network of Sun Solaris fileservers of SmallWorld/ModelIt.

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