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Senior Quality Engineer/quality Team Lead Resume

San, FranciscO


  • Proven leadership achieving the highest standards of user experience, integration and production quality at the cutting edge where new technologies enter every day life.
  • Unique cross - discipline experience coordinating high-quality delivery on business, creative, and technical goals for global and national advertising campaigns, product launches, and infrastructure projects
  • Black and gray box testing for UX and GUI across all desktop and mobile operating systems, devices, and social media platforms for Fortune 500 national and global clients. Experience testing and analyzing results with white box test tools and scripts
  • Test strategy, test planning, test case creation for Functional, Integration, Regression, Manual, Automated, Exploratory, Acceptance, Performance, Load, Optimization, Localization, Accessibility testing
  • Excellent communication, collaboration and reporting skills. Effective client-facing and internal stakeholders and teams. Reconciling coordinating business, creative technical goals.
  • Recognized track-record growing teams from the ground up, efficiently leveraging resources for maximum impact, rapidly adapting to shifting technical and client requirements.


Quality Assurance Project/Team Lead/Management: Designed and implemented all aspects of end-to-end test planning, test case development, test execution, project estimation, risk evaluation, test coverage and launch readiness decisions for national/global products, projects and campaigns

Test Tools: Jira, Bugzilla, GitHub, TestPad, Confluence, DeviceAnyWhere, Selenium IDE, Sauce Labs, Test Fairy, scripting and test harness management, Charles, Fiddler, XCode, Chrome, Safari, IE, Firefox browser developer tools

Agile Methodology: Successful conversion of national-scale waterfall projects, including navigating red-flag reviews, sprint QA cycles, estimation and backlog management

Technical Operations: New Relic real-time monitoring and operational responsibility for multi-tier systems implementation of new code, error handling and response determinations

Offshore/Remote Testing: Planned and coordinated remote test teams providing around-the-clock testing in India, Ireland and Singapore, validating, prioritizing, and escalating test results, as well as utilizing test resources from sister offices of global digital agency.

DevOps/Continuous Integration/Release Management: Investigated errors and failures at all stages of Jenkins automated development pipeline, initiating builds, validating test automation results, and investigating conflicts between new code and existing automated tests

API Testing: Implemented testing for API conversions, SOAP, RESTful, ensuring quality equivalence between new and old API implementations for national client while maintaining weekly publishing schedule

Analytics: Validated tagging, tracking and metrics for Google Analytics, Omniture/Adobe, Doubleclick, including using analytics console results to target testing

Websites: Enforced quality and brand consistency standards for national/global clients and their campaigns for full-stack development in HTML, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, ASP,Java, SQL, and Oracle including cross-browser compatibility, functionality, user experience, error-handling, integration with rich media components, and third-party web services.

Social Media: Tested integrated social media components of client campaigns on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, including monitoring of user-generated content

Mobile Applications: All aspects functional and user experience of both iOS and Android applications on full range of phones and tablets, especially through hardware and OS updates

Performance/Load Testing: BrowserMob/Neustar scripting and execution for national retailer Black Friday maximum peak loads

Requirements: Developed, reviewed, and approved use cases and testing requirements with internal and external stakeholders including client and account business analysts, project and technical, management and executive teams

Optimization: Increased page load and response times 20 to 40% through webtrace analysis, expertise ensuring high quality video content delivery over AKAMAI CDN

Localization: Delivered global sites simultaneously and in phased releases in multiple languages and meeting regional requirements and specifications, including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Russian.

Accessibility: Ensured compliance with highest standards for blind and impaired users using JAWS test framework

Content Management System (CMS): SiteCore , Adobe CQ, client proprietary in-house developed CMS, like the Nike Platform and Method consumer products

Cloud Computing Platforms (SaaS): Microsoft Azure, RackSpace, Amazon Web Services, Google App Engine

Collaboration: HipChat, Skype, Zoom, Slack, WhatsApp


Senior Quality Engineer/Quality Team Lead

Confidential, San Francisco

  • First QA employee, built desktop and mobile test lab, hired and trained key staff, coordinated resources between offices, planned and executed front-end, functional and integration testing for banner ads, direct mail, web sites, blogs, digital publications, mobile applications and corporate infrastructure projects, such as:
  • Integrating iOS and Android mobile, tablets, Facebook, Twitter, etc into digital strategies for clients like Microsoft, Nike, XBOX, McDonald s, Visa, Target, Audi and Gap
  • Managing all QA for Target Black Friday digital campaigns for four years with zero down - time or performance issues (even when main Target.com site failed)
  • Successive world record-grossing product launch campaigns for XBOX Halo games and Kinect platform
  • Highly-awarded multi-lingual, multi-site global Olympics campaigns for McDonald s, featuring the world s largest mass multiplayer game, and Visa s digital deployment of the iconic Morgan Freeman ads
  • Quality lead maintaining customer satisfaction for the highest-margin account in entire agency for two years running, during migration to agile process blog for multiple red-flag reviews.
  • Perfect on-time publication delivery for Target Weekly Ad, and fashion blog for Gap, Levi and Target.
  • Optimized Target Weekly Ad sites for 20 to 30% performance boost across all platforms

Quality Engineer

Confidential, San Francisco

  • Senior member on team testing the conversion of legacy proprietary client-server system to web-based HIPAA-compliant solution, using sensitive live customer data, coordinating testing with Russian team.

Quality Assurance Manager

Confidential, San Francisco

  • Directed testing for fast-moving start-up development and implementation of digital retail sites for Simayoff Jewelers and World of Charms, with Israeli technical management and Indian development team. Pioneering use of 3D objects in consumer retail marketing.

Partner/Technical Operations Manager

Confidential, San Francisco

  • Creative and technical services for musicians, artists and nightclubs, delivering print and digital strategy and materials, web sites, and including CD launches, event management, club video and light shows. Maintained workstations, servers, network, and all other hardware.

Quality Assurance Manager

Confidential, San Francisco

  • Woman-focused dot.com startup leveraging proprietary email system, ad serving and preference survey software into digital retail brand marketing and consumer rewards program.

Quality Engineer

Confidential, San Francisco

  • Tested conversions to web-based services for major corporate clients, like Confidential ’ worldwide Sales and Service directory, Confidential consumer mortgage processing, and digital publishing ventures

Quality Engineer/Quality Team Lead

Confidential, Cupertino, CA

  • Team lead on projects like PowerBook 150, and first-multiprocessor Macs. Senior QA engineer for Performa hardware featuring first integrated TV and first consumer software web authoring tools, first integrated CDR and DVD players, mass storage hardware and drivers, QuickTime 3D, text-to-speech. Responsible for operating system release compatibility for “ top 100 ” applications.

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