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Team Manager, Qa Automation Resume

Miami, FL


  • Have deep knowledge and extensive experience in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Software Development and Software Quality Assurance (SQA) methodologies, techniques and best - practices
  • Have experience leading and managing on-site and off-shore resources
  • Have Agile Software Development knowledge and experience such as Scrum, Behavior-Driven Design (BDD), Test-Driven Development (TDD)
  • Have experience in architecting and building a test automation framework from scratch
  • Familiar with modern IT Airline technologies, such as NDC IATA Offer and Order-Management (1.1.3, 15.2, 17.2 schemas), OTA schemas, Sabre WebServices, legacy EDIFACT, Type-B, GDS workflows
  • Able to learn new technologies and challenging concepts quickly and implement them on the fly
  • Detail-oriented and have excellent problem-solving and analytical abilities


Platforms: MS Windows 7/XP/2000/NT, Linux Ubuntu

Networking: TCP/IP, HTTP, P2P, FTP

Cloud systems: SaaS, PaaS (Heroku, Amazon Web Services AWS, Google App Engine)

Databases: RDBMS MySQL, Oracle 10g/11g, PostgreSQL, SQLite; NoSQL MongoDB

Development: Java, Groovy, JavaScript, NodeJS, XSLT, RegEx, Ruby, C, HTML, CSS, XML

Test Automation: Selenium (WebDriver), Watir, RSpec, SoapUI, Cucumber, JUnit, Maven

Issue Tracking: Bugzilla, JIRA

CI: Jenkins, Go

Virtualization: Oracle VM VirtualBox


Team Manager, QA Automation

Confidential,Miami, FL

  • Management of 5 onsite and 7 off-shore QA Automation resources
  • Oversee all QA Automation activity for the company
  • Use Trello and JIRA for project management
  • Assist Development teams to get the latest industry tools for unit and integration testing
  • Meet with customers to discuss requirements and expectations from the QA Automation team
  • Suggest improvements to the current architecture and SDLC
  • Maintain and improve existing automated test case repository
  • Maintain SoapUI reference guide documentation
  • Assist and mentor new QA Automation resources, helping Developers, Business Analysts and Helpdesk staff with various technical queries
  • Conduct regular technical sessions with QA, Dev, BA and HD teams
  • Assist IT and Release Management teams to build a CI/CD System
  • Enhance JIRA workflows using ScriptRunner plugin via Groovy scripts to call the JIRA REST API
  • Added data-driven capabilities to the existing test framework by storing input test data in Excel files and MongoDB database; created a library of the common Groovy scripts and assertions
  • Developed an app for storing all test data and results in MongoDB database using Java, Groovy
  • Implemented a system to manage and schedule SoapUI projects using Jenkins
  • Performed a thorough analysis of the schemas and reverse-engineered a list of supported functionalities with no BRD from product team
  • Developed logic to associate each test case with all applicable functional areas
  • Used d3.js JavaScript library to implement a collapsible “functional tree” widget with a total of 650+ nodes in the tree hierarchy, where each node stands for a single functionality supported by the API
  • Developed a web app built on MEAN-stack to return test data (description, functional area), test execution results (status, targeted environment, failed step, failed assertion, execution history, logs path, etc.) using MongoDB, NodeJS, JQuery, Bootstrap 3, Jade Improving and rewriting the web app using Angular
  • Begin development on a feature to run tests from the web app by calling the Jenkins REST API

Lead QA Automation Engineer

Confidential,Miami, FL

  • Reported directly to VP of Operations
  • Built and constantly improved a custom-built API test automation framework based on SoapUI (open-source), SoapUI extensions written in Java and Groovy, XSLT scripts
  • Analyzed manual regression and smoke API tests and automated most of them
  • Developed a reporting web app written in C#
  • Reduced the amount of time required to perform a daily smoke test by 90%
  • Increased the functional test coverage by 300%
  • Developed a schema compliance plugin for validating responses against schemas
  • Worked with QA team to decrease manual testing activities
  • Ran API performance and load tests
  • Built a QA Automation team. Hired 2 on-site and 4 off-shore QA Automation Engineers

Software Engineer


  • Took a part in implementing “Axxerion” SaaS application with different modules (facility management, ERP, maintenance), customized application functionality to fit customer needs
  • Software Developer, writing code in Ruby and JavaScript programming languages
  • Used Ruby on Rails framework in Agile Scrum environment
  • Developed user acceptance tests derived mostly from the User-Stories as a part of BDD process using Cucumber
  • Utilized best practices of TDD and BDD
  • Used Git for version control
  • Used AWS and Heroku Platforms for hosting development, test and production environments
  • Used JIRA for tracking issues and enhancements
  • Analyzed Product and Sprint Backlogs, and suggested new enhancements to implement


  • Established and built with 3 partners an HVAC (Heat, Vent, Air-Conditioning) company
  • Designed and developed 4 corporate websites using open-source web CMS such as Joomla, WordPress on LAMP stack (Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP) and JavaScript programming language
  • Implemented all financial, management and technical systems
  • Managed different teams of total up to 15 employees (Network Administrators, Software Developers, AutoCad HVAC Designers, Sales Managers)
  • Oversaw contract management functions by reviewing all major contracts, confirming finances and guarantees, auditing and monitoring contract performance
  • Worked closely with customers and contractors to resolve any contractual disputes

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